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  1. Found out my 19 year old keeper was great at free kicks and average on penalties. 4 years later and he is already on 43. I'll add in screenshots later!
  2. November 2017 A welcome return to form with 5 wins out of 6. Only Alcala stopping us from a clean sweep. We are now in the promotion spots for the first time this season. We have managed to close the gap between us and the top 2, definitely feel this side is good enough to get promoted but winning the league will be a stretch. 2nd manager of the month award
  3. October 2017 We struggled to maintain our previous form from last month with just 8 points from 6 games. Could get tougher in our pursuit for goals as well especially as we don't have much in the way of back up for Jara before and now I've lost my right winger/back up striker for pretty much the whole season. Despite our indifferent form this month we remain 5th in the table lurking outside the promotion spots. There's already a gap opening up from the top 2 to the rest.
  4. September 2017 Big month in the league 4 wins out of 4 and Jara having a dream debut with a brace and then following it up with 4 more. And with that managed to bag my first award The win sees us lurking outside the top 4 with a game in hand that could see us move 2nd. Our Europa League adventure ended after coming across Will Grigg who was certainly on fire
  5. August 2017 After a struggle to find the net in the opening fixtures I switched to a 4-5-1 with 2 CM's rather than at DM. We seemed a bit more aggressive and finally managed to hit the net. It did come at a cost though as we conceded too often. 4 draws is a bit disappointing start but we're undefeated and there's a lot of games left to be played. Our win in the Europa League pits us against Wigan who are two divisions above us which isn't ideal, another neutral venue as its at Brighton's stadium. Bagged another striker to help on the goal front, he just fit
  6. I actually got it wrong in the first post the league system goes down to a level 12 which is what we are in. Premier League to League 4 (1-6) Div 1 - Div 6 (7-12) Predicted 3rd, there's no play offs in this structure just a straight 4 up 4 down. Looking at the teams in our league I reckon we should be able to go up this year. It seems the Europa League and Champions League have been incorporated into the league structure with the lower clubs in the Europa. We enter at first qualifying round, it seems this stage is one leg and played at a neutral stadium.
  7. This is being run on a custom database I got off the steam network. English league set up Premier League down to League 6. Leagues 5 and 6 each have 4 been split into 4 leagues. I decided to start at the bottom, so I chose Cannes in Division 6C Aim is to get to get Cannes through the leagues and I want to rely on young players but don't have the patience for a youth only save. So to compromise I won't buy anyone over 23.
  8. Currently still playing it on 18, into League One now just haven't updated for a few seasons so I'll have to do a recap soon
  9. Finally some real money coming into the club Expectations are pretty low, pretty confident of surpassing these Paul Gibson and Lee Simmons both come back for another year on loan from Bristol City, also joining us this year are Was at King's Lynn on loan last year and will compete with Simmons for the starting berth, was surprised he agreed to join us Bagged this guy on a free transfer should be decent for this level, don't expect him to start but will be a good squad player We have plenty of options up top but couldn't resist getting this guy on loan he was
  10. Cheers I really wasn't expecting it, was shocked when Shrewsbury threw the title away We then showed that we can bottle it too as we threw away a 3-1 lead in the FA Trophy final to deny ourselves the double and retain our cup Another extension for league requirements has made us skint again Happy to get this finally over the line Big news this, time to renegotiate all the contracts to get them training full time Good opportunity but not for me
  11. We done it! League 2 here we come! In the end the last game was just a formality as Shrewsbury bottled the run in so I was 3 points clear going into the final game with a 14 goal advantage, it would've been more difficult to lose the title. To make matters worse for them they lost in the play off semi final with our fake neighbours and former ground share buddies Bromley getting promoted alongside us. A few award winners at the club
  12. February-March 2025 Its been a big few months for the Downham boys as we keep the pace with the league leaders and also make our second FA Trophy final so we get another day out at Wembley. Its a three horse race now for the title with 4 games left to play, we also have to travel to Shrewsbury on the last day of the season in what could be a huge game. Another one of our golden generation made his debut, although a 5-5 draw is not exactly an ideal start for a keeper, thankfully in the other games he deputised for the injured Allen he kept it together a bit more
  13. January 2025 It was a bad start to 2025 getting hammered by Aldershot but we soon turned it around picking up 4 wins on the bounce as the title race gets even tighter with just one point between the top 3. At the other end Charlton continue to struggle as former player Konchesky takes the reigns he is their 3rd permanent manager this season and 13th in the save. We crashed out the FA Cup to Wolves but that was to be expected really however we are making good progress in the FA Trophy and we have been drawn against Loughborough in a repeat of last years final
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