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  1. So my goalkeeper handles the ball outside the box. Ref goes to check VAR penalty given. Put they line up to take a free kick Goalkeeper is then shown a yellow card which is highlighted yellow on his name which then changes to red. he is allowed to play the whole game for me and then on the inbox page I get the message said player is band for 1 game due to being sent off in the match.
  2. 1st season and Tottenham where sat in the relegation zone for majority of the season to only escaping on the last game of the season with Fulham losing and them drawing with Chelsea
  3. Now I don’t know if it’s my game or the same for everyone else but next time you load FM up go check the previous winners list in the champions cup see if you can spot the mistake I will not post the mistake but would be interested to see if people can find it or it maybe just my game.
  4. This is in the first season It’s happened to me played Man City away and only 7 subs but in the second leg had 12 subs
  5. Good afternoon all hope all are well. My question is has anyone had issues with the champions cup where you can select 12 subs in one game and then it only lets you select 7 subs the next game ? As this has happened to me quite regular on my 1st season.
  6. Can someone clear something up for me please. Now as far as I’m concerned if a goalkeeper handles the ball outside the box that’s an instant Red Card.
  7. 1. Always make a substitute at half time 2. Talk to my monitor who ever scores the winner in important games is going to get a new contract 3. Only scout and sign players from the 5 main European leagues 4. Never keep a player over 30 yrs old
  8. So I have won the premier leagues champions league,champions league carling cup 3yrs on the bounce. 2 FA cups as well as super cup twice and world club competition twice. So why would a player want to leave to play with better players. Surely my team is far better then any other team in Europe.
  9. Would just like him to be consistent in games I currently play him in a midfield 2 with arther Pogba is set at roaming playmaker with Matic behind and mata in the AMC and as for free kicks Pogba couldn’t hit a barn door especially with his good attributes
  10. Anyone no how to get the best out of a certain P Pogba and what they feel is his best position. Thanks in advance
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