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  1. You're very dismissive. That's not really what I was getting at, but you just carry on darling! Nice to be back the neighbourhood for a while.....
  2. I think the thing is, in theory, Carrick is not combative enough to do that job on his own. But, of course, the big, screaming retort to that is that this is Fulham at home, not City or Chelsea. It's suicidal from Moyes. It struck me, after we lost to Everton and Newcastle back to back at home, Moyes was saying "It's obvious that we need better players". I just think that, despite all the stick our players have got and deserved I might add over the past few months, there are still a staggering amount of Premier League winner's medals knocking about that dressing room. A statement like that, just felt like he wasn't backing his own tactical acumen and man management. Mata out wide was one of the most depressing things I've seen in football. It's sad, but I think they will give Moyes the boot at the end of the season. I'd like to see him given time to work longer, make a few more signings. But he does himself no favours, we might as well have played the old WM formation from the 1880s on Sunday, it was that bad! ......and Liverpool are a joy to watch at the moment, there's been biblical floods, I'm waiting for the plague of locusts to arrive!
  3. Because he is awesome! But seriously, I'm pleased for him. He's young enough to get one last big contract somewhere. Personally I feel he was never quite the same after the injury lay-off he had. But without doubt among our best players of the last 10 years.
  4. I'd throw my two shiny pennies in and say Juan Sebastian Verón was Ferguson's worst signing. I mean, what an utterly brilliant player............for Parma and Lazio. But, £28mn (in 2001) for a player that was totally at odds with our style of play at the time, and got nothing like the space and time he needed to control games. Djemba-Djemba cost £3.5mn, United blow their nose on more than that.
  5. Shame they couldn't delay the transfer, because Kidderminster away to Sunderland would be a dead cert to be televised. What a lad! The Guardian piece made me laugh "Lolley preferred not to comment", makes me wonder whether it really is The Perfect FM'er!
  6. Goal. All day long. Mike Jones is a naff referee though, just ask Liverpool fans.
  7. He's obviously a quality striker. Conference to Championship though, that's a huge leap. I think it's brilliant, I mean he was a gob***** from what I remember, but I hope he does well. Who was it that always use to fall out with him? Elrithral?
  8. Checked the Kidderminster score today, Perfect FM'er banged in a hat-trick Fair play to him.
  9. Well I hope you take the time to make the decision that's right for you, it's a big commitment for a young guy. You're not in Aldershot are you? I always assume that's where most soldiers are when they aren't overseas and takin' names! I'm alright, little bit older, no wiser. I see Mikey and the Lovegun are still here. Is Terk gone, or does he put in an appearance?
  10. How's it going in the Army buddy? I see the odd thing pop up on the book of the face now and then. Pleased that it seems to be going well for you. Viper! He was an interesting chap, I'll say that much. Glad to see that, if not all, at least a fair portion of are still here doing your thing. I still have a read of the odd story here and there. Good on you all.
  11. Post-modernist. I like you.
  12. I always thought that you very unassumingly went about and contributed some of the best stuff to this place, Dave. I'll have a read of this.
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