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  1. Posted this on my twitter account (@tcsskin), figured I'd post it here as well
  2. likely not, but I haven't tested it. most panels will support 1336x768 @85%. Also to answer your question about the backgrounds, likely not.
  3. Version v1.6 on the way. Also working on a light version.
  4. You'd have to get in touch with whoever modified those files you see in that screenshot
  5. on the side of the pitch? that's a design choice. If I didn't remove it the pitch would be squashed horizontally.
  6. FM 16 was crazy good, Vitrex, CFM, Evo, the best year for skins imo
  7. always wanted to use it but I was running a laptop at the time😂, that Evo 2016 and Scorpio 2015 are my podium of favourite skins and inspiration tbh
  8. Been working on this here and there, taken the interface from the beautiful g2 skin from FM16 (by @Gizel), dont ask about a release because its simply a side project, but I may work on it more in the future
  9. TCS '19 v1.5\panels\match\match title bar.xml TCS '19 v1.5\panels\generic\header.xml
  10. delete match titlebar.xml, then open header.xml and edit this line, change the height to 60 instead of 130 <widget class="match_titlebar_panel" id="MHdr" height="130" />
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