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  1. Arenas Club de Getxo had some success back in the day. Pro Vercelli won Serie A multiple times. Lok Leipzig are the heir to VfB Leipzig, the very first German champions. They also have "hated" local rival in form of RB Leipzig.
  2. St. Ives Town's home city is St. Ives rather than St. Ives (Cornwall).
  3. With the Dafuge's and other similar challenges in mind I made a post in the wishlist thread asking for a possibility to just choose a club from the lower division. Somehing along the lines of add yourself as a manager of team X in the feeder league, and the next time the seasons change the club you chose comes up with you as the manager. It would save a lot of time by making re-loading redundant.
  4. Chance for lower reputation clubs to come up is smaller, and for the Spanish teams I mentioned its practically zero. Yet they have done it in the real life, and similar scenarios with low stature teams promoting happen every year in Spain and in other countries. And by low stature teams I mean clubs that would have very little chance of coming up in FM. Generally the promotion based on reputation mixed with randomness works rather well, but there are frequent real life low rep "anomalies" that leave the system used in FM unsatisfactory. In my opionion the way the promotion works would be improved by adding a limited but recurring element "wild card" promotion. Fill most of the promotion spots the same way they are filled now, but fill the rest with a more indiscriminate selection from the pool of eligible clubs.
  5. Promotion of clubs from non-manageable feeder leagues seems to be based on the clubs' reputations. Very often clubs within the feeder leagues have widely diverging reps, which means that the ones with low reputation rating have little chance of promotion. Among others, these clubs were promoted from the Spanish Tercera Division at the end of the real life 15/16 season: At. Mancha Real Boiro El Ejido Palencia Saguntino Zamudio Each of the above clubs have very low reputation in FM16 and therefore virtually no chance of promotion. In my opnion this is something that should be looked at. To make it possible for clubs like the ones listed to be promoted, the reputations of clubs within the feeder leagues should be made more equal. Since the clubs have the reps they have and the general intention has always been towards realism in the db, it might not be pertinent to modify the reputations too radically. I don't know what is possible from the game development perspective, but the following does not sound incredibly complicated: Simply make promotion more random with less weight on reputation. or Retain the current system with reputation held in high regard, but add possibility for frequent ”surprize” promotions of teams of lesser stature. For example, if say 10 teams are going to be promoted, reserve 7 spots for the weighted draw and 3 spots for a completely random draw. Is this something that SI might consider? I have been talking about it in the request thread for several years without ever noticing discernible change within the game.
  6. They may use SSD as part of the club name IRL if they are non-professionals, but they would probably drop the "Dilettantistica" if they decided to turn professional - which I bet would be the case if they were promoted to Lega Pro.
  7. Thanks for explaining how it works. I will have to ponder what to do. In previous saves I have always used same file names for shots of same screens and uploaded them into seasonal folders. It has been easy to use text editor replace function to update the urls in the template. Good luck with Vis Pesaro, though I doubt they are SSD (dilettante - amateur) if they are in Lega Pro.
  8. 2 gb sounds like plenty. How does it actually work though? I have paid little attention to Steam and have always played in offline mode. One of the good sides of Photobucket has been that the original file names can be retained (less to edit when making season reports with a template).
  9. I'm looking to restart this challenge after my previous try with CE Europa didn't really go anywhere in the end. It seems that I will have to find a new image host since Photobucket has began to limit picture size to puny 1024x768px on free accounts... :/
  10. Well there is already the zoom as well as the @2x sized small logos which I think were introduced in the previous FM. I use 175% zoom on a 4K monitor, and the small logos would look just awful without the @2x size (they are used automatically by the game when needed). Large sized logos and team shirts on the club profile screen do look a bit fuzzy - probably streched beyond their size. Naturally one can replace the logos and 2D kits with larger 3rd party graphics, but even if SI is not going to change anything else it would not take alot to make the required logo and shirt images bigger in future versions of the game.
