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  1. Perfect ! I don't know how to stop Onedrive synchronization but I'm glad it works
  2. I advise you to start a game and save (without touching the destination folder). Find the backup file (normally in the "Games" folder which is in the same place as Graphics for example). The parent folder will therefore be the correct folder. I have no other explanation for the non-functioning.
  3. Not folder "c:/sports interactive/football manager 2020" but "\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020"
  4. First there is no need to create "graphics" or "logos" folder because they are already integrated in the TCM megapack. Then make sure that you are in the folder "\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020" There can be several of these files, find the one where there is the most older present (or where you find a game save). There is no reason why it should not work after that except for two reasons: you are playing with the Xbox Game Pass or you have done a wrong manipulation somewhere. I would also like to remind you that you have to download and install the Megapack before updating Update 1 then 2.
  5. Hi. For Man Utd : Private Message. For others, i don't know. Are you download the first : Megapack and after Update 1 and 2 ?
  6. @mozila80 The old packs are only available after a donation, but the latest (and most complete) logopack is of course completely free!
  7. Everything is indicated on the official page of the TCMLogos site. And it's indicated in the same way in the Megapack folder in case you have already downloaded.
  8. Fot Nantwich ? I replied to the email to warn that it was up to date for the TCM21 and if you wanted it right away. Look into spam emails just in case.
  9. It's not a TCM Logo I contact privately the people wanting this logo, it is not published publicly;)
  10. Hi @Colorado A small bug on Wales Database. Ynysmeudwy Athletic (ID 74010177) is on Yeman for Continental Cup.
  11. This logopack is available only for FM20 and FMTouch20 for PC and Mac. For IPad, maybe logopack from FMMobile ?
  12. The language chosen for the files does not in any way affect the consideration by the game. The files are in French (they will be in English from TCM21) but whatever the language used in the game, the logos are taken into account. If there are problems with missing logos, 2 possibilities: - Either the download went wrong and you have to redo - Either you downloaded the updates but not the Megapack (or you did not install in the right order).
  13. As answered before, it is the style of TCM and if it is famous and as much used is that it must please;) So I'm not going to change the style or even offer another pack next door for the moment.
  14. Advertising on the website is limited and not intrusive. This largely allows to pay for the hosting of the site (it is not free) and in addition to reward the work done for more than 7 years now. But nothing obliges you to come download my logos;)
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