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  1. Crash dumps in 2017 made game. LOL Subbed of a player, he kept on playing the whole game, and after I did my teamtalk, game crashed. Never in my 18 years of playing have I seen such thing. It has now probably ruined my save, even if I haven't played that much games since my last saved game.
  2. Well it's self explanatory And match day is slower now again. Well done SI.
  3. The worst thing is that they might fix (or better say adjust ME, as they can't completely fix it), but I'm pretty sure they won't do anything with the UI at this stage. Changing the UI would make a brand new game, and I don't know how could they do it. But after 60 or so hours of FM18, the UI is just as bad as it was in the first couple of hours. There's lot to be done with the ME though, I just hope they will release 18.2 soon. We mentioned a lot of times the too much of added time, still there. A lot of crosses 'he certainly didn't mean that', which are still there. Marking in general is poor, and the long shoots are horrible. And finishing is just as bad. So I can agree with @bababooey's post, and with the general consensus of most users here. FM18 could be a great game, but you just have to dig too deep to find it.
  4. So on FM18, when you select that your ass man does the friendly games, your tactic familiarity does not change?
  5. OK, I have found whats causing the crash. Facepacks are fine, and so are logos, game starts normally then. But as soon as I've put the ads on, the game crashes. Now, I don't really care about the ads pack, so I will delete it, but it was the ads pack from this megapack - So I just copied everything when installing the graphics. Good thing is that I can finally start with the game. Thanks for your help, Neil.
  6. OK, after I removed the graphics, the game started finally. But the graphics are the same as they were on a beta, and are really important to me. I'm definitely not playing the game with fake logos and without the facepacks.
  7. I am using the CutOut megapack, and TFM logos, that's it. I'll move them now and try. All the recent crash dumps are here now. FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 12.20.44).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 12.22.55).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 12.37.33).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 13.17.21).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.0.1039737 (2017.11.10 13.21.53).dmp
  8. I thought I wrote it here as well, my mistake. As I wrote in feedback forum, I only run Windows Defender. I mean, I can try and disable it, but I cannot uninstall windows defender
  9. Update: Updated the graphics drivers, restarted the laptop. Tried running without anything else in background. Still the same crash dumps, just there on the first loading screen. Now, thats not the way you want to start with the game.
  10. I've now verified integrity of game cache, and still can't play the game. I've attached DxDiag. I don't run any antivirus apart from windows defender. FM18 beta ran normal. DxDiag.txt
  11. So, after clicking play on steam, game starts, goes into normal loading screen and then before getting to main menu I get crash dumps. I ran Fm18 beta quite normally (as good as bugs and every thing allowed), and now it's just tragic. Uploaded dumps into FileZilla, names are down in pictures. I run mozilla and spotify besides FM always, but as I said there was no problems.
  12. So just prepared everything there needed to be done to start the Fm18, updated beta and now I can't even get into the game. I get crash dumps immediately after starting the game, it doesn't even reach the main game menu. Great! Will log it in Bugs forum obviously.
  13. I know. That's why it seems impossible that the game will be at it's best in 4 days time, even though I know that SI team is couple of builds ahead of us.
  14. Well, 4 days before the actual release of the game just can't be declared as beta, if we go with wikipedia descriptions, it would be labelled as release candidate in this stage. FM is not the only beta game there is, but most of them are at least playable. FM at it's current state only borders with playable. And then you report a bug, and they tell you that that is a known bug as it's easily noticeable. How did you not seen it then on your internal testing? Like I know that you can miss some bugs, especially database ones, and ME ones, and etc. but I really don't know how such a big lag or being unable to register the squad for CL can pass internal testing. That's just ridiculous.
  15. So we can bin the game for the next few days.