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  1. I sort of cheat in every game of mine but I have some rules I hate injuries. And if for example one of my favourite players gets injured for 3 months, I let him be injured for only one month and then I remove his injury in the editor. So, I don't let my players be injured for more than a month. But, when it is the time to take the injury off from my player, as a sort of punishment, I must go to league injury table in which I currently play and remove injuries for other teams wherever the important player is injured for a long time.
  2. Not able to make all substitutions in a friendly match with one click. For example, If you play 5 friendly games in a pre-season and like me, in 60th minute you want to replace all the players you must go one by one. It would be cool if we could click "replace all players" and then game tries to figure out by position what players it should swap. Of course I don't expect that functionality to be 100% correct but it does annoys me that every friendly match I have to make 11 substitutions one by one. I know it is a small thing.. maybe this option exists already but I am not aware of
  3. No, it is grey because of SI laziness or because of perfomance issues. There is no way it is gray because of "gamers". If they were thinking about gamers they would make it adjustable. - If you like stats and you want ugly gray backgournd - tun on that option - If you love when your game looks nice - then turn on transparency or staduim stands like in previous FM's They would give us options to choose if they were thinking about "gamers".
  4. This is probably question for the skinning forum, but so I don't open a new thread just because of this there - Do you guys maybe know some FM 2020 skin that has larger player icons/jerseys on a tactic screen? Thank you
  5. Well, I care about the looks as well. That is the reason why we should get more options. If we have 3D graphic engine from start of the '90s; at least we should have a decent looking 2D. And more graphic options such as - enable stadium/stands on 2D, or disable, if you care only about the performance. That way both sides can be pleased, who care about the graphics and who does not care.
  6. haha, yeah might do that, print cut-outs of all stadiums in the world and then just change the overlay before each match. It can just serve as a place for widgets but that is not the reason why it looks that bad. It was something related to performance issues. So they have removed stadium stands, or something like that. And instead of thinking - hey, if having stands around the pitch cause performance problems, let's make an option to disable or enable that so users can choose. But no, our perfect solution is: .space-around-2D-pitch { backround-image: gray-thing; } all done I understand FM is not about the graphics, but it is 2020 year, at least we should not go backwards with the graphics and have uglier game than a couple of years ago. You look at the match engine each game, it should look pleasing at least.
  7. FM2019 and FM2020 match engines were so poor that I don't play FM anymore, so just because I miss playing FM, I will buy FM2021. There is just one thing that can make me not to buy 2021, and that is - if they don't remove this gray thing around the 2D match engine. Ugly looking match engine made me depressed each time I watch the game because of that thing. ( along with the poor representation of football of course ) It was better looking a couple of years ago. It is just laziness from SI. If they don't make it look nicer, I will not buy FM 2021 no matter how good it is. I know, strange reason.
  8. Player development makes no sense to me in FM in general. At least in 2019, in FM 20 I could not complete one the whole season. So, there was some "attributes redistribution" If player has reached his maximum, some of his attributes will get lower so other can get higher. So because of that my best winger got better at marking, but slower, and worse at dribling at age of 23. I don't know what sane person would came up with that idea "if he wants to be better are something, he must get worse at something else". Like they were all drunk when somebody proposed that so they accepted. So I was seeing wonderkids after great season becoming worse at key areas. Players should not reach their peak too early, some players get better even at 30+ of age in reality. Again, that was the case in Fm19 I don't know for fm 20
  9. Because it is probably some downloaded formation or he did something with the editor, anyways something is shady since he didn't wanted to show the formation. Even if he show it, by now he could edit the image in many ways to hide what he want us not to know. He is probably just enjoying the game because he is winning all the time with his strong team. And I am glad if he enjoy it, people who enjoy the game, good for you, just please don't post comments that the ME is good because that is far from true.
  10. To develop young players and for visual aspect ( I hate curent graphics both 3D and 2D, but 2D was decent looking a couple of years ago) But, because of more realistic player development nowadays I play Fm less and less. I liked it more earlier when players were developing until 30+ so wonderkids would end up with some insane attributes. In newer FM's, wonderkid can reach his peak at 23 of age so it ruins a purpose for me for a long terms saves. Before I was excited to play as long as I can just to see how my youngster will look at age of 29 for example.
  11. There is no way that is the reason. They most probably had some performance issues and they have just removed it and replaced it with the laziest gray pattern in history. ( also grass is 200X worse looking) They should just make an option to enable or disable that. I understand that Fm is not all about graphics, but if we currently have 3D engine from '90s in FM, we should at least have decent looking 2D engine as it was in previous versions.
  12. What about clear cut chances? You should include screenshot with that stat. Number of shots only does not tell everything.
  13. Hate this overused statement - "FM is not about the graphics". Of course it is not. We all know that. But some people love nice looking interface/matchday. That is the reason why we always have many custom made skins, panels, turfs, balls, player images etc. I didn't asked for impossible. I'm just disappointed that it looks worse than couple of years ago.
  14. Yes, I can. But I can't stand those ugly graphics and animations in 3D. One of the things I wish the most for the FM2021, alongside with fixed ME, is 2D match engine looks from 2017 and earlier. Bright colors, nice to watch. Even if FM 2021 turns out to be the best FM ever, and they don't change the looks of 2D ME, there is no way I will buy it. That you would be just pure laziness. Just slapping some gray thing around the pitch and that is all
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