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  1. Spurs were relegated 10 years in on mine and only managed to get back up on the second time. Everton have flirted with relegation on at least two occasions, and had a final day reprieve in the last minute once
  2. Am in 2034 and checked all English divisions for each season and there is nothing showing points deductions. Spurs are in the Championship for their second season and still classed as rich. They are the only club that I am keeping an eye on as if they don't get promoted on the second occasion there could be a slip in their financial stability
  3. His scoring record was amazing at first. Something like 30 by mid October. It petered off towards the end but I struck lucky with a three games in FA cup against Championship teams. One game was 10-2 vs Bristol C and he scored 9 Won league on last day of season scoring 90 odd points. Undefeated in the league. Season 2031/32
  4. In all the season I have played of FM/CM I have never had a striker break the 90 barrier. I think I 've only had one striker break the 70 barrier before (Dean Ashton on a version about 15 years ago) To get here we won both domestic cups and got through the Champions League group stages before being knocked out quickly after. Wanted 100 as unlikely to happen again. What's your best goal scorer in a single season?
  5. My lad is playing as Wrexham and has a new stadium being build. His team are in the Prem and playing at the new Everton ground on Stanley Dock whilst it is being built Have faith!
  6. Basically, as the title says how do I change it so that the game points to my FM21 saved tactic folder and not by default to FM20s version
  7. Still not able to access the 'show yourself' option on the End of Season leaderboards. Maybe a minor thing, but still needs fixing
  8. I’ve not seen it the other way either. Just know when it goes to VAR after a goal it’s disallowed Penalties - am sure I’ve seen both given and not given
  9. What has happened to the end of season leaderboards? They seem broken. Are they for any of you who play on a PC Works using overall no problem, but when you break it down into the division you have actually played in it seems broken
  10. But Miles has released a tweet 6hours earlier. Might be getting it ready then
  11. The date has been removed from Steam - same for anyone else
  12. With the delay I spent the extra few £ and bought FM21 knowing I'd get Touch when it was released. Lasted a couple of days before returning to my FMT20 save.
  13. If you have the full fat version and have the database, do any changes affect FMT when played on a pc?
  14. Ajax is always a good save. Can get their bank balance to almost a billion over a decade, winning the league and getting through the group stages each season with ease. Its hard pushing on when selling your best players each window but if you focus on buying 4-5 U16 players each season there is always a depth to bring in
  15. I'm playing as Gresford in the Welsh leagues and have managed to get them in 2028 where they win the league with ease, qualify for Europe and mostly get to the group stages of one competition or another. Attendances are a struggle though and we survive on money received from Euro wins/qualification which is easily enough We only have 29 season ticket holders and this has barely increased since we were in the second tier. It might have been 15 initially. Average attendance for league games is around 190 over the season and whilst it has grown overall the three home group stage games
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