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  1. Hardcoded. If there's no actual code there, it's hardcoded.
  2. just make a backup of the file and delete one of the widgets and see what it does
  3. Fix for the positions panel Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m3ecb2m66nyjxys/player+positions+indicator+small+horizontal.xml/file
  4. are you just asking to make visible? in preferences, search for unique at the top in the search bar
  5. no it’s just a deprecated feature that people don’t want to let go
  6. Considering then percentages are not supposed to be a feature in the game, i can’t say i’m surprised they don’t work anymore
  7. copy config.xml from one of the skins (such as TCS), to the panels folder of another. Then reload the skin. it essentially stops caching.
  8. My bad didn't see the annotations, was viewing on my phone. Apologies
  9. can you explain what you’re actually trying to do because i’m a bit confused
  10. please read the red text on the top of the page. thread closed. No requests for graphics downloads please!! This is a help forum only. Any offending threads will be closed.
  11. Merged the two threads and edited the title to be more descriptive. The website is from the Evo skin plus, you’ll need to copy “panels/competition/competition news panel.com” and all the corresponding files and graphics from that skin over. Kirs on the manager home isn’t possible as far as i’m aware, there was a thread about it a few pages back.
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