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  1. Is it possible to expect Croatian league in FMM 20 ? Dinamo is playing Champions league and they beat Atalanta 4:0. I think croatian league deserves to be in the game, we are still vice-world champions.
  2. And what about this Christmas/New Year ? :) It's not that far away... :)
  3. Is it realistic to expect that Croatian league will be in FMM 20 ? Croatian league has higher euro coeficient than Poland for example which is already in ? Cheers from Croatia.
  4. Best money - entertaiment ratio ever... I am hoping for 1.5 update...
  5. Is it possible that 1.5 update will be Easter gift ?
  6. afaik unilimted. One guy played till 2155 or smth like that.
  7. Yes, there are plenty of updates at TBL forum It depends which rosters you use, some of them starting in 18/19 and some in 17/18
  8. More interaction with media in hockey mad cities, not just in NHL, but in Europe and major junior as well.
  9. Or start with some lower level league team in Sweden or Czech. Or, take some weak team from weaker leagues and try to win Champions league. Plenty of challenges.
  10. 1.5 update would be nice Chirstmas/New Year gift Can you give us some sneakpeak of change list ?
  11. AMD A8 9600 up to 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon R7 Graphics, Is this powerfull enough to run FM 19 ?
  12. will FM 19 have croatian language ? :) Croatia is WC finalist, I think it deserves to have it :)
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