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  1. Always fancied myself a left back. Also, that thigh injury is definitely the kind of bruising you'd be hoping for.
  2. Hi Omega. If you could find a way to turn those screengrabs into pure FM literature, you'd be heading in the right direction. Good luck at Hannover 96. Always liked their logo.
  3. Training Camp, Cuneo, 1st August 2018 Since beating Livorno in Venice, the club had now travelled onwards to Cuneo, five hours away, for their next friendly. This was the final match of the tour coming up, but this time a few more of the returning World Cup players were meeting the squad in Cuneo. Tina would finally get the chance to see some of her worldwide stars, the ones who had yet to return to the training and were yet to feature in the pre-season. Sadly, there had been a bit of backdraft from the game against Livorno, with two of Tina’s defenders being ruled out with injuries. Head physio Emanuele Randelli had travelled out with the club and was the one delivering the news. “I’m sorry to say that Del Prete will be out for eight to ten days,” said the 52-year-old, “He has pulled his groin, and the idiot admitted to continuing on despite feeling the pull down there. He likely made it worse.” Andrea Barzagli also picked up an injury, though Tina had been aware of that one from the end of the game. “Andrea will be out ten days too, He’s bruised his thigh from a reckless tackle against him, and while I’d normally admit just a week before a return, he may need just that bit longer. We can keep it under check when he returns to Allianz.” Tina thanked Emanuele for his time and he made his way back to training. Del Prete, Barzagli and Alex Sandro would be making their way home, Sandro having failed a fitness test and being ruled out for the Cuneo game. Six players however made their way out to the camp, and Tina was thrilled. Cuneo, whilst only a Serie C side, were about to feel the full force of a Juventus attacking side. Juan Cuadrado arrived in good spirits to bolster the right side of the squad, while three midfielders in the form of Blaise Matuidi, Rodrigo Bentancur and Douglas Costa. The arrival of Costa would take the pressure of Bernardeschi, who would likely not succeed in his next fitness test. And then Dybala and Ronaldo followed them in. The air that followed the Portuguese striker around was borderline mental. A tonne of fans had turned up from neighbouring and local areas to catch a glimpse of the man that singlehandedly has 15% of Instagram’s whole userbase following him. The man exudes confidence, and Tina even felt herself swoon, despite her obvious choices in lovers. The group met with Tina and Landon, talked in brief about how the World Cup had gone, and then got straight on to joining the remaining members of the side for training. One player who was still exempt was Mandzukic, and he was now the only player still on extended holiday leave. Tina read over the injury risk update report from Randelli, and wasn’t surprised to see both Khedira and Pjanic on it. Both had put their all into the recent friendly tour, and in the end, she would likely leave them out for Cuneo with the arrival of both Matuidi and Bentancur. There was however, major news on the transfer front that surprised everyone, including Tina. Jurgen Klopp was back in an attempt to raid the Juventus side of yet another defender, this time tabling a bid for Daniele Rugani. The 24-year-old had openly spoken of his failure to cement a permanent first team place, and as Tina had previously expressed, it was not always totally likely to change this season. And now there was a big bid on the table, for a defender who only cost Juventus £4.1m from Empoli in 2012. Liverpool had offered £23m up front, with two additional payments of £3.5m on a six-monthly basis. Tina knew what the right option was. Rugani, who had made no long-lasting impact at the club, would be allowed to leave. Tina immediately consulted the black book she kept on her person, and looked at the list of players Quagliarella had referred to her for the moment. They were a list of defenders, potential replacements, and she knew in that instant who to go for. Newcastle United had an open, yet unspoken policy, of selling their players for higher amounts than they bought. She would need a younger defender to replace both the outgoing Rugani and ageing Barzagli. So, she contacted her club secretary and informed them of her desire to sign Jamaal Lascelles. By the end of the evening, a £20m offer had been accepted, and so had Rugani’s.
