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  1. I have couple of wishes for next FM releases Player Development - Dynamic PA I would like to see dynamic PA in FM. I know it may be hard to implement, but it would add much more variety in the game. For example, after a couple of saves, you already know who are wonderkids and who are not, what players will develop good and which players will not develop good. And then it becomes boring. This way, with each save, we could have new good players, their PA will increase based on many factors, form, team overachieving ( you always increase player attributes from version to version if some
  2. I would not say it is agility, I would rather say it is a combination of poor anticipation, concentration, decisions and passing for that level of football
  3. He probably has low technique but high vision/flair attribute. He has some good ideas but he can't pull them off
  4. In short, there is some nonsense, probably the worst feature when it comes to players development alongside older players declining too fast, where if the player is developing too fast/or too good, attributes must re-allocate something like that ( it makes zero sense, I know ). I don't know that much about it, but - You will find some answers here: and here:
  5. I've asked already in editor forum but since nobody is replying maybe someone here knows - if I buy in-game editor, will I be able to change secondary and primary club colors mid-save? I mean these colors: Thank you
  6. Hi, if I buy in-game editor, will I be able to change the club primary/secondary color mid-save? Thank you
  7. Hi guys, what do you think is it possible to replace goals? Before they looked better because they were more transparent and they were at different angle, they looked more like a real goals Now: Before:
  8. Man thanks a lot! I've managed to add stadium stands to 2D ME in 2021 It is far from perfect, when I have time I will add supporters to the stands, the problem is that also each stadium will have the same stands but it is something for now.
  9. Thanks, yes, it is beautiful skin Hopefully someone can replicate it into FM 2021.
  10. Sorry, I am confused now. I've checked match screen topic recently and I didn't found a way to change the background. So, you can change the background to some color or you can choose any background you want? Maybe I've missed something in that topic
  11. To me, the problem is lack of competition. SI can do whatever they want, slowly, and they don't have to worry about the sales because the game will always sell good. I can ignore most of the bugs. But I can't ignore for example they are not doing anything regarding older players declining too fast, like some of people here stated. And I can't ignore the the fact that they went a couple of years backwards when it comes to looks of 2D ME. That is something I always bring out, and they never even bothered to reply why 2D looks worse now. As I said, they can even make some things in th
  12. Sorry, I am not sure have you asked the OP to post the skin because you can convert it, or some other person can do that, but since OP is not replying, if it is not a problem, I have uploaded the default FM 2017 skin tactics screen as it on his screenshot. https://www.mediafire.com/file/jyr3r039ij9q1eo/Default+with+Tactics.rar/file I think the skin OP has posted is pretty much default FM 17 skin, with transparency enabled only I am not sure how is this player screen called. It would be really great if whole OP's skin could be replicated ( with flat continue button and eve
  13. "until they do". This has been a problem for ages. And they will not do anything until people here stop defending this limited, now already primitive development system. But I really hope they do. Unless they decide again that it is more important to add an option to throw a bottle.
  14. This would be great, FM 16 and 17 had best looking skins with flat, simple, design. That FM2017 skin looks perfect. Especially because it uses both secondary and primary club colors for header and sidebar. It really helps for the immersion. Also the tactic screen is so elegant, those jerseys look so good. Hopefully OP will provide the skin and if someone manage to convert this skin, that would be awesome!
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