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  1. The images aren't loading for me - if it's happening for others, maybe look into that?
  2. Obviously I cannot speak for everyone else, but in my opinion, the challenge with really bad teams and players for me is that no matter how I set things up or what I try to make them, the end result is somewhat the same; - I win games when one or more players play individually great. - I lose when one or more players make giant mistakes leading to goals. - If both things occur, I end up with 6+ goal total games that is total chaos. So even if (seemingly) have things set up in a way that makes sense for the players I have, and the patterns I want occur, it rarely matters in the en
  3. While technically not a bug (I think), I though I'd report this nevertheless - as it's been an issue for several editions of the game. Playing in the Norwegian Eliteserien (the top division), I am regularly able to sell players for 10 million pounds and upwards with little to no effort. All it takes is 1-2 good seasons in the Norwegian league. While that might not sound like an issue in isolation, the issue is twofold; 1) The top, top, top talent sold from the Norwegian top division in the past 5+ years is never anywhere near these sums. Ødegaard to Real Madrid was a total package of
  4. This resonates with what I've been seeing in game. Playmakers struggling to find their intended outlets. Considering how the moniker 'Playmaker' is usually reserved to the a certain echelon of players IRL as opposed to in FM, it seems like the ME might be inching closer to that as well. IRL, a playmaker is normally significantly better at recyling possession and picking out killer passes than everyone else on their team. That's why they're fed the ball more often than average. If my observations end up being true, we might actually have a good aproximation of that on our hands.
  5. Not a question, more of a tip/hypothesis; Contrary to the ME in FM20, FM21's ME demands more for a player to succesfully function as a playmaker in a team without being a liability. In FM20, it felt like I could slap DLP(s) on anyone, and they'd churn out 4-7 Key Passes and 1-3 Chances Created every game - as if they'd suddenly turned into Xabi Alonso. They almost never lost the ball, and pinged 50 yard passes with no issue. In FM21, this does not seem to be the case at all. More stray passes, being caught in possession more often, and most importantly - they drag the tempo down mor
  6. All power to you! If you can make it happen somehow, I'd love to see it. Wide players exploiting the channels is some of the best football I see.
  7. Because that's what an Inside Forward does in reality. Cuts inside, both off and on the ball. He plays like a striker with a wide starting position. That's what Villa and Henry did for Barca, that's what Ronaldo did for Real (until moved in central), that's what Messi has done for most of his Barca career. Robben. Rashford. Milito in Mourinhos Inter. But even disregarding that, my point is not about the IF label/role - it's about the game/match engine as a whole. And I'll say again - I've tried that. No role in the AM L/R position produces it. I've yet to see a role from Striker p
  8. I'm saying it should be a part of the role, but even ignoring that, my point is that no players are doing it regardless of role and position. Not on my team, nor on the enemy team - across 11 seasons. I don't know how many times I have to say this. I've specified repeatedly that my experience applies to the game as a whole. I don't mean to be harsh here, but it's a bit frustrating to have to repeat one self. :/
  9. I appreciate the tips, but I've tried all of it. And while some of these instructions improve the positioning aspect, it still never produces runs into the channel from the wide player. Mezzala (a) do sometimes make the runs, but then the other half of the issue plays in - no one ever passes into the space. I think I'll just try to compile some examples and write a detailed post as a bug report, or something. Might not be an actual bug, but I'm fairly confident that runs and especiall passes into the channels between CB and FB is severely undertuned in the ME. A big component of this is t
  10. I've been considering it. I didn't want to report it as a bug if I'm the only one experiencing this, which is why I brought it up here. Maybe, by chance, I'm doing something tactically that means neither my side nor any side I verse is able to produce these types of chances. Maybe I'm a statistical anomaly. Didn't want to be the one to scream "BUG! BUG!" as soon as I'm not getting what I want, you know. Plus, knowing that the overall level of knowledge on tactics in here is some steps above mine, so maybe someone who'd have a solution or whatever.
  11. I never claimed you saying that. It's my claim; there few to no runs in between FB and CB from either me nor AI, and even when there are, no passes are ever attempted into the space - it's as if the Match Engine does not recognize it as a viable passing option. It's an observation based on the past 1200 hours of FM20. I'm not categorically saying it can't happen, only that it essentially doesn't happen at all, one way or the other. Regardless of role, PPMs and systems.
  12. Aight. Mind chiming in, while you're here? Someone as experienced as you surely has some insight on why the Inside Forward does not play like an Inside Forward should.
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