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  1. Hey guys. Hope everyone is well. If anyone gets chance, watch Ted Lasso. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a programme as much as I have this one. It gives me such FMS vibes.
  2. August 17th 2018 Pre-season was over. Tina had mentally prepared for everything the first few months had taught her, but she still felt supremely unprepared for what was about to come. An opening season bout against Udinese was the best she could have asked for really – they were middle of the table and would present a sturdy yet winnable test. She didn’t feel anxious, not yet. That would kick in tomorrow. One thing occurred out of the blue since the previous Bayern friendly, in that two players had decided to leave the club and accept offers elsewhere. Tina had partially been involved in one, but another occurred out of her hands, leaving her without a player in a key position, but felt it didn’t matter in the long run. Sami Khedira had left the club after joining on a free transfer in 2015 from Real Madrid, and had done a great job in three resulting seasons. Having started his career with Stuttgart, the Germany midfielder had made the choice to return home once knowing they had come in with a bid, and re-joined his first club for £4m. He would leave a hole, but his desire to go home had superseded his desire to stay any longer in Turin. The other player to leave during the end of pre-season period was Mehdi Benatia. The 31-year-old Morocco defender had spoken of his concern regarding the arrival of Jamaal Lascelles, and that was confirmed by Tina in a private meeting with him. He had taken it well, and despite making over 30 appearances since joining on-loan the season before last, he had already found chances tough to come by. Benatia had joined for roughly £13m, but left the club with a profit on their hands when Paratici negotiated a £20m deal to send him to Germany. Having previously played for Bayern, he was now heading to Dortmund and left the club with the best wishes of everyone. Today was an important day and decisions needed to be made about squad registration. There were rules, regulations and limits on registration, so Tina had a hard time at the start navigating the minefield. Four hours later, the files were submitted to the Federcalcio. Goalkeepers Mattia Perin (HG), Carlo Pinsoglio (HGC), Wojciech Szczesny Defenders Andrea Barzagli (HG), Leonardo Bonucci (HG), Jamaal Lascelles, Raffaele Alcibiade (HGC), Giorgio Chiellini (HG), Joao Cancelo, Juan Cuadrado, Lorenzo Del Prete (HGC), Alex Sandro (nEU), Mattia De Sciglio (HG), Patrice Evra Midfielders Emre Can, Leonardo Spinazzola (HG), Simone Emmanuello (HGC), Miralem Pjanic, Blaise Matuidi, Federico Bernardeschi (HG), Douglas Costa (nEU), Matheus Pereira (nEU) Forwards Paulo Dybala (HG), Willian Jose, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic Key HG – Homegrown HGC – Homegrown at club nEU – Occupies non-EU slot Frenkie de Jong (U22), Rodrigo Bentancur (nEU, U22), Cristian Bunino (HGC, U22) were not included in the 25 registration slots because they are U22 and don’t need to be registered to play for the first team. The inclusion of Emmanuello and Alcibiade was down to needing a minimum of 4 homegrown Juventus players. The team was ready – but was Tina?
  3. July 2020 So we begin our campaign ready to set the world on fire from lowly Luxembourg. Having been in the job for only a week, I haven't made any changes, and as there are no staff at the club, haven't updated anybody on that yet. I've got an advert out for an assistant manager, and after that I'll decide who recruits who. We brought in the aforementioned assistant manager, a head physio and a head of youth development. We are still advertising for a scout. The cup draws gave us an away trip to next tier up Reisdorf (Coupe de Luxembourg) and FC Olympia Christnach (Tier 5, Coupe FLF). Our pre-season wasn't far from catastrophic, nor was it decent. We struggled against all opposition except Jeunesse Gilsdorf, a higher tiered team who did put out a weakened youth side. We just weren't connected as a unit, and whilst I was playing a rather basic 4-4-2, I did expect just a slight bit more against similar opposition. Three losses out of six total games isn't to be sniffed out however and we will take that into the season starter as best we can. Transfer deadline day fell right on the end of July, and we went into it realising that we were sorely understaffed in the player department. We had found ourselves guilty of being complacent since taking over, and in the end went on a spree that has likely not improved us in any way. The pick of the bunch was Steve Graser, who will bring some steel to our defence, but at 37, I don't foresee him being here beyond the end of the season. Safet Nikolic has come straight in as our new captain thanks to his leadership abilities, while Bryan Bossi will take up between the sticks immediately.
