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  1. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Yeah, update would be awesome but... my SSD with system and all FM data broke (that was actually some time ago). I did not have any backups or things like that on my HDD so the progress I have made is simply lost... Few days ago I started recreating everything again (layout). It will take a while to create everything again (especially panels...) but I will try... If You guys noticed any bugs in current version (resolution bugs, something is missing etc.) just let me know right now so I will be able to fix that before next bigger update. Here is what I have got for now...
  2. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    A few layout changes with 125% zoom support and a few panels probably tomorrow...
  3. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Skin should be available really soon from that link: https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm18-skins.html?id=4694 Important information: CFM Skin 2018 is right now in a BETA phase. I would like to release much more panels/etc. but simply I haven't got enough time for that right now so I mainly focused on layout. You can find just a few panels from CFM Skin 2017. Hopefully in near future I will be able to make MUCH, MUCH more. Skin should work really good on almost every popular resolution. For now it won't work on 125% zoom...
  4. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    As I mentioned in the first post: Share with me Your opinions and ideas. It is a skin for community so any feedback will make that skin even better! Feel free to share Your ideas/opinioms about the skin. @atreyuhc, almost every panel works well with FM18. You just need to change "layout_children" to "apply_to_children" (if I am not mistaken). Can not help with Your question right now beacuse I am not at home... I will try to release a beta version of CFM Skin this week...
  5. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @tamtsunhon, it should easily
  6. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Working on layout + moving a few panels from CFM Skin 17 to 18. I think that for now I am OK with layout so I will focus more on @2x images + I will add a few panels more (just like player overview) and I can release a BETA version...
  7. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    I am back to skinning from now for a few days... Was in Sweden for a couple of days on a DreamHack Winter and before that I was preparing really intense to this tournament so I wasn't able to take care of anything related to skinning. I hope that I can release a first BETA version in upcoming days...
  8. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @s_pasmus, 1) or 2) By decreasing a size of that panel. Go to line 142 in /panels/club/club overview panel.xml and change "default_width" value from -7 to -6 or -5
  9. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Club overview finally ready (still not kinda satisfied with background behind the 3d pitch...). Got a free day from work tomorrow so there is a chance that layout and a few panels (player profile, club overview, team report, news and social media) are going to be released...
  10. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @yonko, I will try to create that anyways. I do not know why but I kinda like them. It is easy to turn off so You should not have any problems with changing that if You want a standard look but I will do my best to encourage You to using it Wannachup did a nice thing with his "last starting 11" on club overview. He activated a faces from in-match preview lineups in club overview which is kinda nice. I know that the faces can be shown in FM18 but I did not even think about activating them in this panel. Should I give it a go?
  11. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    Just a nice looking 3d pitch and club overview panel is done...
  12. [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    @Tyggis, You need to put both folders from the file You just downloaded - club and person. /person/cfm/cfm person snapshot club overview.xml is missing to show the faces properly.
  13. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @kennedfn, I found it in CFM Skin 2017 topic on this forum. Here You go: Open /panels/club/club overview panel.xml and find a code between line 204-210. Replace it with this: <widget class="background" file="backgrounds" id="bgnd" image_alignment="centre_x,centre_y" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="true"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget>
  14. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @steveyisatard, /panels/club/club overview panel.xml - line 200. Change inset value from "-15" to even smaller
  15. [FM18 SKIN] CFM SKIN 2018 BETA

    @fsquid, already in. @wicksyFM, player profile will comes out with full version. Will not share them before that @vonreichsm, from what I have remember it works perfect with "Vitrex City Pics". If You are using DS8 Megapack just take a look on CFM Skin 2017 topic here or my FB page - I resolved that issue a few times for sure.