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  1. One game away from the big time! What a season this would be promotion and a son!
  2. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Had a great start to life in Barcelona as we sit top of La Liga and my first impressions is the league is a lot easier, although there are a few decent sides out there with Valencia, Atletico and Real. Ponferrada are the surprise package of the season so far. We are a point ahead of Real going into the winter break and we still have to play them at Camp Nou so the odds are definitely in our favour After a surprise loss in London to Arsenal in the group stages we finished 2nd but still qualified with ease, my main concern as always is to avoid my beloved Bruxelles side. The draw proved even better as I was given an early chance to exact revenge over my last employers, I just hope I didn't build them too strong.
  3. If anyone can end this PSG monopoly I'm sure you can!
  4. having a cracking season, I reckon you can do it this season
  5. R.W.S Bruxelles

    La Liga has been blown wide open with Valencia getting back in the mix, Atletico and Real both winning titles so we are in the mix but I still back us to do well I look forward to exacting revenge Onto the new season, trying to play towards typical Barca style with fluid football, short passing and expressive attacking football Using a 4-5-1 for now I may well get rid of the full backs or convert to wing backs and play 3 at the back, we shall see how it goes. Apparently I am trying to sign my own player? Senseless gossip Madani is a familiar face having been a mainstay in my central midfield towards the end of my Bruxelles career also here are ex players Fathy and Engler who will start at the back Lot of players headed for the exit doors most of the players weren't in my first team plans but I held out for as much money as possible, with the impetus on us to develop our home grown talent I only signed three players, Jakelic is probably our future number 1 but as part of the deal he will stay in Croatia at Hadjuk to hone his craft this season. Nearly signed this guy for Saints last season but he turned me down to go out on loan to another club their loss is my gain. Been on my radar since he was 16. Was recommended to me by my scouts at Southampton and I finally snagged him, cost a bit more than I wanted but he will be a quality player for years to come, will come off the bench mainly and will start him against the lower ranked sides in the league. Let the season begin
  6. unlucky with the penalties defeat, hopefully you can use the extra money from the takeover to push on and make the premier league
  7. R.W.S Bruxelles

    I was getting bored at Southampton and was going to quit at the end of the season but I wanted to leave on my terms. Will do a report on the Barcelona squad soon, looking at the team I have inherited I can see why they haven't won much lately
  8. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Back in business! They have only won one Copa Del Rey in the last 4 years and Luis Enrique finally quit after 29 years with the club. No pressure then. Buchanan is still at Bruxelles winning 4 league titles and picking up 7 cups, he hasn't managed to replicate my successes in Europe although he did make the final a year ago.
  9. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Well it worked out well for Southampton as they won the FA Cup and the Champions League beating the old rivals Juventus in the final. I have applied for a few jobs but if nothing comes up I may well retire this save.
  10. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Was not expecting this I won 10 trophies whilst I was there and I lost 3 games in a row which dropped us down to 6th and was sacked. Losing to Colchester was the final straw and whilst embarrassing I thought considering what I had achieved they would of let me turn it around. Now the decision is what to do next.
  11. wow stuttered over the line, hopefully you can get that form back for these last few games
  12. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Perfect way to end the season!
  13. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Aduato gets in on the act making it 3-0 breaking the offside trap and ghosting in at the back post!
  14. R.W.S Bruxelles

    Sahimovic makes it 2-0 with a powerful shot after some clever work from Sousa, after an indifferent first season he has now fulfilled his promise