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  1. According to this article players from the UK will be regarded as non-EU players.
  2. I really believe that SI should incorporate the salary cap that is used in La Liga 1&2 in Spain. I think that this would make the game play much more realistic and fun.
  3. You have a pm now :-)
  4. You have a pm now 😀
  5. Couldn’t agree more! It is really sad to see.
  6. @Freddie Sands Are the problems with the registration for B-team solved in this update?
  7. I couldn’t agree more with you! There is so much to repair in Spain for the creators. But no interest what so ever...
  8. @Lennox83 @Jussi1979 You have a pm now 😉
  9. I have sent pm to both of you with the link.
  10. Hi! An Italian FM-site have created results up til the 31st of January 2021. You can start a new save from this date. I don’t know if I am allowed to link you the site?
  11. @Stephen Glennon @Freddie Sands Any news about the Spanish salary cap? Your silence is deafening ;-)
  12. @Freddie Sands@Stephen Davidson@Stephen Glennon@FrazT Why have SI chosen not to make any comments regarding that the rulles about the salary cap is missing in La Liga 1&2? In this thread there is a bunch of issues that also requires SI’s immediate attention. This is of course if you want your customers to have a great experience while managing a Spanish team...
  13. SI simply don’t care about Spain... they should have added the salary cap as well. It has been a reality since 2013 in La Liga 1&2 and it is not in the game yet.
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