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  1. wetfred

    Stupid question.....

    Steam should update it automatically when you open the game on 11/2 but you may have to log out then back in again.
  2. Are we restricted from making custom views ?
  3. Good ideas, we have staff we can hire for coaches,scouting and medical how about a Financial Advisor that could send financial reports, suggestions, short term long term projections,etc.
  4. There are some great skins out there and a lot of them have custom backgrounds and opacity choices. Is there a way to lock in a certain background and opacity level? Do I have to set it up every time I load the game?
  5. wetfred

    Ideas for improvement

    No auto subscription renewal please.If it was a one time fee I'd pay it but no way with the auto renewal.
  6. I'm playing as the Spurs and have a few bank loans and debt, new stadium, resulting in my team losing money every month. I was given a nice transfer budget and the board hasn't mentioned anything about the finances ,yet. What will happen at the end of the season if I continue to lose money? Will the board sell my players? Will I get sacked? Should I start selling off my high salary players now?
  7. wetfred

    Fm18- Spurs

    I'm only about 20 games in and haven't had any injuries with him at all.
  8. wetfred

    Fm18- Spurs

    I did what FM Manager and JBoyd33641 did a few posts up. Signed Dolberg and De Ligt and it will eat up all of your transfer budget but it will be well worth it.
  9. wetfred

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

  10. wetfred

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    Ross when I load Fiorentina I get Parma, Spurs I get FCUnited and Huddersfield I get Girona. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. wetfred

    FM18: Chelsea FC

    What formation are you guys using this year? Are people still using the 5 backs? Still trying to get the staff sorted out and haven't decided on a formation.
  12. wetfred

    I can't FM anymore

    I've been playing long enough to know it takes a few patches before it's playable.