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  1. Riz - this is some infos for you if you will make new update Champions hockey league - no more 16 groups with three clubs. Now it will be eight groups with four teams. Also no more guarantee spots in CHL, now you have to earn it by being champion, finalist or regular season winner (it is diffirent from league to league).EBEL - Olimpija Ljubljana is officialy out, Medvescak Zagreb is in. Schedule and season format for 17/18 in EBEL will be published within few days.
  2. It is confirmed, Medvescak will play in EBEL in 17/18 season. It is official since yesterday !
  3. Riz - there will be some changes for 17/18 season, like Medvescak leaving KHL and returning to EBEL. Hopefully when it will be official you will update it
  4. Well, I forgot to write it it was before 9.0 DB and 1.3 update my bad
  5. Speaking of Liiga, just WAY too much foregin players after six-seven seasons in liiga. Some teams doesn't have single Finnish player on roster in few years into the game. :/
  6. In my game my team played two games on same day (date). That is clearly a bug it happened several times. One game was friendly, second was ECC (champions league)
  7. can you at least give us a hint what we can expect in big update ?
  8. In hall of fame section, not just number of games/points/wins, but also how many Cups player won...
  9. I dont know how accurate it is, but on steamspy few days ago I saw over 100.000 copies...
  10. Cool feature would be NHL alumni for every euro/ncaa/major junior team, because sometimes is hard to keep the track of how many of players that started their careers on my team played in NHL (I am in 2040 in Sweden SHL) And also for every team club icons or club legends, like in FM
  11. found it, thanks
  12. is there a place where I can find all hints and tips at one place ? I am thinking about hints and tips that shows during game load. thanks
  13. Why there is no standings by division in QMJHL ?