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  1. There's no way UEFA will let this happen.
  2. Stars are only the assman or scouts opinion of the player. Doesn't mean it's showing correct actual or potential numbers.
  3. I started a Chels 433 save which I scrapped. I'm doing well so far with a 4231 Gegenpress ,I'm in December and only lost one game at Liverpool. Werner is leading the league in goals, Havertz has a lot of assists and Ziyech is doing good. I've been watching training vids from Foxinthebox and its helped a lot. I sold Emerson and bought Skriniar who was transfer listed for a decent amount. So far so good.
  4. Unless I’m missing something.....on player comparison page when comparing players in a new season I want to be able to see the previous seasons stats and not blank stats because of the new season.
  5. Totally agree with this and it needs to be put in the game.
  6. I like the no player attributes option as it makes the game harder but I would like it more realistic. Scouts make reports on players and I would like to see the attribute numbers not be a true rating but accuracy based on the scouts knowledge, experience,etc. I don't want to know the actual number on a players finishing,determination,visionetc.. I want scouting and stats to mean something. At least an option to play this way or maybe even an option to have coloured bars instead of numbers.
  7. My house rules. Only sign staff through adverts, only buy players my scouts find and recommend, never reload ... bad team meeting, ruined negotiations learn and move on. No downloaded tactics, if I’m using a player as a backup don’t tell him he’s a starter...always looking for new rules that make it a bit harder but still fun.
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