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  1. Full left back for Atalanta

    When I played with Atalanta I bought him for 5m in summer window first season. You could probably get him with monthly instalments feature, and he is worth this 9 or 10m as he is good, young and Italian.
  2. Full left back for Atalanta

    Antonio Barreca from Torino.
  3. Player promises was such a big issue/bug back there when the game came out I simply had to vote yes. It ruined my best save for ages, and I simply can't get over it. Also, what I think is unacceptable is the bugs with Papu Gomez (yeah, a small one, but), and with Copa Libertadores qualifications (a big one) ME is better than last years farce, but it also have some issues like penalties not being converted (at least for me, I score about 50% only, and I'm not Atletico nor Monaco ), overloading the midfield makes AI impossible to deal with. Overall it's better than FM16, but there is a lot to be improved.
  4. So, apparently I'm in a Hong Kong for a training camp, yet I can't play friendly matches with their teams as my board won't sanction the travel. LOL
  5. Looking for a Center Back

    Lemos from Las Palmas is another good shout.
  6. I didn't get from that to that. I just added to your post, more as a 'hope' that this serious bugs will be fixed for 17.3.1, as it makes game unplayable at the moment for me, due to this to bugs specifically.
  7. So you're saying that Alejandro Gomez and that bug with Club World Championship won't be fixed with 17.3.1? I can fix Alejandro Gomez easily by myself, but this CWC bug is something that I would like to be fixed if I'm going to start new game. Don't know if the bug is persistent, or happen every once in a while.
  8. I'm not having a problem with this, when they offer first team player status they usually respect that. And I also know about that feature that @MBarbaric talks about. I just want to say that they shouldn't offer first team player if they don't think he is good enough for said squad role. They should scout the player first, and if he has not been playing as agreed, we should have an option to recall him from loan. (if that is possible due to registration rules (but most of the times players who are loaned out are u18, u21 prospects who don't cut it into your first team)).
  9. Yeah, but then they should not offer first team status, but a backup or squad player. And when I'm loaning a player out, I ask for first team in offer on loan menu, and some of them who are interested change their status to squad player or backup, so I know that I shouldn't loan to them.
  10. So I started the game few times just to be sure it wasn't an one time thing. Alejandro Gomez form Atalanta is valued only 900 euros, and Atalanta accepts 1k offers. Since he is probably their best player, this is so so wrong. It's very big bug for me. I haven't found similar situations going through other teams.
  11. Why is Alejandro Gomez only valued 900 euros? You can get him for 1k lol. Big bug. Will post in bug section if I find more of this.
  12. No. I'm playing as Atalanta, and as I said, I only bought Italian players. I have got only Kessie, Gomez, Toloi and now Lapadula who are not Italian, although everyone except Toloi has Italian passport. Co-ownerships are banned , and I only loaned Locatelli.
  13. I can't sign non-EU players for my Italian Serie A team, but I signed only Italians last and this season. Could it be that Lapadula counts as non-EU as he represented Peru internationally (he still have Italian citizenship), or is this bug?
  14. So I came across this regen. He is 1,86 meters tall, but he weights 112 kilograms lol And he is fast.