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  1. FM 2018 realistic transfer filter

    It's the tick boxes at the top of the scouting page now, one for players interested in transfer and one for loans.
  2. Looks like this has now been fixed. Much quicker and no longer getting all the lines of text so speed seems back to normal. However, i did not get flashes when goals went in, seemed to be everytime the words came up showing a tactical change is being made, assume this is because i have set my assistant to do oppo instructions and these are the changes he keeps making.
  3. National Team Management

    I find the best way to find players for the national pool is to go to the scouting menu and filter so that you only get eligible players for your country who aren't in the national pool. You can then see who isn't in the national pool. I would usually then just add everyone for a smaller country such as Norway.
  4. Media overhaul required...

    My favourite is when the opposition manager singles out your 3rd choice goalkeeper who hasn't played a game all season as your weak link.
  5. I think Spurs got round it in real life by signing either young players or players from lesser leagues. Think Kane's latest is more than £100k but eventually we'll have to increase I believe if we want to keep him/alli etc. Maybe if we can stay in champs league regularly, get the new ground built then we'll go for the more marquee players. i think same applies to fm, if you want to sign from big leagues/teams you'll have to pay big wages but if you look at youth, smaller leagues you can get good deals.
  6. player sale....

    In a recent spurs save, a player was at the club when I arrived who a previous manager had bought for around £650,000. Few years later I sold him to Man City for nearly £70 million. The previous manager had given Bristol rovers a 50% of profit clause, they were in league two and got well over £30 million as a result of this one transfer!
  7. Adrien Silva HGN?

    In all english leagues you only need your squad to contain 8 players homegrown in nation. It's the champions league and Europa league where you need 4 homegrown at club and then 4 in nation.
  8. Yes, the co-efficient points are dynamic so leagues can move up and down.
  9. I still play commentary only and like to think I am relatively successful , certainly successful enough that I still really enjoy the game after over 20 years worth of iterations. I usually have one main tactic that I'll save and always try to apply to the team I'm managing, it will always end up with slight variations depending on opposition or the standard of team I am etc but it never changes drastically as I think it's quite balanced so slight tweaks here and there are only ever needed. I certainly try not to over think things and have found my approach does the job I need it to do.
  10. No Eu players

    As far as i'm aware, you're only allowed to sign 2 non-eu players from overseas per season.
  11. It's definitely still there, a lot of times it's in the Pros column as says it would be rejected but likely to be accepted on appeal.
  12. As far as I've been able to make out, available jobs will never appear in your inbox. Manager movements all go to the social feed. Any interviews/job offers will go to your inbox though.
  13. I just finished my first season with Hungerford. Finished 5th and went up through playoffs. Played a bog standard 4-4-2 with Stefan Brown getting 33 goals.
  14. You should just use the Job Security page and sort so you get all available jobs at the top. You can also directly apply for them on this page.
  15. Problem hiring staff?

    If you look on the promises page it will tell you when it ends. You'll then be able to sign/sack staff.