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  1. In the editor, you have to go "Add Continental Rules". It can get pretty complicated, but there are some good tutorials online
  2. From what i know you can only change it through continental rules in the editor. There are some pretty good tutorials online on how to change and set up your own champions cup. This has to all be done pre-game too
  3. You can change it, although it has to be pre-game and through the editor
  4. As far as i know you can only do that sort of stuff pre-game
  5. As far as i know, the only ways to change it is through FMRTE, or through the in-game editor
  6. You will have problems with both of those. You'll have to go through continental and international rules to make sure that your nation is eligible to qualify for the world cup and the euros. Or alternatively you could replace one of the lower nations such as Gibraltar, San Marino, Andorra and you'll have all those done for you
  7. I've almost got a complete Channel island pack, i'm just missing one thing before i can release it
  8. So i've completely edited Oceania to change it all to the channel islands and it works absolutely seamlessly. The only issue i have is the player names, is there any way i can change it so the names so that they are more english names? Or do i just have to wait for the youth regen/newgen?
  9. Taking a team from the 22nd division of England 3 months into this save and a lot of progress has been made to the team, mostly within the first team squad as i have signed 7 free agents to the first team. These players can been seen below. Transfer 1 Transfer 2 Transfer 3 Transfer 4 Transfer 5 Transfer 6 Transfer 7 Our first friendly match was against Horley. It was the first opportunity to see what the team could do against a stronger opposition. Friendly Vs Horley It was a strong start by us, however our second half defense let us down, it could of been due to fatigue, or the fact that the majority of the players had never played with each other before. Our second friendly game was against Whitstable. Again they were a much stronger opposition, so I was hoping we were able to cause some form of upset. Friendly Vs Whitstable We ended up with a draw, which isn't bad, but there is definitely room for improvement. Again we scored early, however we were unable to contain our lead with Whitstable scoring in the 83rd minute. Mid Sussex Division Nine Round 1 Our first match sees us go up against Maresfield Village III. Seeing as this is their third team, i was hoping to get a positive result out of the team to get a strong start to the league season. Round 1 vs Maresfield Village III Once again we score early in the first half. However we were fortunate enough to hold them out for the win. Our only goal of the game came in the 9th minute by Alex Jackson who scored both of the goals in the pre-season games. Luckily for us he has carried this form into the regular season. Mid Sussex Junior Cup Round 1 This cup is the first cup of three different cups that we will play in this season. In the first round of the Mid Sussex Junior Cup, we come up against Ringmer III, which is the u18's team. As this is a junior team, we are hoping that we will get a win up here. Mid Sussex Junior Cup Round 1 Luckily for us we got a win up, and it was a big win for us. We looked dominant throughout the match and would not let them have anything through the match, as they only had the one shot all game. Mid Sussex Division Nine Round 2 This round two encounter sees us come up again the only other senior team in the league in Keymer and Hassocks. Hopefully this game will be a close one as they should be one of the stronger teams in the competition. Round 2 vs Keymer and Hassocks Another big win for us, fortunately for us, they were down to ten men before half time. This helped us capitalise on the overlap we had and allowed us to put 4 goals on them in the second half. Round 3 In this third round match, we come up against Ashurst Wood III. With two wins out of two, we are hoping to continue our brief, but successful run through the league and cups. Round 3 vs Ashurst Wood III And the run continues, we got off to another good start, scoring two of our goals in the first 6 minutes of the game. The second goal probably should not have happened as it came off a mis-fired cross making its way into the goal. Again in the second half, our defense seemed to lack fitness and motivation, hopefully as the season goes on we can stop the goals coming late in the game. Round 4 This round sees us go up against Ringer III again. Hopefully we can get a repeat of what happened last game, however we know we will need to work even harder to produce another good result against this team which will be looking for revenge. Round 4 vs Ringmer III Well we got the goals... but we weren't able to keep them out either. One of the positives that came out of this match is that we know we can score goals consistently, and that we are unbeaten in the league. But we have a fairly poor goal against stat, especially in the last two weeks. Again all 3 of the goals cam within the last half, an even the last half hour even. Round 5 This games marks the quarter way through the season, and in this round 5 match, we come up against Stones II. This match we want to try and rebound and get another win up on the board. With 10 points from 4 matches, we have put ourselves in a strong position for the rest of the season. Round 5 vs Stones II With another good win, there seems to be a sense of confidence within the team, our defense seemed to pick up a bit in the second half only conceding once on the 53rd minute. However we scored twice after the 60th minute to secure the win. Brian Hall Challenge Cup Round 1 vs Buxted III This is the second cup of three through the season for us, and we come up against Buxted III. Going into this match, I was fairly confident of getting some sort of result as this was their third team. However the board was not worrying about this cup as they wanted us to reach the first round. Brian Hall Challenge Cup Round 1 vs Buxted III Wel that didn't go as planned. Jackson scored yet again, marking his 10th goal of the season in all competitions. Apart from that, there wasn't anything great to talk about from us, they got a late goal which is pretty normal as we have let a lot of goals in late this season. October Summary Squad 1 Oct Club 1 Oct Finances 1 Oct
  10. Well it's a good enough start. Its still fairly comprehensive and a lot of time must have gone into it to create the amount of teams and leagues that were added in this years edition.
  11. There will be, no doubt about that. Because he's got kids
  12. That's right a database has been made that opens up England all the way down to the 22nd division. https://community.sigames.com/topic/380599-fm2017-wip-e22-england-to-level-22/#comment-10459596 What I will be doing in this save, is to attempt to take a team from the 22nd division all the way to the top and further. It'll take a very long time, and more than likely it'll fail at some point. But i'm still going to give it a go. The Team The team I have taken over is called the Heath Rangers, which i have changed to the Heath Slaters. Squad - Facilities - Finances - Club It looks like its one of the worst teams you could possibly find in Football Manager, but i'm all ready to turn the whole thing around and bring them some unexpected trophies. The only other team that is playable in this division is Keymer and Hassocks.
