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  1. Checked this morning and forums still not loading up on pc, iPad, mobile and Xbox one and I have no idea why it's happening and I'm not exactly tech savvy with pc's
  2. Glad it's not just me having problems, I get same problems on pc, iPad, mobile and xbone browser, I've cleared the cache loads of times didn't work, even uninstalled google chrome and reinstalled it and still same problem
  3. problems started last night where i couldn`t post any pictures, or be able to view them either now this morning when switching pc on i now get a white screen with text writing all down left side, and i`ve tried ipad and mobile and getting the same edit: here is a picture of the problem, also using google chrome on pc and safari on iPad all work fine before this morning
  4. i`ve had no crashes since not selecting add players to playable teams, add extra junior players, and add players to national team pools boxes, everytime i clicked them it would crash edit: tried again this time selecting add key staff and add junior players, and left the AHL unticked and no crash
  5. ok just tried again and it`s still crashing using the TBL 9.0 DB i selected all leagues, then in the select options i unticked fog of war then ticked both add key staff and add extra junior players, then it crashes on initializing game data EDIT: finally loaded after i never ticked add key staff, add players to playable teams, add extra junior players, and add players to national team pools boxes
  6. The crashes I got were when it was loading saying initialisation league data or something like that, but if it happens again I'll post in here
  7. this is weird now but it`s now loaded up all leagues etc with default and custom DB fine
  8. like the title says when i start a new game using default and custom DB, i selected to load all leagues then once it`s loading it would crash tried again and this time selected just NHL league and that loads up fine but will keep checking them one by one
  9. only getting the error when i use full screen resolution 1920x1080, but every other resolution works via full screen and windowed
  10. Full screen with 1920x1080? Every time I selected that I got the error
  11. Are you using full screen? I get same error if I go full screen with 1920x1080 resolution, but if I go windowed or borderless works fine with the other resolutions
  12. Thank you Riz that has fixed it Edit: actually it worked until I went full screen with resolution at 1920x1080, then quit and start it up again and got that error:(
  13. After the game got updated and then click to load the game, it loaded up when I had it on windowed went in to preferences and changed resolution and full screen, it then crashed and i get this error: unable to initialise the sound-please ensure directx has been installed correctly, well directx is up to date
  14. oh dear i feel a bit stupid now you were right the DB size was on minimum, it must have reset back since i had it on full last time i started new game, thanks Riz
  15. After downloading new update and setting new game up, not being able to select to manage the GB national team, tried using default DB and the TBL version 7.3 DB Only nations I can manage were Canada, Czech Republic, Finland,Kazakhstan,Russia,Slovakia,Sweden,USA, but 2 updates past I was able to select GB national team
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