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  1. I really hope that Sports Interactive implements the Spanish salary cap-system in FM22. I also hope that they make Barcelona’s financial status as bad as it actually is. It’s far to easy to get out of debt for some clubs in the game.
  2. Currently there is a search filter for ”Place of birth” and for ”Birth country”. My suggestion is that every player also should have a ”Birth region”. This would make it possible to search for player that are born in a specific region of a country. With ”Birth region” I mean counties in England, regions in Italy and states in Germany. And so on… I think that it would make the game play much more fun. It would make it possible to only build a team of locally born players. in current versions of FM you must make your own search filter by manually adding different places of birth. This takes time and you are almost certain to miss some place. My belief is that this would be quite easy to fix for SI.
  3. I totally agree with you. After last night’s news about Messi it should be obvious that the salary cap must be introduced in the game. The current gameplay in FM is unrealistic…
  4. I totally agree with you. The salary cap in Spain is essential for the gameplay.
  5. According to this article players from the UK will be regarded as non-EU players.
  6. I really believe that SI should incorporate the salary cap that is used in La Liga 1&2 in Spain. I think that this would make the game play much more realistic and fun.
  7. You have a pm now :-)
  8. You have a pm now 😀
  9. Couldn’t agree more! It is really sad to see.
  10. @Freddie Sands Are the problems with the registration for B-team solved in this update?
  11. I couldn’t agree more with you! There is so much to repair in Spain for the creators. But no interest what so ever...
  12. @Lennox83 @Jussi1979 You have a pm now 😉
  13. I have sent pm to both of you with the link.
  14. Hi! An Italian FM-site have created results up til the 31st of January 2021. You can start a new save from this date. I don’t know if I am allowed to link you the site?
  15. @Stephen Glennon @Freddie Sands Any news about the Spanish salary cap? Your silence is deafening ;-)
  16. @Freddie Sands@Stephen Davidson@Stephen Glennon@FrazT Why have SI chosen not to make any comments regarding that the rulles about the salary cap is missing in La Liga 1&2? In this thread there is a bunch of issues that also requires SI’s immediate attention. This is of course if you want your customers to have a great experience while managing a Spanish team...
  17. SI simply don’t care about Spain... they should have added the salary cap as well. It has been a reality since 2013 in La Liga 1&2 and it is not in the game yet.
  18. The silence from Sports Interactive is total... why? Is the salary cap in Spain a sensitive subject? My decision to stay from FM21 seems more and more like the reasonable thing to do. The creators of the game doesn't care about a gaming experience in Spain that resembles the reality for the clubs in La Liga 1 & 2. I think that it's sad that the game is flawed. I will now log out as well and be silent just as Sports Interactive.
  19. I think that Sports Interactive doesn’t care about their customers. I agree with you that the salary cap is essential for the correct experience of La Liga. I have decided not to install FM21 or any sequel until it’s implemented in the game.
  20. @Stephen Glennon @Freddie Sands @Ed Hewison Any news about the Spanish salary cap? Why isn’t implemented in the game? The salary cap is a fundamental part of the reality for Spanish clubs in La Liga 1&2.
  21. @Stephen Glennon Any news or information about the salary cap?
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