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  1. Yep having the same problem here...very frustrating. Didn't have this issue with the Beta.
  2. Thanks Connor. I had replaced all staff, but all roles were filled. This happened on v0.2 and seemed to be sorted out on v0.3. I can’t actually start Fm20 beta on v0.4, so waiting for next hotfix / game release to try again 😊
  3. Hi, I've started a new save on FMT and am being forced to manage the reserve team. All staff roles are filled, so not quite sure why this is, but think it's a bug.
  4. Thanks chaps, all really helpful comments. I think it’s settled it for me...full fat version this year! Can’t wait to get started!
  5. Since it's release, I've been playing just FMT due to the usual time constraint restrictions. This year though, I'm very tested to go back to full fat FM...has anyone done this after a few years of FMT and what were your experiences? Has the beast got even bigger, or have improvements actually made it more manageable??
  6. Very helpful - Thank-you...The point is that if there is something in the game that means you can just boost morale so simply, it's unrealistic and shouldnt be there...unless I'm missing something, and there is a possibility of some form of backlash / negative response. Just saying 'don't do it then' is a pointless response. It's like me saying 'the game could do with being a bit more difficult' and a response of 'only pick crap player then'. Totally missing the point...
  7. Hi, I've been playing CM / FM since it's inception, though since it's been available have been playing FMC. I'm very tempted with FM 16 to move back to the full fat game, but one of the things that sent me to classic in the first place was that if you could be bothered to, raising morale of your team was just too easy, just through having conversations, linking them with other players etc... I've just fired up full fat FM 15 to get to grips with full fat mode and saw that this still appears to be the case - from the beginning you can just praise your players as individuals for their conduct and they all go away happy...a team meeting sends morale even higher...and again it all feels a bit easy, and a bit dull!! I guess what I'm clinging onto is the hope that doing this is not as positive as it appears! Is there any risk involved in artificially raising morale like this, or any chance of a backlash? If not I guess it's onto FM Touch for 2016...
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