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  1. I noticed the same and posted in the following thread: Don't know if SI is aware of this issue already.
  2. I was surprised by the number of crosses in most pictures of these different possession tactics. I never noticed so many crosses in my own possession tactic visually and by using the match analyse feature. I rechecked the stats of older matches and by using the match stats widget in game and noticed that the number of crosses is always different. It seems that the match stats widget counts more passes as crosses as the analyse feature. Has anyone noticed this as well and can explain it?
  3. The main problem is that physical attributes are more important than mental attributes and experience.
  4. 2nd team can play in third tier, you can also use a lower league file (needs restart) so that these play in 4th and 5th tier: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1564750393
  5. Assists are from open play and from set pieces. I know that the movement of strikers and passing (through balls) is or should be a problem of the ME but I'm very satisfied with the behaviour of my AMC. Is there an option/statistics to recheck the assist details?
  6. I play with a tweaked Control Possession tactic with 4-2-3-1 formation and my AMC (APs) is a beast with many assists, lovely passes and very goods ratings. I use many support roles like Cleon in his great "Art of Possession Football" article. Only Pressing Forward on attack and Central Defender + one Central Midfielder on defend.
  7. They cover only their side of the pitch, so RCM the right side and MCL the left side. Everything else would be stupid as you can play with a pair in narrow diamond for example and they would open space if they cover the opposite side of the pitch.
  8. I can't post a screenshot at the moment but I picked up his teammate Lovro Majer ( 20-year old, AMC) as well and he's playing great so far.
  9. David Beckham is the final member of the Class of ’92 to take a stake in the club as CO92 become the majority shareholders with 60%, although Peter Lim remains the single largest shareholder with 40%: https://salfordcityfc.co.uk/david-beckham-to-take-stake-in-salford-city/ I think it's time to start another save in FM19 after a great save in FM18 with promotions up to EPL.
  10. Selke is a good Pressing Forward which can be used in several tactics. I use an attacking PF in my customized 4-2-3-1 control possession tactic.
  11. I use a similar tactic and noticed the same problems. I changed the lone forward to AFa which is more attacking (scoring goals) but is also involved in built-up play. I use an IFs instead an IFa which sits a little deeper and helps defending the flanks.
  12. You could also use the following custom database down to 6th division: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1564750393
  13. I let you know how I set up my team, which seems very similar to yours: GKd - FBs BPDd CDc FBs - DMd - IWa CMs CMa Ws - DLFa A standard back six to keep players behind the ball, strengthen your defence and not allow big gaps due to players getting pulled out of position. The IW has PIs to act more like an IF, the CMs has PIs to act more like an AP. The rest is set without PI and my team plays with Balanced mentality as well.
  14. You could try to switch both AML and AMR to ML and MR, this should strengthen your defence and opens space for attacks.
  15. I think option three is the best option if the team/players aren't well known. I separate the players in three groups depending on their strength: 1st group starters, 2nd group substitutes and 3rd group all other players (backups and youngsters). After that, I choose a formation where the strongest players fit in with their positions/roles. Don't look at the stars only, recheck their attributes, a lot of players can play different positions/roles. Keep an eye at the substitutes as well, the best formation is useless without proper replacements. You can then choose a suitable style for your team, i.e. a counter approach won't be very usefule if the formation is a top heavy 4-2-3-1.
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