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  1. Well, not for the next patch, which they said they want to roll out as soon as possible on each platform, but it sounds like generally yes, they prefer to roll out the following patches synchronously.
  2. I think it's a pointless feature, too, but this isn't really how it works. I've worked in the software industry for 20 years, and I have yet to encounter an environment where development is a zero-sum game in which every resource is interchangeable. There's nothing wrong with picking up some quick wins and low-hanging fruit along the way, and as a company selling a new product every year, you can't spend all of your resources just on fixing historical issues.
  3. I have an inkling of how this happened. I bet someone working on something else discovered that as a new feature in the third-party library they're using for the models, tried it out because it only took a few lines of code, and showed it to someone else who goes "sure, why not?". It was likely a very cheap feature to implement, also with little impact to QA. Or maybe it was someone's intern project. Either way, I don't believe some other feature was deprioritized because of it.
  4. Because it's a different game with different achievements. How would you propose to carry over achievements? That would only work if there'd be 1:1 parity in achievements, and that has never been the case.
  5. I'm generally very pleased with the 3D match experience in FM24. The one thing that is still there that's always been bothering me though is players frequently turning into ghosts and simply moving through others as if they weren't there. Granted, that's not happening in direct duels while the ball is in play, as far as I can tell, but mostly away from the ball or after the whistle, i.e. when coming out to take a throw-in, in the box awaiting corners and free kicks, or walking straight through a player lying on the ground. It's more of a visual annoyance, but it definitely breaks the immersion.
  6. You can post this in the bug tracker for the Indonesian League here: https://community.sigames.com/bugtracker/football-manager-2024-early-access-bugs-tracker/competition-rules-and-schedule/indonesia-competition-specific-issues/ There's already a mention of this, I think, but check if it's the same issue.
  7. I don't think so. The playable leagues are contained in the save, and neither Japan nor Gibraltar can be added because they didn't exist. It's the same reason why custom leagues from FM23 continue to work in the FM24 save, even if they weren't active in the save.
  8. Yeah, that's interesting. "Rauter" is definitely Petrovic. Must be some licensing problem.
  9. It's just not a very accurate representation in the tactics screen. The players aren't actually keeping these positions. It would look very different if you look at average positions or heat maps.
  10. What do you mean by that? Playing in Japan J3 right now, and things look right
  11. I received a transfer offer for a player, and in the news item on the main screen, it mentions a wage contribution, but when I go into the offer details screen it is nowhere to be found. If I were to go to this offer from the Transfers screen (where the wage contribution also doesn't show), I wouldn't even know about it.
  12. If the option to install the game doesn't show up in your Steam library, try restarting Steam, and if that doesn't help, your computer.
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