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  1. Staff members disappear

    When did you start the save ? Maybe updates didn't affect it, so because of that you have this problem !?
  2. Still Supported?

    Can we expect 1.5 by the end of January ?
  3. Yes, they were in Cardiff for two firendly games
  4. I will pick my home town team Medvescak and try to build dynasty in EBEL
  5. EHM Wishlist thread

    When I click on national team screen and then history/players it would be nice to see not just "most international games" category, but also most int. goals, asists, points...
  6. Still Supported?

    I am not much of twitter guy, although I have an account One more thing to add - Triple Gold club (OG Gold, WC Gold and SC ) Near 800 hours
  7. Still Supported?

    I assume that Olympic tweak is to have non-NHL-ers at Olympics ?
  8. Still Supported?

    RIZ - will 1.5 update bring new format for Champions hockey league ?
  9. budget problems

    Nor did I get TV money, which clubs in Allsvenskan gets. On TBL forums few guys reported similiar problems, one played with Halmstadt and other with Bjorkloven.
  10. budget problems

    I am playing with nybro in swe third division, promoted to allsvenskan, and my budget didnt increased, but decreased from 400 to 300 k euros. It must be corrected, please !!!!
  11. EHM Wishlist thread

    Riz - this is some infos for you if you will make new update Champions hockey league - no more 16 groups with three clubs. Now it will be eight groups with four teams. Also no more guarantee spots in CHL, now you have to earn it by being champion, finalist or regular season winner (it is diffirent from league to league).EBEL - Olimpija Ljubljana is officialy out, Medvescak Zagreb is in. Schedule and season format for 17/18 in EBEL will be published within few days.
  12. EHM Wishlist thread

    It is confirmed, Medvescak will play in EBEL in 17/18 season. It is official since yesterday !
  13. EHM Wishlist thread

    Riz - there will be some changes for 17/18 season, like Medvescak leaving KHL and returning to EBEL. Hopefully when it will be official you will update it
  14. EHM Wishlist thread

    Well, I forgot to write it it was before 9.0 DB and 1.3 update my bad