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  1. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I've been past OUTOKUMPU loads recently, see there building from the motorway. I usually take my dad to watch it, and my best friend who lives in China loves coming to watch lower league football when he's back visiting.
  2. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Tech support and customer service role for a well known Swedish furniture retailer. saw you at a Stocksbridge game at end of last season haha, but by time got out of gate you'd vanished so didn't get to say hello!
  3. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I do not appreciate being an adult. This new job, new shop opening lark is tiring. Life has returned to normal now after finally stopping the travel to other stores for training.
  4. [FM17] Out Of His League

    I had Skapetis once, on FM17, he got injured long term and got released fairly quickly after joining. Pleased to have joined this at ground level.
  5. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Haha fair to say the photo didn't turn out half bad. Top notch guy haha, was great to finally meet, too long overdue.
  6. Ramblin' Man

    10.09.2016 (6th) Weston-super-mare (3) – (1) Concord (7th) Schondorf We came crashing back down to reality from the dizzying heights of 7th with a defeat away to a well drilled Weston-super-mare side chasing the playoffs. We began strongly, but went behind when tom Meechan headed in from close range and then he bagged a second four minutes later, this one seeing him run onto it and slide it past Young who looked helpless. I am beginning to wonder if de la Paz might be the better option at the moment while we wait for McNamara to return from injury. Schondorf continued to boost his ever increasing value with a well taken goal from outside the area, and in truth, we might struggle to hold on to him beyond even January. Tom Meechan continued to terrorise us, and bagged his hat-trick with another headed finish. We had more possession throughout but couldn’t make anything happen with the ball. We worked hard but will need to tighten up at the back and prevent skilled strikers like Meechan running free and unkempt all the time.
  7. Ramblin' Man

    06.09.2016 (16th) Concord (4) – (1) Bishop’s Stortford (10th) Kleyton 2, Schondorf, White This was another fantastic win, but marred by a multitude of daft yellow cards that put a dampener on the final result. Kleyton was prolific up front, and along with Schondorf, form a fearsome pair. Kleyton opened the scoring with a clever little lift and finish after being played in by Bignot. He then bagged another, this time a header from a couple of yards out from a Collins cross. Schondorf tucked a penalty away in the first half too and we went in with a healthy lead. The second half was a bit more of a level affair, and the visitors bagged a comeback goal through Bradley Woods-Garness. The pressure ramped up slightly, and then the yellow card storm came through the stadium. Most of them were justified, stupid tackles and at one point two players just squaring up to each other. The joys of lower league football I suppose. James White finished the game off after some Stortford pressure, and we moved a few places up the league.
  8. Ramblin' Man

    31.08.2016 Here is a finalised squad list: Andy Young (GK, 34) Ben McNamara (GK, 27) Zeus de la Paz (GK, 21) Paul Bignot (DR, 30) Rob Girdlestone (DR/C, 19) Audrius Laucys (DR/C, 19) Marvin Ekpiteta (DC, 20) Steve King (DC, 32) Mark Onyemah (D/WBL, 20) Sam Collins (D/WB/AML, 27) Jay Dowie (DM/MC, 24) James White (MC, 26) Tom Ranger (M/AMR, 20) Joao Carlos (M/AML, 27) Adam Topley (M/AMC, 20) Matt Murfin (MC, 19) Kelvin Bossman (AMR/L, 25) Albert Jarrett (AML, 31) Stacy Long (M/AMC, 31) Sigurd Schondorf (M/AMC, 20) Deri Corfe (M/AMC, 18) Stephen Cawley (M/AMC/ST, 25) Kleyton (AMC/ST, 27) Aristide Bassele (AMR/ST, 22) Emmanuel Ighorae (ST, 20) 03.09.2016 (16th) Concord (3) – (1) Welling (22nd) Schondorf, Ekpiteta, Bassele Our September started brightly, with Steve King returning to lead the way once more after his one game suspension. Schondorf is proving to be one of our finest acquisitions and he netted yet another goal, a fine finish from just inside the area. Welling struck back quickly, a loose ball squirming under Young and being tucked away by Lyle Della Verde. From there, Welling dominated but couldn’t turn that dominance into goals and from there we made it count. Ekpiteta mounted a one man charge, and bagged a fine headed goal from a Ranger cross giving us the lead at half time. Bassele finally found his first goal of the season, netting from just outside the area and celebrating like he had won a cup final all on his own. The win was important for us as it gives us some breathing room from the relegation zone, occupied by our opponents. We had soaked up a massive amount of pressure in this game and come out laughing in all truth.
  9. (FM'16) - The Lions of Lemington Village

    Always nice to create a new club. Good luck with this, Neil!
  10. Ramblin' Man

    29.08.2016 (9th) Whitehawk (2) – (1) Concord (17th) Kleyton King and Onyemah made way as expected, Ekpiteta making his first appearance, and Collins returning. It was almost inevitable that Kleyton would score against his former club, and he did that early on, forcing the ball over the line from a scramble of a corner. We didn’t really get into the game properly though and struggled incessantly at dealing with crosses. One such corner saw Ekpiteta give a penalty for hauling down Strevens, and West dispatched it calmly past Young. The veteran keeper had a nightmare for the second goal, and what turned out to be the winner, when he misjudged Germaine Ofori, whose shot bobbled up in front and rolled into goal. It came from almost twenty five yards and should never have made it past Young. We continued to struggle late on, Bassele finding space but eventually firing wide in what was only our third shot of the game. Tame performance and disappointing to end August in this way. We won’t be signing any more players as the budget isn’t there, so what we have now must do us for the season, though we can make changes as we go at risk of losing squad harmony.
  11. Ramblin' Man

