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  1. Thank you mate. Means a lot A lot. 17 is ok, wouldn't go that direction again though. 15 and 16 though. What on earth was going through my head
  2. Now I've posted the definitive versions of every release, I'll start uploading other versions as well as concept skins and stuff i didn't finish. The plan is essentially to have a complete archive of what I've worked on skin wise. If someone wants to extend on these concept or WIP skins, feel free. FM20: WorkTheSpace Concept Skin In 2019, Jack (WorkTheSpace) released a concept idea for a skin for Football Manager, and I decided to have a go at recreating it. It's not perfect, a lot of it isn't possible due to FM's limitations, such as the next match information in the titlebar,
  3. FM21: TCS 2021 v2.0 (Previously Unreleased) The other unreleased version of the skin. After taking a fairly extend break from FM, focusing more on stuff like Assassins Creed Valhalla and F1 2020, I came back and decided to rip up my skin and start from scratch. I fell in love with @Wozzie’s Tato skin, and decided to base my skin off that instead of starting from scratch. Using a tabbed style to implement multiple different designs onto one page, v2.0 provides the user with a very intuitive and easy on the eye experience. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  4. FM21: TCS 2021 v1.1 This is the last “publicly” released version of TCS 2021. Initially, the first release featured a revolutionary moving background, however this caused issues for certain users. I don't love this skin, I think it has cool features such as the manager profile, however it doesn't really stand out with anything. It is what it is. Mid-release, a game update broke Player Ratings which required a manual fix. The uploaded version has that fix. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  5. FM20: TCS 2020 By far my most successful skin. Released on day 1, it was the first skin to introduce a League Table onto the Club Overview, featuring a custom The Athletic website, a custom twitter page, overhauled Match screens. It was by far the most feature rich version of the skin I’ve ever released. I think considering where my head was at points with the skin, it’s an incredible achievement. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  6. Thanks guys <3 I'll still be around on here. I'm planning on doing more guides and stuff next year anyways
  7. FM19: TCS '19 TCS 19 was a big year for me. The first year I worked with Jack/WTS, and in all honesty my favorite skin I’ve released. Even how it came about, I just had an idea, threw it into Photoshop and it just all clicked together. The skin was based on my Night Mode skin from FM18, which itself was both inspired by software like Adobe Photoshop and previous FM skins like Bergkamp's skin. A key part of my design choice for this skin was to keep the general UI close to the base skin, which I managed to do, just centering the text and adding a background to the World ->
  8. FM18: TCS 2018 (Previously Unreleased) The first of two unreleased skins. I decided to sit down in 2018 and figure out how skins actually work, and it was one of the best things I did. I started breaking down panels line by line and learning what does what and eventually it just clicked for me. That year @Jovovich created the scoreboard selector and I implemented my own version into it. This was also the year I experimented with tabs on the player screen, and a Dark Mode, which I’ve included in the download. The dark mode ended up becoming the most notable feature of TCS
  9. FM17: TCS 2017 FM 2017 seen me move from a laptop to my first home-built gaming PC and 1080p monitor as I got my first apprenticeship, which afforded me so much more space for panels. TCS 2017 was my first effort creating stuff from scratch, and while it still borrows heavily from other skins, it’s a lot more personalized. Unfortunately, 2017 got a lot less playtime than other games for whatever reason. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  10. FM16: TCS 2016 Getting there. TCS ’16 was the first skin game to implement the “design choice” of TCS which based around the sidebar and header both recolouring based on the primary colour. You can still very easily pick out the main inspirations for the skin though, as the player panel is heavily based on Vitrex while the rest of the skin was based around Alavanja from Fm15 and Steklo/Evo. The bulk of this skin was made during study sessions for my end of school exams, don’t regret a thing. Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  11. FM15: TCS '15 This is awful. Heavily inspired by another skin, which I mostly adapted. it was a ambitious first attempt for sure. Don’t think I even ended up using it much, sticking to Steklo and Scorpio. I actually ended up improving it as I learnt how to skin, but I was still very inexperienced. I was 15, I tried my best. 😂 Links: Mediafire | Mega | GDrive
  12. So TCS 2021 is likely the last release in the series. It’s been a long series since an unknown release in 2015, to over 450,000 downloads total. The skin has long surpassed any expectations that I had and has been a great distraction for me throughout the years. I’ve always been very open about my mental health and my struggles, and while the skin has been a distraction, it is also something that has fell to the wayside when I’ve struggled and it’s also contributed in parts. When you’re struggling, or in my case anyway, you just need positive affirmation and any sort of positivity helps,
  13. It's comments like this that push creators away.
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