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  1. Things like this make me think I should read the in game social media instead of completely ignoring it like I do. Nice progress in Europe too.
  2. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Congratulations on the CWC! Do you see yourself going to Djibouti at some stage?
  3. I get orange injuries to goalkeepers sometimes, although rarely red injuries. I never see them sent off though.
  4. I'm glad to see this back and am interested to see how the changes affect the game. I don't blame you for editing youth recruitment as it's clearly broken for the human player, and you're just changing the situation to what it should be, rather than seeking to gain an advantage over the AI.
  5. I'm not surprised to read that. Like you I've subscribed to the theory that professionalism is the key personality attribute in development, but I've noticed players in my squad with low professionalism (According to my ass man's player report) and high determination who have progressed rapidly. I've also seen players with Professional as their personality struggle to develop. I've normally put that down to a low PA, but perhaps it isn't just that. According to the following thread (Out of date I know but I can't see changes being drastic) a player could have 1 for determination and ambition, yet still be Professional or Model Professional. Therefore it'd make sense if determination and ambition are far more important than first thought, that some very professional players don't develop as much as you'd think. Myself I do try to increase professionalism through tutoring, but I don't do it at the expense of determination (If it's just a drop of 1 point I'll accept it though). I've always liked having a determined group of players who never give up, but it may well be helping the development too.
  6. On FM2017 my board has upgraded youth recruitment 3 times in 8.5 years on my Serbian save (Started as Fairly Basic). On FM2016 I had to reach the CL final in Belarus before getting an upgrade though (Started as Average). The circumstances between the 2 clubs are different though so I don't think it necessarily shows a difference between the 2 games. I was selective though when doing my own youth only save on FM2017, making sure I chose a club with one of the highest youth recruitment ratings in the country because of concerns around the board's refusal to increase it.
  7. It'd have been the funniest thing if the AI managed to beat Dinamo... I think you should keep the original manager. And I think you've proven beyond any doubt that the youth recruitment thing is a bug. There's only been 2 changes to San Giovanni, the human manager leaving and them now signing players. Neither should mean a sudden change in policy when it comes to youth recruitment.
  8. It's a shame to see you leave San Giovanni because of what appears to be a bug with youth recruitment. I've felt that from other save games I've read about on here too. I'm glad you've reported it as a bug.
  9. Good luck with this. I'm in the process of reading @ManUtd1's thread (It's taking a long time!) and am enjoying the journey. Lokomotive Leipzig were in the East German league, and qualified for the Cup Winners' Cup via that. Like a lot of East German sides they've fallen down the German league system since reunification.
  10. Stefani is brilliant. I really hope the board increase your youth recruitment soon because you've been consistently good in terms of reaching the EL group stages for a while, and the extra youth recruitment could make a real difference.
  11. I have a theory, albeit one based upon limited data and not particularly in depth analysis of that data that coaching style may have an effect. I think I'd had 4 HOYD at one point in my save. 3 had brought through talented CM players, but one hadn't. The 3 all had the same coaching style, and the 1 had a different one. I've had an attacking coaching style one for the last 2-3 years and after getting a DM through every season, I haven't had one for a while, and I'm also getting less CB's after getting good quality ones through for a long time. So I think it's possible coaching style effects things, although nothing else stood out.
  12. There's seven players in that intake who are either wide midfielders or wingers. As I think you're still not playing wingers that's annoying. I do also think that despite lower star ratings, it doesn't mean the players are necessarily any worse than early intakes, although you do of course have bad years.
  13. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Oh wow. That makes my title battles in Moldova with Sheriff look rather tame.
  14. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    This has been an enjoyable read so far. That last season at Zanaco was amazing. It's always satisfying when after a bit of a struggle against a dominant team in a league it all comes together for a season like that.