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  1. Can you please tell me what skin this is where you have the faces on tactic screen?
  2. Wait, you are Man City and he is unhappy? You can win everything with City so I think after some titles his unhappiness will dissapear. ( maybe only not in case if he thinks he has achieved everything at the club ) Or you are maybe playing some older FM where Sane is in Schalke That unhappiness thing is unrealistic for me and I never can convince player to stay so I use editor to remove unhappiness or to extend contract when I feel that unhappiness is unfair
  3. Nice to hear that there are some guy who agree with me, but from those who say that it is the worst engine ever, do you mind to give some reasons for that? I don't see anything game-breaking. Like for example long shots in 2018 etc.
  4. Hi, I just want to know is there anybody else who share my opinion After FM2016, 2017 and 2018 which are for me the worst in series I think I'm finally in love with FM again. I started playing 2019 just 3 months ago and for me, it is really fun. I think there is just one thing they need to improve and that is inside forwards/wingers players. Match engine now again has that mix between realism and totally unrealistic (but fun) parts like for example goals after corners. My central two defenders scored about 15 goals in a season. I remember in FM 2005 this was the case, you buy player like Naldo and he will scrore with headers a lot. That is fun part for me because now I can search for big defenders with high jumping attribute and I know he will use that. Also, through balls are great fun for me in this version, like for example in FM 2012, where killer balls with players like Verratti were really fun to watch. I don't say that game is perfect but the engine is most interesting for me in years. I would just like to see inside forwards work like in the FM2015. They are pretty much useless for me in this game. They never dribble, they never score nice goals when they cut inside etc, no matter what attributes they have, Reus, Depay ... FM 2015 had perfect match engine for inside forwards. I would like to see FM 2020 with almost the same match engine with only inside forwards improved. I want to see screamers from players with good finishing and long shots, like Salah did this weekend, like inside forwards regularly do.
  5. Hi, I always wanted to know how old CM games without 2D engine worked. I can't describe this question the way I want because I don't know English very well but I will try So, what was happening in the backend? Was there maybe some primitive 2D engine that we could not see and that was translated to text mode or something like that? For example, when you are watching game in 2D mode now you can say - yeah, that player is really fast, because you can see that he is faster than others but in CM years you could not see anything, you could not tell is speed important or not. You could not see if "jumping' attribute is important for example. I really can't imagine how everything worked nor in which direction to think. I know my question may sound stupid to everyone, but from my childhood I was curious to know something about this
  6. I had problems with FM2017 also. Only one formation worked for me, 4-2-3-1 with inverted wing backs. Also, I noticed that ball winning midfielder in that game must be capable of scoring goals, I don't know why but no matter what instructions from that position I had many shots. So in every save I buy one Brazilian DM with 14-15 long shots. Danilo is best for that, I think he plays for Braga. I'm not sure why but as I said, only inverted wing backs worked for me, if I change that to normal wing backs/full backs/complete wing backs I can't win.
  7. Thank you for your advice to ask for a help but I'm reading that part of the forum all the time. I will post just 4 games because I don't want to turn this topic in something else, but this is happening all the time. No matter what tactic, no matter how good players are etc...
  8. I will go back to FM 2015 aswell most probably. It was last good (very good) fm. Later versions are just too random, you never can tell does your tactic works or not, too much unnecessary interactions etc. 2019 match engine.. Opposition teams have almost 100% conversion rate - shot in target/goal. That is enough about engine I think.. This makes me sad, but ok, at least I think that 2019 is a little bit better than 16,17,18
  9. Hi, is there a way to disable live preview when using a player search option ? When you are on the player search screen and for example you want to add some attributes as condition, or nationality, it is updated immediately and it is very slow and very clunky. I can't remember exactly but I think in previous versions, you choose your conditions, position, attributes, preferred foot etc and then after you click OK, only then it will display matching player results and it was much, much faster. I don't know why they have implemented this option because it is very bad. Yes, it is more practical, but I have 16gb ram, GTX1060 and still it is very slow. I hope you understand what I want to say
  10. I remember 4-4-2 was best tactic for me in FM2012. You need fast wingers, like Camara from Sochaux for example, one Central Midfielder with "try killer balls", like Marco Verratti. And at least one fast striker, like Ighalo from Udinese. Those are cheap great players. As for the team and player instructions and don't remember that. I don't know do you play with Bosnia still or with some club, but you can buy Fierro also for cheap
  11. If you repeatedly click on your goalkeeper when opponent is taking a penalty, there is more chance that he will save it. Me and my friends forbidden clicking on a goalkepeer when playing against each other because of this. "Don't click on the goalkeeper jerk I will hit you with this can of beer."
  12. I cheat. I don't let any injuries to be longer than 4 weeks. For example, if any of my players get injured 6 months, I wait 4 weeks and then remove injury with editor. But to play fair, I then go to injury stats for whole league, and remove long term injuries for all teams in the league and for some important wonderkids from other leagues. For example, I always remove Marco Reus injury if I play Bundesliga even I know he will destroy me when I play against them. I started doing this I think in FM 2012. I played one save just to buy Alexandre Pato. When I finally did that, he got injured for 8 months I think very next day. My save was ruined
  13. Thank you for your post, but I know everything what you told, this part is interesting to me "Player development in FM17 is a combination of many factors." Does this mean that player devlopment in FM17 is diferent than in other versions? I know ofcourse that in all FM's it is combination of many factors, I'm just trying to figure out why is my development so slow in this particular FM version
  14. If I had time, I would create the same save game in 4 FM versions. In all of them I would set Bazoer to same attributes, same PA/CA, and everything. In fm2015, 2016, 2018 at least one attribute would change at the end of the season, in 2017 not a single one. That is my point. I can't explain it better because English is not my first language. I can't argue anymore anymore, it is a waste of time, you clearly can't understand what am I trying to say. Even I have told multiple times that it is not only about Bazoer you are telling me that it is, it is probably my fault because you can't understand, but please, don't reply to my topic anymore, I will wait for somebody else
  15. I think you don't understand what am I trying to say. It is not just about Bazoer, it is about multiple high rated talents, not a single attribute has changed over the year, but nevermind..
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