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  1. As titled, this is an awful piece of intrusive and unnecessary software to add (if true). Piracy has been proven not to affect sales (see link), all this kind of software does is harm those of us who legitimately buy your product. Like anti-piracy warnings at the beginning of DVDs and Blu-rays that we have legally bought - pirates don't have to sit through them since they only copy the movie itself. Whatever happened to just making a game and letting us play it? https://cdn.netzpolitik.org/wp-upload/2017/09/displacement_study.pdf Denuvo affects performance: https://techraptor.net/content/tekken-producer-says-denuvo-behind-recent-performance-issues-on-pc
  2. In my longest FM17 save I bought Marko Grujić 4 times in 10 years due to him being absolutely unstoppable in my tactical setup. He has decent stats all round but nothing spectacular, yet he fitted my tactics perfectly and would regularly (read: every game) destroy anyone he came up against. My staff would always rate him as average at best, never more than a squad player in his prime, no matter how godly he played. I always managed to buy him for peanuts as well since the AI never rated him... but with the right tactics he was immense.
  3. Linfield in Northern Ireland. They have a huge stadium for the country (the national stadium) with a massive fan base (again, for the country). I'd be shocked if you could get to the Champions League Group phase - they start off in the 1st qualifying round I think, and are already "at their level" in terms of opposition. The size of the stadium and potential income it could generate if you get any big teams to come, by qualifying for later European stages, mean you will absolutely destroy the domestic teams week in and week out.
  4. The only thing you can't do is build a team how you want, since the DoF makes all signings, but if you're not staying at a club for very long it's a cool way to play.
  5. Training revamp - love Tactics revamp - love Bundesliga - L-O-V-E If interaction is toned down, or at least more bloody sensible then FM19 would (will?) be spectacular.
  6. This is absolutely brilliant. So many things I've wanted for a long time, and the German License totally sells it for me. I swear though, if I'm asked about my suit in the first press conference after taking over Borussia Dortmund I'm gonna be very upset.
  7. You certainly won't be the only one. He and Guardiola are probably gonna be the most aped styles in FM19 with this new tactics module.
  8. I pre-ordered the game based on this information alone. I NEVER pre-order games, but that changed today.
  9. I also agree. Would be nice to be able to set it as an option when creating a new save.
  10. Same here. I recently messaged my friend on Facebook with a video of this "bug" which was met with laughter since (as he explained with great relish) it is within the rules of the game, yet not once have I seen this happen IRL in order for me to even realise the law exists.
  11. This is honestly my dream Brexit Scenario in-game and IRL.
  12. Probably signed him as part of the child support deal.
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