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  1. Been using the 103 442 ECCC with Fulham for almost two seasons. I had been scoring a lot of goals. This season, one striker has 36 and the other has 16. But all of a sudden, I just stopped scoring and their game ratings have been 6.4 or even worse. And, I control possession with 55%, 30 shots and at least 10 on target. Completely dominated Liverpool in FA Cup semi-final only to lose 1-0 on an extra time goal. Should have scored 3-4 goals but strikers missed every chance badly. No idea what is going on.
  2. Does there happen to be a list of PPMs for the 442 ECCC embedded somewhere in this thread? Particularly, wondering about S, winger, wing back.
  3. Wow. Have never seen that thread. Totally my speed. Digging in. Ty,
  4. Using 442 ECCC with Fulham and nearing end of the season. Struggled at first, but using Positive at home and Cautious away really changed everything. In game, I may move that up or down depending on the situation (often a hunch, tbph, during the match). For example, I beat City, Liverpool and Chelsea at home using Cautious. I drew 1-1 away to Villa probably b/c I should have been more aggressive. For about 6 matches, I hit a crazy purple patch and was scoring for fun. 4-5 goals per match. Tactic scores some brilliant goals. Then, all of a sudden, I have gone 9 matches without scoring more than 2. Have gone 5-2-2, so can't complain much. But I have no idea what happened. It was like the scoring bubble just burst. 6th rounder FA match v. Chelsea away and 7 league games remaining. I sit precariously in 4th and every match is now a nail biter!
  5. Makes sense. Also seems like your near side WB gets the ball a lot and shoots. So isnt it good for him to have some finishing skills? I would put another player in that slot but concerned I will make a hash of it. WBs are huge in this tactic it seems. Goods ones can destroy the opposition.
  6. So I cleared all of my corner takers figuring AI would choose and it does. Strange thing now is that some times no player comes short.
  7. Once upon a time, someone created a thread that had the dates for when all the newgens are generated for each league. Can't locate. Anyone know where that is? Has to be 5 years old.
  8. Thank you. I think I worked out the talks. I think. Just making sure I say pleased when we have a lead. Then, I am dropping mentality around minute 70 and then again in the 80s to very defensive and I have won 3 straight. Corner bug hasn't happened since that last one, but it has happened about 4 times. Funny thing is that they don't always score the break away.
  9. Is anyone else having issues with the "corner exploit" on 442 ECCC? I am playing Fulham. The amount of times that the corner eventually winds up at the feet of an opposition striker that is rushing down the field alone on goal is insane. I even removed all of my takers in hope that this might fix it by defaulting to the the positions prescribed by the tactic. No dice. Is there a fix? Also, I keep losing half time leads and I have no idea why. Team is happy. They come out up 1 or 2 goals and totally crash and fall apart. Should I be lowering the mentality right at the start of the half? Team talk change? No idea at this point, but I am shipping points in the process. Having said that, tactic scores some beautiful goals and it great to watch. Just trying to make it work. Just beat Man City 3-0 at home. Team talk: no pressure. Started Defensively and was up 2-0 at half. Team talk: pleased. Very Defensively to start second. Scored, again. Pushed time wasting all the way up and held on for clean sheet.
  10. Is there a good SUS tactic that I can switch to from 442 ECCC with about 10 minutes left? Spurs just tied me with last kick of game even tho I ratcheted down to defensive and time wasted. Second time that has happened!
  11. Just bumping this. I see that some folks have dropped the mentality down form attacking to positive, balanced or even defense. Would that also serve to help the issue I am experiencing with so many shots off target and not a lot of goals?
  12. Started season using P103 ECCC tactic. 4 games in and I am 1-1-1 with a LC win. Massively out shooting everyone and probably unlucky not to win all 4 games, but it has been 30 shots, 7 on target type stuff. And, those shots aren't just from the outside. They are from everywhere including the 6 yard box. Should I be tweaking anything?
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