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  1. At the beginning of the season I was 3 coaches,2 physios and 5 scouts short. I hired a Technical Director and assigned him to hire/renew scouts and coaches in the staff responsibilities section. 1 month into the season he hasn't hired anyone. Went on vacation for another month and still nothing. I made sure to hit take control then delegate to make sure but it's not doing anything. How is this feature supposed to work?
  2. 2nd season City buys Kane for 100 mill.
  3. I know the u23 coaches help train the senior team but do they hold the same weight as senior coaches do? If I have a great u23 coach should I leave him there or promote him to the senior team?
  4. 1-Expand on the DOF as far as transfers, loaning,buying and selling. Needs to be more options such as I want to loan this player but they must pay all salary or maybe even to only accept those that are guaranteed first team football. etc. DOF should be more aware of the squads needs and weaknesses instead of buying players in positions that are not needed. 2- For the love of Pete knock down Gegenpressing.
  5. I'm using adverts/ass man recommendations only. I need 5 scouts so I place an advert and it shows up on the Job Center. My Ass man recommends a scout so I sign him and then receive a message that the advert is withdrawn since the position has been filled. I need 4 more scouts so I try to add another advert and it says it has been placed successfully but it doesn't show up on the Job Center nor is it grayed out. Is this a bug or do you have to wait a certain amount of time to replace an advert?
  6. There is already an option to win the league or cup and another to challenge the league or cup. Does challenge mean to play in the final for cups or second in league or to be competitive enough within the league or cup competitions.
  7. What exactly does the promise “ Challenge for the title “ mean? Does that mean 2nd place , top 4 ?
  8. When I'm adding a future transfer do I only set the date, receiving club and fee or do I have to fill out all the new contract details? Will the future transfer show on the player's card such as joining new club on this date or will it just happen?
  9. In my save Klopp left Liverpool to head Barcelona after 1st year but as Chelsea playing Gegenpress I still can't beat Pep's Liverpool.
  10. I agree the DOF needs to be expanded in the game. I would like to use a DOF to increase the difficulty a little but the signings need to make sense with the direction of the club.
  11. I'm impressed with all the quality skins this year. I usually have a favourite I use each year but this year I'm rotating most of them. That is all.
  12. That's good you see a difference in this years game. I'm going to try it with a top club and see how it goes but I'm still going to finalize them for now. I agree, wages and playing time should really be on the loan options on the development list and I hope they add them. Enjoying Part of the Furniture !
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