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  1. I agree with you, I had problems with 2017 and 2018. I have tried everything and nothing worked except 4-2-3-1 in 2017, with inverted wing backs and 4-3-3 in 2018. If I tried anything else other than those tactics, FM 2017 and 2018 were unplayable for me. For example, if I would just change inverted wing backs to normal wing backs, my game would fell aparat, no matter what team I was, no matter what tactic instructions were set.
  2. Thank you very much for your time, I understand it now It does makes sense now, but still I don't like it I think they should do something else to prevent players developing forever other than attributes compensation. Anyways, nice explanation. I will also try some of your advices. Where did I said that I know everything? I wrote that just to save people time so that they don't have to explain all basics to me. I literally wrote that I know training "basics". Think sometimes before posting.
  3. In this version, I leave general training to Assistant and I have no problems with that, players are developing good in every save, I have problems just with that short period of attributes decline. I manage individual training by myself. I think assistant is not a problem, I remember having this in FM 2015, where I did all training by myself. I really appreciate your detailed answer, but I think I don't know English well enough to undestand fully all that CA thing He did not had any serious injuries. I've just checked his development over past 12 months. So, he is better player this season but has worse First Touch, Decisions, Off the Ball, Vision, Acceleration, Pace and he is weaker than when he was younger. ( Dribling is back to 17 ) So, he had better vision and off the ball when he sat on R Madrid bench for 2 seasons than in my team where he is really great. Isn't it that more match expirience gives you better off the ball movement and vision on the field? Even I don't understand that all CA/PA thing, I think all that attributes declining does not make sense at all when it comes to young, huge potential players who have better and better seasons as they get older. I mean now nothing makes sense for me. If my training is really the problem. How is he then a better player than ever if he is slower, weaker, has worse vision, movement because of my bad training? No matter that all CA/PA calculations this not makes sense in any scenario. I must stop thinking about this haha This is realy bizarre as you said ( but I would rather say annoying ) I've attached his development in past 12 months and this season form screenshots. So 9 goals and 9 assists. ( I don't know why images are this small)
  4. This player is just one example. It happens to players with huge potential such as Aourar and Vinicius Junior. Yes, every season is different. But for example some youngster is playing better with every year, I don't understand how his attributes can get worse. What can happen for example in my case. I'm playing so good with Lyon that I think I will win Champions League easy. And Vinicius Junior could be CL best player and League 1 best player. Even Ballon D'or contender. He is playing better than past year but he has worse dribling and acceleration attributes. He had 17 dribling and Acceleration when he was 20 years old but he had 16 dribling and acceleration 22 years old when he won ballon d'or. Makes no sense. This makes sense only when it comes to older players. There is something in the game that randomly select players to go through short attributes decline period but I just think that people were not paying attention to it.
  5. I have almost 5 stars staff for every training section. And I play fm for about 20 years so I know basics of training at least. And my team is crushing, if something is wrong with the training I would not be able to play like this: https://prnt.sc/nzca1s This is something I noticed in maybe last 3-4 iterations of fm. I think randomly about 3 players in squad get attributes decline no matter of age. ( when you cllick on a player and every attribute has that orange arrow pointing down ). In previous versions you say to those players "I think your developing is not good enough in past few months" ( something like that ) and if he is really in period of attributes decline he accept the criticism and after a couple of weeks his attributes start growing again. In this version, if I see that player is in decline period, for example some important attributes went from 15 to 14 I criticize his training and he never accepts. In most of the time he replies with "Who, me? You must be thinking of somebody else". Even if you can clearly see that orange arrow down is on all attributes and his main attributes went from 15 to 14!! I've found an example in my save with Dortmund. I've just won CL in second season and bundesliga, here is the young left back who had 11 assists and 7.49 average at the end of the season. He had 15 dribling when I bouth him and he never had 15 again. He did not had any major injuries and he is my first left back.
  6. Does anybody else think that attributes decline when it comes to young players is really annoying? For example: I am playing with Lyon. And I spent all my money on Vinicius Junior. He had a great first season, I was really excited to develop him as best as I can. He had Acceleration 17 and Dribling 17. That was when he was 20 years old. And now he is 21, and after a very good season he have Acceleration 16 and Dribling 16. And instead of increasing those attributes to 18 after a great season, now I have to spend another year waiting for him to increase those attributes back to 17. I know that 16 and 17 is not a big difference but I think 16 and 18 it is. I had to sell my best young striker Gouri because almost the same was happening to him. He had 15 finishing, then 14. Then after one year again he had 15 and then again 14. I had to give up and sell him. I know that this is not a problem with my training, this is happening randomly to players. ( and not only in fm 2019 ) I play FM mainly to buy young players and develop them and this is really ruining game for me. I lose all motivation when I see some youngster developing great and then randomly declining. That random attribute declining when it comes to young players is almost completely destroying point of developing. You can spend one year making/training some player to be faster, and when you finally for example achieve 15 acceleration you will lose that randomly and all your work will be for nothing.