  4. 30th July 2018 - Friendly Pierluigi Penzo, Venice, 5,980 LIVORNO vs. JUVENTUS Perin; Chiellini, Benatia, Del Prete, Evra; Khedira, Can, Cancelo, Pjanic, Bernardeschi; Kean After the loss at Cittadella, there had begun an underwhelming sense of disappointment drifting around. Tina felt that her appointment as manager had captured zero imagination of anyone. There weren’t many who had openly expressed any positive statements, and the second arrival of Patrice Evra on a free transfer early in the morning yesterday had done nothing to help. Alex Sandro had committed himself to the club, despite rumours of interest from Liverpool and Manchester United, and at least two bids from Liverpool and Arsenal. The board had accepted the high offer bids, but Alex had decided he had wanted to stay in Turin. And Tina had been heartened by his response. “I’ve chosen to stay with the club, a club that has many memories for me already. We want to win the Champions League one day, and under our new manager, we have many aims for this. #juve.” He had posted on Instagram, and while Tina was really thrilled with his response, there was an underlying message regarding the Champions League. For her second friendly of the summer tour, Juve would face Livorno, who hadn’t seen Serie A football since the 2013/14 campaign, and last season won promotion from the C/A division. Having made the changes for this one, she was expecting a better performance than she had gotten on their previous outing. Losing to Cittadella was a blip, she was confident of that. The small stadium contrived to promote an edgy atmosphere. The evening game in Venice cut the quiet nature of the area when Bernardeschi struck a stinging effort that Zima saved decently with his left palm. It was still beaming down at 30c, the stadium slowly turning into a cauldron of heat. Nicolo Fazzi picked up the first booking of the game for a light-hearted challenge on Kean, the striker bustling under the pressure of his over the top pulling. The resulting freekick led to Can forcing a shot off a defender before Bernardeschi hit the crossbar with a thunderous effort that Zima was nowhere near. He was supremely lucky. Livorno then pushed back at Tina and Juventus, earning a freekick close to 25 yards out that Murilo struck well, Perin making a decent save to keep it out of the net. His subsequent clearance led to Bernardeschi bombing down the centre before unleashing Evra on the left. The newly re-acquired full back sent the ball into the box, it was cleared, but then it landed at the feet of Lorenzo Del Prete, who struck a first-time effort. The shot wasn’t actually very good in truth, but she was thrilled when the keeper was misplaced from the previous effort and the shot trailed in. The pressure eased up after the goal, allowing Juventus a chance to reset and begin again, leaving ten minutes of quiet game before Pjanic won and stepped up for a freekick. His effort was on target, though lacking curve, and Zima somehow made a hash of the save. He did keep it out though. Lucky again, really. Michele Rocca picked up a booking just before half time, the whistle bringing a relief from the heat box of the stadium. The second half started with a far quicker tempo, something Tina had emphasised during the half time talk. They had listened intently, and Pjanic was continuing to show how important he would be, with a delicious ball that tore open the Livorno defence. Bernardeschi was on hand to stroke the ball in with his left foot, a sumptuous pass and a delicious finish. Even Landon was out of his seat. Pjanic continued to torment again, playing in a freekick that looped over every body before Emre Can missed a sitter of a header from literally on the line. Tina laughed, “It was far easier to score than miss that one,” she said. “Good job this is a friendly.” A double change was called in, Bernardeschi and Cancelo leaving the field to avoid fitness issues, while Petrelli and Mavididi would come on for them. The impression that Pjanic was having on Tina was insane – he was running everything in midfield and doing so with poise. His next pass found Mavididi, and a one-two with the striker saw the youngster strike from just outside the area past Zima for the third goal. Barzagli came on to replace the tiring Del Prete late on, while Frederiksen replaced Kean in what Tina would decide as her final alteration of the day. A sublime freekick would find the back of the net 80 minutes in, and it was a deserved goal for the talisman Pjanic. Petrelli had won the freekick and the dispatch was acutely accurate, finding the corner at the bottom left. A stunning freekick. The final whistle was a welcome respite for Livorno who had given up after the third goal. The 1700 travelling Juventus fans had been given a great showing from a side still lacking in its major names. This had been far better. LIVORNO (0) 0 JUVENTUS (1) 4 Del Prete 29, Bernardeschi 47, Mavididi 75, Pjanic 83
  5. 28th July 2018 - Friendly Pier Cesare Tombolato, Cittadella, 5,961 att. CITTADELLA vs. JUVENTUS Pinsoglio; Chiellini, Benatia, Barzagli, Sandro; Khedira, Can, Cancelo, Pjanic, Kean; Petrelli Franco Baldini agreed terms to join the club, having delayed the deal for a week. No-one ever said why, but there was belief that a managerial position was on the table, or at least potentially. He clearly didn’t get it, but Tina and the Juventus board were still super keen to bring him on board as a coach. The town of Cittadella itself, a walled city in the Italian province of Padua, was actually quite picturesque. The former military outpost is one of only two still walled towns in the region, along with Montagnana. There were a couple of changes as Tina altered the front line, while she also gave a slight re-jig to the back line after reducing it from a back five. Benatia came in, as did Cancelo and Pjanic. Petrelli replaced Mavididi. There was an air of anticipation as the game kicked off, but within thirty seconds there was an absolute disaster that left disappointment on the whole Juventus side. Cittadella had kicked off, and with Adorni on the ball, Emre Can rolled in and two footed his way to an instant red card. It was a disgusting challenge, absolutely worthy of a red card, and Tina had to bite her tongue as he walked past her to leave the pitch. Pjanic had to drop back from his attacking midfield role, though playing with ten men for a whole game was going