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  1. Not for FM, but wanted to buy the lad a first laptop to do school work using windows 10. PC World have laptops in there for under £200 which is really my max spend (he's 8) but they only come with 32Gb HD which will be half full with Windows and a couple of updates. Is there anything out there for a similar price with a bigger hard drive?
  2. Maybe set yourself a challenge of getting a Capital City operation going. Decide on a City and manage the lowest rated team, build them up to winning the league and then depart to the next lowest in that city and repeat hoping your legacy left behind at each club you depart from continues to allow the league to increase in rating over time
  3. Am playing the S Africa challenge - will be 3-4 days before I will finish this one I think
  4. Prologue I may have messed up with some of the screenshots. If that disqualifies me then no problem League Table at start of challenge League Table at end of challenge Fixture List 1 Fixture List 2 Manager Profile at end of challenge Start of challenge My mistakes are not getting a screenshot from the set up - I had to print screen as the shortcut option Alt F9 didn't work initially until I changed the shortcut to something else. I also didn't take a management profile picture at the start However, if my score can stay then I scored as follows Yellow Jersey 2 points - finished 9th-13th 9 points - wins (game 18 onwards) 2 points - 20 league goals (game 18 onwards) Total 13 Green Jersey 23/8 4-1 vs AIK 14/10 1-2 vs Djurgardens Total 8 points (3 points win and 5 goals)
  5. I'm doing the Sweden challenge but not going to make the cut off I'm afraid. I've only 5 games left but running out of time. Saying that - i cannot get beyond 12th place in the league as there is a 12 point gap between 12th and 11th
  6. Signed DeAndre Yedlin for Man City due to injuries and he keeps Walker out of the team quite a lot. As a wing back he performs amazingly well
  7. FM touch just crashed ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-crash/FMT 2018 v18.1.1.1040364 (2017.11.15 22.53.29).dmp on FTP
  8. He is but I've another who has better potential - whether he will achieve it is another matter
  9. Centre Backs Selection from 5. Probably one too many as fitness becomes an issue. Will offload one in the summer
  10. Right Backs Elmo was the number one choice still, until the ACON where I bought a replacement. Sadly Elmo is now the back up
  11. Left Backs Still not upgraded on a left back with the two City boys playing there in rotation (75:25 to Robbo)
  12. Preparation for Season 4 will need me to up my game. GKs I think Marshall has reached the end of the line. I so want to promote Mannion to number 1, but alas he is just a deputy at this level.
  13. Just finished season 3 - been a long time since I've posted on here In a nutshell you can see progression from season to season, however I was sat in 2nd place for much of season 3. Slightly disappointed at where we ended up
  14. What a fantastic challenge idea - if i wasn't on a long term one club challenge I'd give it a shot
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