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  1. Yes FranzT an afced7 it’s the same felling I have. Do you think it’s possibile to add these players to the camp and how?
  2. No they didn’t play. Perhaps at the end of the pre-season they will become available. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I'm experiencing this very annoying problem at beginning of the first season with the updated version of the game. 3/4 players of the first squad are not allowed to ply because they are non included in any training session. I checked the have a training program and they are part of one of the training groups. It happens both with new bought players and with players already in the club. is there the possibility to check if they are included in the pre-season training? Any advice? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, is it available a demo of FM 2021 just to see how it runs on may macbook which rather dated and short of RAM (4GB) and space on the hard disk? Thank you
  5. hi, will FM 2021 run smoothly on Mac Book Pro, the same i'm using with FM 2020, with new IOS BIG SURE? Thanks.
  6. I home my dated Mac book will still support the new edition.
  7. I real y don’t want to see Covid also in a game. It’s alteady difficult enough to have to do with in real life. First of all I’m wondering if everybody at SI is fine. That’s the only important thing at the moment. i don’t know if there will be a FM 21 or not. Anyhow, also in order to support SI, I’m ready to pay For a simple data up-date to be used with FM 20. Thanks.
  8. I'dont know how but your advice was precious. Found. Thank you.
  9. Hi, I've always bought for past editions the pre game editor. Now, after 1 hour of navigation on Steam page i'm unable fi find it: Could anybody kindly help me to localize it? MAC edition. Thank you
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