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  1. I noticed that the email address associated with my account is out of date (by over a decade!) so tried to change it today but for every address I tried to use I get: You are not allowed to use that email address on this site. I used 2 sky addresses, a gmail address, a bt address, an outlook address and finally my 365 work email all to no avail. Is there an issue with the site? Or is it me
  2. As always seem to be the case around 1/4 million (1.5%) were engrossed with Midsomer Murders 🤔 (10% watching something else pretty much par for the course for events of this magnitude - even for during the 2012 opening ceremony there were a dogged half million or so who were glued to C5 to watch Big Brother.)
  3. Good point - Scolari will need to rest players for the 3rd place playoff.......
  4. I was a bit disappointed with his comments on Sky. He firstly quite reasonably said that he/the club would review the video before making any further comments. The reporter not unexpectedly tried to get a bit more - asking in slightly more general terms and again Brendon said that they'd look at the video first etc. But then for some reason he made a comment about "other incidents" as well - I think he mentioned something between Carra and Torres? In the circumstances it came across as an attempt to divert attention. (On the other hand Rafa played a complete dead bat to it - "didn't see it" etc.) I have to say he looked unsure/uncomfortable throughout the interview as well
  5. I'll be amazed if we see him play again this season. If nothing else the club should suspend him prior to the inevitable FA ban - like we did with Diouf after the spitting IIRC. Brilliant a player as he is eventually you have to say enough is enough
  6. He strikes me as a player who you only notice when he does makes an error - the only thing I can remember about him yesterday was when he hit a crossfield pass out of play :o - the things he does well tend to go under the radar. He quietly gets on with his work at a consistently high standard and when the playing squad improves he'll be the one that brings the best out of the rest of the team.
  7. I'm pretty sure Sahin won't be eligible since he was signed after the first leg?
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