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  1. Probably just a win-win. It's that time of the year and it's a fun article. Paid articles are marked. There is no Call to action (no feature reveal and no running beta) and the timing would not be ideal.
  2. I have only one question. Will we receive more info about the features before the loyalty offer expires?
  3. ‘Watching the game. Having a Bud’
  4. I always find an excuse to buy it, but I have never bought it without knowing what the new features would be. FM15 and 16 (FMupdates expansion to level 9) were bought in a steam sale. Loved feature roulette on the podcast. If the features are out before the loyalty program expires I will probably buy it as I'm not enjoying 16.
  5. I surely hope you're not right. If you think people are disgruntled now...
  6. I love the loyalty discount but I really want to know if I should upgrade. Didn't really like FM 2016 (the crossing issue really triggers my ocd). This year and last year marketing campaign made me more disconnected and less enthusiastic. If I hadn't discovered the great LLM expansions I would have stopped buying the game TBH. Every person I know including myself discovered the game through somebody who was already playing (my uncle introduced me to CM 99/00 and haven't missed a version since). SI should cherish free evangelists by providing information and acting more transparent. Beta is out within a month and I still don't know if we will get more information before the loyalty offer expires. I can't buy a game without knowing what is going to be in it. If the game looks great I would be hesitant to buy it knowing I missed my 20%.
  7. Still the best FM video!
  8. I feel the same way. Hoping that we receive a feature reveal before the loyalty offer expires.
  9. The OP's table is not properly functioning anymore. Waiting on my new laptop, will post soon.
  10. IMHO, you lose the real charm of the game by using those tools. I don't prepare I like to go in blind (doesn't matter anyway as I play in the lower leagues).
  11. @Miles Jacobson I don't see any problem with this policy. People have the option to wait as the 20% will still be possible after we know more. Nobody is forcing us to buy it and there are some people (including me since 98/99) that buy the game anyway (even if I have less time for it each year). Thank you for the 20%, it's very appreciated.
  12. Probably a modded VLLM save with an English team that has a funny name.
  13. Great news! This is already the best FM 2017 feature.