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  1. @andrewsgn, I don't think so. I don't like them. Maybe as a mod but I'm nor sure for 100% @vonreichsm, everything still works fine for me. This panel should be included in v2.0.
  2. Every skin has something uniqe/special for a potential user. Give them all try and pick the one that You like the most.
  3. @vonreichsm and @gladman1, here You go: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3m9q9iw1svtzqd0/vonreichsm_titlebar.rar
  4. @vonreichsm, give me a second. I'll find a good spot for that agg score and I'll give You a call.
  5. @vonreichsm, nope
  6. @Phil Macklam, talking about donations here is forbidden so You need to PM me here or FB or anywhere else to get more informations.
  7. @Milky, redownload a skin friend. I repaired that yesterday a few hours after a full release.
  8. @bella699, skinning for donations? It is completly not like this. CFM Skin 2017 v1.0 is done in 100% right now. I've done everything what I planned before the FM17 release. I could quit skinning till FM18 beacuse I'm really happy with what I've done BUT there is a group of really kind peoples who supporting my work on every step. That is why I want to release v2.0 just for them. If You want to join that group - You can do it anytime and get v2.0. If You don't want - I'm not forcing You to donate. You have still got an opportunity to play FM on CFM Skin 2017 v1.0 which is also really good. That's all. I'm preparing to release the v1.01 and v2.0 right now. Here is the last panel I've made today for v2.0:
  9. @bluestillidie00, ye You did a great job with Your TCS. I hope (and not only me I believe) that in the FM2018 You will comeback to the skinning. I wasn't happy with the last team report view so I overhaul it again:
  10. @tyler16, that is one of my main goals - usable for everyone! @DamienQilBormliz, if I will hae a little bit of time - yes I can. But dunno exactly when beacuse I want to publish as fast as I can the v2.0 version...
  11. @streety, thank You Final version of "social feed" panel - available on all recommended resolutions!
  12. @bluestillidie00, it is already 600h hours of "playing" FM this year. Didn't even play a single match - skinning only. But I really like it @tyler16, thank You so much for Your ongoing support! I really appreciate that friend.
  13. v1.1 and v2.0 (for donators) will hopefully coming out this weekend. v1.1 will contain a few fixes that were mentioned by You guys. v2.0 will contain an interface overhaul. New buttons, boxes, UI (inside and outside a match) + a few new panels (social feed, panels inside the match etc). Stay tuned. v2.0: