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  1. yeah well, we all know how he's getting the energy to still do it, but yeah, can you imagine how erratic he'd be at that age?
  2. I agree with the OP. Sounds to me like you're sacrificing a better user experience because of the way the internal mechanics work. If that's how auto-saves work then it seems to me that they should work differently, rather than adding an extra hoop for the user to jump through. I'd also get rid of the mandatory save and trigger the auto-save some other way, and either give them a generic name if no save exists, or prompt the user for a name the first time it auto-saves.
  3. They must be on to something big if they're putting out this ridiculous Klinsmann smoke screen.
  4. Yeah, I'm not bitter, but I just didn't see the game that way at all. I'd agree that possession is overrated and that sitting back and counter attacking is a valid strategy, but France is no Atlético. They were absolutely terrible when they did have the ball (excluding the first ten minutes). They didn't hit Germany on the break, because they immediately lost the ball with inaccurate passes.
  5. Well, I'd agree that a team "deserves" to win if they score two and their opponent can't finish even once. I do not think that France were the better team overall, far from it. I think that's the first time I saw anybody claiming so. They played well the first ten minutes, that was it. Germany was clearly "better", but still can lose to a team at that level. That's why we all love the game, isn't it.
  6. Probably all been said already, but IMHO Germany was the better team, France the better finishers. The script couldn't have been written much worse for Germany, well maybe except Neuer getting a Red. I will cheer for France in the final.
  7. I don't know if it's the mark of a good or a bad referee to judge a situation squarely by what the rule book allows, isolated from the overall situation. For example, I thought the penalty call against Schweinsteiger was quite harsh even if replays show the call to be technically correct. I would have preferred the ref to show greater situational awareness, but that's how I frequently feel on unintentional hand balls. Overall, the refereeing has been of pretty good quality this tournament, but there are definitely inconsistencies in the level of strictness.
  8. Of course there was an enormous amount of luck to get there, but if they manage to win the final then who cares.
  9. If the current forum software had an upvote/karma feature I'd have used that a hundred times, now I'm just quoting you to express my strong agreement with this.
  10. Just as Germans were pleased to see him gone. He is pretty good at motivating players but his tactical understanding of the game is pitiful, though he does seem to be learning.
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