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  1. another battle royale by the looks of it
  2. hope they do announce the new Elite controller V2, my current elite controller the rubber has come loose
  3. did that last night and this will be a day 1 buy for me
  4. i`ll pass on crackdown need to see more of fallout 76
  5. don`t think there is a story to it, it`s more just survive as long as you can if it wasn`t for gamepass i doubt i would have played it
  6. yeah if they keep fixing stupid bugs like that, i was enjoying it got to day 10 with a bigger base, but it is a grind though
  7. i`m done with this broken state of decay 2 game just upgraded the military truck and it`s stuck and can`t enter it at my base, so went looking for another car to try crash in to it to get it unstuck and that`s the same thing thing it`s stuck
  8. for me i thought AOIT still had it`s problems but was still playable, but the last patch before the one out today messed up the drop shots so scared to see what this patch has messed up and having played both games i felt the career on AOIT was better with having a ranking of 1K, where as in TWT starts at 100 and was too easy to rank up quicker
  9. too late for me now i traded it in yesterday will stick with AOIT for now
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar Table Tennis are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today
  11. traded TWT in today got £30 for it, will just stick with AOIT for now
  12. wish top spin 4 was BC on the xbone but rockstar`s table tennis is about to be on BC
  13. going to trade TWT in and won`t be buying it again i can get £30 from game for it right now
  14. monty99

    F1 2017 OTF PS4 League - Season Two

    yeah i`m also thinking about trading F1 17 in while i can get a decent value for it