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  1. Are screenshots of Team and Player instructions available for any of these tactics? I play Touch on the iPad and don’t have a Mac/computer so can’t download and transfer
  2. Started a new save yesterday and got through two seasons already. first season up as champions and a terrific second season finishing third and losing in extra time in the FA Cup semi final this is my team at the end of the second season : (Guendouzi is on loan, all others signed permanently)
  3. Started a Forest Green save this week. It’s gone pretty well.... won the leasing.com and the Euro Cup II last year so in the Euro Cup proper for season 24/25, this is my line up going into that season...
  4. I set their playing time to Not Needed, transfer listed them and offered them out at unspecified. I’m playing on Touch on iPad, not sure if transfers work differently between that and the full game?
  5. Cracking first season in the league, winning it comfortably. Less good in the cups, going out of the Carabao to WBA and the FA Cup to Arsenal (I fielded weakened teams in both though). More disappointing was a damp squib of a Champs League QF exit to Athletico, losing 1-0 in both legs. Made some big purchases in the first summer, Fernandes and Zaniolo are a brilliant midfield. From now on I’ll be prioritising young players rather than marquee signings - although I did just sign Vinicius Junior for 65M! (However he is a direct replacement for Son who went to Chelsea for 60M) Firs
  6. Apart from yesterday when they said they were aiming to get the hotfix out later that day (which they did). Thanks for your reply though mate
  7. This is regards a hotfix for the attribute issue on Touch on iOS. I’m not getting any reply on the Touch forum. I’d just like to know of this is happening today, in a week, a month?
  8. When will this happen? I’m waiting to start a long term save. I see it’s been done for the full game and Touch on steam. Still getting the determination issue here....
  9. Thanks. I just hoped as the main game has been fixed that the iOS one would be done at the same time, so I can start a long term save
  10. Do we have a time for when the patch will be released for Touch on iOS?
  11. New features like development centre and club vision are good However I really don’t like the new player attribute colours. Is there any way to change them? (On iOS)
  12. Thanks for the response Any idea how I can get De Jongs finishing stat up then? Have you managed it at all?
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