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  1. Thanks everyone for contributing to the German data thread. Lots of your suggestions have made it into the upcoming winter update. Hope you'll like our work! Best regards, Daniel
  2. Thanks a lot! Hope you like the adjusted profiles of Rebic and Haller. Best regards, Daniel
  3. https://www.lattenkreuz.de/vogt-der-anerzogene-quarterback/ https://sports.bwin.com/de/news/fussball/leon-bailey-und-die-schnellsten-spieler-der-bundesliga
  4. Good spot! Fixed for future data updates. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the Bundesliga in FM 2019! Best regards, Daniel
  5. Hi, your explanation about Niko Kovac's tactical preferences are spot on! I can see where you're coming from with Sébastien Haller and Ante Rebic. I'm taking your suggestions into account but some of them seem to extreme to me (for example decreasing Haller's strength and balance by three points each). Haller is a tall and robust forward. This has always been pointed out by Bobic and Kovac. Rebic's inconsistent technical abilities are mainly a question of concentration. Lack of concentration and consistency has been an issue for his whole career so far. Same is true for his work rate. I'm going to take another look at the two players. Hope you will like their adjusted profile after the next data update. Best regards, Daniel
  6. That's too uncertain to lower the fee to buy in the database at this point. We'll have to wait until more detailed information emerges. Best regards Daniel
  7. The international retirements of Mesut Özil and Mario Gomez are in the game. You just have to go forward to the real life international retirement dates. Mesut Özil retires on July 22nd 2018, Mario Gomez on August 5th 2018. Best regards Daniel
  8. Yes, this is going to be fixed for future data updates. Don't worry I just can't mention every single change I do! Best regards, Daniel
  9. Hi Ciaran, this is anything but a data issue. You should rather report this as a bug in the suitable sub-forum. Have a good weekend! Daniel
  10. Hi, you're probably right that Jerome Boateng's physical attributes should be reduced further. I'm going to take your feedback into account for future data updates! Thanks Daniel
  11. Thanks for your feedback on Pablo Maffeo. His pace will be increased to 14 for future data updates. By the way 31-32 km/h topspeed is not especially fast. It's good speed but really nothing outstanding. Best regards, Daniel
  12. Hi Sebastian, I don't think you can compare Beyreuther and Knothe to Hrgota, Wiedwald or Zimmermann. These three haven proven themselves as professionals for many years. Hrgota has even played in international matches for Sweden! Beyreuther and Knothe have been professionals for one year and since then they've been given 0 minutes of senior football. Aside from Aymen Barkok no youth player has been given a chance at Eintracht in the past 3-4 years. As far as I can remember Marc Oliver Kempf and Luca Waldschmidt were the last ones. All this tells me that developing academy players seems to have a very low priority at Eintracht Frankfurt. We still know that our policy regarding youth players is controversial. Yet most of the time our decisions have been spot on. Hopefully you enjoy the game and like the rest of our German data. I'd love to get some feedback about Eintracht players from you! Daniel
  13. Hi, I don't agree with your suggestion to give a further boost to Philipp Max at this point. He's not proven himself at international level (European competitions, national team) so far. In the past there have been quite a few fullbacks (Abdul Rahman Baba, Matthias Ostrzolek) who were top performers at Augsburg but failed to make it at a higher level. So unless Philipp Max makes the next step I'm reluctant to give him another boost. CA wise he's already one of the best players in the league in his position. Let's wait and see. Best regards, Daniel
  14. Hello, that's some awesome feedback! I'm going to consider all of this advice for future data updates (although I might not agree 100%). Yet I won't be adding the proposed PPMs. We're not using some of them anymore because they are dating back to old versions of the game when roles were not available. For example if you add "dives into tackles" the players is almost always going to do dive into tackles. He's going to behave too mechanically. There are other single attributes which can make this behaviour more likely. Thanks for the help. Best regards, Daniel
  15. Hi, Peter Knäbel has now been set as Head of Youth Development at Schalke. Reliable German newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" reported that Mascarell is going to make 25 mio. € in the next four years at Schalke (s. http://www.fr.de/sport/eintracht/eintracht-kader-auf-dem-eintracht-karussell-a-1534253,0#artpager-1534253-1). Most probably this sum also includes a signing fee as well as bonuses. That's why I've now lowered his basic yearly wage to 4.5 mio €. Thanks for your input. Best regards, Daniel
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