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  1. I agree the DOF needs to be expanded in the game. I would like to use a DOF to increase the difficulty a little but the signings need to make sense with the direction of the club.
  2. I'm impressed with all the quality skins this year. I usually have a favourite I use each year but this year I'm rotating most of them. That is all.
  3. That's good you see a difference in this years game. I'm going to try it with a top club and see how it goes but I'm still going to finalize them for now. I agree, wages and playing time should really be on the loan options on the development list and I hope they add them. Enjoying Part of the Furniture !
  4. I'm thinking of using a DOF to handle transfers and contracts but after some researching it doesn't seem to be a good idea. Mainly from older versions of FM. Anybody have success in FM19 with the DOF in charge of transfers?
  5. Congrats!! What a great feat. I like that you are using youth and are winning with them. Surprised Kepa let Baxter come on...
  6. Steam should update it automatically when you open the game on 11/2 but you may have to log out then back in again.
  7. Good ideas, we have staff we can hire for coaches,scouting and medical how about a Financial Advisor that could send financial reports, suggestions, short term long term projections,etc.
  8. There are some great skins out there and a lot of them have custom backgrounds and opacity choices. Is there a way to lock in a certain background and opacity level? Do I have to set it up every time I load the game?
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