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  1. I've just checked, in previous season he was not even in top 10 in successfull dribbles.
  2. This is probably a bit off-topic but yesterday I saw a screenshot of Oliver Kahn from I think FM 2008. He had 3 for aggression 🤔
  3. This topic is on fire! 😂 and what is the most funny thing here is that all this conversation / arguing about graphics is useless, we all know that they will not improve it anyways 😂😂😂
  4. Absolutelly false. Everybody wants better graphics. And whoever say that they would not like FM to look better is lying. It is Just some people don't want the game to became more demanding.
  5. I admit the post with "wtf" was not respectful, I was just mad. But again, you can see my respect for them in my posts. >>>
  6. Guys.. They.. They just don't care. I have no idea how many times I posted how even 2D looked much better before. I took screenshots of just 4 times when I mentioned that here. NOT A SINGLE TIME I got a reply from them, any sort of reply like "hey, we took one minute of our time to reply to you - 2D match engine looks worse because of performance issues". Or something like that. ------—------------------------------- SCREENSHOTS: —----------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------- ----------------------
  7. I simply can't understand how they've managed to make both 3D and 2D to look worse. All that started in FM 2018. They have removed stadiums around the 2D pitch in that version and from that FM, grass looks much worse.
  8. When FM 2017 came out, I liked how match engine looked / worked but I was so bad at that fm. Now, because I hate new match engines and probably I will also not like 2021, I have installed FM 2017, and again I JUST SUCK AT THIS FM. I really want to love it. I've tried many downloaded "best tactics" and nothing works for me. My tactics are even worse. Maybe this is not a place for this, but I would like to ask, since you guys love fm 2017 so much, do you have some recommendations for some really good tactics?
  9. Can we please get a screenshot from 2D match engine at least? That is the thing that will decide am I going to buy this years fm. If it is going to look bad and depressing like in fm 2020 and 19 I will not buy it for sure.
  10. I am glad I saw this screenshot. Judging only by awfull looking grass without any texture it seems they didn't do anything to make this game look like it is from this millennium.
  11. Much, much better match engine and better looking 2D match engine. I don't care about scouting, training, press conferences and other unnecessary updates I just want better football representation. If they keep this awful, depressing look of 2D match engine there is no way I will buy it no matter how good the game is.
  12. 24 always. Starting 11 + 11 backups for the first team + 2 more players, one that can play everything in defence and one that can play almost everything in the midfield in case that first player and the backup are both injured.
  13. Exactly. I think it is really the time to work on better football representation, I don't even react anymore to "neeew training, neeww scouting" etc. Somehow, they managed to make 2D engine to be uglier than before, and 3D is still still stuck in the beggining of 2000's. I know hard core fans will say "nooo FM is not about graphics, we want better press conferences" but I would really love to see some advancement in the representation, that would just make the game better.
  14. Yes, of course they will not say - Marko said that the match engine is bad, let's make it better. Of course they will not do that. What they should say is - Hey, so many people said that the match engine is very bad, let's make it better.
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