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  1. Always 2D for me. 3D camera angles are bad and also the animations are bad. If you leave a bit to the imagination you enjoy it more....... Just imo
  2. Real talk, cos I've been a bit facetious on here in my previous posts, but I am very disappointed thus far with the new feature reveals. Personally I can do without press conference or the "gesture" system which looks to just be reskinning the "tones" we can use anyway. I skip press conferences (boring, repetitive) and team talks are ok I guess. A lot of other stuff I find boring can be automated and if you're into it and I'm not that's fine, that's why we let the staff do it. Anyway, things I would actually like looked at:- 1. International management is bad and has been for ages. I woul
  3. Ok look, this is all well and good, all these arguments and debates about graphics and tech specs are valid and interesting But the people want to know:- Can goalkeepers commit fouls yet? Can they be fouled, say on a corner? Do they *exist physically* in reference to other players in the ME? It's been like a whole decade, and people will say "well how often do keepers actually foul players?" and the answer is "more than never", come on now.
  4. Pretty underwhelmed by a lot of this so far to be honest, the one thing I'm really hoping for is that it be possible for goalkeepers to commit fouls, but that's been an issue for years and there doesn't seem to be any interest in sorting that out so who knows.
  5. Yeh I admit I was having a similar problem for a while. I had the defence and front 3 almost exactly as you do (only difference was one IFa) and the only way I'd fixed this was to change the DLFs role, I'd wanted him to come deep and then the 2 CMs and the wide players to attack space but defenders weren't stupid enough, I changed the DLFs to an attack duty and things worked a lot better but I'm guessing you're fairly happy with the front 3.
  6. I'm using a DLPd behind a BBM and MEZa at the moment with pretty good effect, the DLP holds and recycles possession, or switches to the wing backs while the BBM gets up and down the pitch and the MEZ drifts into the attacking midfield area, might be worth a shot depending on players, I'm Liverpool at the moment so it's Henderson behind Fabinho and Keita.
  7. Thank you, I'll give this a bash and see what comes out the other side, I had another go at it last night but, frankly, I can't make it work. I know, especially not the season just finished, but the idea really is to try and get Salah scoring the number of goals he did in 17/18 from the wing, I managed on FM19 by moving him to the central striker position in a 4-2-3-1 (again, similar to the IRL switch), but what I really want is the same football I got on FM18. Cheers.
  8. So, on FM18 in a thread about getting Mo Salah to score goals I posted the below I would like to do the same or similar in FM19 but with the removal of the team shape I am having a hard time replicating the style of football (and number of goals) this produced on FM18. I was wondering if people had any thought on how best to replicate the "attacking/fluid" element of the old tactic, whether that be by changing duties or mentality, or if I should look at playing a higher line with a lower line of engagement to compact the players. I've tried a few things but not had much joy so just wo
  9. I'd had a really hard time getting a lot of goals out of individuals in general in FM19, but last night (small sample size I know), I reverted to a tactic I used in FM18 which is described here:- Since I've gone back to this set up Salah has started to score and assist in greater numbers again, admittedly he's still only got 15 goals by mid January but 6 of them have come since the tactical switch which was only in mid-December. Before this I'd tried him as an IFs and this was working ok-ish because he would pick the ball up in space in front of the defenders but this wasn'
  10. First season on my save has City 11 points clear at the top with 1 defeat by mid January (to me, the Mighty 2nd place 11 points off the pace Reds). Kind of annoying really since if they were as bad as they seem to be for everyone else I might win something.
  11. Agree with this, I'm seeing a lot of light injuries in games that result in anywhere between 1-5 days out with an orange injury, normally could be rushed into the next game if you needed them or benched but that's very much the individual manager's call. I'm not seeing a lot of long injuries (so far). Enjoying things otherwise, agree with the comments about crosses seeming overpowered but I am playing as LFC and it is pretty easy to create space for Robertson and Alexander-Arnold to cross and when they have such good crossing attributes it's always going to create chances. My big c
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