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  1. nice work with the team talk icons. been meaning to do the same.
  2. the xG? Yeah you'd be correct. You can add it to a selector panel with the code. I've attatched mine, you'll have to add the code below to a selector panel. <!-- XG --> <widget class="player_scout_reports_panel" id="tcoR" file="player/tcs/selector/attribute/xg" late_loading="true" > <translation id="title" translation_id="515048" type="use" value="xG" /> </widget> It is very finicky and doesn't really work well so it'll only work in containers with tons of space tcs.7z
  3. You already have a thread regarding widgets, please don't post in other peoples threads. Regarding the tactical circles, it's not supported in the game anymore and as far as im aware it doesn't work properly so I wouldn't use it personally.
  4. https://community.sigames.com/topic/540248-fm21skin-show-your-skin-and-inspire/
  5. Guess i'll go first. No plans to release so don't ask.
  6. Nah not running any .fmf files at the moment, started in the beta before the editor was available
  7. Hesitant to post this cause it normally goes downhill, but here we go... Same rules as last year. Rules: This thread serves it's purpose to inspire other skinmakers and/or show off your hard work, not the skin that you're currently using. If you're using another skin as a base, please credit and link the skin. Please specify whether you want to release the skin or not. This will prevent a million questions like last year. If the creator isn't planning on releasing, don't ask. Be respectful. Gonna requote this. Please specify whether you want to release the
  8. Hello, venturing out of the skinning section 😂 I decided I want 3 letter names for teams for the match scoreboard, such as in the Bundesliga. Unfortunately, the changes don't seem to be applying. From what I can see, there is no issues that would lead to nothing working so i'm stumped. I've attached my file if anyone wants to take a look. 3 letter names.lnc
  9. presuming fonts don’t work cause they’re .xml files when they need to be .fontxml files
  10. check the settings.xml, is the accent colour disabled?
  11. i’m presuming the purple skin is the most used skin, si have deep analytics and i doubt they’d go in that direction if no one used it. plus theres the whole idea of purple and branding, and it looking recognisable
  12. it goes transparent when the ball moves to it iirc
  13. Post closed at request of OP. Would appreciate if you can edit your post and explain how you fixed it, just in case anyone is searching with the same issue
  14. Nope. Saving was an addition last year, previously it wasn’t supported.
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