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  1. I wish they would do 3am drops in Croatia. Last time you could preorder one (not get, preorder!) was the release day on 19th of November.
  2. I'll watch that after i finish Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I enjoyed The Office and Parks and Rec, and also now enjoying B99, so I'm looking forward to it.
  3. La Liga. My main rival in later years was Valencia, played them in CL finals. And my boogey team was Betis. Never had any problems with Tenerife though.
  4. First two seasons I just loaned whoever I could short term, and just bought freebies. I sold Rolan for like 8m which helped a lot. I remember loaning Rochina who was great for me in my first season. In second season I loaned Barcelonas left back and Atleticos centre back Montero, and I had them for like 5 seasons, just come January I would extend the loan. I bought Palombo from Lazio who scored like 90 goals in 3 seasons, only cost me 1m and I sold him for 30m. I remember Tenerife having a striker who scored 25 goals a season, Jorge or something like that. He was well rounded. In my save theyv
  5. So I guess I have finished the Depor save. Won the league again, won the CL again, so I kinda lost interest. Won the Euro Supercup, my B team won the Segunda, and my U19 team won the league and CL aswell. So I retired, and decided to simulate 5 years into future. Depor havent won the league in those 5 years (never lower than 4th), but have won 1 CL. They did sell most of my players though, 3rd season of the holiday they raked in 600m from sales Well, now for some rest from FM, and then after the March update starting with my hometown Croatian side.
  6. What issues do you mean? On my game my B team just showed up in the 4th tier. Then they got promoted twice and are now in Segunda. Only issues I can think of is that I have to buy players for them because for some reason their manager won't (it's set up that he should in responsibilities) and that I can barely find someone to manage them Other than that I can't think of anything.
  7. I am playing with Deportivo on this FM. Usually I don't like playing in Spain because Real Madrid and Barcelona are just too strong and it's hard to win the league. But I just had to give Depor a go. 20/21 - won the league comfortably, only had 1 loss the whole season 21/22 - won the segunda as easy as tercera, also only had one loss 22/23 - finished 3rd by surprise. Had 84 points, Real won with 95. 23/24 - fell down a bit, but still finished 4th with 77 points. Barca won with 103. In CL I finished third in the group, then lost against Bordeaux in the second knockout round. 24/25
  8. This is mine. Credit to @michaeltmurrayuk for his base dark (fm20) skin, @Wells for his colored header, and @stevemc for his stadium backgrounds. Few things left that I would like to have is Instant result button (can't figure out how to enable just that), I would like to separate the club logo and player face (there is plenty of room there), and I'm waiting for match screen mods. Otherwise I really like this.
  9. @luguiyeah, I tried to c/p things but just softlocked the game. As far as skinning goes, I can change the background lol The sidebar looks ok, but I would really like the header to be recoloring. If you manage to find something out, feel free to share.
  10. Hi all. I was trying to get just the instant result button on the base FM skin provided by @michaeltmurrayuk, but I just end up soft locking the game. Can someone help me with getting it right? Also, I would like to recolor the header to match the club colors, instead of the transparent black thing. Is there a simple way of doing that? I prefer the default skin to all the others since I don't really like all the panels changes, but I would really like to have Instant Result button and non-transparent colored header.
  11. Sorry for Perez, but delighted as it could prove decisive for a 3rd place bid for McLaren.
  12. How to add the Instant result button to the base skin without changing anything else?
  13. Yeah, a lot of things are gonna take some time to get used to, there are a lot of UI changes, some for better, some not. But I don't mind them as I can see where SI are going with them. I am enjoying the matchday though, ME seems really good now (my judgement could be clouded since is going really well for me ), but changes like making tactical changes for the next match only, the data/performance analyst seem like they are finally doing something. The only thing I'm really bothered by is the lack of timeline during the match. PLEASE BRING BACK THE TIMELINE.
  14. Early build, lol. Game is out in two weeks time. Thats not an early build, early build is what they have in April or something. Not saying they can't fix things in these two weeks. I watched the stream until that goal against Cardiff. It was a nice finish 1v1 but 10 out of 10 defenders would've cleared the ball with the sliding tackle when the guy who scored the goal got the ball around center. It does feel like there is a lot more clicking, which is not good, but I actually seem to like the new conferences and team talks.
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