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    Dale Watkins was an amazing LLM signing in CM 01/02. I thought it was a good name then. I did not expect to still be around 20 years later.

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  1. Good effort. I wouldn't put Ted Lasso in there because most people would probably want to play as him and having another one in the game is weird. The club could use a bit more history - except for the league positions there's nothing there. Dani Rojas doesn't have a work permit at the start of the game. I would also make Jamie Tartt and Roy Kent hate each other. A corresponding facepack would be useful.
  2. If any team is struggling with penalties they just need to call up more Mainz 05 players. We haven't missed a penalty in over 8 years, converting 30+ penalties in a row in the Bundesliga
  3. The utter idiocy of nob heads broadcasting committing a crime never ceases to amaze me
  4. I concede the point that nobody on this forum has more insight into the state of the team than the manager and his staff.
  5. Not to belabour the point too much, but that's known to the manager as well, which makes it all the more surprising that he would still turn to someone who's never been under even a remotely similar amount of pressure to take the decisive pen when there are seasoned professionals available who've at least taken penalties at the club level.
  6. Don't beat yourself up over it. No self-flagellation necessary. England fans have always enjoyed a bit of a reputation, but most people understand that it's the work of a small minority who f it all up for everybody else, and it's not all that different in other countries.
  7. As the organizers they get to make all the rules while leaving enforcement to others. It's a pretty nice gig if you can get it.
  8. B/R has a rather dramatic graphic for it. Looks like those were taken in a photo booth of a grimy jock bar at two in the morning.
  9. Yeah. I'm not arguing Ronaldo should be included, but it's UEFA and he was the official top scorer, so I 100% expected him to be in there, because that's how they always choose.
  10. UEFA snubbing Ronaldo for Lukaku is a very odd decision for them. That's like picking Benzema.
  11. It's laughable for you or me to think we'd know better than Southgate anyways. In hindsight, he may have picked a different lineup, but he's the one who's been there with the players the entire time, and he's the one who's actually been in that situation as a player himself.
  12. Well, depends what you mean by best takers. Saka, Sancho and Rashford were among the best in training, but in a situation like that it's the mental fortitude that matters. Clearly, putting Saka in that position was a mistake. You end up wasting your best taker sometimes if you put them last and the game is already decided by then (as has happened to Ronaldo), but if you really need someone to rely on during clutch time, you don't pick the 19-year old who's never been in a situation like that. Putting the captain in 5th is a solid strategy, even if it sometimes backfires.
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