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  1. Start with 'control possession' tactical template and adjust it to your team/players. Instructions are all written on first page, roles have been: GKd - FBs CDd CDd FBa - DMs - BBMs RPMs - IFs/a APs - F9s
  2. I try to replicate my favorite tactic in FM21 but would like to know if it's okay or if you've suggestions to make it better. Formation should be 4-4-2 narrow diamond or a narrow 4-1-3-2. I know that following details aren't sufficient to make up a complete tactic, especially the instructions for the defense have not yet been discussed, but I would like to start with these specifications first and then adjust the tactics further. Playstyle (most important): Fast and direct football. Long balls were rather the exception, instead they combined with flat one-contacts quickly from back to front. A prototype for the quick changeover when capturing a ball in their own half: Over two stations, they bring the ball in less than ten seconds to the opponent's penalty area. This style seems to be contradictory for FM, sounds like to use shorter and vertical passes at the same time. Would shorter passes and a higher tempo be the best settings to reproduce such a style of play? Mentality is important as well, I would probably first test standard or positive. Role specifications: A defensive midfielder with good positional play and anticipation not relying on his tacklings in front of a back four. Next to him played two strong box-to-box players, players who ran from penalty area to penalty area and supported their colleagues. A classic ten was responsible for the creative elements , especially for a very fast striker attacking opposing defensive lines. My planned roles, depending on available players and how they act with actual match engine: DM should be Anchor Man, DLPd, Half Back or DMd, CM should be a combination of DLPs, CMs, CARs and MEZs (one more attacking + one more defensive minded role), classic ten should be CMa, Ta, AMs/AMa or APs/APa and fast striker AFa, PFa or Pa.
  3. Read the patch notes carefully: Containing a number of tweaks, improvements and fixes as listed in our changelist below, the update is save game compatible allowing you to continue your pre-existing saves. *In some instances, changes to competitions, rules and registrations will require starting a new game to come into effect.
  4. Best German lower league file: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2317830932
  5. I have now completed a full season with a slightly different tactic (lower tempo, normal LOE and FBs instead of WBs) and am very satisfied with the results and statistics. I'm playing the fourth season in Championship with Salford with media prediction 23 out of 24. We ended the season in 15th place and even worked our way up to 9th place on match day 34. Here are the goals / assists distribution of my team: AFa: 25 goals / 0 assists (most goals in the league and rating 7.12) DLFs: 11 goals / 9 assists (rating 7.00) APa: 2 goals / 10 assists (rating 7.04)
  6. I didn't notice any major changes in the first few games with an AP(A). What I noticed, however, was that the FB(A) went forward very quickly and were therefore often looked for as an option. As a result, the playmaker was apparently often overplayed. Have now changed both FB(A) to WB(S) and in the first games I like the game structure and the ball distribution of my team much better.
  7. Roaming was an attempt to involve the playmaker more in the game by looking for free spaces. I will now test a AP(A), luckily I have a suitable young player with PPM tries killer passes in my squad.
  8. Thank you all for your input. The playmaker is involved in gameplay, has good passing stats and makes a lot of passes to other players (i.e. FB) which can play the final pass. The tactic is supposed to be a replica of one of my favorite teams and the playmaker was much more involved there. Here are the goals / assists distribution of the real team: Forward 1: 28 goals / 8 assists (my idea AFa) Forward 2: 13 goals / 11 assists (my idea DLFs) Playmaker: 10 goals / 8 assists The full backs had only one assist each, there was another player with 11 assists but he played in CM (my idea offensive minded CARs). Is it possible to set up a tactic in a similar way?
  9. How can I get more out of my central playmaker in a narrow 4132 system? Results are very good over the last 2 seasons but my central playmaker, who should be the brain and heart of my teams struggles with assists and with goals. Initial idea was a narrow 41212 but the narrow 4132 seems to be the better formation and the playmaker was nearly the same in AMC or MC position. Roles as follows: SKd - FBa CDd CDc FBa - HBd - CARs (shoot less) APs (roaming) CARs (shoot less) - DLFs AFs (or PFs PFa) Positive mentality with following team instructions: play out of defence, pass into space, counter-press, counter, distribute to CB, defend wider, higher DL, higher LOE The team plays exactly how I want, nice build up in 352 style with nice passes into space to have some variability in gameplay. Most goals are coming from the fowards but most assists are coming from the full backs. So what could/should I change? My playmakers are not the best players of the team, so buy a better player? Train him a PPM like tries killer balls? Change the playmaker role or roles of other players? Change team instruction/s?
  10. I play with a narrow 4-1-3-2 system because defending, especially on the flanks, seems easier as narrow 4-1-2-1-2. Traditional striker duo of DLFs and AFa although the game says the best role for both is PFa.
  11. I play a similar tactic with balanced mentality. Players and roles as follows: PFa IWs Wa CMs BBMs DMd FBa BPDd CDd FBs SKd You could try to put you DLPd in DM strata and adjust the CM players a little bit more conservative for a better structure. More urgent pressing could be too much for your team, try a split block with advanced five players press more instead.
  12. Couldn't find a good tactic for my team in the 1st half of the season but found a new target man for my team and amended my tactic as follows: Pa TMs IWs CMd CMs Wa FBa CDd CDd FBs SKd Mentality: Counter / TI: higher tempo, counter, distribute to FB, throw it long, lower LOE, tighter marking / LM and RM switch positions
  13. It would be helpful if you could justify your suggestion.
  14. I play a similar tactic and my left wing makes a lot of assists and got high ratings. Players and roles as follows: AFa IFs Wa MEZsu DLPsu DMd FBa CDd CDd FBs SKd Balanced mentality with following TI: WBIB / counter, distribute to FB, throw it long / lower LOE, tighter marking
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