  4. So here we have my only players at the club. As you can see from the outset, our position in the fifth tier of Luxembourg is evident by the quality on show. Our best player, Marjan Vuksanovic, has spent his entire career in Luxembourg, and sadly has achieved next to nothing during that time. He is however our best player by a long shot, and also the only real player we have. Everybody else is fictional, added to the purpose of allowing us to be competitive instantly. Lucas Bolas is a decent enough winger for this level, while the incorrectly named Cristiano Ronaldo Roberto could become decent, if we can find any way to make him so. Here are our three best players below.
  5. So whilst looking for a new challenge, I re-visited the Steam download store and found myself a couple of potential leagues to visit for the first time. Malta, Estonia and Moldova came close, but Luxembourg won out just down to it's sheer size and standing within the football world. I downloaded Weiry's database changes for a five tier Luxembourg, and set about picking a side from the lowest available, opting for Tricolore Gasperich. (as per all my FM save games, I name my manager after one of my favourite players from that previous save.) I haven't set myself the sole target of youth only, as for the short term we will suffer incessantly at the hands of thiefs and vagabonds, but the long term aim will be to nurture the clubs own youth talent. For now, we will make signings where needed and work from there. The club currently operates in tier five of the Luxembourg system, a ten side division which sees 27 games total (three against each). 1st and 2nd go up as promoted, with no relegation spots as this is the lowest tier. We will also compete in two cup contests. Due to world events there was no contest for 2019-20 of the Couple de Luxembourg, so the previous holders are 8 time winners FC Dudelange, while Coupe FLF has no previous history, so we are treating it as a brand new trophy. It looks from the outside to be a lower league only contest, which could be worth partaking in. Only time will tell. Onto the final part of my starting update, we find ourselves looking at a very empty bank account. Almost empty that I am even wondering if they opened one to begin with. The club is completely amateur at current, and the squad I have inherited will follow in the next post, but for now, here is the bank and the facilities. As you can see, everything is as basic as can possibly be with this club. Having briefly checked the facilities under the hood, as expected they are all at 1. There is lots of work to do here.
  6. August 15th 2018 It was raining in Paisley, which in truth was probably nothing new. Dalglish sat staring at his computer screen, urging the download to finish. He screwed his face up at having to have paid for a subscription to the website. It angered him at leaving a physical presence of himself on there. But he needed it at the same time and the risk was worth it in his conspiracy laden eyes. He got up and poured another cup of coffee. Drinking it had become a habit now, and the coffee pot was always percolating through the day. Just like the subscription, he needed it. The video finished downloading just as he sat. The Juventus press conference from a few days back. Signing up to the Juventus fans site wasn’t necessary for him to view this video, it was pretty much everywhere anyway. But it came with extended coverage and up-close extras. And it was the up close he wanted. It was what he craved. He watched it fully. He knew he wasn’t a pervert or a stalker. He had only tried sending ten letters in the past to her. She had never replied of course, and while it did bring a rise of anger from him, he let it pass knowing one day she would. She would. He watched again, this time finishing his coffee. He got up and wiped his hands on his grease and stain ridden trousers. He could hear stirring in the other room which brought a groan. He just couldn’t be arsed today with the rigmarole of getting him dressed. He wished he could afford care. “Coming dad,” he grunted before heading into the other room. The smell in the house was rancid at best and Dalglish knew that. He didn’t care anymore. No-one came. He walked past his shrine and paused briefly. The pictures of Tina were taped to the wall in no real structure. Dalglish wasn’t one for organisation until it came to his internet whereabouts. He gently touched one of the pictures and continued down the hall. What he wouldn’t give to visit Turin and see her again.
