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  1. It seems that SI budget is not only reason why we will not get better representation of football anywhere soon. I would say that the second reason is - fanbase. Veteran players are so negative whenever somebody mention better looking 3D. "We don't need that, this is managment game", "go play fifa", "oh no it will make game slower", "oh no I would have to upgrade my pc" And they are not saying that because they would not like to see better looking football, but because they must show how hardcore fans they are - "No, I don't need better looking football I have flashing commentary"; "I'm so hardcore I don't even watch my games, I set my tactic and then turn off my monitor" We already have complete managment game which is complex enough, I would like to see that, combined with atmosferic, fun to look, exciting, football. But If more complicated social media handling, or some players social groups is the right direction for you guys ok, I respect that.
  2. I have not answered directly to any reply on my post because I can't reply without arguing ( because clearly we don't agree ), and I don't want to argue in my post with anybody. I see that nobody agrees with me so there is no point, but I appreciate the time you guys taken to reply and I respect your oppinions. It seems then that FM is not anymore for me, I've been playing it from CM 99, but it is ok, I will get back to FM in couple of years, maybe I just have to take a break. Thank you all.
  3. Right away I must say, this is not a rant - I wish guys from SI all the best and I wish them to sell as many copies as possible, but I've lost all the interest in the game. I don't see any point of buying FM20 for example. I will buy it, just to support SI because they were part of my childhood but I can't find any other reason to buy it. I have ideas for my save, I have ideas for challenges but I feel like nothing has changed in last 5 years so I can't make my self to start the save. Improvements in last couple of years - dynamics, scouting, inductions bla bla - boooring. Just boring. Are we going to play FM 2025 in same engine? Name of the game is Football Manager. Football. Not Player Feelings Manager. And what is football? Exciting matches, nice goals, dribles etc. I think we need 3D engine that can bring us that exitement. I can hear already veterans here - go play Fifa, go play Pes, we love ancient 2D engine. Guys, for real, it is time to move on. For decades we are looking at same. Every year they say improved 3D but let's be real - it is the same as it was before. Other thing. Player development. It is second most annoying thing in FM for me. For example, let's take Lyon striker Amine Gouiri. One of the best talents in the game. You give him playing time, he score goals, his attributes start to grow and then - that silly algoritm when game decides to lower young player attributes in order to stop him over-developing. After couple of seasons he is 25 y old. And he has the same attributes as he was 21 y old. Boring, just boring. I know that may be realistic, but this is a game, it should be fun, let him develop further if he is playing good, like in older fm's. There is no excitement when you know your young player will stop developing at age of 23. Ofcourse there should be something to stop players for over-developing but something different and not - let us lower finishing for this young striker and increase his marking so he does not over-develop. It just does not make sense. ( I have posted a thread here where I show my Vinicius Junior got decreased dribling and acceleration and increased marking at age of 21 even he was in insanely good form ) If player is playing constantly good, better with each season, he should develop each year until he is too old. Again, I don't have anything against SI and the game itself, I just think after so many years we need proper improvements. For me those would be - Better 3D engine and better, not so strict, player development. Now, I just can't make myself to play, because I know I will be looking at the same goals, same everything like in 2009 and that my favourite young player will stop developing at young age without any logical reason.
  4. No. English teams like Arsenal are playing garbage over a decade, and they are always overpowered. Take any FM from 2003 - 2019 their players have always been insane, even they had 2 good seasons in last 20 years. ( ofc this is not case just with Arsenal all English teams are favorised and overpowered ) So, just because Barselona is playing one season bad does not mean they need to downgrade their attributes.
  5. For me the best was 2015. Full backs played good but the were not unrealistic, also inside forwards were great. Best engine for inside forwards by far. Good match engine overall, maybe there was a lack of through balls from midfielders. If I remember correctly, full backs were overpowered in 2016. I played 2017 just a little, 2018 had issues with tactics with 3 forwards. 2019 is better than 16 and 18 but it is too easy to play. So, in conclusion, I think 2015 was the best.
  6. Again. I've just finished a season with Brescia, easily 1st in the league, got promoted, Tonali was 4 times at least player of the week and then same as for the players above. How can a player in good form and so much potential every time get slower, worse at finishing, long shots? I mean, this is not the only case, I really do hope that guys from SI will take a look at this.
