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  1. It looks like you are having another good game. Wish you luck for next season. I notice the bookies were inaccurate as normal with relegation favourites Copthorne II getting promoted. I think it is difficult to predict how 2nd & 3rd teams perform, as it depends on what players they use from their first teams.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Actually Dan has removed the links at the moment. They should be back soon when he has updated to version 3 with all the league cups attached.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    I would think so as it would mess up all the map coefficients & effect the cups & leagues it would go into.
  4. That just shows that the smaller database is more realistic. In real life you don't just pick top players of a conveyor belt.

    Away games

    Funny HUNT3R should say that, because whenever I play I always seem to do well away, but always struggle at home, despite the only difference being that I am set up more defensive away, though with same formation. This has always been an issue in my games whatever the version.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Where is this mentioned? Is this because last years patch was released on the beginning of March. SI never say when a patch is out until it is released.

    [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    I think you have done very well, & got the side up as high as it can with the resources you had. Yes, a new AI manager might do better, but expect that will be more to do if they have a sugar daddy or not. The only unrealistic part seems to be clubs seem to regularly get massive cash boosts, which seems to make the leagues unbalanced. All in all it was a good read, & enjoyed reading about your exploits. As long as you found it great playing the game, that is all that really matters.

    [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    In a way I am glad you have failed so far. Not that I personally want you to. It does show the game is working, & you cannot magically go all attacking a suddenly win all & become successful. It seems what you were doing before worked well, but other sides just had more resources than you, which if you look at in real life is true.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    The individual databases have more players in the game dependant on which size you have. I used to always play with the biggest database as I thought this made the game better, but was informed that a smaller database actually makes the game more playable, which I think it does. Yes you get more players to pick & choose the bigger the database you have, but a small one makes the game more difficult as there is a lot more demand for the players in the game.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Dan, take as long as you need. The final patch will be up soon, so perhaps wait for that to see if anything changes your database. I know that won't be popular with some, but surely best to have it working as well as possible.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    If I criticise Dan in any way it was for giving a deadline date. This is always dangerous, & the reason why no developers ever give dates now for releases & patches. Modders have got added problems with work & real life. Hopefully, Dan will just take his time & release it when ready. In a way he would be better waiting for the final main patch for the game, likely to be released in next couple of weeks, as there are normally changes made that effect the game, as well as transfers.

    Favorite FM Series

    Obviously people have forgotten CM4 when mentioning the worst version, which although not officially a FM, was one just having a different NAME. This is the one when they moved over to 2d graphics from text, & must have been the most bugged game in the history of the game.

    [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    That was a big achievement last season for newly promoted Selsey to have won both Southern Combination cups last season. Yet are only 1000-1 & bottom for success this season. I presume from those odds they haven't got the resources like others have, & must give you hope.

    [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    Hi Dan. Just glanced at the current Division 9 & Fairwarp are rock bottom despite being the only 1st team in the division. I remember when playing the FM16 version the reserve side being in the bottom division & the main side being a few divisions higher. Do you know what happened to them to fall like this. Also Heath Rangers seem to be gone as well. Were they disbanded?
  15. I expect it is due to his contract ending in the summer. The clubs are just trying their luck. By the way who are Tytherington Rocks & what level do they play at?