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  1. Winning the premier league seems to grant you access to the comp? I am sure this is wrong
  2. I understand Mason Greenwood is a good prospect.... and I understand probably want to keep United fans playing but wow is he OP.... He has the same finishing as Aguero, who is one of the greatest strikers to ever play in the league (As per his goal ratio) After one season he is literally one of the best players on the game.
  3. As mentioned, a 16 year old with a low reputation is asking for 150k a week.... I tried to offer £150 a week but he is insistant on 150l a week which is what a top international player would get. he is 16
  4. The club is 'free transfer' yet he is contracted to Osasuna. I dont know if i have loaded this in the wrong place :S Thanks Team
  5. As its says... Im seeing a lot of players score 4 goals (in 1 game) especially... On mine and my friends save, Bernado Silva, Fabinho and Salah have scored 4 goals in a game.... we are 5 games in
  6. so true.... ive scored 8 goals in 3 games.... 7 have been from outside the area....
  7. United are OP once again. They have won the first 7 league games.,,,, I cant remember the last time they won 7 league games in a row.
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