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  1. guilhermevalette pretty much answered the question, you can often find players on the transfer market that you might be surprised are on there. These players can often be found at good prices, the only stumbling block may be their wage demands. Other than that, I would say that lots of clubs can be bargained down with on their prices for players and it also works the same way when selling, although this doesn't apply to every situation. For instance, i've managed to get an extra £30mil for a player through negotiations with the club trying to buy the player, not straight up cash, but still £30mil all the same. It all depends on the club you're dealing with. Also when it comes to your own players and the likelihood of them wanting to leave, this could be avoided in most situations only if you're the sort of person to thoroughly scout for the right personality when making additions to your squad, but then doing that does narrow the potential pool of players a lot that would join your club and this could only probably be done with success at a top top club.
  2. What is says on the tin, will my reputation go lower if I spend, lets say 3 years at a much lower reputation club. Basically I'm on a journeyman save and I've worked my way from nobody (managing Aberystwyth) to a top manager (managing Manchester United). On my journey to the top I managed a Northern Irish club called Ballymena United and was hugely successful with them. However, despite the new manager continuing the success in the season I left, this season they've gone off the rails. Before I left I managed to secure the team a professional status. I've made it to the top and then there was a takeover at the club to replace the glazer's, a sugar daddy... My first plan was to stay 3 - 4 years, but this has made it way too easy and I've decided to leave at the end of the current season. However, I think for my next move, i'd like to revisit Ballymena United if the job comes available as I spent 3 seasons there and has by far been the most fun club to manage.
  3. The problem with the internet these days is that it's full of trolls and single-minded people. It's not that they can't understand it, it's that they choose not to. It's a disease that hasn't yet been proven real.
  4. We are talking about journeyman saves, not 1 club saves.
  5. Despite making a decent point with several of these managers, you still can't compare them to my own journey. Maurizio Sarri was 53, so he's got experience, he'll have done all his badges without doubt and he had at least proven himself capable in Serie A. Sacchi wasn't a complete nobody. Capello was well known from his playing days and had started his management career with Milan's youth. Mourinho had connections and learnt from Van Gaal. Guardiola and Zidane were class players and went on to start their coaching careers with the clubs youth teams, much like Solskjær did. They'd already proven something to somebody who mattered.
  6. People aren't really getting the point of this thread. This isn't a "the game is too easy because I win every trophy" thread, it's a "it's too easy to go from obscurity, managing low level teams, to getting a job at a world class club within 5 years" thread. I have no problems with the management of teams being too easy, as I understand that in order for the game to be marketable, it needs to be playable. When I got the job at Swansea City, i thought "ok, this is fine, they just want to take a risk and hope it pays off and I know I'm good enough to repay that faith", then when I get the Manchester United job 9 months later... What is this game? I've gone from managing a 2 star team, to managing a 4.5 star team (who are the best in England) within 1 year. You can't tell me that's normal and should happen. I basically applied for the Manchester United job just to see what happened, having got the Swansea job without expecting to even be considered.
  7. You don't get the point, I'm still a relatively unknown person in the world of football, I don't have the pro badges, I was managing Ballymena United around a year prior. Sure, the FA cup win and winning the Championship would give you a boost in reputation, but considering I was a total nobody before hand, you can't tell me that doing that means the Premier League Champions will want me. These clubs look for top class managers, their players don't want some possible one season wonder managing them. Not to mention I was up against a World Class manager in Allegri who has won countless trophies...
  8. Lets be honest here, if people are struggling with the game then they shouldn't even be trying to start with no badges, experience and whatever. This is something that is supposed to make the game harder as you're a nobody and have to make a name for yourself. What I'm saying is that even at the hardest difficulty, it's too easy to rise to the top. Also I'm not really talking about how easy it is to win games here, I'm talking about how easy it is to go from Ballymena United, to Swansea and the to Manchester United within just one year of moving from Ballymena. Also to note, it's only the 2022/2023 season. The reputation gaps are just huge between Ballymena United and Swansea, whilst also being huge between Swansea and Manchester United. It's not like I took over a Swansea team that were premier league proven, they were struggling in the Championship for several seasons. Taking all this into consideration, I don't think I'm being disrespectful by saying it's too easy.
  9. I don't really get why people come out with stuff like this. The point is that I was able to become the manager of Manchester United who had just won the league last season. 1 year prior I was managing Ballymena United in Northern Ireland. I shouldn't have even been able to get the Swansea job if you look at the reputation differences and yeah I did win the Championship and some how the FA Cup, but that shouldn't warrant me getting a top job. Rejecting the offer to be manager just to make it feel realistic shouldn't even need to happen.
  10. Would people agree it's way too easy to reach the top? I started with literally nothing, the worst stats, no badges and starting the game with no team. I got my first job at Aberystwyth in Wales (2018 - 2019). I then moved the Bray Wanderers (2019) after the end of the season in Ireland, managing to get them promoted after their previous manager was sacked half way through the season. I then moved to Ballymena United (2019 - 2021) in Northern Ireland. Part of the way into the 2021-2022 season I saw a job opening at Dundalk and soon after Swansea, I'd applied for both. I expected Dundalk to consider me and Swansea to laugh at me, considering Swansea had a much higher reputation that my current team. Dundalk hired someone closer to home and Swansea took a chance and hired me. I won the Championship and FA Cup that season with Swansea. I'm now in the 2022-2023 season, I'm 6th place with Swansea and doing well in the Europa league. I've just lost to Manchester United, but they're still far behind in the table and the manager ended up being sacked after that game. I applied thinking I probably won't be given a thought. I got the job... They'd interviewed Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri and they chose me over him??? I don't even have a continental pro licence yet, I'm on A... Does anyone have any similar experiences or was I just lucky to land myself in this position? My reputation is 3 and half stars (good)
  11. Anyone still playing in Northern Ireland? Have to say I really enjoyed my time with Ballymena United locking horns with Larne. I've moved on now though, got turned down by Dundalk in Ireland, but Swansea City decided to take a chance on me in the Championship! I'd definitely love to go back to Northern Ireland though if the Larne job became available.
  12. Nice! I use one of TFF's as well, the "Conqueror" one at the top of the post (v2). It's very good all round really, extremely good as an under-dog, which you could see from my Europa League matches. Unfortunately Larne seem to be the exception, they've beaten me in another final...
  13. Thanks, I was actually really surprised by the 2nd leg against Bilbao, I was expecting another bad defeat, but they just seemed to fall to pieces and then get lucky with their late goal. That's just crazy for a Northern Irish club! I wish I had that kind of money haha!
  14. We're playing in Europe! This was the aim last season and we made it! These are the matches we needed in order to take this club to the next level. The finances alone that would be generated were more than enough. It was probably the worst fixture list I've ever seen! I literally had to use youth players in half the matches, just so I could keep key players fit for the Europa League. Even then, we had unfit players playing in those matches. It was a miracle we even made it past the 2nd qualifying round! I was ecstatic when we destroyed EA Guingamp, especially in the away leg, because there players are at a much higher level than us. I knew it was the end of our Europa League journey when we were given probably one of the hardest teams in the draw A.Bilbao! We were destroyed in the first leg, I don't know how it was only 5-1, but then something crazy was happening in the return leg! I couldn't believe it because we were 4-0 up in the 70th minute and on course to win on away goals, but it wasn't to be as they scored the decisive goal in the 81st minute. That would have been a miracle if we pulled it off!
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