  7. My friend just sent me how unlucky he has lost Champions League final. And he has Arp in worse team than you.
  8. - Inside forwards role re-done I rarely see in FM 2019 they act really like inside forwards, cutting inside and scoring goals from those positions. Even If they cut inside and shoot, it is a miss in 99% cases. FM 2015 had perfect inside forwards. If player had "run forward whenever possible" you could really see that, every inside forward was different and it was noticable, in this FM I don't see any difference in playing style of inside forwards, they all look the same, and inside forwads have waaay too much chances when they have to head the ball at the goal. One inside forward would cross the ball at the far post and other inside forward would head the ball very poorly, and you can see that all the time, I have no idea why inside forwards have so much chances that way. - Long Shot goals I think there is too little screamers from the distance. I don't remember seeing a single goal from 25-30 meters. That happens in real football, we need more attractive goals in FM. Also curved shots, I remember in older FM's you could see really nice curved long shots goals from Recoba for example. - Transfers I remember this issue from when I started playing FM. For example, some player is worth 5m. You offer 15m + percentage of next sale. And Barca and Liverpool offer 5m + a couple of mils more, even if those offers are less than yours AI always tends to accept offer from another AI. And when they bid for your player, bids are always insultingly low. My last save was with Lyon, Fekir was worth 65 milions, my key player, and clubs were bidding a Loan deal with 30milions mandatory transfer fee. Wtf. I would not like to see anything new that would just complicate the game more, just improvements of previous version which was fine.
  9. I feel you. That is the single most annoying thing in FM and you can't do anything about that. Ofcourse there should be a limit in players development but this is just.. bad.. I don't want anything fancy in new FMs, like better 3D graphics or so, I just want this re-done. It is just like you said, soul destroying. You spend so much time to develop a player to see his attributes decline even he is in top of his form. But I doubt Neil and other guys from SI will even concider changing this..
  10. "sometimes it's not exactly going to be a loss for the player" I don't think this is the case at all. I never seen anything good from this. My Winger got slower and worse at dribling at age of 21, my striker, also wonderkid got worse at finishing after getting golden boot, my left back had 15 dribling and after winning champions league and after he had almost 8.0 average rating whole season, his dribling also dropped to 14. I don't have those save games anymore but I'm sure there were even more cases. Even after all explanations from (great) guys from this forum I still don't understand why this has been implemented. I remember in FM 2015 it was a little bit different. When you see all the arrows pointing down, you can critcize player for bad training perfromance. After he accepts the criticism, and after a month or two his attributes would back to normal, but I don't see that here. That would be more logical, for example, player got fatter or lazier and after you criticise him he would start working hard again.
  11. I can't go back because I don't have that hard drive anymore but he was just 21 y old I think I have posted some more information here when I've opened the thread just because of this
  12. I don't know English very well and I don't understand almost nothing from Seb's post above why is there attribute decreasing , but I will just repeat myself, it is really, really stupid anyways. Don't get me wrong I don't want to argue or to talk bad about the game, it is just that part of the game that is really annoying for me. Like in my case. I bought Vinicus Junior, he is playing very very good, he has very good potential, I destroying teams in both Champions League and in my League, and I'm excited how Vinicius will develop and what I see at the end of the season - he got worse at dribling. That is a huge disappointment. In almost perfect conditions he got worse. What is the point then of developing him. I almost lost will to play after seeing that. And Vinicius is not the only example. I don't remember seeing this in older versions of the game. ( before 2016 I think ) My wonderkids were always better from season to season in earlier versions, and here, even young player is playing football of his life he could get worse at the end of the season. Makes no sense at all. Ofcourse there should be some cap when it comes to player development, but it should not be that strict, it is just ruining the most beautiful part of this game - finding and developing young players. It is a real disappointment when you spend whole season working to develop some player and he actually get worse at some important attributes..
  13. You have seen my Vinicius We had a conversation in my topic. Again, I don't want you to understand me wrongly, I agree with you and your explanation is great, but that thing with attributes decreasing is very, very annoying and does not make any sense at all.
  14. Yes, it is a great explanation and he is probably right but no, it does not make any sense. It the most annoying thing in FM for me, I hope SI will find better solution than decreasing the attributes to stop development. I had this problem also, with Vinicius Junior, he got slower at age of 21 but his marking increased. Also in your case Monzon will probably get slower or worse at finishing/dribling at age of 21 even those attributes should increase. I have no idea why SI has implemented this. You could spend your time to develop some youngster just to see his attributes decrease even he is playing very good and he is young. No sense at all.
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