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  1. FM12 - Lower League Staff

    Gokhan Keskin asked for 3200 wages for me at Crewe :/
  2. He's playing at Botafogo for me. Still in Brazil which is why work permit is an issue.
  3. Cant seem to sign him for EPL, doesnt get work permit.
  4. FM12 : Good Goalkeepers

    He wanted 70k per week in addition to 10k appearance, 25k shutout and 1mill signing fee with Newcastle and his agent wanted 4mill! Told him to shove it where the sun dont shine!
  5. Yea I blew them off. Then Chelsea came stomping and activated Bassong's release clause :/ With a week left on the Jan transfer window I had to go running around to look for a decent CB. Ended up buying Roland Juhasz who I've used on FM10 and 11. I've made a max offer of 20million for ter Stegen with no luck. Will try again after end of season. I have decent amount of transfer funds still left and I am waiting for end of season relegated fire sales EDIT - Transfers so far
  6. Since Steve Harper is retiring at the end of the season, any suggestions on a good replacement keeper? EDIT - Holy crap Sevilla just offered me 21mill$ for Cabaye :| 16.5 spread over 20 months....wondering if I should take it...
  7. Jonas Svensson - genius

    What are you guys on about? The game doesnt let you load more than 125k players!
  8. I've got my scouts out on all the players you recommended. Lets see who wants in!
  9. So far in my first season of the game, nearing December. Demba and Santon have been disappointing. Demba has a 600+ mins goal drought and Santon has had below average performances! Sigh I'm gonna dump them in the Jan window. Jelle Vossen and Daniel Sturridge on the other hand have been fabulous! Teaming them up on front is just fantastic! I did something funny, sold Colocinni in the first window for 13.5mill and bought Bassong for 10 Bassong, it seems has a temper issue and has had 2 red cards so far. Angry bugger! I'm 7th on the table so far, looking good! Who would be a good replacement for Santon in the Jan window? Any suggestions?
  10. Welcome the new manager of Alvik IK(Sweden). Time to rise to the top!
  11. What you say makes a lot of sense, but there are many many games for Android which are just as or even more complicated than FM. Sims 3 for example or Assassins Creed. Granted those are made by dedicated handheld developers though. But I would love an Android version of FM, would make those long boring meetings much more fun
  12. Manager wages.

    Football Chairman 2012?
  13. There are now a ton of android phones out there sporting fast processors and graphics cards and what not. But not one decent Football Manager game except the web based ones. Any chance we'll see FM12 on Android?
  14. The only fixtures happening anywhere are the Champions league and EURO cup fixtures. None of the other leagues have started either and the transfer window just closed :/ Even though no matches are being played, the Manchester United and Fulham manager's jobs are at risk
  15. Sigh my game got bugged at the end of the first season I believe. Its the second week of August now and the new season isnt showing any signs of starting. I dont see any planned fixtures, I have no premier division matches in August and the board is still on the expectations of last season :| Anyone else face a similar issue?