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  1. Does this work in saved games,or only new save?
  2. UPDATE Pack for FM 19. Check the first post!!
  3. I don't think it works with FM19. Only 20 and 21. I have not tried it. I will install FM19 in my PC, and make a test. I will come back with an answer.
  4. Hi there, The panel is great, but i want to make one modifications. Can you help me please? i want to remove the number next to his name. Possible? <!-- Club Crest --> <container height="77" width="77"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="bottom" inset="20"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" inset="25"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true"/> <widget class="kit_icon" image_alignment="centre" scale_picture=
  5. Hi there, Based on this topic, i created my own custom default kits with model similar to the real ones, and up to date. The kits looks okay in game, no errors as i know, and does not replace any other Original, or SS, or any other custom kit. This pack replace only the default kits. The Installation is easy. Download the pack and copy folder inside YourDocuments / Football Manager XX / graphics Pack FM19 does not work for FM 20 or 21. Pack FM21 does not work for FM 19 and bellow. Fm19-DefaultKits.ZIP Fm21-DefaultKits.ZIP
  6. Hi there, I have one issue. Not ideea why, need help, please In editor i have created a team, and multiple uniforms for each year. In game, the uniforms changes for the years they are designed for. However, the kits i made in photoshop, are not loaded starting with the year the kits are changed in game based on editor. So in game, the uniforms did changed, but the kits i made, are not loaded anymore..
  7. Is not working. I tried it. And my chairman sell the club anyway... But i dont know why and how to change that...
  8. Try to add business 20, board confiidence 1, loyalty 1.. I try to make my owner NOT sell the club and i dont know how.... 🙈
  9. How can you make a chairman to love the club in Editor?! I tried to add loyalty to 20, still nothing changed...
  10. History lesson! 1962 - The year in which AFC Viitorul Bucharest, the football team, was born. The year in which Aunt Tamara, full of energy and impatience, was born in Colentina Hospital in Bucharest. In the middle of the night, and 2 minutes later, the document proving the establishment of the club is signed and stamped, and at the same time, in Colentina hospital, 1st floor, room 204, Aunt Tamara is born, with only 3KG 250gr, and 55cm long. 1963 - The year in which AFC Viitorul Bucharest refuses to end the football competition, and dissolves the team. Shocking news for all Romanian
  11. Hello there. This is just a personal request. I am not sure how many would wanted, but if is possible and not to difficult to make it happened.. this is what i would like to see. Bring the old kits style back and let each user to chose there kits style in prefferences options. I dislike your new kits style. ALOT. I love old ones <3
  12. Hmm.. hello peps... I have one problem... it seems that only people is not showing.. in search results... i dont know.. why.. please help...
  13. Please, go for a try. If you find any, please reply here.
  14. Hello. Can anyone(sigames) share some standard kits samples/templates (psd files preferable)? I am looking for the Standard Kits from FM19. Thank you!!
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