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  1. https://gyazo.com/3cbbf9fbc7d92ce00dcf2e196faffde3 Like, what on earth is this? It's not only fullbacks either, just players in general. 9/10 times, they do this instead of smacking the ball in.
  2. So, anyone else noticing fullbacks getting caught offside 10+ times _every single game_? It's getting incredibly annoying, to the point where having your fullbacks participating in attack is pointless. That, combine with them compulsively going full stop after passing their man instead of crossing... I mean, what?
  3. Will give that setup a run. Treq for AMC might actually be the best one, come to think of it. I'm still expecting away games to falter, so pre-season is gonna be one hell of a crunch. This is a puzzle. I've also been considering setting the system up as a 4-3-1-2, and have my strikers mark the opposition full backs - effectively shape shifting from 2-1-4-1-2 in attack to 4-1-4-1-0 in defense. Regardless, in either cases, ending the attacks is going to be key. With the amount of positional fluidity I'm going for, we cannot afford to lose the ball in transition. I need to have end product - goal kicks, shots on goal, throw ins, tactical free kicks on defense - whatever it takes for my player to reposition.
  4. Will adjust Libero to Support to see how it differs. As for De Rycke, he's actually equally rated as a Striker as Gudmundsson and Lopes. He's already decent as an AMC, and I can probably train him up in that role too. So there is room for him. I've noticed that the tactice functions pretty well at home, but away from home I can barely string two passes together - averaging like 4 shots total. Also, against teams pressing high we can't seem to break the press, especially against 4-1-4-1 teams. Any tips?
  5. My right side Striker has 16 dribbling, 14 passing, and 8 crossing. His crossing isn't ideal obviously, but he should do well drifting wide. It's this guy: https://gyazo.com/6653b8799b07eed9e17479e529afca22 CD Depth is pretty bad and I'll address that in summer. Short term, as long as players are fit, I'm fine. I've been using this guy as my Libero: He has the stats for it, bar not being able to jump over a pebble. I've not had much experience with BWM - a few years back, even on (d), they would press themselves out of position. Is that still the case? The CM(d) seemed to be in the right place most of the time, although maybe a bit too deep compared to the DLP(s) - maybe a BWM works better? I swapped the CD(s) to a DLP(s) before the Arsenal game, btw. In regards to out and out Striker, I'm not sure I share the notion that I need one? Gudmundsson (linked further up) is a pure Striker and has never played elsewhere. 14 goals this season in PL, and 20+ in every previous season. Goals: https://gyazo.com/190b9b74f39cdea03afcea392b505de7 Stats: https://gyazo.com/d3670c2be26cc602e1a12b31ad12bd31 As a Poacher, he should be fine imo. His physicals makes him relevant in all phases of the game, and his Off The Ball + Workrate + Decisions means he generally takes the right runs, and often. I might be wrong here, ofc.
  6. Solid start! Completely neutralized Arsenal for 80 minutes of the match, with 4 of their shots coming in during the last 7-8 minutes of the game. Easily the best game we've had all year defensively.
  7. Solid advice @laxrulz7 - much appreciated! However, it so happens I've managed to scrounge up enough points to be almost secure to stay. I headed some tips I got here and after much tinkering between 4-4-2, 4-1-2-2-1 and in some games 5-2-1-2, things have gone better. None of the wins were with a 4-4-2, so that was dropped. Most of the games were played in a 4-1-2-2-1, but the last 3 wins were all in a 5-2-1-2. Which brings me to the follow up. I've decided to start looking ahead, and to start building a conscious identity for how we play. IRL, I've always fancied systems with 5 defenders (on paper), due to the sheer amount of flexibility it offers positionally. Therefore, I'll be going with that. I've made a (poor) draft of how I want things to happen: Some key things to note: - Yes, that's a Libero. Yes, I want him to move forward when we attack. Yes, I want him to function as a DM in possession. Yes, I know I'm being silly and it probably won't work. - I want my 5-2-1-2 to essentially morph into a 2-1-4-1-2, aka how a 4-1-2-1-2 usually looks like on the attack. We're talking triangles EVERYWHERE. - Alternately, when needed, I want to be able to use the WBs to retain width for recycling possession, but focus through the middle on the break. Ideally against weaker teams and/or teams with weak central cover. - The right striker will need to be able to do a little bit of everything. Link up with AMC/MCr/WBr, drift wide to provide width, hold up the ball and dribble to create disruption. - AMC is crucial, imo. In games we have possession, he needs to be able to get free and/or exploit space, as well as be an attacking pivot. I suppose it's better for him to drop back than press himself out of position? System I have atm: We want to use all the players we have available to play the ball out from the back. The big question for me is how we make sure we can reliably play through the enemy press, so that we have a viable option to smacking it wide and running it. If we can't play through the midfield, we become extremely one dimensional. To summarize: - I need to make sure we can both use our Wingbacks AND midfielders to break the press and move the ball upfield. If we can't, we become super one-dimensional. - AMC needs to be solved. What role(s) function best to make sure he takes part in link up, but still moves into channels to exploit space? - General role and TI tips based on what I've mentioned so far! In regards to players, my current squad fit the system. I will spend the money in summer to strengthen the weakest components. Happy to take opinions on which roles are the most crucial, though I suspect it's Wingbacks, Libero and AMC? Thanks!