    27.08.2016 (17th) Concord (1) – (1) Maidenhead (1st) Kleyton Welcoming first place in the league was always going to be a worry, Maidenhead in great form and pre-season favourites for getting promoted. We started strongly and eventually took a likely lead through Kleyton, finishing of a well set up move by Schondorf. The pair of them could prove to be massive for us this season. We just need to keep them wrapped in cotton wool. Maidenhead wasted no time in equalising, Rees Wedderburn finding time and space in the box between King and Laucys to finish with ease past Andy Young. The second half started nightmarish when captain Steve King was sent off for a second bookable offence, and we from there had to sit back and defend. Maidenhead didn’t take advantage and failed to even push us back, but our impetus had gone with the loss of the captain, and even changing to a back three to push up further failed to reap dividends, but it also caused no harm. A decent result that gives us what could be an important point later. Mark Onyemah picked up an injury that sees him ruled out for two months, though bigger problems arose when we picked up a £500 fine for picking up six yellows.
  12. Ramblin' Man

    17.08.2016 Another set of new players entered the club today, and are probably our best signings so far. Paul Bignot (DR, 30) joins from Newport County for £2k, our record transfer being set in the process. He is a right back with ample experience, and will go straight into the squad. Kleyton (AMC/ST, 27) joins on a free after being released by Whitehawk, and hopefully his Brazilian nature will shine through. Our final signing, and the one who is going to be on the biggest wage, is Sigurd Schondorf (M/AMC, 19) a Danish youth player joining for free from FC Midtjylland after being released. He will be earning a massive £500 per week, and with that our budget has vanished. We are over budget, but if we can maintain a league status, I think that will offset it for us. The signing of Bignot saw the whole transfer budget gone too. 19.08.2016 Deri Corfe (M/AMC, 18) joins us today, signing for free after release by Man City. He is billed as being a potentially decent player by Lewis Abrahams, and I trust he has made the right call. 20.08.2016 (3rd) Oxford City (1) – (5) Concord (19th) Schondorf, Kleyton 2, Cawley, Murfin We were absolutely rampant tonight, though it is annoying at times how we are very good or very bad, though this definitely seems to be a case of typical lower league football. All of the three recent signings made their debut other than Corfe and they all had absolutely fantastic games. Schondorf had to be played in an unfamiliar left wing role, though made himself known when we won a penalty and he dispatched it easily. Murfin and Cawley bagged two sloppy goals but I wasn’t bothered, and then Kleyton, starting up front, with Bassele on the right, scored a screamer late on before heading home a Bassele cross. The players had all played superbly, and hopefully we can carry some form now, though some poor defending late on allowed Smith to bag a consolation goal, though the team seemed to care little for it. The result, against a third place at the time Oxford City, was very much a surprise to all concerned.
  13. It's Going to be our Year (Well we do say it every year)

    If we get £25mil for Mitrovic in real life in the future, I'd consider that a success, much like selling Sissoko for £30mil (everyone has forgotten about that nugget). Good luck with 'Pool.
  14. Ramblin' Man

    14.08.2016 A new striker arrived at the club, and one with whom we are going to be placing our faith in to keep us up. Aristede Bassele (AMR/ST, 22) joins after release from Bournemouth’s academy, and spent last season with Welling. Alongside him was Albert Jarrett (AML, 31) who has joined to help combat the two injuries we have on the left wing. **** 16.08.2016 (4th) Eastbourne Boro (4) - (2) Concord (17th) Ranger 2 We were absolutely played off the park, despite starting our two new players, and just completely capitulated at the pressure of the Eastbourne attack. I had no clue how to arrest the destruction they were causing, and after Romain, Kayembe and Taylor put the hosts three goals up. Tom Ranger turned in two Jarrett crosses, but when the fourth went in, which turned out to be Kayembe a second time, it extinguished any ill placed hopes of an actual comeback. We wouldn’t have deserved it anyway and as reached the end of the game, we yet again lost a left winger to injury for the third game in a row, Jarrett being ruled out for two weeks. We were pretty much equal with Eastbourne throughout, but once again couldn’t convert chances. Ighorae was absent and Bassele didn’t impress, but I am keeping faith in the fact that we are still a young team with no connection just yet.
  15. Ramblin' Man

    Thanks Mark. Just got to get them prepped and keep them fighting each match. So hard in lower leagues getting the most of our some highly polished turd regens. ***** 13.08.2016 (22nd) Concord (3) - (0) Truro (13th) Ighorae 3 We couldn’t even name five substitutes for this game, but boy, we definitely came together as a group. Emmanuel Ighorae bagged a superb hat trick on a day that we just dominated from beginning to end. The second half could have seen us start on the slope to losing our two goal lead, but Andy Young defied his years with a superb save at his near post. Ighorae scored three identical goals, being played through on goal each time with a long ball. The win has given us confidence, but we still need to work hard, keep fitness levels up, and get more players in. Truro never really turned up for this one, it was easy work when the pendulum swung our way. We had enjoyed great possession throughout the game, so now we must make the positives continue.