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  1. Per Governor Cuomo at a press conference today, at 729 cases, New York now has the most cases in the US.
  2. Hearing schools in New York State will be closed for next two weeks. No formal announcement yet.
  3. And, that is likely. Frankly, they probably already have, but don't really want to discuss it unless he is positive.
  4. If he shows symptoms, he will be tested. This is not a big deal.
  5. Well, so far, they are keeping the public schools opened in NYC and Long Island. So far, we are driving the kids to school, but not sure not taking the bus is going to matter.
  6. It is a problem. But it is also a problem that kids my carry CV-19 without actually showing symptoms. And, they are going to spread it all over the place if they bring it home from school or to school.
  7. KC in SB for first time in 50 years. Suddenly, doesn't feel so bad being a Giant fan.
  8. Need Pats to lose tonite and Eagles tomorrow. Then, I don't care wtf happens. #NewYorkFootballGiants
  9. I would suggest upper middle class man's Brissett, at best.
  10. "An all time classic...." What?
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