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  1. Can you post your average Attendance?
  2. I feel genuinely sorry for SI. Preparing for eventual consequences is going to eat up a lot of resources.
  3. I think it's not ideal as the IGE is not free (I have personally bought it but disabled it in my first save with Salisbury). It will affect and anger too many people as LLM saves are very time consuming. This seems like an easy bug to hotfix?
  4. Ingame editor is more powerful for full version.
  5. If this is not going to be fixed I think I will pick Hereford and go for an OP race to the champions league!
  6. Pre-game editor is free. I started a save with Salisbury (3500 capacity 462 seated) so if I'm correct I need 38 seats before I reach level 5?
  7. If this issue gets sorted will this work with existing saves?
  8. The future looks bright: Moving to 64bit (No wow layer) and beter multithreading are going to speed up the game significantly.
  9. KUTGW! Hands down the best FM 16 feature!
  10. You're the best weather man in the whole world!
  11. Broadwell-E is going to release first with 10 cores. I'm more curious to see how Zen will compete.
  12. Curious about the same thing...
  13. RIP Kriss, you will be missed.