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  1. Counter with default D-Line and Closing Down could be too cautious and you'll concede goals if your players can't absorb pressure. I had more success with higher closing down TI or as PI for some players and TI Get Stuck In.
  2. YasoKuul

    Axel müller model citizen

    Thanks, found him in editor: Axel Milton Müller - he's already retired in my save
  3. YasoKuul

    Axel müller model citizen

    I scouted him in game yesterday evening and my scout reported a "Balanced" personality, so I guess he's not always a "Model Citizen". I don't see a problem as personalities change in-game and newgens can be found with very good personalities as well.
  4. Not really, I just pre-ordered FM19 for 30.99 and paid 31.76 for FM18 last October.
  5. It doesn't matters, the Steam Hardware & Software Survey: July 2018 shows that Linux is only 0,49% of all OS versions: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey?l=english
  6. I had a similar problem with old and slow centre backs. I switched to 4-2-3-1 deep (2 dm, 3 am) with standard/flexible and higher d-line + more closing down but instructed the centre backs to press less. My centre backs concentrate to control the middle and both WB + both DM work for them. We conceeded only 30 goals in 34 league games (2nd best in the league, 1st had 29) and had 13 clean sheets (3rd best in the league, 1st had 16).
  7. I think it would be a great feature if we can select that the Main Focus of Match Preparation is automatically selected as per Scouting Report. I always follow the suggestion of the scouting report. So if my scout tells me focus on Def. Positioning then I select it, but it's annoying to arrange it manually for each game. So it would be great if there's a possibilty to arrange it automatically.
  8. I think the center forward receiving the ball back to the door should be a supporting DLF, DF or CF with ppm 'play with back to goal' and 'plays one-twos'. Cleon wrote a good article about a TM type player with DLF role and suiteable ppm. The second striker starting from wide/deep and cutting in the space behind him could be a F9 or an attacking DLF/CF.
  9. I created a 442 narrow diamond with structured shape to reduce individual creativity and a less compact team but added TI shorter passing to bring the players closer together again.
  10. A tool which makes FM runs faster. That's good news, I got the information from the following thread:
  11. Cheat Engine can be a reason for the game stopping if awarded with a penalty. Do you use this or a similar software?
  12. I use a poacher in my 4-4-2 narrow diamond tactic with the following roles: GK d FB a CD d CD d FB a DM d  CAR s CAR s AP s  P a CF s Mentality: Control // Team Shape: Flexible // TI: Drop Deeper + Lower Tempo Both my starting poacher and my young back-up score a lot of goals. They get most assists from AP + CF but also some from both CAR and both FB.
  13. YasoKuul

    Narrow setup

    My team (narrow diamond) mostly plays through the middle, especially with a playmaker in AMC position. I want them to use the flanks (2 supporting WB) as well to be a little bit more unpredictable and have the opposition to cover more space. Does it make sense to use TI 'Exploit left/right flank' for such a narrow setup or are there any other ways?
  14. YasoKuul

    Narrow setup

    I've a good 4-4-2 narrow diamond tactic with the following roles: GK d WB s CD d CD d WB s A d CAR s CAR s T a DLF s AF a