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  1. Are you going to make a release for FM 2017?
  2. If Trump wins, players will be less likely to move to the MLS.
  3. UK politics and a little bit of football simulator 2017. I'm fully expecting a "negatiations with EU" DLC now.
  4. They just need to implement the option to pick your favorite Brexit flavor before the game starts and everybody will be happy.
  5. I would prefer that we could choose the outcome ourselves when loading the game.
  6. Football manager meets Europa Universalis.
  7. Bought it at gamesplanet.
  8. Following your save was more fun than playing mine! Looking forward to reading and playing FM17.
  9. I would already be happy with a 5% or 10% increase in speed. People need to remember it's only the first step. Not needing the WoW64 layer would already allow for small gains.
  10. It will support both and choose the correct version accordingly. If you have a 32-bit OS you will have a 32-bit exe and vice versa.
  11. features video and confirmed by Brock on this forum.
  12. I had one save per year since FM 2007. Usually a LLM team (last 4 editions a modded VLLM save in the UK)