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  1. The challenge is back! I will be sure to drop by. Here is a slightly updated version of the top logo if you want to use it. There is also a very good logopack (coughImadeitcough) right here. The latest iteration that will be tailored for FM17 is not quite yet ready though.
  2. It looks like 3rd division side U.D. Dos Hermanas San Andrés is missing from the game.
  3. Before the current season SU Dives (ID: 8431000) merged with Cabourg to form SU Dives-Cabourg. http://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/cabourg-14390/les-clubs-de-foot-de-dives-et-cabourg-fusionnent-4256573 http://sudives.footeo.com/
  4. Here is a list of German clubs. In FM16 the clubs' local divisions would be shown in the Division column, but now its the parent competition's name that is listed. On the club profile screen the local competition is named in the details panel, but title bar has the parent competition.
  5. In the game FC Orenburg (ID: 58127493) have an affiliate called Gazovik-2 Orenburg. Is this correct? FC Orenburg were called Gazovik Orenburg until very recently.
  6. In the game ACS Foresta Suceava's (ID: 57031881) B team's name is ACS Rapid CFR Suceava II Mihoveni. Is this correct? The main team used to be called Rapid Suceava very recently.
  7. I think SV Waldkirch (ID: 92067187) should be called FC Waldkirch. Mariendorfer SV (ID: 879598) should probably be called TSV Mariendorf.
  8. I think KSK Tongeren Hedera Millen (ID: 273) is now called KFC Heur Tongeren. It looks like Racing Standaard Wetteren (ID: 281) and Racing Wetteren merged to form RFC Wetteren. As far as I can see, VV Brustem-Center (ID: 8151826) and KVK Zepperen merged to form VV Zepperen Brustem.
  9. Should Lorca F.C. B (id: 67243473) be Lorca's (ID: 67121454) B team? There is no connection in the game. Shoul C.D. Puertollano B (ID: 67156318) be an active club? As far as I understand it, G.C.E. Villaralbo C.F. (ID: 67060727) is now called C.D. Villaralbo.
  10. I suspect that Toledo Colônia Work (ID: 19005116) should be called Toledo Esporte Clube. http://www.futebolparanaense.net/not.php?id=29332&titulo=toledo-futebol-agora-e-toledo-esporte-clube
  11. I suspect that South Coast Wolves (ID: 123009) should be called Wollongong Wolves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wollongong_Wolves_FC
  12. In many cases club list on the national team -> clubs screen shows the clubs' divisions as the parent competitions rather than the actual competitions. This happens at least with the Spanish 3rd Division, German "Div. Lower" and Italian Serie D. Hopefully this is not a feature.
  13. I'm looking forward to managing in the new competition Miles mentioned: the Polish Ekstralaksa. Actually the 64 bit part sounds great - hopefully there is a noticeable change in speed (I have 16Gb of RAM). Apart from that it will be interesting to see what effect the players making more "decisions" on the pitch will have. It was not mentioned on the video and I won't be holding my breath, but perhaps promotion from non-manageable levels has been looked at... In any case the new updated db is what I want to see the most.
  14. Arenas Club de Getxo had some success back in the day. Pro Vercelli won Serie A multiple times. Lok Leipzig are the heir to VfB Leipzig, the very first German champions. They also have "hated" local rival in form of RB Leipzig.
  15. With the Dafuge's and other similar challenges in mind I made a post in the wishlist thread asking for a possibility to just choose a club from the lower division. Somehing along the lines of add yourself as a manager of team X in the feeder league, and the next time the seasons change the club you chose comes up with you as the manager. It would save a lot of time by making re-loading redundant.