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  1. I think EAS Marinha Grande (83223515) became Academia Marinhense for the 18/19 season. Something about it here.
  2. Part of Entente Sportive Molsheim Ernolsheim's (50077456) short name should probably read Molsheim instead of Mohlseim.
  3. If you sign a player you have in your own squad as a coach or player/coach (perhaps other coaching roles as well), he will not appear on the coach responsibilities screen if your manager was on holiday when the signing was confirmed. If your manager was not on holiday when the signing was confirmed, the coach will appear on the coach responsibilities screen.
  4. The FC Höchst issue has been fixed in the winter update.
  5. No custom DBs, and the game files have been validated in Steam. To underline the point, I still have the very first save I created when the Beta was released. FC Höchst behaves in the same manner on that save as well. Of course its always a possibility that I'm overlooking something, whatever it might be in this case. Are you demonstrating a custom DB? It looks like at least Landesliga Vorarlberg is an active league (not available in the out of the box game?). Here is a view from my game. Clicking on FC Höchst does nothing, search does not find the club, the club is not listed among the teams in stadium information, and SV Gaissau does not have FC Höchst as a secondary squad:
  6. In the game and in the pre-game editor that will find the German club SG 01 Hoechst. I looked in the editor again and noticed that FC Höchst is actually SV Gaissau's "Reserve Team". That is probably why when FC Höchst is accessed from the Austrian Div. Vorarlberg Teams screen it goes directly to SV Gaissau. If one goes to SV Gaissau in the game, no sub squad with the name FC Höchst can be found. Also, if one goes to Rheinaustadion where FC Höchst should be play their games, the squad is not listed under Teams.
  7. Not a Premier Division issue, but I will put this here. The English FA Cup history list includes the nation Tamil Indian in place of Wanderers FC.
  8. I suspect that SG Bad Soden's stadium Sportanlage Bornwiese (91151556) has been placed in wrong city. It should be located in Bad Soden-Salmünster (92063890) and not in Bad Soden am Taunus. http://www.sgbadsoden.de/sportanlage/
  9. Would that be the England Premier Division Data Issues thread? There is no general English research thread. Still, do you think this is a research issue – someone clicked the wrong button and replaced a club on the list with a nation (Wanderers are not in the DB shipped with the game)? The FC Höchst issue is weird though. Query in the pre-game editor does not find the club, but it is listed in the competition. And when one tries to edit the club the editor goes to another team in a different competition.
  10. In the names of Association Sporive Lattoise (34009637) and Association Sporive de Ludres (49034366), the Sporive should probably be Sportive.
  11. I validated my game files in Steam and created a new save without any custom DBs. Clicking on FC Höchst still has no effect. I uploaded that save to SI Cloud Service under the name fc_hochst.fm. Something that may be related to the issue (though perhapas not to Austria), is the Enlish FA Cup winners list. There Wanderers F.C. have been replaced by Tamil Indian. In the pre-game editor Tamil Indian appears to be a nation rather than an extinct club. From the fc_hochst.fm save:
  12. This may be some sort of data issue, but perhaps does not belong to the data forum. I was looking at the list of Austrian clubs and noticed that clicking on Landesliga club FC Höchst has no effect. The clicking does not lead to the club screen. I opened the pre-game editor and did a club search for FC Höchst - it finds only FC Höchst 1b and another club with a somewhat similar name. My logopack has a logo for FC Höchst with ID 16000159. The ID finds nothing in the pre-game editor. According to Wikipedia FC Höchst is located in Vorarlberg, so I looked at the Austrian Div Vorarlberg in the editor. There the club is indeed listed with the already mentioned ID, but clicking it makes the editor go to details of SV Gaissau with ID 16017792. Is this normal behaviour?
  13. Ok, hopefully the issue will disappear if I ever get the U23s team. And as can inferred from what Cristopher Lewis says above, the possible fix is save game compatible.
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