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  1. I'd agree with 14. He always says his assistant is "the brain" of his teams' tactics. Klopp is a man manager/motivator, where emotion and heart plays a huge part of the game. Ergo, 14 seems reasonable.
  2. Is there not already an option where the game detects this kind of behaviour and saves the match result to prevent you reloading? I'm sure I've seen it somewhere in options.
  3. Great post @Zanman777, a lot of effort put in to create it. I fully agree, there are far too many 'features' that exist for the sake of it (tone of voice, touchline shouts etc). SI make a new game every year, with a ton of bugs, a plethora of features that have literally never worked, and by the time the game is finished (after January transfer window update), the next game is well under way and so the cycle continues...
  4. That's what I do, wherever possible. I've never felt the 'benefit' of having a top class Ass Man so might as well fill the position sentimentally.
  5. Just treat your Ass Man as a parrot on your shoulder in-match. Nothing he says has any relevance whatsoever.
  6. Denuvo has been proven to drastically reduce FPS, and since it is happily infested in FM again this year... But we can blame SEGA for that decision.
  7. I have yet to see a player 'place a shot' past the keeper when 1-on-1. They just aren't scored (I'm managing Liverpool), not once ever.
  8. https://community.sigames.com/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/ There is a dedicated forum for feature requests
  9. This 100%. If a player hasn't scored in a long time, he'll end his drought against me. If he's an ex-player of mine, he'll score against me. New player at a club will open his account against me. First goal of the season... against me. Happens way too often.
  10. Same. I avoid interaction as much as humanly possible since the reactions make zero sense across the board.
  11. I'm just messing around with random teams at the minute, I'll start anew once the game is officially released.
  12. Long shot suggestion, but still... FMT is pretty cool to fly through a season or two very quickly, but it's still missing so much that the full fat game has. Sadly the full fat version has so much interaction it makes me want to pull my hair out, mainly because so much of it is utter nonsense and horribly stale. I will give a few examples (for context and why I'm making this suggestion), but I've no intentions for a full-on FM bashing session. I do enjoy the game... Youth players ending conversations with "I'll get going then, I'm sure you'll want me for something else soon" drives me insane when I'm a known disciplinarian. I expect; yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir. Reporters asking about the fact I'm wearing a suit and tie. PLEASE God make it stop. The absolutely meaningless option of 'tone of voice' makes zero sense or difference to the game, I've never been anything other than calm since it is the default. "I'd prefer these talks to be brief" - basically every agent ever. Shut up. "You've won the first round, can you go all the way and win it?" - really? You get the idea. I'd honestly love if there existed an option to 'remove all interaction' (but keep the rest of the game as is). FM would be the best game ever made if they would all just leave me alone to work.
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