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  1. The attributes can be viewed unmasked in the game even when the masking is turned on. I practically always have the masking on, but sometimes cannot resist looking at the attributes before deciding whether to scout the player or not.
  2. Is it the season change date that is on 24th June in some country (cannot be Iceland)? I don't know if its universal, but you should get a different crop of promoted clubs if you reload/holiday from some weeks before the season change date. Or perhaps you knew this, and just want the relative ease of reloading just before the season change?
  3. FC Andorra will be in Segunda B next season. I guess Andorran tax laws will apply to the team in the game?
  4. I was pointing out the legal merger in case it could be judged to necessitate a change in the year of foundation of the club, as the roots of the original VfB go back much further than is currently indicated in the game for Lok Leipzig. Shouldn't be a too hard change if considered justified? VfB IMO Merseburg (8700340) and SV Merseburg 99 (91156770) merged to form 1.FC Merseburg. https://www.mz-web.de/merseburg/-es-war-wie-eine-beerdigung--sv-99-stimmt-fuer-fusion-mit-vfb-imo-zu-1--fc-merseburg-32343398 VfL Rheinbach (879874) and 1.FC Rheinbach (ID?) merged to form SC Rheinbach. http://sc-rheinbach.de/fusion-des-vfl-und-1-fc-rheinbach-bestaetigt
  5. Here is one way to find out the ID: Move all other graphics packs except the 3.AGP pack away from the game's graphics folder. This will make reloading the skin quicker. Open the 3.AGP config.xml in text editor. Select about half of the rows containing the IDs and remove them by hitting ctrl+x. The removed rows are now on your computer clipboard. Save the config file. Reload the skin. Did the 3.AGP image inside the game disappear? If not, repeat from step 3. If yes, replace the remaining ID rows in the config with the ones on you computer clipboard and save the file. Repeat from step 3. Soon you will have narrowed the IDs down to the one that belongs to the in-game person. Remove the 3.AGP pack (unless you want to use it) and move the other packs back into the graphics folder.
  6. Did they go through with this? Lok Leipzig (3600077) to merge with the insolvent but still existing VfB Leipzig (962). Of course this is about Lok Leipzig legally assuming the legacy of VfB Leipzig. In the game the achievements of VfB are already counted for Lok, but should the club's year of foundation be changed to some earlier date with the merger? It could go as far back as 1893. http://www.fussball.de/newsdetail/lok-leipzig-fusion-mit-vfb-ist-naeher-gerueckt/-/article-id/196244#! https://www.lok-leipzig.com/verein/geschichte/1893-1914-pionierarbeit-unter-der-pickelhaube
  7. Fusion of SpVgg Burgbrohl (35120655) and SC Wassenach (ID?) to form SG Burgbrohl/Wassenach. https://www.sgburgbrohl-wassenach.de/2018/06/21/die-fusion-mit-dem-sc-wassenach-ist-unterschrieben
  8. 1.FC Weißenfels (35022832) and SC U/M Weißenfels (ID?) merged to for SSC Weißenfels. https://www.fupa.net/berichte/sc-um-weissenfels-ssc-weissenfels-geht-an-den-start-2052543.html http://www.ssc-wsf.de/vereinssatung.html https://www.facebook.com/ssc.weissenfels
  9. It appears FC Lausitz Hoyerswerda (6000003) ceased to exist back in 2016 when it merged with Hoyerswerdaer SV 1919 (ID?). The resulting new club is called Hoyerswerdaer FC. http://www.hoyerswerdaer-fc.de/der-verein/ https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoyerswerdaer_FC My German is very much lacking, but I think it says in the source that SV Klausen (880005) has for some time been a part of a spielgemeinschaft with teams from neighbouring villages. So a combined team working under the name SG Salmbachtal Klausen/Sehlem/Esch/Rivenich? https://sv-klausen.jimdo.com/vereinsgeschichte/
  10. I think EAS Marinha Grande (83223515) became Academia Marinhense for the 18/19 season. Something about it here.
  11. Part of Entente Sportive Molsheim Ernolsheim's (50077456) short name should probably read Molsheim instead of Mohlseim.
  12. If you sign a player you have in your own squad as a coach or player/coach (perhaps other coaching roles as well), he will not appear on the coach responsibilities screen if your manager was on holiday when the signing was confirmed. If your manager was not on holiday when the signing was confirmed, the coach will appear on the coach responsibilities screen.
  13. The FC Höchst issue has been fixed in the winter update.
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