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  1. that match tactics screen is fantastic
  2. It's not that kinda forum. This is more based around making/modifying skins rather than graphics
  3. that’ll be your issue. the skin is built for a 1080p resolution
  4. what resolution are you playing at
  5. those icons are hardcoded to be certain colours iirc
  6. in your preferences you can change the user data location. this controls where the game reads the folder from. you’ll manually need to change the location of the saves tho if you want them on your ssd (but then again i personally haven’t noticed much difference on an ssd compared to hard drive)
  7. the city pics mod uses background code, that’ll be what causes it
  8. do you have city pics downloaded?
  9. yep, panels/match title bar.xml, at the very top the first line will be <panel>, edit it to what i put
  10. you can use a workaround like the city pics or the front of kits in the flut skin, not really worth it for me
  11. at the very top of the panel edit so it looks like this <panel colour_team_scores=“false”>
  12. Moved to the crash dump section, the devs here will be of more use than us
  13. fixture details info or something like that. it’s in the match folder
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