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  1. Yeah definitely get FM21, seems to be miles ahead of FM20 for me and FM19. Yeah I definitely get the thinking with Wrexham, drop out whilst you're on top. At least now you're playing in Europe as well and I can't wait to see how far you get. I don't think it matters personally what version you use as long as it's a good read
  2. Have to say I enjoyed the read, will be an interesting journey for sure. If I ever move out of Europe on my save, I think I'll definitely consider Peru!
  3. Loving this so far, even if it is FM18 that you're using. It seems a shame to walk away from Wrexham though, would have been interesting to see if you could get them to the premier league, but having said that, I love these sorts of saves where it becomes sort of a journeyman, keeps things fresh. The Iceland job was never going to work out, but like you said, you got a nice little rep boost. On a side note, I'm beginning to wonder if people actually read the posts in this forum, I've noticed that your thread is same as mine, no comments or anything. Do we just have rubbish threads, or are
  4. Season 2 - September Update For the first time ever we are struggling! We have never lost more than 1 match in a row before, but this month we lost 3! It was very disappointing to get knocked out of the County Atrim Shield in the first round because there was a 10k price fund for the winner, but it wasn't to be. I suppose it was more disappointing because we beat Ards last season 5-3. Then to follow that up with 2 defeats in the league was very disappointing, especially to Dundela. Our match against Ballinamallard Utd at the end of the month looked to be heading for a similar story, but
  5. Season 2 - Bluefin Sport Championship We have a lot to live up to this season, despite the media writing us off before it's even begun. I decided to focus all my attention in the transfer window towards released players from English clubs, mainly due to the poor talent in Northern Ireland and surrounding areas. It is worth taking note that these are all aged 18 which some may see as a problem, due to the lack of experience, but I see it as, if you're good enough, you're old enough! Pre-season was a great success and moving on into the first month of the season, we've had a bril
  6. End Of Season 1 Report I'm not sure why but a lot of my screenshots became corrupt, so most of them are missing It was a massive end to the season, with the league already wrapped up thanks to the victory at the end of March, we just had to focus on the cup competitions. It seems really weird to me how congested the fixtures are up until February in Northern Ireland, in this league at least. The victory over Crusaders Reserves was difficult, but we put on a real show in extra time and then it was more of a formality in the final, we were almost never going to lose and it was
  7. OUTPLAYED! But at a cost... This game was too important to go into without a plan! I kept the formation the same, but I decided to take a different approach with our style of football. The idea was to play a patient game, defending well with all of the back 4 and our central midfield focusing on defending and then relying on our attacking players to counter Glentoran. We only needed one chance and Nick Beta made his first and most vital contribution since returning from his broken foot. You can see from the stats that my idea worked perfectly as we restricted Glentoran to just 4 shots on
  8. March Update We are now wrapping up the season and we've done it! The victory over Tobermore Utd brought the title home and the promotion we craved! We are still in the cups as well which is great, because even though there's not a lot of money down in these leagues, every little helps! Youth Intake I've signed up pretty much every player from the youth intake, it was absolutely insane! Although to be fair, it doesn't take much to be good enough to play at this level. I wonder if any of them will still be with us when we reach the Danske Bank Premier
  9. February Update Other than the obvious, it has been a very productive month! The dream did come to an end in brutal fashion, but I am still very pleased with how we performed against one of the best clubs in Northern Ireland! If only we could have taken it to penalties like the previous 2 rounds! Onwards and upwards...
  10. January was certainly tough in the league, but luckily teams below us were dropping points as well. We are still going extremely strong in the cups though which is amazing to see and we've even set ourselves up for a final in the Bet McLean Cup against the mighty Linfield! Bring them on! 7
  11. Fair one, yeah if a decent offer comes in, then I guess it's a no brainer and you don't want to keep him around to ruin the atmosphere for sure.
  12. Targets Update I didn't expect this to happen so soon, but we've already started to tick off some of our targets. Having already won a cup competition, we can now officially tick off the 'Team Cohesion' target. The effects that Team Cohesion has in FM are actually massive and you can see that in our performances. Short Term Targets Maximum Team Cohesion Maximum Club Atmosphere Maximum Managerial Support Promotion from the 'Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League' Improve finances Medium Term Targets Promotion from the 'Bluefin Sport Ch
  13. January Transfers I made a rookie mistake and forgot to put up the summer transfers, so I thought I'd add those in with the 2 players that just arrived on the 1st of January... 2 very promising players join, a much needed striker for backup + to cover our current injury situation and we've managed to steal a goalkeeper from 2nd placed Armagh!
