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  1. it's a half finished mess, less usable than the most recent release, and considering its the final version I don't want to release a buggy mess because that doesn't represent the overall quality of the skin
  2. after 2000 hours on FM19 (a good portion of that skinning), I'm simply burned out
  3. can you not read the text above the images?
  4. Great work, for a first effort it's extremely high quality!
  5. Ok, I really like that. That's going into my personal version of TCS lmao
  6. I made a custom one for v1.1.1 of TCS 19, never had any issues personally
  7. it'll just be a height attribute, likely in header.xml
  8. not the full screen, but I did manage to bring the scoreboard back, I'll pm you in a bit
  9. Removed that, the whole match ui is so much worse than FM 17
  10. Looking good man! Had one of my bursts of inspiration and spent the last couple of hours on this. Still needs a lot of work but im fairly happy with it so far!. The player panel is just taken from my glass skin, but the actual UI and theme of the skin is hte key point
  11. I can't remember if I'm being completely honest, I think I changed the parent line in the config and the background, and that's it
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