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  1. UPDATE TIME! The first 6 games lead to some key plot points for this season. We got a good feel for how to play, tactically and we lost our best attacker to a 3 month injury. For the first three games, we lined up in a 4-2-3-1 as that's what we'd been doing for latter half of the previous season. It's a system based around utilizing Cresswell, Van Den Bergh and Williams to a full extent, looking for quick transitions into space with Cresswell as the primary goal threat from an Inside Forward position. And the results: While the results were within expectations,
  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! To be fair, I wouldn't have minded risking everything if I could. However, there wasn't really any money to throw around, you know? I barely had room in the wage budget or any amount of money to spend, and only got 20% of sales revenue as spendable. So even if I wanted to risk everything on getting promoted this season, how would I? Thanks a lot! I expect we'll fall back down a couple pegs compared to last season, finish wise - but as long as our finances allow us to properly bolster our team for next season, I don't mind that!
  3. PRE-SEASON SHENANIGANS! As promised, an update about what's been going on in the off-season. We went on a rather long holiday, having no money to make signings until the new budgets were announced. Lo and behold, a takeover happened towards the end of the vacation - bringing in new owners and a hope of money and better times. Alas, no money was brought and our finances were still a bit ****. Some TV-money and a little chairman injections came and went, but our budget was still pretty dour. Transfer budget: £1.7M Wage budget: £190k p/w Transfer revenue: 5%, but I managed to increa
  4. I second this. Third party editors like Genie Scout is able to do this somewhat accurately, meaning that it shouldn't be that big of an issue to add as a feature - to one degree or another.
  5. You might be aware of this already, but the game already has this to a degree. The database allows for players to have a negative value as PA instead of a fixed one, designating PA ranges: -10: 170-200 -95: 160-190 -90: 150-180 -85: 140-170 -80: 130-160 ... and so on You get the idea. Each range has potential deviation of 30 PA, which is sufficient. I think the core issue is that as far as I'm aware, the PA is decided when the game is loaded. In other words, when the game is being generated, it'll 'roll a dice' for all the players with negative PA values and output a fixed
  6. I second this. Allow me to add some texture: It would be very interesting if instead of asking a player to train a specific trait, you could ask them to study a specific player through review. For real life examples, Toni Kroos has been very vocal about spending countless hours watching Paul Scholes through both live games and VODs, studying his playstyle and decision making, and then tried to emulate it. This is normal practice among youngsters around the world as well. A feature that would allow us players to do this would be a good addition.
  7. It's been a known issues since the beta, and SI has confirmed they are aware of it repeatedly. What they haven't done, however, is fix it or give any information whatsoever as to why it's not working or when it'll get fixed. In other words, assume it won't and come back for FM22.
  8. Hello Francis! This feature is still broken in 21.3.0, that was released just now. Any ETA on it getting fixed or should I just assume it won't and hope it works for FM22?
  9. What average possession do you have? Do you use Counter Press as a constant TI? May be your players are not ready for counter pressing for the whole match? For me, split block is much safer) And what your idea to for Play Out the of Defense? You have DPde and seems that you want fast transitions? Average possession is 60%+. I'd generally have between 60-70% possession until I'm up 1-0 or 2-0. Then the opposition decides to start attacking, and I'll go down to about 58-62%. It's the default setting. I took it off for a couple of games to see if it wa
  10. Another update, still no fix. Like, really? I realize that from the outside, we might not understand the degree of complexity behind the issue, but it would be nice to at least have some news regarding it. This bug was here in beta, and SI confirmed they were aware of it. It's been 4 months.
  11. Like so: Nothing fancy. General issues I had were these; - Struggling to create proper chances - I'd dominate play and generally take the lead by 1-0 or 2-0. Then be completely powerless to defend said lead, and get overrun for the rest of the game. I would first make sure that I have the right players for such style of play, which is more risky overall than a possession-based one. In case I do, then it could look something like this: PFat IFsu APat Wat CMde BWMsu FBat CDde BPDde FBsu
  12. I've thought about this, for sure - the issue has just been actually achieving it. As you'll see from the update I just posted, we got close - but no cigar. We've gotten this far once before as well, so we're no strangers to Premier League playoffs. Especially the prospect of going up, cashing in all the payouts and getting relegated with a parachute has crossed my mind, as it'd surely bolster my finances for years to come.
  13. And we return! Having left off in the final stages of the season, we powered through trying to cement our spot for playoffs - and maybe even direct promotion. The results were as follows: A couple of things were noted from these games; - If Cresswell doesn't score (through lack of chances or not converting them), we're not likely to get a result. - In all the draws and wins we didn't fall behind once, but struggled really hard to hold leads. We'd be dominating games for 45-60 minutes, then get trampled for the remainder of the game. Has to be addressed moving forward.
  14. Yes. How would you go about that, really? I've never been able to get direct/fast attacking 4-2-3-1's to work at all - only possession based. Here I would have to see the whole setup first in order to be able to give you proper feedback. Here's the system I've been using for since starting this thread:
  15. Huh, that's an interesting approach. I've never really gotten a 4-3-3 to work properly without having an attacking role centrally, but that doesn't mean it can't work - plus, I've never really used the RPM role, so it could be cool to try. I'm wondering wether IWBs would be a better fit for that setup, though? On Defend they're supposed to tuck in to function as a DM, but I seem to recall they won't do that if there is already a DM in that strata.
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