  7. Thanks mate. This has been dragged on and off for so long that I recently just sat down and let it flow out. Sometimes, you just gotta push it a bit more. ******* | ------------------------------------------------------| | Name | Staff Role | Age| Nation | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Tina Powell | Manager | 35 | WAL | | Landon Donovan | Assistant Manager| 36 | USA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Fabio Paratici | DoF | 46 | ITA | | Stefano Braghin | HoYD | 54 | ITA | | Franco Baldini | Coach | 57 | ITA | | Vittorio Quagliarella| Chief Scout | 67 | ITA | | Emanuele Randelli | Head Physio | 52 | ITA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | ------------------------------------------------------| | Name | Position | Age| Nation | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Wojciech Szczesny | GK | 28 | POL | | Carlo Pinsoglio | GK | 28 | ITA | | Mattia Perin | GK | 25 | ITA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Leonardo Bonucci | DC | 31 | ITA | | Andrea Barzagli | DR/C | 37 | ITA | | Medhi Benatia | DC | 31 | MAR | | Jamaal Lascelles | DC | 24 | ENG | | Giorgio Chiellini | DL/C | 33 | ITA | | Joao Cancelo | D/WB/M/AMR | 24 | POR | | Juan Cuadrado | D/WB/M/AMR | 30 | COL | | Lorenzo Del Prete | D/WBR/C/ | 32 | ITA | | Patrice Evra | D/WBL | 37 | FRA | | Alex Sandro | D/WB/ML | 24 | BRA | | Mattia De Sciglio | D/WB/RL | 25 | ITA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Frenkie de Jong | DC/DM/MC | 21 | NED | | Emre Can | DC/DM/MC | 24 | GER | | Miralem Pjanic | DM/M/AMC | 28 | BIH | | Sami Khedira | DM/MC | 31 | GER | | Rodrigo Bentancur | DM/MC | 21 | URU | | Blaise Matuidi | DM/ML/C | 31 | FRA | | Douglas Costa | M/AMR/L | 27 | BRA | | Matheus Pereira | M/AML/C | 20 | BRA | | Federico Bernardeschi| M/AMR/L/C | 24 | ITA | | ------------------------------------------------------| | Paulo Dybala | AMC/ST | 24 | ARG | | Willian Jose | AMC/ST | 26 | BRA | | Mario Mandzukic | AML/ST | 32 | CRO | | Cristiano Ronaldo | AMR/L/ST | 33 | POR | | Cristian Bunino | ST | 21 | ITA | | ------------------------------------------------------|
  8. 12th August 2018 Fabio Paratici can work absolute wonders. The Italian director of football had worked some absolute deals this summer, and finalised it all with the wonderful capture of Frenkie de Jong. The 21-year-old was officially unveiled as a Juventus player, and Europe stood up to take notice. Barcelona had been super keen on the deal, even submitting a duplicate bid, but they had lost out to superior gamesmanship from Fabio. If Tina ever doubted his ability, this confirmed he was one of the best. Landon had set about welcoming him to the rest of the players after her first meeting with Tina and the other staff. Fabio had done good. The young midfielder had only cost £33.5million, the board stumping up the rest having noticed that de Jong would be a long-term investment with a very talented Juventus-based future. The transfer dealings had been phenomenal, but also a far cry from anything Tina had ever been used to. The figures being thrown around were just absolutely mental, and a distance away from her Livingston and St Mirren days. But there were other things going on currently too. Tina’s former personal assistant, Jessica Jones, had followed her to Italy having been offered the same role. She had been with her at St Mirren, but hadn’t yet been able to join up with her boss again due to needing to finalise a house sale in Scotland. But she was finally sorted and on her way. Her flight was due to land in four hours, and Tina had happily offered to pick her up. She was still hopeless at finding her way around Turin, but the airport was easy enough for her. The woman was ambitious, and to enjoy Turin whilst working with her friend, was a no-brainer. She found herself super excited to see her friend. Having been surrounded exclusively by men for the best part of her time in Italy so far, she was missing that female connection. The pair were great friends and she couldn’t wait to link up with her outside of work and be a woman again. Working in this environment made her forget sometimes that she was still a woman and enjoyed a spot of shopping. Amazon wasn’t quite cutting the same impact, and she couldn’t remember the last time she went clothes shopping, which was quite frankly a travesty in Turin. 5pm came and went, and with Jessica in tow, the pair went for a meal. Sometimes it’s just nice to do normal things and be a human. £1,000 and four shops later, her bank balance was groaning.
  9. Thrilled once more to see this appearing on my feed. <3
  10. Thankfully, the emperors new clothes that a couple of my players donned didn't hinder their ability to hold on to our lead.
