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  1. Pretty sure that save was an academy only save, which added a level of complication. I've also never ran into such a continuous flow of teams with so much money like I did with that save. Just one of those wonderful FM experiences that makes it worth replaying. My current save started in Mid Sussex Championship so I skipped all of those lower leagues which can get a bit dull a 2nd time around. An instant result add-on helps a lot as well.
  2. Glad I found this! Excellent save, and hopefully you can get those last two goals finished. Really bad that you could not get K&H past that promotion bug. I never ran into that. Been messing around recently with another save and have a team in that league, I'll post something if I run into the same issue. Keep up the good work!
  3. Do they refuse the PT contract no matter how lucrative it is? I've always had them desire the non-contract but accept a PT at the right wage.
  4. Dan's FM18 League listing To make it easier to check before sending Dan a DM.
  5. Season Recap 2042/2043 Had a nice end to a season that started poorly. Was not eliminated from play-off contention until the final day, although it was a long shot even without the final day defeat. We are still sorely lacking in goal but with some tactical tuning and some in form strikers we managed to make the season look respectable. Hoping for more of the same next season.
  6. Mid-Season Report 2042/2043 Not a good season. Finally had to make a switch in goal which helped somewhat, not much chance at playoffs at this point but it looks like we've turned things around enough to stay out of a relegation battle. Takeover at the end of last season gave us nice influx of cash, albeit with more debt.
  7. Season Recap 2041/2042 Not the 2nd half of the season that I had hoped for. Played just well enough to keep playoff hopes alive but came up short on the final day. Needed to beat the second team on the table, who had nothing to play for, and came up lacking. We scored a lot of goals but our defense was poor, not really even close to the top 5 when looking at goals allowed. Switched GK mid season to try and develop a high PA player, we'll see if my long term plan works. Finances remain poor, over $700k in the red but a local investor is looking to take over and has su
  8. Mid-season Report 2041/2042 Poor start to the season but then form came around. Have managed to keep my quality players around for this season at least but the debt is mounting so getting promoted this year would be a nice thing. So far no one is running away with the league, play-offs seem like a doable goal again. Poor FA Cup and Trophy runs did not help the finances any.
  9. Had been so focused on this save when I saw the Brighton/Man City scoreline today I thought it was an upset.
  10. Season Recap 2040/2041 Really happy with the season as a whole. The ending was a little anti-climatic. As soon as we clinched the play-off spot we fell to pieces. An untimely minor injury kept one of my strikers out of the play-off game. Had a great FA Cup run, got a great platform to build on for next season.
  11. Mid-season Report 2040/2041 Very happy with the progress of the season. Won some tight games that would have been draws last year. Team is playing much better even with a tremendous amount of injuries at the start of the season. Nothing major, but at one point had five starters sidelined. Depth showed and the team held it together. Hoping for a playoff spot at worst from where we've started. Excellent FA Cup run, which will most likely be coming to a close in this round. Would have rather had a premier league team but I've already beat one league two team bu
  12. Oh that really sucks. On the bright side, Nov will be here before you know it. See you then!
  13. Season Recap 2039/2040 Had a wonderful start to the season and a nice finish but the middle was pretty horrible. Close games but just no ability to score consistently. Tweaks to tactics never seemed to fix much. Was not eliminated from the playoff race until the final day. Two draws at the end did not help but would have still came up short. A good basis to build on for the next season. Phillips as my midfielder and Batchelor as my DM are the core of consistency on the team. Thought we were not going to be able to sign Phillips for another year but he
  14. Currently above Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City. To hell with Europa, might as well grab a Champions League spot! Nice season!
  15. Season Recap 2038/2039 Was very happy with another solid season. Team did not always look as good as I like but defense was solid. Had some injuries to work through and the board sold our best goal scorer, Gary Stephens, at the start of the season. The 12.5k we got for him did not make our finances that much better but we managed to overcome his 70 goals and win another promotion. Another 1st Round FA Cup run but no big club to make it pay well. Should be interesting to see how we fare in the Southern Conference. Our run-in's with those league team have usually been
  16. Check and see how you are leaking goals. I ran into an issue with everyone just bombing long balls over my defense. A simple change to how my back line was playing shored things up nicely. Sometimes a tweak or two will make a huge difference.
  17. 6 points from Europe, 6 points from the Championship! Mid-season, mid-table stress. How fun it is to watch this from afar.
  18. This has always been a problem for me as well. I think it has to do with reputation more than anything else Phnompenhandy could probably speak much more to this, he has done a lot of reputation experimentation if I recall correctly.
  19. Season Recap 2037/2038 Excellent end to a really solid season. Team came together nicely and when my leading scorer went down for a month his replacement came in a grabbed 8 goals to keep us moving forward. Was picked second in the league pre-season so not really a surprise to finish as champs. Core players are young and improving so hoping for another promotion next year to get me into Conference football.
  20. Finally got caught up again. Amazing run, good luck with making it to Europe, I can see it in the cards before FM19 drops!
  21. Just updating another FM17 Keymer & Hassocks save, yes I like to be tortured. With a refined tactical system and lots of patience I have managed to rise to the 8th tier. Had a few rough seasons in the Mid-Sussex premier league but for the most part it has been a fairly smooth run. Unlike the previous save I have not run into many teams that have had massive resource advantages. The current season does have one full-time team but with a play-off spot available that makes it doable. Last year I managed the play-offs and lost in the finals, and was without a key player for four months.
  22. Getting caught up and things look great for you! Nice form last season and wonderful promotion to Championship.
  23. Nice job with the promotion, good luck next season, no doubt you can stay up. Premier league getting really close now.
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