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  1. The filename extension must be lower case (.png).
  2. For sure. The scrollbar is very short in the screenshot, and it would make little sense to try to add logos for Ruritania Football Bugle and the likes (unless a generic one for a range of IDs?). Depending on what expansion file it is, it might be one I contributed to several years ago. Though hopefully the file has been reworked since then, as many of the more obscure media sources I edited in have ceased to exist.
  3. There are no more than 62 real media sources in the current official DB. Logos for all of them in DVX Logos Logopack. 😉
  4. @postman123 I'm afraid the answer must be no. The official DB has 1500+ English clubs while the pack currently has 918 English club logos. The pack does contain logos of some of the very lowest reputation clubs, but at the same time almost all of the missing ones are from the lower leagues (and extinct clubs). If you are using a custom lower leagues DB, it might include clubs that are not in the official data. DVX pack does not contain logos for those clubs.
  5. @Azariiix Has the small FA logo been replace by a flag on the player Overview > Attributes screen? If yes, then it has worked. The logo on player Overview > Profile screen is actually the bigger logo from the pack scaled to a small size. Removing them from the pack will get the results you describe. To display the small flag on this screen probably requires skin modification.
  6. You may have to edit a skin to try if it can be done.
  7. I think those are images that indicate the media type. To replace them with logos from a pack, if it's possible, requires changes to the skin.
  8. @jari.lappalainen81 Deleting the Caches Folder might help.
  9. Check that the lines in the configs are linking to the correct sizes. Logo for the bigger ones and icon for the smaller ones at the end of the lines.
  10. @SixPointer Drop this into "Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\[the DB you started the save with]\lnc\all" and reload the save. euro_cup_ii_name_change.lnc
  11. DVX Logos 20v2 Update is available. It contains over 500 new, updated or improved logos. Link in the first post.
  12. Use a .lnc file to chage the competition name. https://community.sigames.com/topic/120967-guide-edt-ddt-and-lnc-files/
  13. Club Altetico Chiriqui (308266) of Panama should probably be called Club Atletico Chiriqui. CA Indepediente (80010011) of Panama should probably be called CA Independiente.
  14. Indeed. SI only uses small @2x images, but on higher zooms the bigger logos should also be larger than the base standard.
  15. Within the out of the box game SI have @2x sizes of the small logos only. The DVX pack contains @2x versions of the larger logos as well. A non standard practice that has worked fine before, but which at the moment causes a problem. An image that was before displayed at 125% is now squeezed into a smaller space at 100% zoom. For whatever reason, the game is quite poor at scaling images, and cramming a too large image into a small space causes it to look jagged. So the larger logos at 100 - 110% in-game zoom will look bad (on some screens), unless their @2x versions are disabled within the logopack. The need for small @2x logos arises when the size of the displayed image within the game exceeds the size of the standard small logo. SI standard small size is 25x18px, and at some zoom level the space taken by a small logo will be larger than that. Maybe at 125%? I have not checked in a while. The response to the bug report was that they were looking into it.
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