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  1. Juventus players? OK the game is OK
  2. Something to do during this rainy weekend! Thanks.
  3. fuego

    Winter Update?

    Not closed yet?
  4. I think you are right and assume we act in similar ways. Possibly in real football the % of this kind of transfers is very low. For me is 0,00% even taking in consideration all the variable we spoke about. I will keep trying . Thanks.
  5. Yes, of course I've thought about all your point. Several times the agreement with the other club is closed, so they do want him. Of course I offer a player to a club in better or similar condition than mine, with economical possibilities. It would be absurd offer a Serie A player to a third division team. I know it well. But ALWAYS something goes wrong with the negotiation of player contract with the new club. He is willing to? Sometimes is player himself asking me to go. Often I succeed selling him for cash but never achieve to include him in an exchange. This is a constant in any edition of FM during the years. What annoys me is that I've never concluded a transfer including a player of mine. It sounds odd. Have you succeeded anytime in such operation?
  6. As usual, also in past editions of the game, I find impossible to buy a player offering money plus a player of mine: even when my offer is accepted by the club my player never find an agreement for the contract with the new potential club , and the operation fails. 100% of cases.
  7. Thank you! I was rounding around this menu since yesterday. Bye.
  8. Hi, I'm looking in FM 2017 for a screen which was present in past FM editions. The name should be Screen Flow, anyhow is the page where you can enter the competitions for which you want receive regular information; i.e. World Cup, Confederation Cup, National leagues or cups and so on. you were able to decide for which competition and how often receive informations Could anybody give me a tip about? Thanks
  9. Of course Matt, same account (i only have one) no doubt. I've never touched the destination folders. it's odd because sometimes I succeed in switching, sometimes no. Perhaps SI should give a look also in FM 2017 that I don't have yet but will buy soon. Thanks.
  10. Hi i Have two Macs, a Macbook Pro and a IMac. I've problem switching from a machine to the other one. On the Steam library migration of the "main machine" (where the game was downloaded) i found, near the button play a small menu with also the diciture Domestic Migration. Does anybody knows what it this for? The tooltip says it is possible to change domestic migration settings, anybody knows how to do? I hope I was clear enough. Thanks everybody.
  11. but I don't find the file on the other machine. I don't understand.
  12. So, it is what i'm doing too..... Thanks.
  13. Which method do you think could work better?
  14. but anyhow it worked only a couple a times.