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  1. Looks brilliant, thanks for uploading mate. Just started a new save last night so perfect timing, will be giving this a go in a few hours 👍
  2. Sorry to hear mate. I hope everything is well now.
  3. Can you at least share a screenshot so we have some idea of what you did?
  4. Has some stuff been removed in the latest update? Vanishing foam, dynamic TV deals and the ability to use the 'I expect to see you lot in training tomorrow after that performance' have all been variously mentioned as not showing up anymore on the forums so far. Might just be a coincidence.
  5. In most countries that error would entitle you to a refund from the source of the mistake.
  6. You'd need to have started your manager off with the highest reputation as a minimum, otherwise you won't even be considered. Also, winning some silverware is usually what gets the national teams up and taking notice.
  7. Sometimes the old methods are the best! Also, I've done it twice now and twice now I've won the next game away from home as the underdog by at least a two goal margin :-)
  8. After losing a match my post-team talk was 'I expect to see you lot in training tomorrow morning after that result'. I went to the training section to follow through on my heated post-match threat, and the game had already scheduled a session of Endurance in the morning for the team. Brilliant. Saved me time as I only had to schedule two more for the remaining sessions in the day for the lazy plodders to complete.
  9. I've had a few of these who have ended up at other teams and I never had them in my intake, but the explanation is that they were in your youth academy and instead of being promoted to your U18 side, decided to accept an offer from a bigger club to join their team instead. So they show as being in your club for one year but in reality never entered your squad. Don't mind it personally, I think it levels out the advantage you get as a human manager to be able to raid all the AI teams U18s and also reflects what happens in real life.
  10. https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/22882/windows-vista-end-of-support Do your nan a favour and get rid of Vista. It's not been supported by Microsoft for some time now and isn't secure.
  11. I actually really like that. Makes it easier to see the teams shape somehow. Would use.
  12. Challenging club to take on, have just accepted the job in 2025 on my current save. Has anyone ever seen the C team promoted to the Segunda Division B? I don't have a database that has the Third division as a playable league but would prefer to make use of the C team rather than farming out youngsters who I don't have room for to affiliates.
  13. It seems this year that I've had a few newgens who have been massively overrated and don't come on as wonderkids, then it turns out the coaches were just misjudging them, as when they get to 20-21 it becomes apparent they are not cut out for it even though they were highly rated as regens and worth loads. Usually a good way of telling is when they have rubbish technical attributes such as passing o, first touch or flair, I'm always suspicious of any newgens who are rated above 4 stars but aren't technically proficient.
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