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  1. i have been looking about doing youtube, but until i replace this dying PC which can`t handle the capture card anymore, so that will have to wait
  2. that has been pissing me off since it started happening to me yesterday now seriously thinking about just deleting my account on twitch and finding somewhere else to stream and before people say i`m an idiot for thinking about that, i`ve not been happy with streaming on twitch since mixer ended
  3. i have 2 tracks i have bad history of not racing well at japan and monaco so i can rule myself out of the title
  4. 95 points behind IMM doubt i`ll catch him even if i stayed in the merc
  5. A race well worth watching to see something that will never happen again
  6. just watching the VOD on @alfredbulbasaur stream from last night and seen this comment from @Sunny K 5unnyK:I will unretire if Monty wins see you on wednesday then sunny
  7. all the years i`ve been racing in this league, last night was the best i`ve ever driven might need to play more wreckfest and watch NHL fights before every race
  8. yep lap 14, i was due to pit lap 15 halfway around that lap was thinking of going an extra lap but decided against it, which worked out great i got out just ahead of you
  9. posted this on discord, my tyre wear at end of the race
  10. if going back to alternate wednesday races, i would do that for season 4, if you start it say next week then real performance season goes longer
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