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  1. I do this for my players to check how they're developing and use the exact same method with the print screen to web page too. It doesn't look as good as yours mind, and I only get the data at 3 points in the year, but it's good for seeing how players are developing over a year, which helps in terms of deciding what to do with them, and in recognising how high their professionalism might be as consistently low development will probably indicate low professionalism.
  2. I'm managing in Serbia, albeit the little known Sindjelic Nis, and attempting to overhaul both Partizan and Red Star, with the poor AI management of Red Star helping me enormously at the moment. Serbia's a challenge in terms of Europe because of the finances, but it does produce great players, and Red Star have great youth facilities. Whilst I'm slightly too young to remember their 1991 side, I enjoy watching highlights of them because of their beautiful counter attacking. I'd recommend watching the semi-final highlights against Bayern to anyone, particularly the Pancev goal in Munich.
  3. I'll follow this, I've always liked managing in the ex-USSR myself because of the challenge.
  4. Without doing any testing that is more or less how I assumed it'd work. It's not necessarily essential to have 20 for youth recruitment, it may be more important to just have better than everyone else. That is assuming that the PA levels of players generating each year in a nation is the same regardless of the youth recruitment of the clubs. In other words I'm thinking it'd be the same if every club had 1 youth recruitment, and if every club had 20. The exception may be foreign youth players. What I'm certain of having managed in St Lucia is that a good level of youth recruitment doesn't generate superstars if the nation's youth rating is bad.
  5. Ugly Ribeiro. Combined with the ill-fitting hair on the new style regen faces he's one terrifying prospect in the wrong kind of way. Atleast his personality suggests he might be a nice chap.
  6. Good start. I've always fancied the idea of managing in Armenia, but the lack of teams and a second tier almost exclusively made up of reserve sides led to me looking elsewhere. From my experience of FM2016 where I signed a lot of Armenian players early on my save game in Belarus is that there's better players in the league than you'd think. They were so cheap too.
  7. It's always been like that. You obviously do well enough not to lose in the 3rd qualifying round usually.
  8. Great progress. Good luck in Prague!
  9. Tough group, but atleast you're back in the group stages of something. It's that bottom edge I want to remove at this stage, but this early in the game I hardly have any tutors as nearly all my players are teenagers, so the only real way I have of shaping it is being selective in who I sign, as well as training it where I can. In the long run it is professionalism I want though, so determination won't be a major concern unless it starts degrading again. Good post anyway Jimbo, I've said it before but I enjoy your threads.
  10. Great post. I've started my own youth only save in Moldova and I certainly think your starting line approach is similar to how I'm approaching the early years. I think the most important aspect is shaping the personality currently. I actually already have a professional squad personality after just 18 months, but I have determination issues, so that will affect my judgement on players, perhaps more than the financial side. When choosing to sign players I look at them all. I'll sign 0.5 gold star potential players if I can see something in their attributes or personality worth taking a chance on. I've always done that but reading Jimbo's topics on here also reinforced in me that those players aren't necessarily a write off. It'll be interesting over the years to see how my approach changes as the club grows, and I gain more experience with this kind of save.
  11. That's a great intake. I really think improving your junior coaching is crucial early on to give you a more competitive team and help establish yourself. I wouldn't worry about the height as it was the same for me in Myanmar, with everyone being small, and I still won the title.
  12. Good luck with this. I briefly had a save game in Myanmar to kill time before the next FM came out one year. It was pretty good fun, although I found any foreign players in the league to be way ahead of their domestic counterparts.
  13. It's strange how all those left when you turned semi-pro. In a weird, unrealistic and probably unintentional way that must be the main reason it happened. Otherwise solid progress with better players coming through and some trophies.
  14. It depends on your system/roles. I wouldn't want to retrain him as a midfielder as I feel he has too many weaknesses for that. I think his jumping is too low for a centre back, but I'd feel more comfortable playing him in a 3 with 2 taller players. I'd be OK with him as a defensive left back too.