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  1. @TheStockportHatter86, this panel is just a custom one made by me for DF11. The EVO panel will be for sure left-sided and you will have an option to pick the version you want (DF11, cut-out etc.) as always.
  2. EVO SKIN should be released with the best "bits" from previous versions in next few days... dedicated panels for FM 2021 will come a little bit later. Any feedback is much appreciated. Also... what you guys want to see this year in EVO?
  3. NEWEST EVO SKIN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD THROUGH FMSCOUT https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2020skin.html Featuring few fixes, support for background packs and new player overview panel for PLUS
  4. Fix for now. I will release a fix today with this fix and a few additions
  5. @cdeacon, update with brand new player overview coming next week If you cant wait, try DF11 panels on fmscout!
  6. Please stop spamming here. If you have got any questions or problems simply PM me. Thank you.
  7. EVO SKIN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD THROUGH FMSCOUT https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2020skin.html EVO FM SKIN PLUS
  8. @RowRow78, I believe there will be a few available options - for small faces, bigger ones, DF11 etc. @krisdonna, @anpuerta5, no problem. It is just a beggining.
  9. @anpuerta5, as I said earlier - only layout is done. I didn't even touch panels yet.
  10. Layout finally done! I think I can release it tomorrow for testing purposes... Panels next...
  11. @Pointless, thanks! @bluestillidie00, so I won't release it. Community can't lose skin creators like you
  12. @PequenoGenio, font will be changed for sure, probably to Helvetica. Light version should be also available but much later
  13. Few more tweaks and beta version will be available to download! Time for panels...
  14. @Alexpuk2002, for sure I will try to put there nation badge. Not much but still it can look a little bit better. One of the solutions is to merge upper part of the titlebar (arrows, home, date, continue button etc.) with bottom part but... I think that will be to much and the titlebar will be overloaded. Will think about that. There is always something that can improve the overall look and functionality.
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