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  1. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    This inspired me to go talk to my board about some improvements to my youth system. They laughed and told me to go buy FM18 if I wanted a better youth system.
  2. Season 3 Final Report Great end to the season that left me with the clubs first two trophies. Played very consistent football throughout. A combination of finding a solid tactic for the team and some younger players maturing nicely helped send us up to the Mid Sussex Premier League. A solid mid-table finish next year would be acceptable. Was really pleased with this youth intake. Quality was above average in all the right places. Young MC Beardsmore slotted into the starting 11, and helped us close out the season. HIs addition at least gives us two serviceable central mid-fielders for the first time. You'll note below that I lost to Som Academy in a cup semi-final. They were highly favored to win, so keeping them to one goals was a great accomplishment. It was not that close, I registered three shots to their twenty. After the match I noted this little tidbit. Zero losses since the start of the save. As of the start of season 4 they still have not lost. Besides the one early cup loss, had an excellent run through the three other cups. Lost to the eventual champs in two campaigns. Glad to finish the season with a trophy. As always a very tight table down the stretch. Was in control most of the way with only a few slip-ups. Changing those draws from the season before into wins really helped things out. Even though I won the league by 6 points, it took until the next to last game to seal the league title.
  3. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    Kudos on the discipline to keep track of all that data and update the posts. Looks like you are off to a great start, good luck and swift travels through those lower leagues.
  4. Season 3 Update Picked mid-table again. Picked higher than the first two seasons and better odds than last year. Still have some pretty big holes on the team, both DR & DL are very weak and I'd like to have more than 1 serviceable central midfielder. Going to go with a tweaked system this year and see if it won't improve my scoring a bit. Played Copthorne a lot the first half of the season but the bookies are confused I guess. Longest odds I've seen in FM. Played the senior team and got the same odds. Happy with the start of the season, two losses in all competitions and as many wins in the league as all of last year. The Copthorne cup losses was in extra time and I was down a man. Not bad considering the odds. I got them the next time around, or some version of them. Hesitantly optimistic going into the second half of the season. Hoping for a decent youth intake.
  5. Nice job with the cup win! Really enjoying your save.
  6. Could it be possible to draw 11 of 20 games? How about 4 1-1 draws in a row? Impossible, but yet we managed to do so. After the 11th draw we sat 9th in the league, needing a win to assure survival and we finally managed a 1-0 win to move up to 7th for a solid finish. The positives were only 4 losses on the season, the least in the league, but coupled with only 5 wins it made for a tight finish. Only relegation bound Ditchling managed less wins. Happy to get a GK and DL who are slightly above the .5 CA standard.
  7. The first half of the first season gave me hope that promotion out of this league would be fairly simple. The last two half seasons have pretty much crushed that idea. So how did the odds-makers think I would fare? Not so well, predicted at the same spot as last year but with worse odds to go up. Last season I kept running into difficulty with yellow cards, my BWM has no ability to play within the confines of the game, so I changed roles to start the season. As you can see below it did not work well, after 3 games I changed back and things turned a little bit. Several injuries and suspensions left me short on midfield players so we have a nice run of draws, some blown leads, some rescued points when down a man. It's not been a dull season. Some poor cup results, maybe a run at the vaunted Mowatt Cup to give some light to my season. Two teams at the top look pretty comfortable. Next game up is away at the Rockets, would be nice to break this run of draws.
  8. First season done and although the ending was not to my liking it was still a good season. I needed to win out to have a strong shot at promotion and only managed 4 pts, still finished fourth and felt good about the season. Some much added depth should make the upcoming season feel less intense. Team B got relegated after loosing their last 4, but managed to win the Malins Challenge Cup. New youth intake will now allow B team to have all regens and no gray players. Board agreed on an upgraded coaching badge during the summer break. Hoping to make a stronger run at promotion in the upcoming season.
  9. Youth Intake Finally some warm bodies to fill out my rosters. Most of them look like warm bodies as well. One really good AMC which is exciting to see how he does. 3 games left in the season, lying 4th, 2 pts separating 1st to 5th, exciting finish coming up.