  14. December Update You would think that your best player breaking his foot would be the end of your season, but no... We've done extraordinary things this month despite all the odds being against us! We just can't be stopped in the Bet McLean Cup, no matter who goes against us! Beating one top division side wasn't enough for us, we had to make it 3! We are clearly superior when it comes to penalties, that's for sure. We then went on to win our first bit of silverware with the Steel & Sons Cup. It was a tough final until they tired late on and we made them pay! The league is goi
  15. Massive injury! He has been our best player this season so far... To go and break his foot is heartbreaking for the Distillery supporters. Luckily I've already got another striker coming in on the 1st of January as we are short of natural strikers anyway.
  16. November Update We started off with a shaky victory over Shankill Utd, then followed up with our first loss of the campaign to Moyola Park. It had me thinking that all our hard work was for nothing, but to my surprise we had an amazing month! Dungannon never knew what hit them as we smashed and grabbed the victory in the Bet McLean Cup second round, a massive victory over the Danske Bank Premier side in extra time! It was then goals galore as we took massive confidence from that victory, to beat Limavady 5-4, then smashing Glentorans reserves 8-1 and Linfield's reserves 6-5 in t
  17. We definitely pushed our luck against Banbridge in the cup, but eventually we overcame them due to 2 red cards for the bambridge players. However, the rest of the month just couldn't have been better! Our hard work in pre-season can't be more evident, especially when you win 10-0, regardless of the stature of Cookstown RBL. We also had that massive match against Banbridge at the end of the month, much thanks to substitute Mikey Withers who came on to replace a struggling Michael O'Hanlon in attacking midfield.
  18. I wasn't joking when I said we had a massive pre-season. I managed every single game myself as I want full input on this save, I'm leaving nothing to chance! There were 2 games before Coagh which we drew against Ballymoney Utd and Dollingstown. As you can see we went on to beat Ballymoney Utd 7-2 in a repeat match! Progress! This is the outcome and the reason for such an insane pre-season...
  19. The finances at this club are absolutely shocking and they don't look like they will get any better. It doesn't help that we are having a massive pre-season which is costing money, due to ground maintenance and all that. We need to play in Europe to earn some cash, but that is a long way off
  20. Targets for this save... Every journey must have targets, if you have no targets, you have no hope (-mikenevo2020) There will be 4 segments to this save and I won't consider this save complete until I can check off everything on each list! If anyone can think of anything to add to the lists, no matter how outrageous, please let me know! Short Term Targets Maximum Team Cohesion Maximum Club Atmosphere Maximum Managerial Support Promotion from the 'Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League' Improve finances Medium Term Targets Promotion from
  21. Will I ever sit on the 'Iron Throne'!? It's been a long time since I was here in this part of the forum! I've decided that I want to do something different for a change on football manager, other than the usual English football saves. I've always wondered how difficult it would be to compete in Europe in on of the lesser leagues and so I picked Northern Ireland as my destination, partly due to its link with 'Game Of Thrones'. Can I pull Northern Irish football to the forefront of World Football and sit upon the 'Iron Throne'!? Doubtful, but doubts won't stop me from trying!
  22. Just had a scan through, my first time on your thread Such a shame it had to end so early with Swindon, but everything happens for a reason and things are sure looking up with Crewe! Nice victory over Swindon too. Hopefully you can hold onto your players and you should just keep Kirk until the end of his contract out of spite
  23. Not bad for a first season at all Got knocked out of 3rd round Carabao Cup and Semi-Final of FA Cup. 106 points in the League though, 16 ahead of Liverpool who we beat on the final day of the season 3-0 to avenge our 2-1 loss earlier in the season! Rashford scored 34 goals, Cavani scored 25, Martial scored 23 (got injured for 12 weeks which kept him out right until end of the season) and Mason Greenwood bagged 18 after taking full advantage of Cavani's drop off in form and Martial's injury! Prior to Martial's injury, Greenwood had only 2 goals in roughly 15 appearances, but due to his late se
  24. Totally agree, you need to have a visual in your head of how you want things to work when making a tactic.
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