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  1. Ofcourse it is cheating, if you are happy, it is still cheating but you are just making your game more enjoyable. I cheat too. If some player of mine get injured for 3+ months I let him be injured for one month and then I remove the injury. But I have a rule, when I'm removing my player injury I also remove injuries for AI teams if some wonderkids are injured for a long time, so they can develop better. I'm also removing player unhappiness because you can't talk with the player in the game as you can in real life, so I always pretend I've sorted that unhappiness by talking.
  2. If you mean - Attributes decreasing for young players also, not only for old players, then yes, it is very, very annoying. It is almost game breaking for me in FM 2019, because I spend time developing some young player and then I see his attributes decreasing. I've opened similar thread, where my in-form Vinicius Junior, after I won the league and champions league, got worse at dribling and slower, but he got higher attributes for marking and tackling I think. Explanation was something related to ca/pa, where if some players reach his development high, game must lower some of his attributes to make balance, which the most stupid feature in FM history.
  3. After reading many comments and topics, I'm affraid to buy FM 2020. I've tried demo, and it was awful, I know things may improved by now, but still I don't see many positive things on this forum. Problem is almost always the same, people complain, some moderators defend the game, and some veteran players keep bringing statistics to show how each FM versions is realistic, and close to real football. FM was never, never, even close to real football. There is almost nothing realistic in the game. Every time, you create a save game, and click "continue" for the first time, every connection with real football ends there. There is for example unrealistic number of goals after corners, urealistic transfers, unrealistic Wold Cup winners and so on. And that is A GOOD THING. That is FUN. If the game was realistic, you would not be able to win Champions League for example with lower league teams. One more thing are for example - injuries. There were FM's where there were too many injuries. And then, somebody would say - but look at the real life statistics, number of injuries are the same. No. Injuries are frustrating, then don't have to be realistic. If my central defenders can score 30+ goals per season: https://prnt.sc/qj37b4, and that is not realistic, why the injuries must be realistic. I'm reading comments here "too many one on one chances missed". And then somebody say - in real life, strikers also miss too many chances. Hey, again, back to my 30+ goals central defenders, and other unrealstic things, why we must have have realistic one to one statistics, if there are so many other unrealistic things. Games should be, again, FUN. FUN = Balance between unrealistic + realistic + challenging. If something realistic would iritate people, made game bad or too hard, I don't think that has to be implemented. My toughts are that SI is trying to make new FMs as realistic as possible, and then we have these match engine problems. ( ofcourse I can be wrong ) I'm not bashing the game or SI, I just don't want to be affraid to buy my favourite game. I think for the future, best thing for me would be to not visit this forum, and then just take a risk and buy FM every January, without reading anything here.
  4. I love how net goes up before ball even hit it https://prnt.sc/qfnzbs
  5. I always set some goals before starting save. For example. I have played with Sassuolo, and my goal was to have only Italian players and win Champions League. ( Champions league is my ultimate goal always ) - I've played with AC Milan, and my goal was to make them great again, but with condition to have players same nationality as their team from 2005. Brazilian goalkeeper, Ukranian striker etc. - Then I love to play my save around one player. For example, I'm playing with Celta Vigo currently, and my goal is to make Thiago Almada win Golden Ball. I never change teams during my save, because I always tend to make some mid-range team ustoppable force until Regens take over the whole game. Like I did with Atalanta https://prnt.sc/qeatlx
  6. If you are in middle of your match, don't ever go to take a dump. Every time you are back, you will see that you have conceded a goal.
  7. I was thinking.. Maybe we should have sliders in FM so we can adjust match engine to our preference : For example, I would choose Long Shots from FM 2017, Inside Forwards From 2015, Strikers from FM 2011, Through Balls from FM 2012 and nothing from fm 2020
  8. Not only FM12, but every match engine is better than the current one. And the reasons why engine is not better with each year - are veterans. FM veterans. They will defend the game no matter what.
  9. Lack of fun in FM. I've tried the demo and it seems like the most boring match engine in history. I'm not saying that the game is bad I just miss older FM's that were not realistic, but they were fun. For example you buy Daniel Bierofka in FM 2005 for 300k and he would destroy everyone in engine where dribling was everything. Or insane long shot goals from Recoba. Or young Marco Verratti and his insane killer balls. Each game had something overpowered and that was fun, you knew what players to look for. ( yeah, we had overpowered crossing in recent years but that is not fun ) Ofcourse, game is more advanced now, nicer, more realistic and so on but for me, it lacks the most important thing - fun.
