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  1. @Pattric_b I'm out of ideas as well. Perhaps SI would know?
  2. @Pattric_b Clearly the logo is in the pack, and the game is able to load it. For some mysterious reason the exact same file will not be displayed in all the places it should be displayed in. Have you tried validating game files in Steam? Doing this, notice that if you have deleted/edited files (in Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020), they will be reacquired/overwritten. Sometimes graphics packs can interfere each other. Do you have any other graphics packs besides DVX Logos? If yes, move them (temporarily) away from the graphics folder so that only the logopack remains there. Then reload the skin with skin caching disabled. You could also try if using different skins have any effect on the issue. Or indeed if a different logopack changes anything.
  3. @Pattric_b Looks weird. I'm not sure why that would be happening. Have you tried clearing cache? Or if it didn't work, deleting caches folder?
  4. Here is what I think is a small improvement on this UID finder pack. Config.xml where the lines have been sorted by the image name (number), rather then the person ID. Much easier to find all the appropriate lines when they are right next to each other. Using this config together with the ID finding method described here, but editing only the lines with the image number, the correct ID can be found very quickly. Download: config.xml
  5. The config controlling the larger (or normal) competition logos should end in "logo" like this: <record from="43223314" to="graphics/pictures/comp/43223314/logo"/> While the config for the small logos should end in "icon": <record from="43223314" to="graphics/pictures/comp/43223314/icon"/>" You can also open one of the larger (or whatever size) competition logos in graphics editor, fill it with colour and save. Then reload the skin to see if it changed within the game to confirm where the logo is pulled from. Of course do not close the image after saving, so you can later undo the colour fill and save again.
  6. That could be possible. maybe I will add one as an alternative logo in the future.
  7. Do other competitons logos in the search bar look similarly blurry? Could it be that the Coppa Italia Serie C large logo itself is not of the best quality? What does the image in the pack look like? The logos on the player stats panel are actually the larger logos from the pack, while the logos on the tables are the small logos. Its possible to use logos of any size in place of the small logos, but unlike on the stats panel, logo images are not resized on the tables (not sure about other places). The larger logos will therefore be too big for the allocated space. 50x36px @2x size is the way to go...
  8. Adding before or after. That way the game loads both sorts (logos and flags) from the pack.
  9. You want the logos in the Nation Profile as well? Edit the config some more. In addition to lines like this: <record from="106" to="graphics/pictures/nation/106/logo"/> You need lines like this: <record from="106" to="graphics/pictures/nation/106/flag"/> Copy the content of the config to a separate file in text editor. Replace "logo" with "flag". Then copy all the lines between <list id="maps"> and </list>, and paste them into the config somewhere between <list id="maps"> and </list> in that file. Save the config.xml and reload the skin.
  10. Logopacks more or less follow the structure set by SI. If the size of the small logos in the pack you have is 20x20px, then that pack is not exactly mirroring the standard set within the game. Its not a problem as such, but if the pack does not have default logos (the place holder logos that are displayed when a club does not have a logo) in that same size, the small logopack logos and the default logos from the game will not line up in properly. What it comes to resizing the the images, certainly the aspect ratio of the logos should be maintained. Just the canvas should be 50x36px by SI standard.
  11. Thank you for the compliment. You can add the logo yourself. Message me for instructions. 😉
  12. I concur with Weston about getting the unrestricted budget immediately after promotion has been secured. Maybe even immediately after relegation is for certain? There appears to be no wage limit in Serie C.
  13. The canvas size is 50x36px. The size of the logo is what fits onto the canvas.
  14. The word is that the club has not been very pleased with FM graphics packs. Due to this circumstance, the logo is not in the pack at this moment. Send me a message if you want to know more.
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