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  1. Absolutelly agree with this. Players very rarely improve after that age, no matter what the club/facilities/coaching stuff is. It just becomes boring when you know that the player will stop developing at that age.
  2. It does not have to look much better than it is now I think, for me animations are the problem, I have never played in my life whole match in 3D because I can't watch those animations. Also, grass and lightning need improvement, earlier versions look much better just because of that.
  3. We can't figure out how that system could work, we can just make points on how the system is flawed. It is clear, the system is limited, but it I think it is on development team/company to figure out how it could be improved. As I said, after you play a couple of save games you can easily learn who are wonderkids and who are not, who will improve a lot and who will not. Again, let's take for example a player scores 30 goals in a season. You would increase his attributes dramatically in next FM. But here, if that player does the same, and for example he goes to Barcelona, and wins every poss
  4. You can find out will the player improve or not at the age of 16 without cheating. For example - I create new save game with Sassuolo. I go to u18, sort players by reports, and just by looking at the number of stars I already know who will improve a lot and who will not. Also, after a couple of news saves, you can learn easily who are the wonderkids in the game. I've played in Serie C with Pordenone I think FM 2015. I had one 16y old with 14 passing and 14 technique, and I already knew, I am managing Pordenone, I know for sure that they don't have any wonderkids or players wit
  5. That is because professionalism, ambition, determination and some other aspects of the game are also important for the development of the players with high potential.
  6. Hmm, no. There should not be hidden peak age. There is no way you can predict when the player will peak. Let's take for example Luca Toni. You would thought that big, slow guy like him will peak early, but he was Serie A top goalscorer at the age of 38. There is no way this could happen in FM. FM needs dynamic potential. With the current system, you already know if some 16 year old player will develop good or not just at the start of his career. For example, some young central defender could have 13 tackling and 13 marking at the age of 16, but if he has low PA there is no need to play him
  7. FM regens were always unrealistic, more precisely, the whole development system is flawed, young players are too good, mid-aged players almost never improve and older players decline too fast
  8. The article is from 2020, the testing only started in 2010. The guy who did the test claimed the same in year 2020 as far as I understand I did bunch of testing too in FM2021 when it came out, I was surprised how player developmet after age of 26 is almost non-existent, so because of that I did run a bunch of simulations, I was changing players Determination, Ambition and Professionalism in Editor and I've noticed that Ambition and Professionalism are most important. I don't want to say that Determination is not important but that those two hidden attributes are more important. But ok, t
  9. Determination should stay, since it is not that much important as you think, they did some testing: https://footballmanagerstory.com/which-attributes-influence-player-development-in-football-manager/ Fixed PA is what should be removed. With fixed PA you already know at 16y old will player develop into a good player or not. Just at the start of the player career we already know how good player career will be. PA must be dynamic, hoppefully they will implement it at one point.
  10. Yeah, I pointed myself here a couple of times that somehow they've managed to make both 2D and 3D to look worse. I think that FM 2021 is one of the best newer FM's, but I've played just 3 seasons in this FM and even it is good, I can't get into saves anymore. I think next big thing that could get me into FM again is much better looking 3D ME. Graphics, animations, atmosphere.. 3D is still stuck in '90s, to me it is still not watchable. After so many years of playing, my imagination has disappeared. I am just afraid that I will have to wait at least 5 years at this pace to see good l
  11. I have couple of wishes for next FM releases Player Development - Dynamic PA I would like to see dynamic PA in FM. I know it may be hard to implement, but it would add much more variety in the game. For example, after a couple of saves, you already know who are wonderkids and who are not, what players will develop good and which players will not develop good. And then it becomes boring. This way, with each save, we could have new good players, their PA will increase based on many factors, form, team overachieving ( you always increase player attributes from version to version if some
  12. I would not say it is agility, I would rather say it is a combination of poor anticipation, concentration, decisions and passing for that level of football
  13. He probably has low technique but high vision/flair attribute. He has some good ideas but he can't pull them off
  14. In short, there is some nonsense, probably the worst feature when it comes to players development alongside older players declining too fast, where if the player is developing too fast/or too good, attributes must re-allocate something like that ( it makes zero sense, I know ). I don't know that much about it, but - You will find some answers here: and here:
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