  10. FM 2019 was good, but inside forwards were awful for me. They were good at assisting but shooting and cutting-inside was really poor. And there were way too many situations where one inside forward would cross the ball on the second inside forward head at the far post. No matter what player/tactic instructions. Too many headers from inside forwards. Everything else was good for me. FM 2015 was the most complete and most balanced for me, and inside forwards were great. I wish something between FM 2019 and 15.
  11. Juan Mata since he has moved to Man Utd. He was destroying me. The most overrated player in FM history, those attributes are nowhere near realistic. And I think it was CM 03/04 where Dortmund was just insanely hard oponent for me with Rosicky and Jan Koller.
  12. It seems that SI budget is not only reason why we will not get better representation of football anywhere soon. I would say that the second reason is - fanbase. Veteran players are so negative whenever somebody mention better looking 3D. "We don't need that, this is managment game", "go play fifa", "oh no it will make game slower", "oh no I would have to upgrade my pc" And they are not saying that because they would not like to see better looking football, but because they must show how hardcore fans they are - "No, I don't need better looking football I have flashing commentary"; "I'm so hardcore I don't even watch my games, I set my tactic and then turn off my monitor" We already have complete managment game which is complex enough, I would like to see that, combined with atmosferic, fun to look, exciting, football. But If more complicated social media handling, or some players social groups is the right direction for you guys ok, I respect that.
  13. I have not answered directly to any reply on my post because I can't reply without arguing ( because clearly we don't agree ), and I don't want to argue in my post with anybody. I see that nobody agrees with me so there is no point, but I appreciate the time you guys taken to reply and I respect your oppinions. It seems then that FM is not anymore for me, I've been playing it from CM 99, but it is ok, I will get back to FM in couple of years, maybe I just have to take a break. Thank you all.
  14. Right away I must say, this is not a rant - I wish guys from SI all the best and I wish them to sell as many copies as possible, but I've lost all the interest in the game. I don't see any point of buying FM20 for example. I will buy it, just to support SI because they were part of my childhood but I can't find any other reason to buy it. I have ideas for my save, I have ideas for challenges but I feel like nothing has changed in last 5 years so I can't make my self to start the save. Improvements in last couple of years - dynamics, scouting, inductions bla bla - boooring. Just boring. Are we going to play FM 2025 in same engine? Name of the game is Football Manager. Football. Not Player Feelings Manager. And what is football? Exciting matches, nice goals, dribles etc. I think we need 3D engine that can bring us that exitement. I can hear already veterans here - go play Fifa, go play Pes, we love ancient 2D engine. Guys, for real, it is time to move on. For decades we are looking at same. Every year they say improved 3D but let's be real - it is the same as it was before. Other thing. Player development. It is second most annoying thing in FM for me. For example, let's take Lyon striker Amine Gouiri. One of the best talents in the game. You give him playing time, he score goals, his attributes start to grow and then - that silly algoritm when game decides to lower young player attributes in order to stop him over-developing. After couple of seasons he is 25 y old. And he has the same attributes as he was 21 y old. Boring, just boring. I know that may be realistic, but this is a game, it should be fun, let him develop further if he is playing good, like in older fm's. There is no excitement when you know your young player will stop developing at age of 23. Ofcourse there should be something to stop players for over-developing but something different and not - let us lower finishing for this young striker and increase his marking so he does not over-develop. It just does not make sense. ( I have posted a thread here where I show my Vinicius Junior got decreased dribling and acceleration and increased marking at age of 21 even he was in insanely good form ) If player is playing constantly good, better with each season, he should develop each year until he is too old. Again, I don't have anything against SI and the game itself, I just think after so many years we need proper improvements. For me those would be - Better 3D engine and better, not so strict, player development. Now, I just can't make myself to play, because I know I will be looking at the same goals, same everything like in 2009 and that my favourite young player will stop developing at young age without any logical reason.
  15. No. English teams like Arsenal are playing garbage over a decade, and they are always overpowered. Take any FM from 2003 - 2019 their players have always been insane, even they had 2 good seasons in last 20 years. ( ofc this is not case just with Arsenal all English teams are favorised and overpowered ) So, just because Barselona is playing one season bad does not mean they need to downgrade their attributes.
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