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  1. Looks like a bug?
  2. It looks like Ramlösa FF (ID: 2630) changed their name to Ramlösa Södra IF some years ago. At the same time they changed their main team colours to white shirt, black shorts and white socks. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramlösa_Södra_IF#Efter_sammanslagningen https://www.facebook.com/Ramlösa-Södra-IF-991259627555081/photos/ http://www.ramlosasodra.se/
  3. The past winners screen of 2nd Div Norra Svealand has the Norwegian club Sandviken IL placing 3rd in 2006. According to Wikipedia, it was Sandvikens IF (ID: 1825) who came third that year.
  4. FC Istres Ouest Provence (854) changed their name and are called Istres Football Club. http://www.laprovence.com/actu/region-en-direct/3841987/football-dhr-un-nouveau-nom-pour-le-club-istreen-istres.html http://istresfootballclub.fr/
  5. Third Division side Ibiza C.F. seem to be missing from the game. Unión Estepona C.F. (id: 67020147) were dissolved a few years ago, and were then replaced by C.D. Estepona.
  6. A few observations: Serie D Bustese-Roncalli (id: 43267664) are actually just Bustese. Their main kit colour is maroon. Serie D Chieti Calcio (id: 1121) went bankrupt and were expelled from Serie D. In the db there is a question mark instead of an apostrophe in San Dona' 1922's (id: 2221) name. In the game Tritium Calcio 1908 (id: 1413268) are groundsharing with Serie D club Monza 1912 at Brianteo. I don't think that is true (anymore). After Tritium's senior team made a comeback, they have been playing in their home city Trezzo sull'Adda at Comunale "La Rocca" (id: 1413251). Here is a picture from Tritium's home game this season. Seems to be the same stadium that is named as Stadio La Rocca in this source.
  7. In the db Needham Market (8325187) and their stadium Bloomfields (28001414) are located in Ipswich. I'm not a local, so what do I know, but shouldn't they rather be situated in Needham Market (the town is not present in the db)? Looking at Wikipedia and maps, the locales seem to be separate entities.
  8. It looks like Racing Club Fontainebleau (2012) changed their name to Racing Club du Pays de Fontainebleau some years ago. Short name should be RCP Fontainebleau. An obscure lower league club, but somewhat visible in the game as an affiliate of Stade Malherbe Caen. http://var.fff.fr/cg/8000//www/actualite/2017233.shtml https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racing_Club_de_Fontainebleau http://www.rcpfontainebleau.fr/
  9. Asocciation Jeunesse Sportive Ouistreham (34011144) should probably be called Association Jeunesse Sportive Ouistreham. An obscure lower league club, but somewhat visible in the game as an affiliate of Stade Malherbe Caen.
  10. Loire Nord FC (85072321) seem to have changed their name to Roannais Foot 42. An obscure lower league club, but somewhat visible in the game as an affiliate of Saint-Etienne. http://www.rf42.fr/presentation/
  11. FCF La Neuvillette (48037593) have merged with Amicale Jamin (no id) to form FCF La Neuvillette-Jamin. An obscure lower league club, but somewhat visible in the game as an affiliate of Stade de Reims. https://www.facebook.com/FCF-La-Neuvillette-Jamin-301069183571302/about/
  12. Excellent.
  13. I suppose this can go here, since there does not seem to be a separate media thread. I suspect that media source JOE.co,uk should be called JOE.co.uk.
  14. This is definitely still happening on 17.2.0 - at least after restarting FM (manager face looks different after the first restart). Naturally I cannot know the inner workings of the game, but could the difference in looks be down to the "imprecise" sliders in the face editor? After restarting the game the game loads the face with the adjustments in accordance to the slider positions. So the face looks different, because before the game restart the slider positions were not shown correctly on the face.
  15. You have not provided a screenshot, so its difficult to say what you are looking at. That being said, I did some digging up. Here michaeltmurrayuk says it should be Humanist777 Black BT (version mfgpctt-v4.4). That font is rather similar to Chianti BT Bold, but looks less like the one on the old screenshots I referred to earlier. Maybe that screencapture is of a wrong game version though (or the font in the game had been replaced). I found this "directory listing" (perhaps the wrong game version again), and tt0756m_.ttf (VAG Rounded BT) resembles the font on this screenshot, but isn't a perfect match. I do not immediately recognize the font on the last screenshot, so if its the one you are after, the best bet is to look what fonts are present among the files within CM4 03/04. Unless of course someone can come up with the correct font.