  11. 9th - 11th August 2018 There were big movements going on at the club as Tina woke up to a very enticing offer for Moise Kean. News had clearly travelled quickly over his imminent departure, and clubs were far happier to see past his behaviour than she had been and was willing to be. Napoli had instantly made a bid for the Frenchman, while Everton and Valencia were also putting together stimulating packages. There were also the cheeky lurkers, like Cercle Brugge, who were advocating that the boy deserved a chance, and that a season-loan would do him the world of good. Tina cared little for that. The Napoli bid was clocked in at £30million, which gave her some hope on a further inbound transfer. The sharks were now circling Frenkie de Jong. The 21-year-old Ajax playmaker was sought after by all the better clubs within Europe. Paratici was desperate to be given the greenlight to make the transfer happen. He had long been an admirer for the player and thought now was the chance to move for him. Tina didn’t disagree but the transfer pot had to be used to shore up the other bits of the squad first. Selling Kean would allow this to happen, so Tina gave him the approval he needed to go work his magic. Tina also decided to leave the Kean saga to Paratici now too. He was leaving, it was just a matter of who took him on. The start of the season was starting to get closer now, that hosting of Udinese bearing down on her and the players quickly. She felt like things were moving calmer now, but there was still a major source of discontent over her leadership of the side. A side as big as Juventus demanded the best, and they wouldn’t settle for any less. And why should they? But Tina also felt aggrieved. She hadn’t lied on her application to become the manager. She hadn’t pulled the wool over any eyes. She was a gifted coach, and Juventus clearly saw that. Her appointment as head coach saw to that, and while her involvement in transfers is limited, she is still the leader of this side. Paratici may be the one bringing the players in and taking them out, but she was given overall hiring and firing capabilities over the position. The media didn’t know that yet, but she felt like it was a kop out using it as an excuse. She was here on her own coaching merit – not anything else. Kean was gone by the 11th. Roma had stumped a £25million fee for him, spending the majority of their Kostas Manolas money on the young striker. Tina was glad to be rid of him. Now it was all about finalising de Jong. She hadn’t heard much on the deal, and today was a day to meet with the media, and she still had no answers. As she took her seat, flanked by Landon Donovan and Fabio Paratici, she looked noticeably calm. The past few days had been kind to her, and she was feeling comfortable. As always, the media sought to alter that where they could. Some clearly didn’t like her while others were considerate and far more accepting. The focus began with the Kean developments. Certain media outlets had gotten a story from the youngster, who was now no longer holding back his contempt for Tina forcing him out the club. In truth, the decision had come from above, but it was one Tina agreed with anyway. She was happy to take any flak from him for that. The reporters were consistent with what they asked – was he forced out of the club? “Yes,” she said. “Moise and Juventus had outgrown each other.” The simple answer satiated enough for the questioning to move on. She didn’t fancy further probing that one. Transfer dealings cropped up as usual, Willian Jose and Lascelles, with them also having knowledge of the de Jong pursuit. How they got she didn’t know but it didn’t surprise her. Udinese was next up on the question platter. “We’re ready. The team have been getting into their stride both with training and fitness too. We’re more ready than we ever have been to hit the ground running.” They were very ready.
