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  1. This is my Alfie Devine after two seasons (one playing a few Europa league games, the other on loan at WBA in the Championship). Five star potential, think he’ll become amazing! (also, can be picked up for 1M at the start of the game - same as Dane Scarlett who’s also had a big boost)
  2. When in the Squad Screen for your club or any other club, tapping on the Age column to sort by age does not work. Sorting by Value etc. does. Annoying as I often use this to quickly search for youngsters at other clubs. On iPad Air 4 thanks for re-Introducing the colour blind attribute colours though. EDIT - does not work on player search or shortlist screens either
  3. Was enjoying this version so much, probably the best ever, until they’ve ruined it (for me) by removing the colour blind attribute colours, with no explanation. They were a godsend for me being colour blind. Is there any way of restoring a previous version of the game on iPad before the latest update? i was going to go back to fm2020 but it’s not on the App Store any more. so bored in lockdown I’m really gutted about this.
  4. Thanks. Do you know if there is a fix for this , or a reason why it was removed, as it has made the game unplayable for me as I struggle with the default colours, which now cannot be changed
  5. Hi @Harry Dunning its more what I’m not seeing. The option for colour blind attribute colours has disappeared from preferences Can’t give you a screenshot as the option is no longer there, but this is one from fm touch 19 with the colour blind attribute tick box that was 100% there on FM21 until the latest update : EDIT : This is what my Interface screen in preferences looks like :
  6. Thanks. @Harry Dunning could you look into the colour blind attribute colours option disappearing that I’ve raised please? Many thanks
  7. Posted this in the bugs forum but no response. the option to choose colour blind attribute colours seems to have disappeared after the latest update. Why? It has rendered the game unplayable for me
  8. Can this get reinstated ASAP, why has it been removed?
  9. Where has the option for this gone? I always used this but the option seems to have disappeared in Preferences. Please reinstate it ASAP as I hate the default attribute colour settings.
  10. Started a new game today and found that I can no longer load the tactics and shortlists I’ve created previously. When I try to do so I’m presented with a list of folders, rather than going to the specific folder. And you can’t tap into the folders to get to the files (either by double tapping, or selecting and tapping Open) - see screenshot below. This has only happened since today (has there been an update?).
  11. Just finished my first season at Arsenal and very pleased with hit it turned out. Decided on a couple of rules for my save : Can only sign players on Approach to Sign, apart from... English U19 players (with a max transfer fee of 30M) I also immediately sold a lot of the IRL garbage... Xhaka, Willian, Ozil etc, with the aim of giving lots of minutes to the youngsters. This is how it went : not sure if it’s clear but we won the Europa League final v Leicester. spent March and April scouring youth intakes ans have some very exciting youngsters arriv
  12. Thanks. I didn’t know it was a known bug which is why I raised it here. id say my own youth intake is smaller than it was in fm20 for a top team with excellent youth recruitment though. Would consistently get 7/8 players rather than 3/4
  13. It does look like a bug tbh. Played another season and all big clubs in the two loaded leagues (Italy and England) have just 3 or 4 new youth players. Between 6 and 10 was standard in FM20. And for the third year in a row, not a single youth player from any club outside the loaded leagues (other than bizarrely, one from Maccabi Haifa). So no youth intake from Ajax, Bayern, Real, Barca etc. EDIT - just done a double check of the Dutch clubs who have great youth academies, Ajax, AZ, PSV, Feyenoord - not a single youth player since the first intake in 2021, there’s been three since.
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