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  1. July 2020 So we begin our campaign ready to set the world on fire from lowly Luxembourg. Having been in the job for only a week, I haven't made any changes, and as there are no staff at the club, haven't updated anybody on that yet. I've got an advert out for an assistant manager, and after that I'll decide who recruits who. We brought in the aforementioned assistant manager, a head physio and a head of youth development. We are still advertising for a scout. The cup draws gave us an away trip to next tier up Reisdorf (Coupe de Luxembourg) and FC Olympia Christnach (Tier 5, Coupe FLF).
  2. So here we have my only players at the club. As you can see from the outset, our position in the fifth tier of Luxembourg is evident by the quality on show. Our best player, Marjan Vuksanovic, has spent his entire career in Luxembourg, and sadly has achieved next to nothing during that time. He is however our best player by a long shot, and also the only real player we have. Everybody else is fictional, added to the purpose of allowing us to be competitive instantly. Lucas Bolas is a decent enough winger for this level, while the incorrectly named Cristiano Ronaldo Roberto could become decent,
  3. So whilst looking for a new challenge, I re-visited the Steam download store and found myself a couple of potential leagues to visit for the first time. Malta, Estonia and Moldova came close, but Luxembourg won out just down to it's sheer size and standing within the football world. I downloaded Weiry's database changes for a five tier Luxembourg, and set about picking a side from the lowest available, opting for Tricolore Gasperich. (as per all my FM save games, I name my manager after one of my favourite players from that previous save.) I haven't set myself the sole target of youth only,
  4. August 15th 2018 It was raining in Paisley, which in truth was probably nothing new. Dalglish sat staring at his computer screen, urging the download to finish. He screwed his face up at having to have paid for a subscription to the website. It angered him at leaving a physical presence of himself on there. But he needed it at the same time and the risk was worth it in his conspiracy laden eyes. He got up and poured another cup of coffee. Drinking it had become a habit now, and the coffee pot was always percolating through the day. Just like the subscription, he needed it. The video f
  5. Thanks mate. This has been dragged on and off for so long that I recently just sat down and let it flow out. Sometimes, you just gotta push it a bit more. ******* | ------------------------------------------------------| | Name | Staff Role | Age| Nation | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Tina Powell | Manager | 35 | WAL | | Landon Donovan | Assistant Manager| 36 | USA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Fabio Paratici
  6. 12th August 2018 Fabio Paratici can work absolute wonders. The Italian director of football had worked some absolute deals this summer, and finalised it all with the wonderful capture of Frenkie de Jong. The 21-year-old was officially unveiled as a Juventus player, and Europe stood up to take notice. Barcelona had been super keen on the deal, even submitting a duplicate bid, but they had lost out to superior gamesmanship from Fabio. If Tina ever doubted his ability, this confirmed he was one of the best. Landon had set about welcoming him to the rest of the players after her first meetin
  7. Thrilled once more to see this appearing on my feed. <3
  8. Thankfully, the emperors new clothes that a couple of my players donned didn't hinder their ability to hold on to our lead.
  9. 9th - 11th August 2018 There were big movements going on at the club as Tina woke up to a very enticing offer for Moise Kean. News had clearly travelled quickly over his imminent departure, and clubs were far happier to see past his behaviour than she had been and was willing to be. Napoli had instantly made a bid for the Frenchman, while Everton and Valencia were also putting together stimulating packages. There were also the cheeky lurkers, like Cercle Brugge, who were advocating that the boy deserved a chance, and that a season-loan would do him the world of good. Tina cared little fo
  10. Mark is powering up that fist of FMS. No pics here bro, just storytelling with good old words.
  11. 8th August 2018 Juan Cuadrado was going to miss the start of the season. It was a huge blow for the side, Juan having become a solid member of the team in previous seasons. He was suffering from a hip injury, something he had rather innocuously picked up in the Bayern match yesterday. Tina was super disappointed, but the more pressing matter was how to deal with the injury itself. Tina joined her medical staff, notably the club doctor Claudio Rigo. Landon was also there, along with head of sports science Darragh Connolly. Landon frowned, “A minimum of three months Tina. Doesn’t look eter
  12. 7th August 2018 - Friendly Stadion München, Munich, 69,659 BAYERN MUNICH vs. JUVENTUS Perin; Chiellini, Bonucci, Cancelo, Sandro; Matuidi, Cuadrado, Dybala, Pjanic, Douglas Costa; Ronaldo The sheer strength on show frightened even Tina. Having been unable to field what would be close to her final eleven, she was now looking at a side that could challenge anything opposing it. But there was clearly a problem. The general positivity experienced before the game had completely dissipated and Tina was left standing in front of these stars with no real credentials, no experience or reputat
  13. 6th August 2018 The training camp had ended quicker than Tina had anticipated. She had enjoyed it, but before long the team was on its way back to Turin from Vercelli. The coaching staff were highly encouraged by the development of squad harmony during the time away, and that pleased her. 90min.com had presented their usual annual predictions on who would top the goalscoring charts for the coming season, and it didn’t present any unusual suspects. Immobile was the top scorer last season with 29, and he featured at the top once more. Ciro Immobile 5-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 6-1 Gonzalo Higuai
  14. The man returns and just churns out pure storytelling magic as easily as he would sleep. I call shenanigans. I also was planning a return. Might delay it; can't compete.
  15. 5th August 2018 Tina was resigned to the fact that people were going to hate her. She knew coming into this that the reputation of the club and that of her own was logistically very far apart. But strange things can happen. Having spent the night away from the players and just enjoying a meal in Cuneo, she returned to her makeshift bus office, optimistic of the day. Two coffees later and she had fended off a tirade of abuse on Twitter. She had the foresight to not reply to anything she ever saw in any capacity within social media, but it still riled her. She was eager for the season t
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