  12. Mark is powering up that fist of FMS. No pics here bro, just storytelling with good old words.
  13. 8th August 2018 Juan Cuadrado was going to miss the start of the season. It was a huge blow for the side, Juan having become a solid member of the team in previous seasons. He was suffering from a hip injury, something he had rather innocuously picked up in the Bayern match yesterday. Tina was super disappointed, but the more pressing matter was how to deal with the injury itself. Tina joined her medical staff, notably the club doctor Claudio Rigo. Landon was also there, along with head of sports science Darragh Connolly. Landon frowned, “A minimum of three months Tina. Doesn’t look eternally damaging but his age comes in to question here. His long-term health is important,” he said, motioning to the doctor, who only spoke Italian. “We can let our physio team deal with this in-house,” he said, “But there is a better option of sending him to a specialist. I think it is in the best interests of Juan, and he has agreed. Do you want us to pursue this choice?” Tina nodded, “Yes of course. Juan has to come first. What is his return time frame like with this specialist treatment?” Claudio shrugged, “Still in the same realm, perhaps two months at the longest. A little quicker than leaving it in house.” “Okay, let’s do it,” she replied before dismissing the doctor and the translator. Landon was also heading out before handing Tina a document. “Oh, here is the match analysis for yesterday.” “Thanks, Landon. I’ll come join you in a moment.” Tina thumbed through the report after he left. The game itself had been a fairly poor affair. Neither of the giants had put on a show for the fans in attendance, and having mustered just three shots on target between the pair, it was clear to see why Willian Jose had been given the most scathing appraisal. He had endured a miserable game, largely down to his failure to win any headers at all, having been played out by the Bayern defence. Mattia Perin came in for the most praise, having made the key interceptions and the one key save that kept her side with a clean sheet. In the end, he took the award for best player of the match. Tina closed the analysis and headed back upstairs. Moise Kean and his agent were sat in the office. Tina had been dreading this conversation all day. “Hi Moise,” she said, taking a seat opposite him whilst Landon also came in, seating himself further away. “I think it’s best that we just get straight to it. There is the general feeling here that you aren’t really adhering to the philosophy of the club, in terms of your personal life outside of football. As a player for Juventus, you represent everything the club is, and your opinions and actions in turn can help and hinder the club.” Moise didn’t say a word. “As it goes, we have confirmed cases of your blatant disregard with social media policies relating to the club mandate. The things you do and say just aren’t compatible with us, and as such, I’ve been advised that we must find you a new club. You will be transfer listed immediately. I’m sorry but your future no longer lies with the club.” Moise continued to say nothing. The sign of a man already accepting of his fate. Moise had spent the previous night partying with exotic dancers, and the way he had promoted the whole thing on his social media was criminal. But for him to then dress the strippers in his Juventus shirts was just shambolic. He would never play for the club again. Tina spent the evening observing Champions League action on the television, but there were no Italian clubs in action during this round. Celtic were in action away to Qarabag, but struggled in the game and had to settle for a goalless draw. Scandinavian clubs fared better, Malmo FF beating Hapoel Be’er-Sheva whilst Rosenborg easily dispatched Kukesi, former Juventus man Nicklas Bendtner on the scoresheet. Ajax beat Slavia Prague by a single goal, while there were also wins for Benfica, Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kyiv.
  14. 7th August 2018 - Friendly Stadion München, Munich, 69,659 BAYERN MUNICH vs. JUVENTUS Perin; Chiellini, Bonucci, Cancelo, Sandro; Matuidi, Cuadrado, Dybala, Pjanic, Douglas Costa; Ronaldo The sheer strength on show frightened even Tina. Having been unable to field what would be close to her final eleven, she was now looking at a side that could challenge anything opposing it. But there was clearly a problem. The general positivity experienced before the game had completely dissipated and Tina was left standing in front of these stars with no real credentials, no experience or reputation to fall back on. Tina could only describe the pre-match in one way – they were completely disinterested in anything she had to say. As they stood, she felt more and more uncomfortable, but powered on through her pre-match team talk anyway. She felt Perin, Pjanic and Bonucci were listening, but couldn’t shake the feeling that Ronaldo was not impressed. He had agreed a big money move to play for Juventus, but now found himself following orders from a woman head coach who’s only experience was managing Gareth Bale and Wales to a second-round appearance at the Euro’s. But as the sides came out, she was in awe of the near 70,000 capacity watching this game. Cuadrado got the visitors off to a hot start when, after dispossessing Niklas Sule, he struck a shot that despite its bobbly nature, bounced back off the post, Dybala unable to find his footing for the unexpected rebound. The woodwork continued its fine work for Bayern, Pjanic earning and taking a freekick from twenty yards, his low grasscutter ending