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  1. The game is to simple as it is. This a no brainer to at least make it a bit of a challenge.
  2. This has been the general consensus over the years, with the game getting easier & easier. Look at the threads of 10 years or more & they were full of threads of the game is too hard & unable to win. When in reality it meant it was the correct difficulty. Contrast with today, & threads about too hard game are extremely rare, & every career thread is about how you conquered the world with some tiny club. Game lacks any long term appeal, which is a shame as this used to be my most popular game by far. Only have good game by putting your own restrictions & rules in place.
  3. Super goalkeeper that the opposition always has.
  4. Dan Have you decided yet which region you are going down the furthest with, & at what level, as it is hard to see which leagues go down to the furthest level now.
  5. Not sure who with? The Yorkshire Amateur league did go down to level 21 last season, but not sure if the still do. Devon & Exeter still goes down to level 20, with league 8 teams, but none seem to be first teams. There are others close by, but not sure if any go anywhere near as low.
  6. Wonder what happened to him. He use to love the game.
  7. I don't care about American sports. MLS is 2nd rate precisely for this reason, & always well be if it doesn't change its ways.
  8. I disagree with this completely, as you are rewarding failure. Any side that is in the relegation zone, is there for a reason, & should be relegated. , Any playoffs should always be between sides in the league below fighting to get up. I look around the leagues in Europe & England is one of the few who does it this way, & in my opinion the one that is correct. So many times I see clubs who have been dross all season, get into a relegation playoff game/s then win it too be able to stay up & stink out their leagues for another season.
  9. I can understand what the OP is saying, as I too just want to read about peoples careers playing in a fair manner without cheats or gamey tactics, usually LLM ones, but it is difficult until you read deep into many of them what they are doing. I do disagree though, about jumping into peoples specific career threads, just to criticise them though. As far as I am concerned people can play how they want, but if a game is using exploits or cheats to play their career I am not interested in wasting my time reading it, Many threads you can tell at a glance how someone is playing, & if it is not the way you would play, can soon move on, & have no problem with it. Where I do have a problem is when people uses exploits without informing anyone, then act on what a marvellous job they are doing. You soon get an idea on how people are playing anyway, as unless someone is a really excellent player, some wouldn't get the success they are getting without using underhand methods. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter, but it would be nice if at the beginning of a career writers would say how they are playing, so people know whether the career is for them or not. To smp20, that is a good idea setting up a thread like that, & will come over to read it.
  10. I thought I played quite extreme, but not like this. Because the game was never intended to go down this low & that your attributes are rated 1-20, it is isn't really possible to properly play this low. So the only to play competitively is to play with restrictions. Minimum ways to play the game better is ensure all teams are filled with players, so you have crap straight away. Also have a small database, so players are rarer & more in demand, making buying & keeping them harder, though at these low levels, mainly keeping them is the problem. Because it is so easy to get players of a far harder standard I tried to go for realistic targets, but this doesn't really work, so the only way you can really play a fair game at these levels is by playing a youth challenge, whereby you only gain players through your youth input each season, & not allowed to bring players in. The other thing I have done for a few years, which hardly anyone does, is mask the attributes of players, so I cannot see how they compare to other players, & how weak & strong they are. That is not to say I haven't an idea, as you gain knowledge of players by watching them play, AM advice, & graphs of their areas of strengths & weaknesses, other reports, as a LLM manager would. Despite these restrictions, it is still possible to climb the leagues regularly, but now you need to give more thought in what you do. I play slow so never play many seasons until the new version comes, but I like playing this way. I am not saying this is the right way, just the way I like playing the game, & as you & others have mentioned play the game how you enjoy it. Just thought I would explain the way I play the game.
  11. What is the point about using gamey tactics like that. It is easy enough playing low down as it is.
  12. Interesting campaign. One question. Why haven't you got any cup matches? You may have mentioned this earlier, but I skimmed through some of this.
  13. It should make it easier as a selling club, particularly if you have players that clubs want to buy. Also, it should be harder to hold on to players if you are a smaller club, as the amount of suitable players in the pool is a lot less. From my experience you have more competition when buying players, pushing the price up.
  14. I always used to use the biggest database available to make the best game, then a few years back players suggested that the best size for a competitive game was using a small database. I now do this & agree it is a lot better & makes the game more challenging, as there is a smaller pool of talent available for all the clubs to buy.
  15. Neymar the diving cheating crybaby.
  16. What shocks? This is more to do with the idiotic rankings which are nonsense. Yes, Russia are doing better than feared, but in all honesty if up against anyone except the European & South American Nations plus Mexico, they would hardly be outsiders to win, yet are the lowest ranking country in the finals. The only real shock is Germany. Spain's glory days are long behind & are boring as well, so no shock there, Argentina have been in decline for awhile, even with Messi, & Portugal losing to Uruguay is hardly a shock. . Poland are probably one of the worst European sides to qualify. The only real shock getting to last 16 was Japan.
  17. Just what we need more subpar Saudi Arabia & Panama type sides. How many African/Asian/Concacaf made it to the last 16 of this years world cup. Two, & one of them is Mexico, who have always been a different level to the rest.
  18. An average Russian team put five without replay past a Saudi team, who qualify with ease into every World Cup finals, but must have one of the worst records of any team in the finals. Just think how much better it will get when with have 40 or even 48 teams, that are inferior to the Saudis.
  19. It looks like you are having another good game. Wish you luck for next season. I notice the bookies were inaccurate as normal with relegation favourites Copthorne II getting promoted. I think it is difficult to predict how 2nd & 3rd teams perform, as it depends on what players they use from their first teams.
  20. Actually Dan has removed the links at the moment. They should be back soon when he has updated to version 3 with all the league cups attached.
  21. I would think so as it would mess up all the map coefficients & effect the cups & leagues it would go into.
  22. That just shows that the smaller database is more realistic. In real life you don't just pick top players of a conveyor belt.
  23. Funny HUNT3R should say that, because whenever I play I always seem to do well away, but always struggle at home, despite the only difference being that I am set up more defensive away, though with same formation. This has always been an issue in my games whatever the version.
  24. Where is this mentioned? Is this because last years patch was released on the beginning of March. SI never say when a patch is out until it is released.
  25. I think you have done very well, & got the side up as high as it can with the resources you had. Yes, a new AI manager might do better, but expect that will be more to do if they have a sugar daddy or not. The only unrealistic part seems to be clubs seem to regularly get massive cash boosts, which seems to make the leagues unbalanced. All in all it was a good read, & enjoyed reading about your exploits. As long as you found it great playing the game, that is all that really matters.
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