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  1. Wish I’d read this thread a few days ago, I’m replacing full backs in every transfer window. Thought it was weird as results wise my teams have over achieved.
  2. To add to this, I’m still on my beta save and haven’t noticed it come up yet so may have gone away anyway
  3. It’s not actually a problem, it says it but it’s never an issue registering them when you would expect.
  4. The tablet change you’ve mentioned, is that why I only now have one panel? Is there a way to get it back to two?
  5. Commentary only all the way. Always have and as long as the option is there, always will (although I’m at a stage where I’m not sure my laptop could even handle 3D anyway).
  6. Let’s look at those clubs you’ve listed, palace and Burnley are no way spending £100k a week, especially Burnley who already have two good centre backs. West Ham and Newcastle maybe but is he better than what they’ve got? West have diop, ogbonnq and the Argentinian lad I can’t remember just for starters. Newcastle may not have the budget, a lot of their transfers this summer we’re done cheap. There’s also jones himself, does he want to drop down the table, clubs will generally know if a player will be interested in joining so won’t bother bidding. Your second set about PSG, the work is ne
  7. Would be interested to hear which clubs you think would pay 15 mill for Phil jones then 100k in wages. None of the top teams would want him and none of the mid table/lower teams could afford his wages. You also have to take into account would she want to move as AI teams have a general idea of whether a player it’s interested. Why hasn’t he moved on in real life if so many clubs would want him? The best bet would be someone taking him on loan with united paying most of his wages.
  8. I’m having the same issue. I saved a tactic but now can’t see it when I try to load it. i can see it in my folders outside the game as a .fmf file but it doesn’t appear in game at the screen the original poster has shown.
  9. Did you also qualify via the league position? Therefore you would qualify through that rather than Europa league.
  10. I still play on commentary only and doesn't effect my enjoyment or success. I don't usually fiddle around with my tactic to much and if I do ever need to do more in depth analysis, everything is there at the end of the game including replays if you want to view things.
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