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  1. I managed New Zealand way back on FM2006 and it was easily the most fun international save I've had. It's a challenge to start competing at World Cup level, but I found the guarantee of easy victories in Oceania kept my morale up, and over time the team got better. I made the World Cup final after about 20 years, but lost to Scotland of all teams. It remains my biggest FM regret. Have you created/downloaded the domestic New Zealand league for this?
  2. Well done, great progress. I wish Sheriff would perform like that on mine. I had to win 28 out of 33 games (I've got 12 teams in my version) to finish 2 points ahead of them. Badea is fantastic. He reminds me a bit of my best striker for years, so he should do well for a long time.
  3. I remember telling you you could improve Eirik's pace by a few points, and you have.
  4. Club coefficient and nation coefficient points are awarded differently. Whilst you don't directly get club points for winning an individual qualifying games, you do earn San Marino nation points. As you get 20% of San Marino's nation coefficient added to your own for each season, you do get a minimal amount of coefficient points for each victory. With 4 San Marinese teams I think this will be 0.25 points onto San Marino's total, and therefore 0.05 onto yours. The points double from the group stages and beyond, and you also start getting points for each game won directly. In terms of your direct club coefficient points you get them depending on when you're knocked out in the qualifying stages.
  5. I've never seen a player with only silver star potential before. Normally all players have atleast half a gold star. Interestingly they have Icelandic names too.
  6. Well done getting ahead of Sheriff so quickly, it took me a lot longer. The league reputation has fallen heavily on my game, going down to about 96th on the list at its worst. It's risen a few places this season because I reached the EL group stage. I think the most frustrating thing about Sheriff on my game is that they have much better players than my team and everyone else, yet don't perform at all in Europe, therefore depriving the league of coefficient points and reputation. As they win the league most seasons they still get the most European prize money though. If you can win the league regularly, and perform better in Europe than Sheriff do on mine hopefully you can avoid the reputation drop, and perhaps weaken Sheriff over time (no CL money for them and less reputation etc), because on mine I've won 16 of 18 so far this season and am still only 1 point clear of them (and that's despite me beating them when we played).
  7. I'm sure I'll mention bits about my save when replying in here. My board has actually been very good with facilities though, and just as I saw your post here I got the news message saying my training and youth facilities had been upgraded. They've agreed to upgrade the training facilities again immediately. Youth recruitment is a different matter though, although I'm not too bothered as it started higher. I look forward to reading of your progress anyway. I read your Romanian topic after you'd finished it and enjoyed it.
  8. I wanted to do a youth only save in Eastern Europe, but not one of the leading nations. After checking the editor for a team with good youth recruitment in such a country I chose Sfintul Gheorghe as they had one of the best youth recruitment ratings in Moldova. I deliberately targeted a team with high youth recruitment because that is very difficult to raise in game, so I preferred to start with a higher rating. My club has developed a rivalry with Sheriff now, and my title battles with them are fantastic, as much as they annoy me.
  9. I'm playing my own youth only save in Moldova as Sfintul Gheorghe. Becoming a top 4 side alongside Sheriff, Zimbru and Dacia wasn't too difficult. Getting comfortably ahead of Zimbru and Dacia wasn't too bad either. Sheriff though are a nightmare. They're so much richer and have way better players than the other teams. Just like you said in your opening post they like importing players and don't seem too concerned with local talent despite great facilities. They often loan in great players from places like Bosnia, Ukraine and Croatia too. I'm in my 12th season and the title race is basically us vs Sheriff, with Zimbru and Dacia way off. I've won 2 titles, 2 cups, 1 Super Cup and reached the Europa League group stages once, somehow drawing twice with Wolfsburg. The top flight is a big step up from the 2nd tier, even if most of the teams still aren't great. One AI team which got promoted was relegated with just 2 points, so there is a gap. Artiom Zabun should do very well though. I have a similar player in my squad.
  10. In terms of your players valuations, I think Holmberg will have a higher valuation because he's made his first team debut. I've noticed that once a player from your youth team makes his first team debut, his value increases sharply. I'd also add that players tend to be valued higher or lower depending on their position. I.e. A striker will be valued more than an identical CA/PA/reputation defender.
  11. When you managed Partizan last year were you able to tutor between Partizan and Teleoptik? If you could do that then I'm sure you'd have no problems in France as Teleoptik are a permanent feeder club with free movement between the squads.
  12. Love it. I had Highly Professional at one point on FM2016, but this is even better! A combination of your post and general curiosity about coefficients in relation to my own save game led to me deciding to teach myself how to calculate UEFA coefficients. Basically it makes no difference to your club coefficient where you enter a competition as you get more points depending on which qualifying round you're eliminated in. You get the most if you manage to reach the group stages, and everything else from there is a bonus. The nation club coefficient however is affected by the reduced number of games, and loss of some easier fixtures, as that's far more focused towards results in individuals games rather than which round you reach. So it's good for your club that Iceland is moving up higher, but it may make a slight dent in the nation coefficient, although only slight as you're the main driver of the improvement anyway and should still win plenty of games.
  13. I think your change of roles should provide better balance as I felt the original tactic had all the more attacking players down the right side. The new one should hopefully see the CM on the left get forward too. You've also moved to a back 3 for one of the reasons I have on both my saves, the AI's 3 up front formations. It wasn't my only reason but I feel a back 3 deals with 3 central strikers much better than a back 4 in this FM.
  14. I think keeping this player as an advanced forward is the right thing to do as speed is easy to train in young players, and he already has a lot of good attributes for the role. On my game in Moldova I had a player with 5.6 (Using the attribute development graph) for pace come through 3.5 years ago. Today after mostly focusing individual training on quickness, it's gone up to 10.6. This is at semi-pro club in a bad league, and the player hasn't played that many first team games. He already has a good personality, and with your improved facilities and coaching you can get his pace up a few points.
  15. I've just finished reading through this whole thread and have enjoyed it. Nelson seems an interesting character and a bit nuts.