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  1. Hi, it didn`t fixed, I have a save after the promise was broken ( in case if is needed ). I won the league and the UCL and it didn`t fix, he still wanted to leave.
  2. Media prediction is bugged to the game, is not just some clubs, is every club, I had a save with 40 seasons played, Arsenal was fightint to avoid relegation for couple of season but their prediction remained 5th every year.
  3. I`ve made a promise to a player to win any silverware, i lost in spanish cup final, but I just need one match to win the league, and i`m in the semi-finals UCL. But the promise is now broken and the player wants to leave.
  4. Is my 3th season winning the league, this time i`ve won 37 games of 38, and still haven`t received the award. Always goes to a random manager who finish with 3-4 pos above expectition, even if they finished 15th.
  5. I`m on 4th season, and the media prediction on club`s general view doesn`t change.
  6. In the first season based on the pandemic, like in real life you can have 12 subs, i had 12 every game, but starting 2nd season it will come back to normal with 7 subs.
  7. Is my 2nd season when my objectives are to qualify for Champions League, but my team is challenging for league title and the club is disappointed. Edit: After restarting the game and playing one league game, has fixed.
  8. Is a bug, not only that but even the match engine is, i made a save before a final because i knew this would happen. I have over 10 shots on target maxim 1 goal, the enemy team from 3 shots 3 goals, everytime we got to the penalty shoot-out my first 2 options miss the penalty, no matter who i choose to take it. PS: My keeper in 5 games that ended to penalty kicks, didnt saved even once.
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