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  1. Fans are asking for better AI, revamped set pieces, better animations and graphics, ect. And they are giving us 15 min long video about deadline day. I don't understand, it is like they don't listen to fans at all. I hope I am wrong and that we will see something really interesting in coming videos.
  2. Depends on a player. Some player really can improve his finishing/passing/first touch or whatever, from age 26 to 30 because with current training regimes and everything that is still young, and some players are just more composed, calm, etc, so they use those attributes better. The more are think about this the more I see how complicated would be to improve player development and replicate real-life. But again, I would really love to see dynamic potential.
  3. It is good if this is true, but I simple can't believe it until I see a couple of screenshots with late bloomers. For example how they are mediocore players at 26 and then great players at 30. Example - finishing 12 at 26 and then finishing 15 at the age of 30. Because it is entirely possible for a player to improve his finishing in 4 years. ( I know it is not everything in those attributes, he can simply play better at the age of 30, but at the same time - it is. It is nice to see some visual improvement, like higher attributes, and because all the real life late-bloomers got massive attributes upgrade)
  4. Even if I agree with you there is a perfectly good reason why young players develop too fast, as one guy stated above. Most of the FM players don't play very long save games, for example 10 seasons. I was thinking, at most, I play 5 seasons in each save. That is how much time I need to win Champions league with teams I love the play, Chievo Verona level, Rennes, Werder Bremen and such. As that guy said, if the development was slower, there would not be any point for me to buy some young players because I would not even play long enough to see their best years. That is probably why development is a bit faster. Even I would like to see late bloomers and possibility for players to improve in late 20's we simply can't have everything, so it seems that the faster development even makes sense for people who don't play very long saves.
  5. I didn't think about that, it makes sense. Then development is unrealistic anyways, it would not hurt if they allowed players to develop more in mid 20s and by a little in late 20s. I think that many good players learn something each year, they become better at something with each year of experience and so on. We now have the problem where wonderkid/world-class center back can have 16 marking at the age of 21 and 16 marking again at the age of 32 for example, no matter what happens in his career, because PA is fixed, he can stay with 16 marking forever even if he was the best defender in the world for last 10 seasons for example. It is simply not logical that good defenders are same at marking at the age of 20 and 30 when they are much, much more experienced after they have faced much more good players against them.
  6. Players will improve after 23 but veeeery little. But I agree with you. 23 is still very young, even 26 is still young, players should develop further. The game lacks dynamic PA and possibility of great late bloomers. But this is something that was discussed many times here and people are generally happy with this current development system. But I am not, I remember when development was not so strict and I played some saves as long as could just to see how good will my player will develop. Now, as you said, at 23 they are almost done. Of course I don't want players to improve indefinitely, but it should be possible for players to improve much better in their late 20s than it is currently the case.
  7. I have added second screenshot in my initial post because saturation was too high on the first one, I agree with that. But example, to me, this second screenshot from 2017 looks better than 2021
  8. Let me help you with this. It is not that the graphics were better in FM 2017M, that is impossible, the problem is with lightning, attention to details and the overall aesthetics. They were able to make much more pleasing game to look at both in 2D and in 3D back in 2017 using probably worse graphics. 2017 Look at the grass and the lightning. And then 4 years later. Does this really looks like there is 4 years worth of improvement? 2D. 2017 Again, look at the details, there are stadium stands, there are fans, the goals look better. And look this, I have no idea how to even describe lowering the details and overall worse look of something that should look better 4 years later and not worse! The stadium stands and fans should have been improved and not removed! They could make an option to disable/enable stadium stands in 2D for those who want to place widgets in empty space instead. That would be really the move for all the fans. Everybody would be happy. Both those who care about the aesthetics in 2D and those who don't care about graphics at all. If I am not mistaken, they have even removed the option to place widgets in 2021, so now we have neither. 2021
  9. I have just one save in FM 2021. Which lasted just 2 seasons haha. I've played one match per day. With Werder Bremen. On some days I didn't even play a single game so it took months for me to complete two season save. I won Champions League and the treble in second season already and I lost interest
  10. Nobody said that we need to see "sweat from brows". We just need something smoother and nicer. As someone here posted, even LMA 2007 graphics level would be good enough. Everything you do in the game, from tactics, training, tranfsers, all the micro managment, is so you can win on the FIELD, which is the match engine, and since that is the most important part of the game, it should look nice. ------------------------ And I don't think that talking here about graphics is off-topic, since so many people are discussing about it, it is clearly something fans want to be improved, a lot. I don't feel guilt for criticizing the game graphics in every comment of mine, I am criticizing it because I want game to be improved, we all love this game, and if so many people want improvement in that area of the game, that can't be off-topic, that is all constructive criticism.
  11. Maybe the engine is even capable of producing nicer looking graphics, maybe only the aesthetics are the problem. With all the respect to designers/artists, 3D just looks too dark, boring, depressing. You can see step backwards when it comes to aesthetics even in some minor details in 2D engine. Look at the goals 2015 2021 You can see how before, the goal was skewed a bit, so it looks more like a goal, they were taking care about details. Now it is just a slapped rectangle without any creativity.
  12. I must agree with the people who were expecting some major improvements in graphics/animations. For more than 20 years of playing this game I use my imagination when watching games. 3D graphics are just bad looking. I can't use my imagination anymore that much. I am not kid anymore, my imagination attribute dropped from 20 to 10. There are always levels of details low/medium/high if the game is too demanding for some PC.
  13. 2015 without the doubt There is much to be said but here is one example - Inside forwards were much, much better represented. You could see a difference in type of goals between inside forward with "shot with power" trait and between IF with "places shots" trait. If you learn your IF "get forward whenever possible" and you pair him with False Nine you could see him actually going forward much more than before. Nowadays it really does not matter, you can't see those differences that much. Also you could really see the difference between strong and tall strikers and between small and pacy strikers. I don't feel the presence of tall strikers in the match engine anymore, it is like heading and jumping does not matter anymore they mostly miss headers. To me the biggest issue is that I can't feel difference in traits and player types that much anymore. I see the difference only when it comes to player speed and dribling. It does not matter if the player has "cut inside", "get forward whenever possible", "plays one-two", they all look the same.
  14. I agree that it would be much more realistic, but more things had to be taken into consideration when improving player PA not just reputation, for example if he is overachieving constantly, if he is playing much better than his attributes are currently, if his team is overachieving because of him and so on, a couple of factors. That would make every save game more different, that would create late boomers, players who drastically improve late in the career and so on. This current system is already primitive, most of the players stop developing at the age of 23 and you can very rarely see players improve after 26-27 which is not the case in real life. 26 is still very young. With this current system, even without using any of the tools to see PA/CA you can easily learn after couple of saves who are wonderkids and which players will develop good and which players will not.
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