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  1. FM 18 - Russian League

    I'm managing in Russia at Luch Vladivostok who start as one of the weaker sides in the 2nd tier and have a transfer embargo for the first transfer window. It's a challenge. In the 2nd tier you're only allowed 3 foreign players on the pitch, with the number increasing to 6 in the top flight. The definition of foreign player is a player eligible for the Russian national team. For example if a player is from Kazakhstan but has Russian 2nd nationality, as long as they have no caps for Kazakhstan they will count as Russian. Once they're capped by Kazakhstan they'd be a foreign player according to the rules. The step up from the 2nd tier to top flight is huge too in terms of standard and finances, especially as it's not easy to find Russian players I both want and can afford. So it's difficult, but I like managing in Russia, and particularly Luch, because of the challenge, uniqueness and once I qualify for Europe it's funny to imagine teams travelling 5000 miles for a European fixture.
  2. [FM18] San Marin-oh no, not him again...

    Bucci looks great, just a shame it might be difficult to get the most from him in your existing system. I've caught up with the whole thread now and am enjoying the fun as before. It's nice that SI have changed the youth recruitment this year so it appears to operate in the same way as facilities and junior coaching upgrades, if you can afford it the board will accept it.
  3. My game has frozen probably around a dozen times in FM2018, happening both before any patches and after the latest one. It's not crashing, so there's no crash dump file, it's just unresponsive and has to be exited via task manager on my PC. There doesn't appear to be a particular trigger that makes it happen, although I think it's nearly always not when it's showing some highlights. It's happened when looking at match stats, doing the half time team talk, or happens at full time. I can't really say much else I'm afraid as no crash dump gets created for this issue.
  4. That Ivory Coast team you put together is incredible, I had a feeling you'd win that World Cup and you did.
  5. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    I have 3 which stand out over the years, all involving taking minnows to great success. On FM2006 I managed New Zealand and after about 20 years reached the World Cup final, knocking out teams like France and Argentina, only to go and lose to Scotland 4-3 after being 2-0 up. On FM2016 I took Belarusian side Khimik Svetlogorsk from the 2nd tier (irl they've never been promoted or relegated from that league) to the Champions League final, only to lose again having led 2-1 against Napoli. My CB got sent off and we lost after extra time. Remarkably I'd never got out of the group stage before that run to the final. The best though is easy, as it's the one where I actually ended up winning the 'big' trophy. I took over Hammerfest on FM2007 from the far north of Norway and after 14 seasons won the Champions League after starting in the 3rd division. I love building a small club up away from the elite leagues, dominating domestically and pushing for European success, and I'm doing it again on FM2017 currently, and will do on FM2018.
  6. Another thing I've enjoyed about this thread is the variety of team's in the latter stages of the Champions League, a contrast to the stale tournament the real life version has become. It's also been nice to see fluctuations in the league rankings with Belgium and France rising significantly.
  7. I've eventually finished reading this whole thread, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. A great career, some randomly brilliant characters, and so many cliffhangers once I'd stopped reading this thread on a particular day. Well done!
  8. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I'm thinking of managing Luch Vladivostok for the 4th time on FM. Why? There's nothing cooler than leading a team less than 100 miles from North Korea into European competition.
  9. Well done on CL qualification. Are you still signing players from the other San Marinese teams?
  10. Things like this make me think I should read the in game social media instead of completely ignoring it like I do. Nice progress in Europe too.
  11. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Congratulations on the CWC! Do you see yourself going to Djibouti at some stage?
  12. I get orange injuries to goalkeepers sometimes, although rarely red injuries. I never see them sent off though.
  13. I'm glad to see this back and am interested to see how the changes affect the game. I don't blame you for editing youth recruitment as it's clearly broken for the human player, and you're just changing the situation to what it should be, rather than seeking to gain an advantage over the AI.
  14. I'm not surprised to read that. Like you I've subscribed to the theory that professionalism is the key personality attribute in development, but I've noticed players in my squad with low professionalism (According to my ass man's player report) and high determination who have progressed rapidly. I've also seen players with Professional as their personality struggle to develop. I've normally put that down to a low PA, but perhaps it isn't just that. According to the following thread (Out of date I know but I can't see changes being drastic) a player could have 1 for determination and ambition, yet still be Professional or Model Professional. Therefore it'd make sense if determination and ambition are far more important than first thought, that some very professional players don't develop as much as you'd think. Myself I do try to increase professionalism through tutoring, but I don't do it at the expense of determination (If it's just a drop of 1 point I'll accept it though). I've always liked having a determined group of players who never give up, but it may well be helping the development too.