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  1. How to add the Instant result button to the base skin without changing anything else?
  2. Yeah, a lot of things are gonna take some time to get used to, there are a lot of UI changes, some for better, some not. But I don't mind them as I can see where SI are going with them. I am enjoying the matchday though, ME seems really good now (my judgement could be clouded since is going really well for me ), but changes like making tactical changes for the next match only, the data/performance analyst seem like they are finally doing something. The only thing I'm really bothered by is the lack of timeline during the match. PLEASE BRING BACK THE TIMELINE.
  3. Early build, lol. Game is out in two weeks time. Thats not an early build, early build is what they have in April or something. Not saying they can't fix things in these two weeks. I watched the stream until that goal against Cardiff. It was a nice finish 1v1 but 10 out of 10 defenders would've cleared the ball with the sliding tackle when the guy who scored the goal got the ball around center. It does feel like there is a lot more clicking, which is not good, but I actually seem to like the new conferences and team talks.
  4. Started playing as Perugia. Don't have any real reason apart from liking the start in Serie B, and because they used to be in Serie A back in the days. 1st season - Won Serie B, 3rd qualifying round in Cup 2nd season - 5th place in Serie A, 4th qualifying in Cup 3rd season - 2nd place in Serie A, Qtr Finals in the Cup, Qtr Finals in Europa League 4th season - 1st in Serie A, Cup winner, and eliminated by Man City in first knockout round. Now I'm in my fifth season, really liking the team I built. Started really strongly after beating Roma, Juve and Inter in first three rounds.
  5. Beta out on Thursday. Its always the same On day one they build our hopes up with a tweet or something. Tomorrow it will be the usual no beta today 100% coupled with some tweets that might be translated as a tease. Then on Thursday Miles will tweet about a meeting.
  6. I must be blind, but how do you teach a player 'Brings ball out of defence' trait? I just can't find it among the player traits.
  7. Now, these are players I signed for National League North, but they should do well in NL as well. Mamadou Kone, great pacy RB. Brad Carr, L2 potential midfielder. Axel Prohouly, great IF. As for staff, I got Simon Church for assistant manager, Victor Valdes as a coach and Danny Philpott as scout with 14/15 JPP/JPA.
  8. I really wanted Monza to be my first save on full FM, so I holidayed few seasons in Italian league. Serie B stays at 19 clubs, so I have to think of something else now. Shame.
  9. So far, game runs smooth. That sudden burst of white kills my eyes on that purple skin. I was only fiddling with training and tactics so far. I don't know if thats a bug, but I cant set all my players to train in my preferred roles. ie. I can only set Alessio Romagnoli as ball playing centre back on stopper, I cant set it on defend as I would want. Also, I like the idea of mentoring groups. I added u18 keeper to training group with the senior squad, but I can't add the player into the mentoring group (unless I transfer him to senior squad). And I bid for Higuain,
  10. I'll definitely do a Monza save if they managed to include Berlusconi's takeover of the club.
  11. I for start don't really mind the state of current graphical representation of ME. Of course I would like to see some dribble moves, etc, etc., but what I'm mostly disappointed is the UI. And if SI is not developing the game as much as they can just because users have older PC's - I don't know. Sorry for wanting to make the maximum out of my specs. We had to wait '3 million years' to get 64 bit support for the game.
  12. When we are talking data etc., I would like to see how many FM2018 were sold to people that havent bought any FM before.
  13. But they could get more fans by actually producing the game that looks to date. We’ve been playing the game as we are playing for a long time now, but the game isnt really appealing to the younger generations. Being satisfied just with the current fanbase and not looking to expand is not a great strategy for a company.
  14. I expected the more ''digital'' look when the new logo came. Have to say I'm a bit disappointed as it looks like it was made in 2005. And skinners. I don't know, I haven't seen nice looking skin since the days of FM15 I'd say. Just changing panels and moving thing around.
  15. I hope that the new graphical redesign will include the interface as well, as I think it can be more up do date now, more ''sleek'' I remember before, there were a lot of skins and so on, but the skinning community is not here anymore, so we get not so good skins with just some extra panels, so basically its not skinning but paneling. (not to offend someone's hard work) And all the usual improvement of ME, training, polishing some of the addons in FM18. I will be buying the game anyways, I couldn't find myself playing FM18 when the FM19 is out, if anything just for the database
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