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  1. I was wondering if there is a way I am perhaps not seeing where you can work on your coaching badges while in charge of a nation?
  2. I would like to see more realistic looking female faces. The ones now are simply men's faces with tiny tweaks. You look like a guy trying to be a female manager. Can y'all actually get real female faces for next year.
  3. Anyone have a custom set for the lower leagues in Finland?
  4. Yeah I am using Steam. I guess it could be them, good to know it probably is them.
  5. Am I the only one when you exit out of the game it almost freezes and takes over 4 minutes to fully exit? ;
  6. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing? I like knowing what they will be making per week instead of the year.
  7. So far my only issue is the look of a female manager. It is still a dude's face with a women's body. Can y'all fix that for next year because women do play.
  8. Started a Derby save with no cheats and it's going pretty well. With 11 matches in am sitting third on 25 points which is far better than I thought. Loaned in Jed Steer as Keeper because Hamer and Roos just were not cutting it, Rhian Brewster who has shall we say done very little so far. Marriot has been banging them in with 7 goals and 2 assists so far. During the transfer window was able to send Martin out on loan to Aberdeen, Curtis Davies to Al Wahanda (UAE) for 375 K, Hull came in and took Forsyth for free. In as a transfer John Soutter for 8.5 million from Hearts. He has been rock solid
  9. I'll see what the new things are and what if any fixes they make.
  10. I am enjoying it a lot but the place where the Devs decided to put the in game editor is horrible. Many people haven't figured out to look there because it is a tiny spot. How about not do that next year.
  11. How do y'all deal with a player of yours being sent off? Do you issue a warning then next time a fine ect or does it depend on what they were sent off for? I normally do a 1 weeks fine if it was a straight red and only a warning if it was two yellows then if there is a next time a higher punishment ect. One of my CB has gotten two straight reds for pretty nasty tackles and I have fined him both times. He is mad and feels he is being unfairly targeted by me for the fines. I dont really care but I was wondering how yall do it.
  12. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost let us not be relegated, Amen.
  13. My AC Oulu team just got smashed 7-1 on aggregate in the CL playoff place. The first leg was a 5-0 thrashing, the worst of my career. I was happy we at least scored one in the second leg.
  14. I play in Finland the regens I get coming through AC Oulu are usually one really good one, a couple really bad ones and some that will do well in the Finnish Prem and others who might be good First Division ones. One year I had three regens who are now rocking it in my First team but the next year it was ok. This recent bunch I just got had a really promising GK, have fun breaking in dude when my 17 year old is rocking it, and one dude who I looked up his PA and it was 32.
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