  10. Thanks, and yes, lots of cups, pretty crazy schedule at times.
  11. Mid-point of the first season. After the first 4 friendlies I had to make a tactical adjustment, ability to work the ball into the box and play a control based style with solid defense was outside of our ability. Added two more friendlies and went with a shoot on sight TI and results improved. The first loss against Hartfield was a huge disappointment, they play several steps lower and it should have been an easy win. After the change in tactic the season progressed nicely, much better than anticipated. Mid-field is a mess, they rack up yellow cards like mad and yet score some amazing goals, and absolutely no cover for them. Both have already served suspensions for yellow cards and will again before the season is done. Really looking forward to the youth intake, at this point numbers are necessary. I will make a concerted effort at winning a few cups in the seasons to come but this year not so much. Very happy with my table position. Still a long way until promotion but got off to the right start. Was not intending to go up this season but I'll gladly give it a run.
  12. A closer look at the team Lots of work to do on the academy and training facilities. The team is not ideal, going to try a 4231 formation and see what happens. Ideally, I would do 4123 DM but the one youth DM I have makes that not ideal at the moment. We'll see what happens with the first youth intake. With a look at the team, a mid-table finish would be great. Hoping to not get bogged down in a relegation fight. Have four cups to compete for but no expectations from the board and will not be a focus.
  13. Welcome to Maresfield! Tired of watching Keymer & Hassocks rise up through the ranks over and over again, the tiny village of Maresfield wants it shot at glory in the English Football Pyramid. This save will watch the exploits of Maresfield Village and their youth system as they valiantly attempt to rise to new heights. Focusing solely on the youth academy this career will see if National Conference glory is attainable and if luck and a generous owner emerges maybe higher. So youth only, no transfers in. While the team is on amateur status, if a player leaves on a free a one time immediate offer can be issued to counter the poaching team. As the youth intakes populate the team I will take a more active role in the youth teams, also working at moving them up the pyramid. Currently Maresfield Village II plays in Mid-Sussex Football League 7, Maresfield Village III plays in League 9. The senior teams is in the 13th tier of the pyramid, Mid-Sussex Football League Championship. I'll be starting with the recommended badges, so that's a National A license and Sunday playing experience. Expect a regular Jan update as well as a season recap with a few others thrown in as I find interesting things to note. And thanks to @danbhtfc for this excellent database!
  14. [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    The final season of my run at Keymer & Hassocks manager has come to a close. It was a good season to end on and left me with no regrets about calling it a day on this save. Going into the final game I needed three points to assure survival, or I needed help. We allowed an opening goal in under two minutes. Shortly afterwards a set piece put us down 2-0. A young promising MF then got sent off for a bad tackle. Another set-piece, another goal. The final goal to secure our defeat for the day was an own goal. My stalwart keeper who has been with us for all of our attempts at promotion out of this division, dropped the ball on a routine shot, turned to pick it up and booted it into the net. 0-4 to end the day and my time with Keymer & Hassocks. Horsham needed a win to jump over us but even though we deserved to get relegated after that fiasco of a game, they too managed to loose, allowing us to stay up although we tried mightily to mess it up. Here are the final grim reports from an ugly season. Catsfield crashed out of National Conference, a good 8 pts clear of safety. Cuckfield surged and won the Isthmian Premier League play-off, beating Bosham in the process. That puts 3 of these teams in National South. Ore Athletic missed out on the play-offs and last seasons winner Brighton was promoted. I resigned at the end of the season and was thanked profusely for my many seasons of service, hope the next bloke takes them to the Premier League! I will holiday this save for a few years and see what happens to Keymer & Hassocks as well as these few teams. Thanks for reading! I've got another LLM idea so another long-term FM17 career will most likely be in the works fairly soon.
  15. [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    Thanks! Really enjoyed it as well. The LLM aspect is really enjoyable for me. I've not got FM18 yet, I still have another 17 save to do, but looking forward to reading all about those Fairwarp saves. Will post my final season report shortly.