  8. Yeah, I figured. I've currently got this set up (Morris would play instead of McDonald, but he is injured): I've played two games so far, one against Chelsea and one against Leicester. While we had some promise in the Chelsea game, the game against Leicester was disastrous (as you can probably see). Some observations so far: - Players have seemingly lost the ability to pass, even to open teammates, and instead hoof the ball upwards in a random direction. If only it was towards one of the strikers... - In both games, opposing CM's would simply get the ball and carve open my entire team with one pass, repeatedly. When I tried to stop that through lowering the defensive line, problem just shifted - crosses onto the back post completely undefended every time. - Pretty much no link-up play whatsoever. Especially both CMs struggling to do anything of value on the ball. Will continue working on it tomorrow. I ran a vacation on a backup save to see how much leeway I have with the board, and it seems I won't get fired for a while even if I keep losing. It's something...
  9. Thanks a lot for some great feedback! I somehow didn't fully consider a traditional 4-4-2, will look at it. It's worth mentioning that De Rycke is extremely left footed, meaning he wont really find many crosses from wide angles on the right side without cutting in first. Early crosses might be really awkward for him, no? I suppose I could have Pau Rubio play on the right side (which is his natural side), though that would leave De Rycke with nowhere to play for the time being, as he can't play ML at the moment, I can set start training him for it and just play him in that position regardless. What do you think? Everything else sounds solid, thanks again - will give updates when I have them. If there is any other information you'd like to have to give more insight, shoot - I'll screenshot and/or elaborate!
  10. Hello folks! After being promoted to the Premier League after rocketing through the divisions of English football, my Gateshead side is struggling heavily currently sitting at 20/20th position a few points clear of the 19th placed team. I relied heavily on my 4-2-2-2 Wide (2 DMs, ML+MR) going up, which worked wonderfully. HOWEVER, after opting into the Beta the tactic is now ineffective. In retrospect, it was clear my previous setup exploited defenders not tracking over the top balls resulting in results I probably didn't deserve - as well as Attacking + Gegenpress being generally overpowered. I've experimented a bit, but nothing seems to work. Therefore, I am coming to you for help. I realise I am asking for a lot, but I have a lot to learn - I've been 'out of the game' for a few years, and never really found a 'home' with the role system as opposed to the sliders of old. Here is my current squad: As you can see, it was tailored towards the 4-2-2-2 system I mentioned. I have a plethora of natural DMs, though most of them can play CM too. At this point, I'm not picky in terms of what system or play style to put in - I just need to stay up. I will admit that getting relegated probably isn't a disaster, as I have some doubts the squad is actually good enough to stay up. I have about £20 mill to spend come January, keep that in mid when responding - in case you see a system/set-up that is missing a crucial component or two. Some key notes regarding the squad: - Wim De Rycke is arguably the best player in the squad (bar Downing). - Lopes + Gudmundsson have a several year long partnership going, and should be a solid striking pair - even in PL. I realise having two strikers might not work if I want to keep it solid defensively. Feel free to indicate which to start over the other. - While having a plethora of DMs/CMs, none of them are too adept at going forward (ie. Mezzala, CMa, BBM). Probably an area to spend money on? - Pau Rubio is mainly intended to play ML, not MR - he's training there and being played there when fit (was out with injury for some weeks). I'm at a complete loss at this point and would appreciate anyone taking the time to help an old FM veteran with this. Cheers!
  11. DM is a very player dependent position. My DM, Matias Kranevitter, has been playing above 7.10 average for 3 seasons straight in the BPL. Whatever the role, it's always a good idea for a player in this position to have good stats in Positioning, Anticipation, Marking, Tackling, Passing and Team Work. This will most likely make sure the player is able to position himself, on and off the ball, in a way that benefits the team the most, as well as being able to intercept passes, tackle players and re-distribute the ball properly. Kranevitter is averaging at about 10 succesful tackles per match, 10-12 interceptions and 90% pass rate.
  12. You are leaving HUGE gaps between your midfield and defense. Your BWMs will run headlessly around to try and win the ball, and your AP will often be out of position to try and find space on and off the ball. If you insist on using a ball winner, I'd suggest setting him to defend instead of support.
  13. ^ This aswell. My best answer would be to change formation to something with a DM, giving your central defenders some very needed support.
  14. I'd start simpler. While duplicate's tips here are all good, and should prove useful, I still think there's a more imminent problem: You have, let's face it, abysmal players. Conference players are extremely basic, and should be told to do as little as possible. You've got several players with very demanding roles, relying on individuality, rather than focusing on having your players works as a team to cover eachothers mistakes. I'd suggest the following changes: - Change from Flexible to Structured or Very Structured. Given the quality of your squad, you want your players to do EXACTLY what you ask them do. The chance of any of them being able to pull the strings by being creative and unpredictable is very small. - Your side midfielders. I think wingers offer too little in terms of defensive cover. Realistically, I think you should set up your team to avoid 1v1 situations defensively. I'd rather go with Wide Midfielders. - Unless you've got a REALLY talented central midfielder (relative to the level), I'd avoid the BBM role. It's highly demanding role, in need of both attacking, defensive and physical prowess. If you've got a skilled central midfielder, capable of pulling the strings, I'd have him as a AP(a), give you a threat from the deep. - Your Target Man. Target Men are lacking in this years edition, restricting play a bit too much. A DLF(s) will yield more or less the same results in terms of build-up, however it won't restrict your team going forward. This is how I'd set up the team: DLFs - AF WMa - CMd - APa/CMa - WMs FBs - CDd - CDd - FBa GKd Side's are assymetrical going forwards, making for a varied attack. The WMa is covered by the CMd, and the APa/CMa (depending on the player), will provide a threat from the deep. Hopefully this makes sense, and will help you a little bit.
  15. That really doesn't work, though. Cause even if you manage to get your MC into the AMC strata, he will still act like an MC in the AMC strata. To make a more extreme example, I'd like to have a 4-4-2 to going forward, and a 4-5-1 in defense, where on MC drops down and one striker fills the hole in the defense. I've seen this done successfully IRL, and is something I'd like to do.
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