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  1. @StakkioMCFC, it is done but I'm not going to release it anyways. I'm bored of peoples saying s**t everywhere. "Use graphics from other users who give it for free, edit it and say that you do it.". "Most of the content was from other creators". I'm just done reading that even if that is not a truth. I spend so much time on this project and I'm simply done. It is not worth. Of course v2 will be updated till the FM18 comes out. When will be the nearest update? Don't know yet. I'm trying to help Jeff with DF11 Facepack so dunno when I'll find a little spare of time. Hopefully fast.
  2. fm2017 skin

    @Hootieleece, Emil mentioned a fix to this like 4 months ago...
  3. V2.1L is Up! A lot of screenshots directly on FMS... http://www.fmscout.com/a-cfm-fm17-skin.html
  4. @john1, I will do it for sure. I need to update an FMT skin to v2 anyways.
  5. First v2 will be available, then v1
  6. I'm almost sure that Light v2 will comes out the next weekend or even earlier!
  7. @steveyisatard, about deleting IRB: v1.01: Open /panels/client_object/client object browser.xml. Replace code between line 151 and 181 with this: <container width="190"/> v2.1: Open /panels/client_object/client object browser.xml. Replace code between line 150 and 180 with this: <container width="205"/> Graphics for the competition news panel are somewhere in /graphics/boxes/custom/cfm/. Probably in folder /cfm competition news panel or something similiar to this.
  8. @wkdsoul, The newest update is ready to download - http://www.fmscout.com/a-cfm-fm17-skin.html
  9. Brand new tactic overview + match in-between highlights + match both formations in v2.1 this weekend!
  10. @Alexpuk2002, I need to change most of the pitches right now to the same used in the "tactics overview panel" + scoreboard selector logo selector + a few tweaks to panels like "match both formations", "match overview" and "match in between highlights". Maybe a few things more but it depends on how much time will take me everything. If anyone got a suggestion/opinion here about anything skin related - just share it!
  11. @Alexpuk2002, /graphics/buttons/standard/ or /graphics/buttons/embedded/. I think at least... Available in v2.1 probably this weekend!
  12. @Alexpuk2002, /settings/settings.xml. You need to edit this lines: <!--colours for the position lines on the tactics pitch and widgets--> <colour name="goalkeeper_line" red="0" green="0" blue="0" /> <colour name="sweeper_line" red="130" green="0" blue="0" /> <colour name="defender_line" red="200" green="0" blue="0" /> <colour name="defensive_midfielder_line" red="0" green="50" blue="105" /> <colour name="midfielder_line" red="0" green="123" blue="255" /> <colour name="attacking_midfielder_line" red="0" green="100" blue="0" /> <colour name="attacker_line" red="0" green="200" blue="0" /> <colour name="substitutes_line" red="60" green="60" blue="60"/>
  13. fmt2017 skin

    @john1, sidebar icons-only option is available in preferences.
  14. @parsdaft1982, both skins (Evo and CFM) were made for lower resolutions also so there should be no problem with this one too.