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  1. Pretty underwhelmed by a lot of this so far to be honest, the one thing I'm really hoping for is that it be possible for goalkeepers to commit fouls, but that's been an issue for years and there doesn't seem to be any interest in sorting that out so who knows.
  2. Yeh I admit I was having a similar problem for a while. I had the defence and front 3 almost exactly as you do (only difference was one IFa) and the only way I'd fixed this was to change the DLFs role, I'd wanted him to come deep and then the 2 CMs and the wide players to attack space but defenders weren't stupid enough, I changed the DLFs to an attack duty and things worked a lot better but I'm guessing you're fairly happy with the front 3.
  3. I'm using a DLPd behind a BBM and MEZa at the moment with pretty good effect, the DLP holds and recycles possession, or switches to the wing backs while the BBM gets up and down the pitch and the MEZ drifts into the attacking midfield area, might be worth a shot depending on players, I'm Liverpool at the moment so it's Henderson behind Fabinho and Keita.
  4. Thank you, I'll give this a bash and see what comes out the other side, I had another go at it last night but, frankly, I can't make it work. I know, especially not the season just finished, but the idea really is to try and get Salah scoring the number of goals he did in 17/18 from the wing, I managed on FM19 by moving him to the central striker position in a 4-2-3-1 (again, similar to the IRL switch), but what I really want is the same football I got on FM18. Cheers.
  5. So, on FM18 in a thread about getting Mo Salah to score goals I posted the below I would like to do the same or similar in FM19 but with the removal of the team shape I am having a hard time replicating the style of football (and number of goals) this produced on FM18. I was wondering if people had any thought on how best to replicate the "attacking/fluid" element of the old tactic, whether that be by changing duties or mentality, or if I should look at playing a higher line with a lower line of engagement to compact the players. I've tried a few things but not had much joy so just would welcome any suggestion or input really.
  6. I'd had a really hard time getting a lot of goals out of individuals in general in FM19, but last night (small sample size I know), I reverted to a tactic I used in FM18 which is described here:- Since I've gone back to this set up Salah has started to score and assist in greater numbers again, admittedly he's still only got 15 goals by mid January but 6 of them have come since the tactical switch which was only in mid-December. Before this I'd tried him as an IFs and this was working ok-ish because he would pick the ball up in space in front of the defenders but this wasn't really what I was looking for.
  7. First season on my save has City 11 points clear at the top with 1 defeat by mid January (to me, the Mighty 2nd place 11 points off the pace Reds). Kind of annoying really since if they were as bad as they seem to be for everyone else I might win something.
  8. Agree with this, I'm seeing a lot of light injuries in games that result in anywhere between 1-5 days out with an orange injury, normally could be rushed into the next game if you needed them or benched but that's very much the individual manager's call. I'm not seeing a lot of long injuries (so far). Enjoying things otherwise, agree with the comments about crosses seeming overpowered but I am playing as LFC and it is pretty easy to create space for Robertson and Alexander-Arnold to cross and when they have such good crossing attributes it's always going to create chances. My big concern about goals would be the number of corners I'm scoring from, often from a knock down by a centre back and a second player smashing it in, seems a little bit too frequent.
  9. Yeh this is absolutely a fair point, to be honest I'm surprised that other people who might think it should be introduced into the game *aren't* aware of this, but then also I wonder how many people use the Steam Workshop for FM given the pre-existing architecture for downloading tactics\badges etc that's always been on here, as opposed to other mod-heavy games such as various RPGs or Paradox strategy efforts, with any luck the thread might drive some traffic over there. This probably the only one of these I'd give any credence to, right up until I fire up a recent Sevilla save and look forward to my vital derby with Real Hispalis ;-) The game sells in huge numbers, as mentioned I would have thought a season which ends with the World Cup in France would be a good time to try and fit it into the game, but for it to not even be on the roadmap for the next few years is, as I said earlier, pretty disappointing in my opinion. And the issue I take with this is not the "exclusion of female gamers", we know that SI is usually pretty good with this stuff and these forums have always been more inclusive than for example a Steam forum or the comments section of Eurogamer or wherever, but that it's a failure to adequately represent the landscape of modern football in which women's football is increasingly visible and treated increasingly seriously. Lastly I'm not trying to pick a fight (hence the desperate use of winky face emoticons (I don't do emojis I'm too old)), there's a difference between thinking it should be there and crying and yelling about its absence, Football Manager has always done a good job of reflecting the landscape of modern football and I feel personally that this is something that needs to be looked into going forward.
  10. Someone did make one though - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1315662285 And yeh it was a joke about when women's football got banned by the FA in 1921 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_football_in_England#Banning,_decline_and_reappearance I don't buy the commercial argument at all, it's a total cop out, "ooh it's not commercially viable, anyway this year we've got the Indonesian second division" - Yeh bet that's driving sales ;-)
  11. Personally think there's absolutely no excuse for this to not be included in the game, the profile of the sport is increasing massively, as you can see simply from the increase in media coverage on news websites, via the Womens Football Show, the coverage of World Cups and Euros, the profile of players like Toni Duggan or Nikita Parris, the inclusion of Eni Aluko and Alex Scott during Russia 2018 coverage. It's an absolute no brainer and really considering there's the World Cup in France in Summer 2019 it's pretty inexcusable steps aren't already being taken, it's not the 1920s anymore, we don't need to lock women out of the stadium, we shouldn't lock them out of the game.
  12. I've been using a 4-3-3-0 which I really used to try and play a bit like a Klopp Liverpool a few months ago, tactic is in this thread, it's a high tempo affair that scores goals from either an attacking IF, or thanks to arriving runs from an SS or CMa. I won everything (everything) with Liverpool in the first two seasons before in the third season I blew the Cups and then finished 2nd in the PL and runner up in the CL so it works fairly well. I don't know if it would translate to a team without high quality players though as I'm one of those awful people who tends to only play as the big guns.
  13. So I've completed two full seasons with Liverpool using the 4-3-3-0 from the previous page and it's worked very well. We score a lot of goals and win a lot of games, although sometimes there's a lack of control, 4-4 draws, 5-3 wins, that sort of thing. The front 3 of Firmino\Mane\Salah has been very succesful though in terms of goals and assists, their stats in all competitions for each season are as follows;- SEASON ONE Mane:- 46(7) apps, 19 goals, 15 assists Firmino:- 49(2) apps, 27 goals, 20 assists Salah:- 42(9) apps, 49 goals, 20 assists SEASON TWO Mane:- 37(5) apps, 13 goals, 18 asssists Firmino:- 46(6) apps, 28 goals, 20 assists Salah:- 43(7) apps, 40 goals, 24 assists The rotation players for the front 3 and the CMa have also pitched in a fair amount, but nothing like Mo Salah, so I think the 4-3-3-0 is working at least in terms of getting high numbers from Mo, ably supported by his two colleagues.
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