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  1. I didn't know how much on impact they had until last night tbh, playing against a 442 so I tried making my full back Jack Stacey set too FB(D) so we have the numerical advantage if they try to counter attack with us, but he kept bombing up the wing no matter what, until i noticed his traits. Had to set the LB to defend which kind of ruined our Overlap with the LW but it is what it is. Regardless, with a relatively LLM save (Luton Town in League One) I've used some of the guidlines established by Herne in this thread as well as other bits of reading and came up with this, front five all set to press more urgently and, CBs set to pass shorter and as is the keeper. The player's arent fantastic, but some others seem to have an idea that lower league teams can only play 4-4-2 Hoofball when that's simply false. I got Nuneaton promoted from the VNL to the Premier League in 10 years on FM 16 playing a possession orientated system as opposed to 'brexit football'. The 2-1 loss to Charlton was particularly frustrating considering we mostly dominated, their first goal coming off the error regarding PPMs I've previously mentioned, with their second coming from an 86th minute set piece. One thing we seem to be struggling with is fashioning chances, although on the new public beta so lets see if the changes made to striker movement have any impact on that, if not it's something to look at.
  2. thought my scoreboards would be the issue but I extracted the downloaded file to a base skin and it went down first time. Do that and go back through old fixtures or whatever and you might get some
  3. getting crash dumps using this, anyone else?
  4. not skin related, hire an AM and you'll be able to quick pick.
  5. likely wont be seeing a release because it uses various bits from other skins. I may get around to updating v1.1 with the recolouring stuff though
  6. yeah I was remaking that panel and got distracted and never got back to it, you know how it is 😂😂
  7. Planned to do it from the beginning, but i finally got round to reworking my skin to make it possible to recolour the whole skin through a handful of lines of code. Reworked the player panel as well
  8. looks much better I've never touched it because I looked at the code and I think it gave me an aneurysm lmao
  9. oh yeah I've already had it
  10. Not at all. But if work of mine was stuck behind a paywall then I'd be extremely pissed off considering i've never charged a penny for my skin. Just my two cents.
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