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  1. Well done on reaching the CL group stages. The money and reputation boost will help your rebuild enormously.
  2. Congratulations on the Georgian title. Do you think you'll stick around in Tbilisi for a long time?
  3. I'll follow this. I've been tempted by a Cook Islands save myself in the past but haven't done it yet.
  4. I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out, as I'm tracking the same data on my youth only save. It has to be said that the "a" player (I'm using the same labeling style as you) has nearly always turned out to be good, but there's been 2 bad ones. One is now 2.5 PA 8 years on, and the other 4 years on is now only 1.5+1 and has hardly developed. Both came through as 4+1 PA. Going the other way I had 2 strikers come through 4 years ago with 1.5+1 and 1+1 PA who I labeled g & m, so the 7th and 13th best players in the intake. They now have 3.5+1 and 3+1 as their PA, with one being a very effective first team player. Some of these fluctuations will be because of changes in the quality of the squad, meaning some players suddenly look better compared to their teammates, but it isn't just that, as my 3rd case demonstrates. Players c (4+1 PA) & o (1+1 PA) from my 2018 intake are both RM. Today c has a PA of 2, and o has a PA of 2+1. I think o's isn't exact as he's now left the club, of his own accord. I really like the way the youth development works. Some players you know will be stars, i.e. a high potential player with a good attributes balance and good personality. But there's also disappointments in some players, and surprises as unheralded players from an intake develop into far better players than expected. It certainly justifies why you sign every player (I don't owing to financial constraints, and as part of the process of developing the squad personality).
  5. Perhaps one day every other Premier League team will have a HK youth product in charge. Out of interest, how do you make use of the scouts you employ? On my youth only game I employ 1 scout who I ask to scout only players who've left my club, as I'm allowing myself to re-sign them if I wish.
  6. Congratulations! Despite some brief spells managing in Asia on FM I'm unfamiliar with the standard of the continental competitions, but this sounds like a really good achievement for a team from Kyrgyzstan. If I was you I'd probably move on now though.
  7. Kyrgyzstan is interesting. It's a drop off in standard compared to Uzbekistan and other options, but it's nice to see you moving around the different countries. Do you have any goals in terms of winning the domestic title in every country?
  8. Georgia might be an idea for a project. They seem to produce better players than the likes of Armenia, Azerbaijan and even Belarus in my experience, but they also have that underdog status which provides room for growth.
  9. Well done in the CL. I tend to feel that if you can get through the group stages as a smaller team you are capable of winning any 2 legged tie.
  10. I'm enjoying reading this and am glad you're moving around the different states, and not just sticking to Russia, even if it does mean taking a less challenging role like Astana. I had actually heard of Bunyodkor, because they were one of the clubs Rivaldo played for on his end of career world tour. I also managed the Uzbek national team on FM years ago with a veteran Maxim Shatskikh up front.
  11. I do this for my players to check how they're developing and use the exact same method with the print screen to web page too. It doesn't look as good as yours mind, and I only get the data at 3 points in the year, but it's good for seeing how players are developing over a year, which helps in terms of deciding what to do with them, and in recognising how high their professionalism might be as consistently low development will probably indicate low professionalism.
  12. I'm managing in Serbia, albeit the little known Sindjelic Nis, and attempting to overhaul both Partizan and Red Star, with the poor AI management of Red Star helping me enormously at the moment. Serbia's a challenge in terms of Europe because of the finances, but it does produce great players, and Red Star have great youth facilities. Whilst I'm slightly too young to remember their 1991 side, I enjoy watching highlights of them because of their beautiful counter attacking. I'd recommend watching the semi-final highlights against Bayern to anyone, particularly the Pancev goal in Munich.
  13. I'll follow this, I've always liked managing in the ex-USSR myself because of the challenge.
  14. Without doing any testing that is more or less how I assumed it'd work. It's not necessarily essential to have 20 for youth recruitment, it may be more important to just have better than everyone else. That is assuming that the PA levels of players generating each year in a nation is the same regardless of the youth recruitment of the clubs. In other words I'm thinking it'd be the same if every club had 1 youth recruitment, and if every club had 20. The exception may be foreign youth players. What I'm certain of having managed in St Lucia is that a good level of youth recruitment doesn't generate superstars if the nation's youth rating is bad.