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  1. Theodlard

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Nice job with the promotion, good luck next season, no doubt you can stay up. Premier league getting really close now.
  2. Will be fun to see how many different teams win this. Nice idea.
  3. Really enjoyed reading this, too bad things turned sour at the end. Amazing job to get as far as you did.
  4. Theodlard

    [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    Small database and auto-continue are the biggest time-savers I've found. I typically only load english sides as playable, should run through the early leagues fairly quickly.
  5. Theodlard

    San Marino Calcio Youth Challenge

    As always a good read, looks like promotion could be in the works.
  6. How have the boys from Lizard Argyle fared over the past few seasons?
  7. Theodlard

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Well done on championship! Impressive FA Cup form over the past three years.
  8. Just too much attrition and strikers in poor form all season, finally caught up with me. I looked around for another lower league job briefly but none sparked my interest. Probably just roll up a new save and see what happens. Learned a lot this go around I'd like to apply to a new situation and see what happens.
  9. Season 11 Final Report Three games to close out the season. Faced the top two teams in the league and another relegation survivor. Needed 3 points to guarantee survival. The team thought we needed 3 goals. Managed to loose all three 1-2. Needless to say relegation followed and I was immediately sacked. Can't say I blame the board, was a rotten season. In my meager defense, lost every player we had (4) that was a 3 CA or better, including 3 central defenders. Our GK defected the day before our final game. What's that saying about rats and a sinking ship? Was a good run, enjoyed the save.
  10. Youth intake Probably going to loose the top three before the end of the season. The non-contract status of semi-pro in this league is brutal. Two games left in the season, relegation a real possibility, currently safe by 2pts, sitting 10th.
  11. Theodlard

    AC London - I Predict A Riot

    Saw the first screenshot and thought, wow, a 5-5 scoreline, nice game, did not notice it was half-time. Crazy 2nd half to match.
  12. Not picked to do so well, fairly normal preseason prediction from the media Poor cup run. Ability to score goals is lacking. My strikers, as well as they played last year are coming back to the average players they are. And poor run of league play as well. Not a good season. Looks like a potential relegation scrap the 2nd half of the season.
  13. This should be fun! Best of luck with the tycoon and what a relief to not waste all that talent coming through the ranks on other teams.
  14. 14 yellow cards in a match, don't see that very often.
  15. Season 10 Final Report Good finish to a good season. Was happily surprised to see my striker combo upfront both contribute well, 20 goals apiece was unexpected. We were not a team of draws, changing some of those losses into draws would have got us promoted. Newdigate was unbeatable but no one else was that far above our talent level. We'll make a strong run of it next season and see what happens. Bad news is that my youth intake has already been pillaged. The left back made it two games and was gone, the new striker left at the end of the season. Next promotion should allow me to give youth contracts and keep them around for at least as season or two. Some of our score lines were crazy. When we were good we were really good, and other times not so much. Not middle ground this season. Very good cup runs. Was unfortunate to play Dormansland twice to close the season. They stomped us in the final. We safely avoided relegation, now to make a run at promotion.