up on the other post to the Cuadrado effort and rolling harmlessly out of the box. Tina saw her side continue to settle well into the match, and when Perin worked his way safely out of trouble, his long field ball allowed Cuadrado to cross deep into the left pocket for Douglas Costa. His first-time half volley hit the same post as last time and careened back away from his outstretched left leg. Having had the majority of the first half all to themselves, Juventus slipped into a complacent mood with the belief that this was going to go their way eventually. Tina lamented the mood they had found themselves in and inwardly swore when Cuadrado was crumpled over on the side line. Willian Jose replaced him, with Ronaldo moving to the left side and swapping Costa to the right. The remainder of the half played out quietly, with neither side able to register a legitimate shot on target, despite the three woodwork efforts Juventus had suffered. Matuidi had picked up a booking having gone mental at the referee for allowing play to continue when Cuadrado went down, so Tina decided against him coming back out and chucked Bentancur on instead. The relatively young Bayern side had really not gotten into the game and Niko Kovac put some more experienced players into the fray. The game was largely frustrating for the fans in attendance, as despite some decent build up play, neither team really wanted to go for it. Renato Sanches typified the performance when he hauled down Dybala simply because he could and when Joshua Zirkzee went for an overhead kick, the fans just couldn’t help but laugh. He would have had a free effort on goal had he just turned around. Pjanic had the first shot on target after seventy minutes, a light effort that Sven Ulreich easily handled down to his right. Tina felt no attacking substitute would change the game and opted simply for match fitness – Lascelles and Evra replaced Sandro and Bonucci. Ronaldo himself had been unbelievably invisible. Having only touched the ball twelve times in the second half, there was absolutely no output down the left. Evra had played more balls into the box in the nine minutes on the field than Ronaldo had. And with that, Tina had decided enough was enough. His number came up, and after shaking hands with Bernardeschi, he trudged to the bench and plonked himself down. He looked livid, and he completely blanked Tina on his way past. The game spiralled at that point. Chiellini saw red for a two footed lunge that could have sent Zirkzee to the moon, before Kingsley Coman flicked a superb cross into the box for Zirkzee. His header was saved by Perin before Ribery tucked home the rebound. Amid celebrations, the linesman flag had gone up for offside, and whether right or wrong in terms of end decision, it prevented Tina losing her final pre-season game. But this result mattered little. What impact Ronaldo was going to have this season was the bigger question. BAYERN MUNICH (0) 0 JUVENTUS (0) 0 Chiellini s/off 87
  15. 6th August 2018 The training camp had ended quicker than Tina had anticipated. She had enjoyed it, but before long the team was on its way back to Turin from Vercelli. The coaching staff were highly encouraged by the development of squad harmony during the time away, and that pleased her. 90min.com had presented their usual annual predictions on who would top the goalscoring charts for the coming season, and it didn’t present any unusual suspects. Immobile was the top scorer last season with 29, and he featured at the top once more. Ciro Immobile 5-1 Cristiano Ronaldo 6-1 Gonzalo Higuain 8-1 Mauro Icardi 9-1 Dries Mertens 10-1 Edin Dzeko 12-1 The time that followed was all about training and getting the side ready for action in the season opening. Willian Jose was the focus of his first session, with the staff deciding to allow him to work on becoming a more well-rounded forward – this meant putting him forward for specific role training as a deep lying forward. Tina agreed with the recommendation, as she also did with the one to re-train Jamaal Lascelles as a makeshift defensive midfielder. He would suit the role well and cope ably within it. As Tina had been away during the finalising of Willian Jose arriving at the club, Fabio Paratici had held the press conference heralding his arrival and the expectations set on him. “We have the utmost confidence that Willian will come up big for the club when needed,” he had said to gathered reporters. The reason for his doing it was two-fold – Tina was still horrendous at speaking Italian, and Fabio had been there to finalise the deal anyway. His role within the recruitment structure was high, and while Tina could say yes or no on the final decision, Fabio is the one who had done all the ground work and preparation into it. And as Tina wryly noted, he would go down with Willian Jose if he completely bombed. She loved being sneaky. The pre-match analysis had also come in for the Bayern game tomorrow. They had two days before beaten Real Madrid, despite having ten men, 2-0 thanks to goals from James Rodriguez and Niklas Sule. They dominated the match in all truth, sparking concerns from Madrid fans who weren’t all too confident for the season ahead. Julen Lopetegui was in charge there now, and had a big job ahead of him this season, especially with seeing how they coped without Ronaldo there anymore. It hadn’t stopped him shelling out £119m across Alvaro Odriozola, Vinicius Junior, Ignacio Camacho and Kostas Manolas. Julen has a lot of work to do. Hopefully everything turns out better than the end to his Spain stint.
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