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  1. One of the most fascinating things about this game is how a system that demonstrably makes your teams play fluid and effective attacking football, results in absolutely toothless football for my team. This isn't a slight, nor a complaint - just an observation. Keep up the good work, buddy!
  2. Keep in mind that an IFa will almost exclusively look to get on the end of chances. It's a very selfish role that really only cares about scoring. Hence, a lot of his talent won't be put to use. If you want him to take a bigger role in your team as a whole, try to change him to a IFs or an IWa.
  3. That's one potential solution, yes. Alternately, if the players spatial awareness and understanding was better they'd simple assess and act more intelligently. That being said, I'm not a programmer so I can't tell you how to achieve the end goal - just that I'd really like to see it happen.
  4. That's kinda my point. If the ME allows for the IWB to ignore his instructions, why does it never allow for the player they collide with to react? Seeing a teammate move into "your" space should prompt you to find and move into another pocket.
  5. You're right about this, however, it reminds me of something that's bothered me for a while about the ME. Simply put, players don't seem to actually... well, react. In an IRL situation, if Player A (red) moves into Player B's (blue) 'space', then Player B would try and move into another pocket of open space. In OPs example, that'd look like this (for example): Sure, where Player A moves is ideally Player Bs starting position. But if Player A still decides to move into that area, player B should react to that instead of rigidly follow a pre-concieved direction, no? There are aces of space in front of him, why is he not moving into it? I realize this is a single example, but I see this issue popping up in most of my games. The main gripe I have with the ME is that it doesn't interpret and interact with space in a way that feels realistic at all, and this is such a good example to me.
  6. See, I always felt like Bergkamp was a straight up Trequartista. He was free to do whatever and go wherever. And if Treq feels wrong, I'd be much more inclined to liken him to a CFs with Comes Deep PPM.
  7. This is so infuriatingly true. It take weeks, months even, of in game time to MAYBE change a players PPM either way. I would MUCH rather have PPMs develop naturally as a direct result of how players are used. Example being if you tell a player, through PIs, to pass short and low risk, he'd eventually develop the "Plays simple passes" PPM as a result of being drilled to do so every game. In my opinion, that reflects IRL to a much larger degree, as that's how players pick up their habits and preferred playstyle anyway - it's through how they are used and what they are told to do. It would be more intuitive as well, as if you sign that guy but want him to be more expansive, you'd instruct him to do so through PIs and he'd gradually let go of his previous habits over time - if given the playtime and confidence. PIs, by design, are meant to direct players to do something different than what the team as a whole is instructed to. Right now, PI's are more often than not completely overrided by either ME limitations or PPMs.
  8. Solid reasoning. Been trying it for a few games in pre-season, seems promising so far. I'm somewhat worried what'll happen if the Winger doesn't actually score loads of goals, the FM21 match engine is just as bad as the previous iterations in regards to player decision making from wide positions. I'm already noticing what always happens; wingers (aka the Winger role) refuase to take 100% free crosses and rather wait for someone to catch up - or they'll cut insided and try and shoot from a completely dead angle despite having 2-3 teammates completely free around the 6-yard box. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong!
  9. Damn, that looks solid. Will try it out. I've not had any success with an SS on any of the editions since it came out, so it's sort of on my bucket list! Alszo, the WBs, MEZs, IWs combo definitely seems like it could create issues for the opposing team. The only thing I'd be worried about is who they are going to unload the ball to. A PFs is fairly static, and the SS would have to drift wide to be available from that kind of an overload, no? I worry that the only real outlet would be 40-50 yard lateral/diagonal passes, and those tend to get intercepted a lot. Have you tried this out? Am I wrong? EDIT: I didnt see that you have your PFs with Roam. I suppose this would actually directly adress my concern, and instead leave the SS room to go through the middle while the PFs will make him self available as an outlet for the overload?
  10. I really like the setup you have here. How did you pair that up with instructions?
  11. Out of curiosity how do you get the most of out an AF in this setup, in terms of mentality and team instructions? Having IFs - APs - IFs implies a possession heavy buildup to me, and an AF is inherently a very direct striker role. It seems a bit counter intuitive, but who am I to judge :P
  12. Ironically, I tried using this setup with my team on FM21 and did not work at all, really. Like @zlatanera, all my players are of the highest level and even fit the individual roles like a charm. Despite that, while being defensively very solid, we simply do not create any chances. The most shots I've had with this tactic in a game is 9. I've not fiddled with it, just thought I'd report it.
  13. My greatest hope for FM22 is being able to do something with this. I realize that IRL wingers will often move more narrowly in the final third, but I'd really like it if we were given a choice in the matter. Especially since there are high profile teams (Man City, for example), where wingers hold width regardless of where the ball is, and how far up they are. If I want my wingers to hump the touchline, I should be able to tell them that - and have them do it.
  14. Try adding 'More Direct Passing' or 'Higher Tempo'. Your two attacking roles in the last third are both very direct (Advanced Forward + Winger on attack), and with your 'Lower LoE', there should be ample space for them to move into to latch onto more direct balls.
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