  13. Gibraltar Rocks 1 Oct - 31 Dec 3 months into the first season, and it's looking quiet promising. We haven't lost a game in the season yet, and hopefully we can hold onto this lead for a little while longer. Looking at the squad, it felt like it was lacking a bit of star power, so I've looked through the junior national teams to see if there was any players who didnt have a club. Luckily for me, we found two players in Dayle Coleing, and William Cross Our third and final player that we transferred was someone from the Kosovo u19 team who had no club. He looks like he will be quiet a talent, well in our team anyway. League 2 Round 6 This week we come up against Hound Dogs, a lower table team, luckily for us, our captain comes back for this game, hopefully he will provide some sort of boost for the team. A massive win for us. Looks like Cortes Silva coming back from injury really pushed the team on to a big victory. Boulaich and Lopez both recorded doubles in this game, along with goals from Cortes Silva, an own goal, and from substitute Bosio. We got off to a great start with 2 goals within the first 10 minutes. With this win, we go back to first with a game in hand. Rock Cup Round 2 This cup tie puts us up against first division team in Glacis United. They are looking quiet strong in the first division this year, being in the top half of the division. And our cup run is over for the year. However it was not without a fight, they got out to an early lead, although we were able to fight back with a strong showing from Boulaich. However our biggest mistake came from our vice captain Kane. He stood with his back to the field, ball at his feet, and allowed them to steal the ball and score an easy goal. Only a mistake right? Round 7 vs Boca Juniors This game puts us up against Boca again, after a very disappointing League 2 cup game against Boca Juniors, we were looking for a bit of revenge against Boca, they hadn't had the greatest season as of yet. Although everyone knows that anything can happen in football, and we couldn't count out the fact that we could lose again. The first hat trick of the season came through our poacher Jamie Lopez, his 3 goals allowed us to secure a win over Boca. This game saw the debut of all 3 of our transfers, and all put in fairly decent performances, with Cross getting himself an assist in the game. Unfortunately for us, it was a slow start to the game until we opened with a goal in the 31st minute. After that, we played the game at a good pace and Boca did not look like getting in the game Round 8 vs Angels After our last two league performances, we were looking to continue this form for as long as we could. After looking like we have the right combinations in defense and midfield, all we needed was to find the right striking combination, and with Lopez playing the way he is, we need a player similar to him, or a strong target man who can play through balls to him to finish off the goals. Another good win for us. Tahiri finally got himself on the scoresheet for the season, and Lopez grabbed another two goals. How long will this form last do you think? Our set pieces need a bit of work but apart from that. I'm fairly happy with the way that we are going in the league, and in our games. Round 9 vs Olympique This game sees us playing the struggling outfit in Olympique, with only one win in the league so far, their heads had dropped and we were going to look to get a big win against them to keep our good run going. A second hattrick for the season. This time from our Kosovo import in Tahiri. Unfortunately for us he also suffered an injury which will see him out for 4-5 weeks. With Tahiri out, we will have to look to the in-form Boulaich to score some goals while Tahiri comes back from injury. Lopez added his name to the scoresheet again with a good goal in the 38th minute. Round 10 vs Cannons For the third time this season, we go up against Cannons. Our last two matches again them see us with a goal difference of +9, so the confidence was extremely high that we could get another big win. But with the lost of Tahiri will we be able to function as well as we can? A very narrow victory with Boulaich scoring a game in the dying seconds of the game. He showed a lot of pace to get on to the loose ball and tucked it away in the bottom right corner. Kane had another awful game, unable to retain possession, and unable to pass effectively. I'm not sure that he merits his vice-captain place for much longer. Round 11 vs Magpies Once again we come up against 2nd place Magpies. Last time we played them it ended in a draw, in which we probably didn't deserve to draw. However its a completely different game, with a better squad, hopefully we can get a stronger result. A very close game which had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Totesaut scored an absolute screamer from just outside the box which found its way into the top corner after a mis-fired free kick. Our large amount of fouls is still concerning, but with only one yellow card, I can't be too alarmed by it. Round 12 vs Leo In this mid season game, we find ourselves up again Leo FC again. After our 3-0 win, we became quiet complacent and it was a very relaxed atmosphere in the club. This attitude came back to bit us big time. This game saw the return of Tahiri, and with high expectations on him, he couldn't find the back of the net, with numerous chances on goal, and on target. However a draw is a draw, and we get a point out of it. Between this game and the next game, i decided to release Kane, as i felt he could not make a positive influence in the team, and felt he could play out his career somewhere else, despite being signed in the transfer window. Round 13 vs Boca For the third time this season, we come up against Boca. We have had one win and one loss against them, so we were not sure what to expect from them, hopefully we can pull another win out, and extend the lead over the rest of the table. A draw, well now we have had all 3 results against this team. We looked to be dominated through the match despite the possession stats. Coleing conceded an awful own goal, if which left, would of gone out for a goal kick. However we were able to fight back and score another last minute winner through who else but Boulaich. Lopez popped up and scored another goal which takes his tally to 14 in 13 games. In the months of October and November, we managed to pick up manager of the month awards, along with Boulaich who managed goal of the season in October. The transfer window has opened once again, and we will be looking for some talent so we can add some depth to the squad. Maybe get some stars from the teams who aren't doing as well. We will see what needs to be strengthened. Here is the table currently
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