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  1. Ellis Wade Definitely isn't a player/coach - presumably there's been a misinput somewhere?
  2. Both of his brothers seem to have the last name Sielis, as well as the fact that Transfermarkt gives him the Sielis name as well. Happy for it to stay as Shelis if most sources list his name as that though.
  3. Christos Shelis (23226014) should be called Christos Sielis as opposed to Shelis.
  4. Crystal Palace Dougie Freedman (2015237) should have Harry Freedman (89065345) set as his son.
  5. Kits As far as I'm aware the green kit is the away kit, not the white one. Average Ticket Price This should be £20 instead of £19. Data Analysis Facilities Whilst I'm not sure whether the club has any out and out data analysis facilities, I do know that we make use of vests that track statistics for things such as distances covered by players during games. This could maybe be worth upgrading the facilities to 'poor', which appears to be the case with other teams in the league that make use of such vests. Jamie Fullarton Preferred Formation could possibly be set as 4-2-3-1 Wide, seeing as that's the formation that he's used since coming to the club. Phil Hughes Should be set as Assistant Manager/Goalkeeping Coach (if it's possible to assign those two roles together). Lee Kelsey As seen here, Lee Kelsey is the youth team's goalkeeping coach, not the first team's. Sam Johnson Distribution has let him down at times recently, so downgrading his Kicking stat could possibly be on the agenda. Niall Maher Should be accomplished in defensive mid at the very least - every time he's played for us since signing he's played in a defensive midfield role. Josh Staunton Same as Maher in that he's been played in a defensive midfield role since coming to the club, therefore I feel that his defensive midfield role should be higher than awkward. Simon Lenighan Not seen anything about a contract extension for him, so the expiry date of his contract should not be set as 30/06/19. Given that not much is known about the deal other than that it's 'short term', maybe the start of January would be a more suitable expiry date? Harry Freedman Should have Dougie Freedman (2015237) set as his father. Ben Tomlinson I know it's based off of last season, but Tomlinson's Corners stats could probably do with a serious boost before long given the quality of the corners he was taking before his injury. Think his work rate and determination stats could possibly be looked at for a potential increase as well. Jonny Edwards Would perhaps look at downgrade his Decisions stat a little bit, as one or twice this season he's not exactly made the right decision in front of goal. Thomas Gomersall As far as I'm aware, he is no longer at the club. Ousman Cham Corners stat could possibly be upgraded, as he has been taking corners for Brighouse this season. Jos Veitch AMR should be accomplished at the very least, as he plays in this position for the youth team. Jay Benn Captains the youth team, so Leadership could maybe be a bit higher.
  6. I think it should be possible to set a preferred assistant manager for managers in the database, resulting in said manager trying to bring in their preferred assistant whenever possible. I don't think managers bringing their assistant with them to new clubs or countries that they start managing happens often enough - think the only example of it happening naturally is Jurgen Klopp bringing Zeljko Buvac with him to Man City on my most recent save. Other than that, I haven't really seen it take place at all. For example, current Port Vale manager Neil Aspin has had Lee Nogan as his assistant manager since his time managing Halifax, having brought him to both Gateshead and Vale as well, yet in game Aspin just doesn't seem to bring Nogan with him whenever he gets a new job despite Nogan being in his favoured personnel. Another example is Billy Heath - he and Mark Carroll having been working together since 2002 at Bridlington, Frickley, Hall Road Rangers, North Ferriby, Halifax and Alfreton, but Heath does not attempt to bring Carroll with him whenever he gets a new job despite Carroll being in his favoured personnel.
  7. 'Feel free to tell them no decision has been made yet...' Miles, in response to a tweet about one of the retailers claiming the beta is definitely going live tonight.
  8. Unless DLgamer can read Miles' mind, they've probably got it wrong.
  9. Looking on there now, don't see anything labelled as pre-release?
  10. This already happens. The lower the club's reputation, you're less likely to have to do pre and post match interviews.
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