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  1. NASL and USL, pretty please? Or is there any particular reason why that isn't possible?
  2. I agree with the OP. Sounds to me like you're sacrificing a better user experience because of the way the internal mechanics work. If that's how auto-saves work then it seems to me that they should work differently, rather than adding an extra hoop for the user to jump through. I'd also get rid of the mandatory save and trigger the auto-save some other way, and either give them a generic name if no save exists, or prompt the user for a name the first time it auto-saves.
  3. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    That's actually not at all what I'm implying. Just curious how they went from perennial middle-of-the-pack also-rans to the absolutely dominant European force. Just pouring massive resources into the project ahead of the London games?
  4. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    How is Team GB so ridiculously successful? Something drastic happened after 2004.
  5. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    Front page yellow press shaming. That escalated quickly.
  6. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The Best Beer

    I'm an IPA guy, and recently had one of the best ever Rye IPAs in Spain of all places. Small craft brewery named SON from Seville. They have a brewpub called Maquila, which I highly recommend checking out when in the area. I doubt they export it elsewhere.
  7. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    I think they will come in last.
  8. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    Name being misspelt

    If you told me that I would have spelled it Vessi
  9. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    Name being misspelt

    My name gets misspelled so frequently that I did get an alias email address at work that forwards the wrong spelling to me. It's always the same mistake tho so it's easy to fix.
  10. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    I'm using the term loosely, but every major news outlet in the US and in Brazil reporting on it is already giving this story way too much weight.
  11. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    The 2016 Rio Olympics

    No side is looking good in this one. Turns out they were held at gunpoint by a security guard and made to pay for damages so their story wasn't completely made up, they just left out the part where they're partly responsible for the whole mess. Escalating this to an international incident by pulling the swimmers off the plane was also entirely unnecessary. Cooler heads will prevail and they'll send them home on the next plane, but this should have been a non story.
  12. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    Next England manager?

    They must be on to something big if they're putting out this ridiculous Klinsmann smoke screen.
  13. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 7 Final

    0-0. Clearly
  14. The Amazing Dale Watkins

    Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    Yeah, I'm not bitter, but I just didn't see the game that way at all. I'd agree that possession is overrated and that sitting back and counter attacking is a valid strategy, but France is no Atlético. They were absolutely terrible when they did have the ball (excluding the first ten minutes). They didn't hit Germany on the break, because they immediately lost the ball with inaccurate passes.