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  1. Dan, I haven't been on here for a few days, but am surprised & pleased to see you have got Devon & Exeter leagues in & down to level 6. Wow. I haven't got the game yet (these days usually wait until the game gets more stable), but have you added any cups to those leagues.
  2. Hi Dan, I used your great database for 2016, not 2017 as didn't get game, but plan to get this years version. Is the any chance of adding the Devon & Exeter leagues, which start at level 12 I believe. There are nine leagues, which go down to level 20 I beleive, but even a few would be great.
  3. Didn't play your database last year, not a sleight on you but the fact I didn't buy FM17, though had been using the previous years database. Might buy it this year, & if I do will because of your mod.
  4. I have used 3d since it was introduced, as it is the next level. Using 2d is like watching football in black & white or listening to it on the radio.
  5. Starting from the Bottom

    They guy has done the same mod this year. It is in the Editor Hideaway downloads forum area called E22 - England to level 22.
  6. Northern Irish Extended League System 2017

    This is a very ambitious project. I used to always play in the NI leagues in previous versions & when the last game came out thought I would do what you are doing, but gave up due to its complexity. After reading what was available I had an idea how it was set up, but I knew it was incorrect so eventually gave up. If you finish the database I might look to play it, though haven't bought this years version yet, but I am interested playing in the lower leagues. Wish you all the best completing it.
  7. I have never played international management as there doesn't seem much to do compared to being a club manager.
  8. Keymer & Hassocks (Lv 23 England)

    Good luck. I notice you quickly obtained staff. I just wondered how you did that. In my game I put adverts in for a Physio & a Scout and after finishing a season I still hadn't received any applications, however poor. This was annoying but interesting all the same, & don't really notice not having either.
  9. One of their number now resides over here, & manages a club called Leeds.
  10. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Why? You can set it so all clubs have available players in them. Should get around 30 players, with over half 16-17 years old. Then get rid of the older ones if you only want youths.
  11. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Sounds like a good game you are having. Did you find you kept getting unrealistic job offers. In first season around new year when I just topped the league & since then have been getting a deluge of media reports putting me favourite for managerial vacancies. I sent message early on that I wasn't going to answer press speculation & no offers made directly. What is weird is I am favourite for every vacancy from level 6 to 10, but hardly anything below this. In leagues such as Mid Sussex (levels 12 -22) I'm am never in the frame. Hardly realistic.
  12. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    Depends how hard you make it. Play a game using the players you inherit, & if found by a scout only sign ones in the locality. Have not signed a player all season. Mainly due to not being able to gain a scout all season, despite advertising all season. Also play blocking out all the attributes, & evaluate the players abilities by your coaches, & how they perform. Makes a great game. Currently in first season with four games left, topping the table, but all matches have been tight, & could have easily been at the bottom end if luck had gone against me. Never could understand why anyone wants to play right down in the lower leagues, & just breeze through each division with no opposition. Would be so boring. I am not suggesting people have to play like this, but you can make the game interesting & challenging, even at these levels, if you want to.
  13. [FM2016] E23 - England to Level 23

    I play this one, which is very good. EEE just seems to be detailed for the sake of it. I like something that is easy to get into, does what its supposed to, & most importantly have support from the creator throughout, not disappear for months on end.
  14. Bit amusing to see Domark described as a small UK based publisher. They were at the time one of the bigger game companies in Europe.
  15. Amateur clubs tips

    That is why I like playing with the attributes blanked out, so I sign or play players on reputation or how they play for you. Makes for a very interesting game, & am playing an equal game with the AI. Obviously this is quite an extreme way to play, & not for most people, but I like playing like this, & gives a nice challenging game.