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  1. Hi, is it available a demo of FM 2021 just to see how it runs on may macbook which rather dated and short of RAM (4GB) and space on the hard disk? Thank you
  2. hi, will FM 2021 run smoothly on Mac Book Pro, the same i'm using with FM 2020, with new IOS BIG SURE? Thanks.
  3. I home my dated Mac book will still support the new edition.
  4. I real y don’t want to see Covid also in a game. It’s alteady difficult enough to have to do with in real life. First of all I’m wondering if everybody at SI is fine. That’s the only important thing at the moment. i don’t know if there will be a FM 21 or not. Anyhow, also in order to support SI, I’m ready to pay For a simple data up-date to be used with FM 20. Thanks.
  5. I'dont know how but your advice was precious. Found. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I've always bought for past editions the pre game editor. Now, after 1 hour of navigation on Steam page i'm unable fi find it: Could anybody kindly help me to localize it? MAC edition. Thank you
  7. It’s not a problem of transfers the last patch includes always a lot of improvements. A huge patch.
  8. With respect to the past I read more positive reviews on the game. I’ve seen the great effort made by SI in releasing more hotfix during the week. I think I will wait the usual Dec. patch when most issues are solved. i usually like start one long career game and follow with it.
  9. i've downloaded and installed Duplicate File Finder in order to grant access to my saves in the choose match to load window at beginning of FM 19. But, following the guide, I don't see it in the Privacy --> Files and Folder window. Furthermore it seems an application for removing duplicates when I just want my saves to remain on the hard disk and not to escape to the Cloud every moment. Do you have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.
  10. I’m playing with FM 2019 but after updating to OS Catalina all my saves disappear from the game and I have to download every time them from the Apple Cloud. The same tactics folder and so on. Rather annoying. In case anybody has some advice he is welcome.
  11. No Brexit for this season, and possibly no Brexit at all.
  12. Thank you SI. I know you work a lot for us for giving the best product and the best support.
  13. In the past there was the the possibility of downloading the winter patch in 2 version: with or without new database. if I were you I would set Steam offline and check manually which download to install. So you won’t loose your personal database. Mine is just an idea based on the past. Hope it helps.
  14. I hope there will be a patch without transfer data also, as usual, if I well remember.
  15. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  16. Yes, a confirmation from SI would be appreciated since the training has changed a lot this year.
  17. Thank you LuKasZ_VCF. So each day I can assign 3 different trainings, for instance one for each group or 2 for the team and one for a group? Is it correct up to you?
  18. Or perhaps i'm wrong. There are 3 sessions a day for the complete squad. But in this case which sense do groups have?
  19. I've red it in the official FM 2019 online manual. As I understand every day you can choose different training for S1, S2, S3 groups. The point is: which role corresponds to each S group?
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