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  1. Hi, me too am having problems with Sierra. Yesterday I up-to- dated my Macbook Pro to OS Sierra. Then most of my saves disappeared . It never happened before (I play since 2005, at least). Is this a known issue? Any suggestion about? Thanks.
  2. oK HaroldHammond & Hunt3R: solved. Thanks a lot.
  3. done, of course, but how to focus the individual training since individual focus in set on gray?
  4. i'm starting now with my carrier and I don't see anymore the possibility to assign a player to a training on a specific attribute like finalization, strength, position etc.... Has this feature disappeared from FM 2016? Please for any useful info about. Thanks.
  5. I can't make transfer/contract offers because the system does not cancel the not precedent and refused offers, keeping the budget "frozen" considering the refused offers still open. In transfer's page I can't either eliminate single refused offers because the "x" button is gray. The transfer market is so blocked.
  6. I've just started playing but for the moment I don't like the player instructions's page and the impossibility to assign to my players positions on corners without passing for an other apposite page.
  7. I'm just now starting my career game but I'm unable to find the In Game Editor which in FM 2015 was positioned in the right-upper corner in player's page. Can anybody help me to solve this issue? Thanks.
  8. thank you.
  9. hi, Could anybody kindly indicate where the screen flow settings are' Thanks
  10. i have never achieved to make some player exchange even offering also money. My player is always refusing the transfer even when he is given the opportunity to go in a better team.
  11. Resolved

    hi, somebody playing with Torino i'm not the only one!
  12. Thanks. Touch version is too simplified, I think.
  13. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.
  14. hi, colui FM Classic run on iPad Pro 132 Gb? Of course it will downloaded via steam without CD. Thanks.
  15. hi, colui FM Classic run on iPad Pro 132 Gb? Of course it will downloaded via steam without CD. Thanks.