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  1. The only time I've ever had a son in all my years playing FM was when I was managing in Finland. He was crap, but I still decided to take him to Lazio with me when I left Finland, even though he wasn't good enough for the Finnish league. Will you be signing your son for every team you go to, if possible?
  2. Here it is: As I have ticked add players to playable teams it does seem to add around 20k players at the start.
  3. My setup has a lot of created leagues, so you can't create it from the vanilla game.
  4. Thanks for the information, as that explains that the real life setup clashes with how FM is setup, affecting numbers. I agree with this. Each league has its own characteristics related to starting numbers, the numbers FM deems to be ideal, reserve & youth structure, league structure, and even changes to league structure (i.e. Spain). It's quite possible that loading only Hong Kong will actually see an increase in players over time, whilst loading only Argentina will see a sharp decrease. These figures will mostly be driven by a reduction in domestic based players though. Advan
  5. Since I discovered this bug I've run 3 tests with the same setup for 50 years. One in FM2020, one in FM2021 before the 21.2 update, and one after the 21.2 update. The setup is England loaded all the way down to National North/South, and a large database. There's no advanced options selected, and no database editing had taken place. The numbers are as follows: FM2020 / FM2021 before 21.2 / FM2021 after 21.2: Start: 17167 / 17286 / 17287 10 Years: 17724 / 12995 / 16530 20 Years: 16277 / 9048 / 15602 30 Years: 15208 / 7708 / 14879 40 Years: 14248 / 7603 / 150
  6. Croatia has a 10 team top division, and is also a country that develops a lot of good young players.
  7. Congratulations on the Champions League and World Cup trophies. You need to be in Spain next to stop Real Madrid.
  8. You're making great progress and got some amazing players in that last intake. I think you'll make the Champions League group stage soon.
  9. It's good to see you in France. You might end up winning quickly with Nantes though as they look like a great side already, which may mean the mission of taking down PSG has little impact in the long run. How have Monaco done in this save? On my FM2018 game they spent even more money than PSG and were probably their equal.
  10. You've made great progress since I last posted, and Leicester City have turned into a European superpower. Such a shame Nagelsmann left, to be replaced by Guardiola. Things don't seem to have been as good since then. As you've been hinting, you definitely need to get to France or Spain next because of the dominance of PSG and Real Madrid.
  11. Good luck. I'm managing the Bosnian national team which is pretty good, albeit lacking some depth. Bosnia always seems to produce good young players in FM, so it's a good country to do this sort of challenge in.
  12. I'm loving Serbia's growth, and how your success has led to a big improvement in standards. With me managing in Russia it's interesting to see that Russia has dropped off quite a few places from the start of the game, which reinforces my theory that I'm single handedly propping up the coefficient in my save, and that the strict rules on foreign players is damaging to the standard of the league. It was also nice to see Shakhtar become eligible. Quite random, and a league I've never managed in on FM, despite my love of Eastern European leagues.
  13. First congratulations on finally winning the Champions League with Partizan. I enjoy the Serbian part of these saves as it's a country I've managed in recently on FM, and because it's a unique part of the journey which hopefully means Partizan can carry on being a force for a long time and bring some variety to the latter stages of European competition. I sense the title could be coming back soon... Maybe Leicester could become eligible? This reminds me of when Geoff Horsfield retired from international duty on my FM save years ago.
  14. I'd be interested in following it as it looks like the sort of save I normally do, taking over a lower league team somewhere and building them up to be a force.
  15. I don't agree with those suggesting PSG as Monaco spend £200m a season and hardly ever sell any major players in my game. I'd suggest Dinamo in Croatia, as although I've never managed there, they always seem a lot better than the other Croatian sides. Partizan or Red Star in Serbia should be OK too as although both will start strong the AI will quickly drag the one you don't manage down the table in my experience. Sheriff in Moldova are also suggested above which I agree with, although you'll need to add the league. In all my years playing FM, Sheriff were the strongest and mos
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