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  1. @cdeacon, update with brand new player overview coming next week If you cant wait, try DF11 panels on fmscout!
  2. Please stop spamming here. If you have got any questions or problems simply PM me. Thank you.
  3. EVO SKIN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD THROUGH FMSCOUT https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2020skin.html EVO FM SKIN PLUS
  4. @RowRow78, I believe there will be a few available options - for small faces, bigger ones, DF11 etc. @krisdonna, @anpuerta5, no problem. It is just a beggining.
  5. @anpuerta5, as I said earlier - only layout is done. I didn't even touch panels yet.
  6. Layout finally done! I think I can release it tomorrow for testing purposes... Panels next...
  7. @Pointless, thanks! @bluestillidie00, so I won't release it. Community can't lose skin creators like you
  8. @PequenoGenio, font will be changed for sure, probably to Helvetica. Light version should be also available but much later
  9. Few more tweaks and beta version will be available to download! Time for panels...
  10. @Alexpuk2002, for sure I will try to put there nation badge. Not much but still it can look a little bit better. One of the solutions is to merge upper part of the titlebar (arrows, home, date, continue button etc.) with bottom part but... I think that will be to much and the titlebar will be overloaded. Will think about that. There is always something that can improve the overall look and functionality.
  11. @Alexpuk2002, that gap depends as always on resolution and on that section with menu - more options to choose, the longer menu is. The one shown on screenshot got only 6 options... there are also ones with just 2... and with 10+. If You have got any idea how to fill that gap I am listening as always For now I was thinking only about some gradient behind the menu.
  12. Titlebar almost done! Just need to figure out how that menu section will looks like... Work goes slowly but I am moving forward everyday!
  13. @john1, the one from Nuu is to small... Wanted to find something different but failed for now. For sure I will change the current one
  14. Was thinking about something like this in terms of layout. Almost all graphics are going to be changed of course (titlebar, sidebar, buttons etc) - what You see is only something like... illustrative project. What You guys think about that? Can that worked out?
  15. @ClemB, exactly as @PequenoGenio said - very simple but at the same time great-looking! Nuu near Steklo series is one of my favorites.
  16. @PequenoGenio, @Alexpuk2002, thanks for feedback! I will post some screenshots soon from FM19 how EVO should looks like in FM20 so we can all improve the skin.
  17. @PequenoGenio, dunno about the font yet, for sure I won't use the EVO FM19 one. Suggestions appreciated here. Maybe Helvetica?
  18. @PequenoGenio, Neue looks really good - for sure I will use it as my inspiration. I already started creating layout but in FM19 - for sure I can transfer most of the stuff to FM20. Got a few problems already with a design but as always I need a little bit more time to sort everything in my head Wanted to create horizontal sidebar but looks like it is impossible... that's so bad. I will post some screenshots in next week for sure with my progress. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  19. @bluestillidie00 found it. Will post it here also - maybe someone reading this conversation will be curious where to look for that guide.
  20. @Alexpuk2002, most of the time I am just playing with minus values (-1, -5 etc.) instead of specific numbers. Because of that I can adapt my skin to the most popular resolutions easier. For example - if in one horizontal line you have got two containers with -2 and -3 width values, that means the first container will take 40% of the free space and the second one the rest. I am also using "minimum_width/height" values so if there is not enough space to fit specific container, it will just disapear.
  21. @Alexpuk2002, in my opinion skinning in general is easier than everyone thinks. Code is pretty easy to understand without any knowledge about programming. Almost everything is built around boxes with data that you can't really edit. It is all about sorting that boxes like you wish. Much harder actually is finding stuff that You want to edit but... that comes with experience. The best is to follow @bluestillidie00 advice. The biggest nightmare for me in creating skins is an idea. Trying to create stuff that is simple, clean, full of informations and fits most of the popular resolutions is time consuming. When I know that creating panels is just a matter of several minutes.
  22. @Alexpuk2002, also I am more with something like Nuu Skin than Steklo x1 - Nuu looks really clean and that is one of the most important things for me. Glad to hear that Alex. I got my own style and whenever I am saying that I will re-create something, it doesn't mean I will copy-paste everyting - it is always my own interpretation etc. so for sure a lot of "best bits" from previous versions are going to be available in upcoming skin. My biggest mistake last year was very late release date due to lack of free time - I am not going to repeat my mistakes. I will start with BETA release if possible!
  23. EVO SKIN AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD THROUGH FMSCOUT https://www.fmscout.com/a-evofm2020skin.html EVO SKIN PLUS
  24. Yes, that was the last one this year. No one complain too much actually so... I'm just saving my ideas for FM20
  25. @parsdaft1982, @john1 any ideas where? Without destroying the current layout?
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