  11. 1. Add Italian Serie D & German Regionalliga Without a doubt this reflects my own managing preferences, but I think it would be great if the Italian Serie D and the German Regionalliga were added to the game as playable leagues (I know that there are good fan-made league extentions). Insufficient research has been mentioned as one reason for not adding lower levels to the game, but to me it seems that the mentioned leagues have been reasonably well scouted, though the levels below them are more sporadic. The thing is though, that there are only so many teams that get promoted from those levels each year. This means that the main effect of the supposedly lacking research would be in the future, but the future is characterized by change – players come and go and the importance of accurate squad information becomes less and less valuable as the game goes on. 2. Promotion from non-active feeder leagues As far as I have noticed, promotion of clubs from non-manageable feeder leagues is based on team reputation with teams with higher reputation having greater chance of being promoted. The real life promotion of clubs is not based on reputation however, and this leads to the game not replicating real life scenarios. As an example, the following clubs are among the teams that were promoted from the Spanish Tercera at the end of the real life 15/16 season: At. Mancha Real Boiro El Ejido Palencia Saguntino Zamudio Even with no B team promotions in the game in Spain, there is little to no chance the above clubs would be promoted since they have very low reputations. I think this is unfortunate, and should be amended. As long as promotion continues to be based on reputation, the following changes could be made to make it more likely for clubs like the ones listed to find their ways to manageable leagues: Adjust feeder league clubs' reputations closer to each other. Make promotion more random. Retain the current general level of weighted randomnes, but include frequent completely random ”wild card” promotions where reputation does not matter. 3. Extended ability to choose a team The improvements to promotion that were suggested above lead to increased plurality of clubs available for management, which I think is good in itself. If the question is focused only on how to make more clubs available for management, then maybe the game could be made to function as follows: Add a manager and choose a team from a non-manageable feeder league. The next time seasons update the chosen club will be promoted with the added manager (you) at its helm. 4. Stadiums Localize names for stadiums that are built in-game. Less or no words like ”Stadium” or ”Park” in stadium names in countries where English is not the native tongue. Many clubs even at lower levels do not actually train at their main stadiums. This isn't always expressed in the game data, so the ability to build a smaller stadium or rent/buy a near-by small ground for team training would be great. Build/rent/buy stadium also for reserve/youth team matches/training Introduce stadium categories similar to the UEFA stadium categories. An ambitious club board could initiate stadium renovations to up the club's stadium category and prestige/reputation. This would probably necessitate the possibility to improve different stadium criteria (look at the link) separately. 5. Generated person pictures & shirts Currently generated persons' pictures are rather abruptly cut from their necks down with chins sometimes outside of the image. It doesn't look very good. Since the FaceGen faces are rather uniform in their dimensions, its probably possible to: Add persons' shoulders and part of chest into the picture. It would be great if the image was large enough for the team logo on the shirt to be visible. Players would move from team to team and always wear the correct jersey (neutral apparel for unattached players). Non-player persons could wear for example tracksuits or suits depending on their role (and personality?). 6. Increased use of logopacks When the first screenshots of FM16 were released, one change I noticed was the generic club logos on the generic team shirts (club profile screen). I hoped this to be an indication that the game loads logos from logopacks and places them onto the shirts. Obviously FM16 does not do this, but maybe a future version could. Load logos from logopacks and place them on shirts. 7. Sharing manager profiles (likeness) Could it be made possible to export and save manager likeness? I bet some people like to play with the manager editor - faces that look like real managers, celebrities or just otherwise striking. If it was possible to export the profiles (or just the likeness), they could be shared online. 8. Increase the size of some of the graphics Some images within the game have to be stretched beyond their actual size on high resolution monitors. It makes them look fuzzy.
  12. Not a big issue, and it certainly will not affect the main logos of any clubs. I looked at the needed configs, and they contain several lines that (potentially) load the logo to different places. I think its best to create separate folders for the altered free transfer logos, and then place new configs there with only the "club" lines within them.
  13. That is a relatively recent thread as well - I must be poor at searching... In any case thank you very much. Do you happen to know if that particular logo is used for another purpose within the game? Replacing it with one that is "free transfer" themed would make it look out of place elsewhere.
  14. Clubs' Transfer History screen has colums From and To where transfers involving unattached or released players have crests next to the Free Transfer texts. Is it possible to change the crest via a normal logopack?
  15. I suspect that there may be a typo in form of an extra "r" at the end of the name of Entente Sportive Segré Haut Anjour (id: 2058).