  7. Haha, I am from Serbia Yes, that is unrealistic, but everything is unrealistic from transfers to match results, so there is no even point thinking about what is realstic and what is not and that is the beauty of this game with every save you are creating new football reality. Just look at my run with Lyon, I'm only 4-th season and I'm playing CL group stage with reserve team with ease: (espec. game with PSG) https://prnt.sc/nyu95r
  8. Couple years ago somebody here said "As soon as you press "continue" for the first time in your save nothing is realistic anymore" ( something like that I don't know English very well ) So, it is a good thing that almost nothing is realstic here, if everything was reaslitic, game would be boring af. People would not be able to win CL with lower league teams if game was realstic, Juventus would win serie A every year and so on.
  9. I think choosing Dortmund would be very boring. My first save in FM 2019 was exactly Dortmund and I won everything in second season. You have too much money and players are very good. Better challenge would be Leverkusen but only buy German players. I once played with Sassuolo and I was only buying Italian players. That was my best save
  10. Can you please tell me what skin this is where you have the faces on tactic screen?
  11. Wait, you are Man City and he is unhappy? You can win everything with City so I think after some titles his unhappiness will dissapear. ( maybe only not in case if he thinks he has achieved everything at the club ) Or you are maybe playing some older FM where Sane is in Schalke That unhappiness thing is unrealistic for me and I never can convince player to stay so I use editor to remove unhappiness or to extend contract when I feel that unhappiness is unfair
  12. Nice to hear that there are some guy who agree with me, but from those who say that it is the worst engine ever, do you mind to give some reasons for that? I don't see anything game-breaking. Like for example long shots in 2018 etc.
  13. Hi, I just want to know is there anybody else who share my opinion After FM2016, 2017 and 2018 which are for me the worst in series I think I'm finally in love with FM again. I started playing 2019 just 3 months ago and for me, it is really fun. I think there is just one thing they need to improve and that is inside forwards/wingers players. Match engine now again has that mix between realism and totally unrealistic (but fun) parts like for example goals after corners. My central two defenders scored about 15 goals in a season. I remember in FM 2005 this was the case, you buy player like Naldo and he will scrore with headers a lot. That is fun part for me because now I can search for big defenders with high jumping attribute and I know he will use that. Also, through balls are great fun for me in this version, like for example in FM 2012, where killer balls with players like Verratti were really fun to watch. I don't say that game is perfect but the engine is most interesting for me in years. I would just like to see inside forwards work like in the FM2015. They are pretty much useless for me in this game. They never dribble, they never score nice goals when they cut inside etc, no matter what attributes they have, Reus, Depay ... FM 2015 had perfect match engine for inside forwards. I would like to see FM 2020 with almost the same match engine with only inside forwards improved. I want to see screamers from players with good finishing and long shots, like Salah did this weekend, like inside forwards regularly do.
  14. Hi, I always wanted to know how old CM games without 2D engine worked. I can't describe this question the way I want because I don't know English very well but I will try So, what was happening in the backend? Was there maybe some primitive 2D engine that we could not see and that was translated to text mode or something like that? For example, when you are watching game in 2D mode now you can say - yeah, that player is really fast, because you can see that he is faster than others but in CM years you could not see anything, you could not tell is speed important or not. You could not see if "jumping' attribute is important for example. I really can't imagine how everything worked nor in which direction to think. I know my question may sound stupid to everyone, but from my childhood I was curious to know something about this
  15. I had problems with FM2017 also. Only one formation worked for me, 4-2-3-1 with inverted wing backs. Also, I noticed that ball winning midfielder in that game must be capable of scoring goals, I don't know why but no matter what instructions from that position I had many shots. So in every save I buy one Brazilian DM with 14-15 long shots. Danilo is best for that, I think he plays for Braga. I'm not sure why but as I said, only inverted wing backs worked for me, if I change that to normal wing backs/full backs/complete wing backs I can't win.
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