to be tough. The home side hit the post fairly early on, Lori rising highest to head past Pinsoglio but meet the woodwork on the way. But Lori would be the difference as ten minutes later he pinged a ball over the top that left Benatia caught out. Finotto raced away with it, and despite Pinsoglio getting low to stop the first one, the second found the back of the net and just like that, Juventus were behind. The home side continued to be a real threat from aerial dominance, and they struck again, catching a lethargic Juventus defence napping. Strizzolo crossed from deep, and Adorni, who may have actually fouled Barzagli, headed in to an empty goal with Pinsoglio nowhere in sight. The first half had been an utter right off for Tina and she couldn’t believe her side were two goals down to a Serie B side with little to have shown for the first half. She would deal with Emre Can later, but for now, she had to try and make some impact at half time, as the whistle blew bringing the turgid forty-five to an end. Barzagli wasn’t one to emerge for the second half. Tina could see that he wasn’t coping so there was little point in leaving him on there. Del Prete came in for him. The second half was equally as rubbish as the first had been and Tina couldn’t get anything to change the slowness of the game. Mavididi was the next to appear as a substitute, replacing Petrelli It was hard pinpointing where the last contribution had been from the youngster. Pjanic had a superb chance as the game went on, some decent left-hand side play by Sandro and Kean allowing him the free space to hit a shot, but it narrowly went wide and had the keeper scrambling. Bringing Bernardeschi on as late as she did do really didn’t present Tina with any super come back in her head, but she was now just determined to get fitness for as many players as possible. Pjanic was the only player really showing much effort, and he eventually broke the Cittadella wall that Juventus had struggled with all day. His freekick into the box was cleared but only to Mavididi, who hit a wonderful first-time effort. With eighty-six on the clock, was a comeback now possible? And then the flag was spotted. Pinsoglio made a wonderful late save, but Tina was just glad to finish this match. And when Bernardeschi limped off injured she had just had enough. The walled town had won out. What a disappointment. CITTADELLA (2) 2 Finotto 14, Adorni 32 JUVENTUS (0) 0
  6. Sherm is back, we're in for a treat.
  7. Do you not go this far!? It needed taking away. Useless skill in the Vanarama!
  8. Always happy when a non-league player sees sense.
  9. I've always really enjoyed reading your work Sherm, and what a story to follow, a superb cup run like that. Well done.
  10. I've always really enjoyed reading your work Sherm, and what a story to follow, a superb cup run like that. Well done.
  11. Training Camp, Vercelli, 27th July 2018 The training camp had gotten underway without any cause for concern. Even though there was quite a lengthy list of players Tina still hadn’t gotten to see yet, the players with her were all as important the last. Tina had one more move up her sleeve for a new forward to join the side. Real Sociedad striker Willian Jose was the new target, and the twins had sneaked across to watch him perform in a friendly. If Willian Jose could be prised away from Spain, then signing him and Tonali would wipe out her funds. But at least for the moment, she would have the players she needed. Willian Jose was a former Real Madrid player who had bounced around in Spain before making his mark with Sociedad. With him bagging 12 and 15 in his previous two seasons, he was now beginning to get noticed for his quality, something that Vittorio Quagliarella had also picked upon during his first week as chief scout, though in fairness he was tracking him before that. Jose also holds dual nationality for Spain, something that would allow the club to circumnavigate the issue of foreign signings per-season. Roma confirmed today that Divock Origi would be joining on a season-long loan. Tina wasn’t fussed, knowing that she held all the power in the potential move for Willian Jose now. The striker had gone on record to state that he would love to move to a big side like Juventus, after finding out the scouts had visited, but spoke little more of a deal. Tina had tabled an €18m deal, no extras, no clauses, just cold hard cash. Director of football Fabio Paratici had gone out to Spain to be on standby if the deal was accepted, Tina eager to prevent Valencia from swooping in, who had actually been rumoured of already having made a bid. So maybe it was Tina who was swooping. She didn’t know and ultimately it didn't matter now. She was running a fitness drill when her phone rang. “It’s Fabio,” he said, “We’re making progress.” Tina smiled, kicking a ball back towards Cancelo who controlled it wonderfully. “How are we getting on?” There was a pause. “They’ve accepted our offer, but they’ve also received and accepted offers from Valencia, which we knew, and surprisingly Everton have also made a move. It’s a three-way battle now, but we are on top I think.” “Bloody Marco Silva, trying to sneak his way in to this deal,” muttered Tina. “The Premiership could be a huge boost to their prospects of getting him.” Fabio didn’t agree, “I doubt it. We have Champions League football on offer, and more give in the wages we can offer. My money is riding on us. I’ve got to meet with his representatives next, Valencia are already in there annoyingly. Also, Marco Silva is actually here somewhere, I’ve seen him.” “Let me know how it goes, Fabio.” Tina got back to her training, eager to keep the session going despite the sweltering heat that was now striking the camp in Vercelli. Landon was over by the strikers, though Tina recalled the conversation she had with him earlier. He was extremely excited by Moise Kean, the young striker having had such a positive impact on the American in the first few days of meeting him. Kean, who only turned 18 in February, was beginning to show himself as a mature leader of the younger players, and he would be key on this trip as probably the better striker on the tour. Tina waited for a further call from Fabio, but there wasn’t another.
  12. Is Ed Woodward still even working for Manchester United, haven't heard of him doing any work there in a long time
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