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  1. I use a similar tactic and noticed the same problems. I changed the lone forward to AFa which is more attacking (scoring goals) but is also involved in built-up play. I use an IFs instead an IFa which sits a little deeper and helps defending the flanks.
  2. You could also use the following custom database down to 6th division: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1564750393
  3. I let you know how I set up my team, which seems very similar to yours: GKd - FBs BPDd CDc FBs - DMd - IWa CMs CMa Ws - DLFa A standard back six to keep players behind the ball, strengthen your defence and not allow big gaps due to players getting pulled out of position. The IW has PIs to act more like an IF, the CMs has PIs to act more like an AP. The rest is set without PI and my team plays with Balanced mentality as well.
  4. You could try to switch both AML and AMR to ML and MR, this should strengthen your defence and opens space for attacks.
  5. I think option three is the best option if the team/players aren't well known. I separate the players in three groups depending on their strength: 1st group starters, 2nd group substitutes and 3rd group all other players (backups and youngsters). After that, I choose a formation where the strongest players fit in with their positions/roles. Don't look at the stars only, recheck their attributes, a lot of players can play different positions/roles. Keep an eye at the substitutes as well, the best formation is useless without proper replacements. You can then choose a suitable style for your team, i.e. a counter approach won't be very usefule if the formation is a top heavy 4-2-3-1.
  6. The ME of the public beta is a lot better and a massive improvement, you'll get really goods crosses from the wings.
  7. YasoKuul

    AP and DLP Together

    Rashidi had a nice tactic for FM18 with DLPd and APa, I use a similar tactic in FM19:
  8. It's already "under review" by SI:
  9. The starting/defending position of IWs is much deeper as IFs.
  10. I tried to build a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond tactic on the weekend but noticed this behaviour of my fullbacks a lot of times independently of roles and/or instructions. It was very annoying and I hope SI fixes it asap!
  11. It seems they are not compatible and you've to create new shortlists.
  12. I think it depends on the roles and the tactic. My WB(s) got both the PI to dribble less due to low dribbling stats and they've around 3 dribblings per game.
  13. Yeah, I was really surprised yesterday but makes it more realistic.
  14. This is the correct place for your post and your suggestions:
  15. I set up my attacking four as IFa F9s SSa and Ws which seems very effective as all players score goals and get assists as well. They move around (back & forth) which makes it very hard for the opponent defenders. My DM is a more conservative setup with SVs and Ad (sometimes a DLPd) which makes it very hard to counter against my team. The defensive line is WBs BPDc CDs + FBa, their main task is a clean sheet and both full backs offer wide support if it's needed.