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  1. During my Queen's Park save, I signed Leon King on loan from Rangers, a centre back by trade but is rated by the game as being an accomplished defensive midfielder. With that in mind, I signed him to play as a defensive midfielder and have done so in seven games since he signed (six starts, one sub appearance). However, he has developed a minor issue which the game has labelled "Playing in weak position". Surely this should only be appearing if a player is getting played in a position that they are not down as being able to play at all, or at the very least one that is down as makes
  2. Halifax Once again, Phil Hughes is no longer the assistant manager and hasn't been for a good year now. Slightly concerning that this is still the case despite being flagged up during last year's beta. Chris Millington should be down as the assistant instead. Stuart Peacock should not be down as a director, having resigned from the board in July 2019. Matt McArdle should not be down as the club's physio, having left at the end of the 2018/19 season. Joe Sargison should be down as a coach, having joined the club this pre-season (he is already in the database so no need to c
  3. I think it should be possible to set a preferred assistant manager for managers in the database, resulting in said manager trying to bring in their preferred assistant whenever possible. I don't think managers bringing their assistant with them to new clubs or countries that they start managing happens often enough - think the only example of it happening naturally is Jurgen Klopp bringing Zeljko Buvac with him to Man City on my most recent save. Other than that, I haven't really seen it take place at all. For example, current Port Vale manager Neil Aspin has had Lee Nogan as his assistan
  4. 'Feel free to tell them no decision has been made yet...' Miles, in response to a tweet about one of the retailers claiming the beta is definitely going live tonight.
  5. Unless DLgamer can read Miles' mind, they've probably got it wrong.
  6. Looking on there now, don't see anything labelled as pre-release?
  7. Because we know it's certain that Brexit's happening, just the outcome of it isn't clear yet (hence the wide range of outcomes possible on FM). Meanwhile, it's still unclear as to whether Catalonian independence is happening or not.
  8. 2D Classic always. You could make the 3D match engine match the graphics of FIFA and PES and I'd still be inclined to use 2D.
  9. Whilst scouting packages are realistic for clubs at the top level, I highly doubt clubs below the Football League buy them.
  10. From what I understand it's how much the scout recommends the player out of 100, not a number that's half of the CA or PA.
  11. Seems like a good idea, though I hope it doesn't end up killing managing below the Conference North. Spending stupid money to find out about North West Counties League players through a scouting package for the league when you manage a team in the North East Counties League for example could end up financially crippling a club very quickly.
  12. Only ever seen it develop from 'Feels the two of you could become friends' once, and that was on FM14 when I ended up in Nigel Clough's favoured personnel. No idea why though, cause I don't remember particularly praising him that much. Some great ideas here though.
  13. Since part-time teams like FC Romania are unable to sign players from abroad on FM, sadly there is no way to correctly replicate FC Romania in game.
  14. How come you're only allowed 5 subs on the bench in the FA Cup? Irl you're allowed 7
  15. Nice to see that things are going alright for me at West Ham.
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