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  1. So I i change the left back to a FB on support or attacking, what role would you recommend using in the LCM position? AP maybe? Or could that still leave me a bit to exposed on that side? Is there any roles you would recommend changing in the midfield? As I could change the DLP to a DM, and switch the MEZ to an AP, but unsure on what the best role would be to use as the RCM unless I use a BBM in that role?
  2. So change the LB to a FB? But unsure if on support or attack. And then to aid with the transitions replace the MEZ with an AP on support and change the DLP to a DM/Anchor? Only had it as DLP to utilise Max Bird as he has decent attributed for that role. How would you suggest adding more penetration from midfield? And take off the higher tempo and keep the direct passing?
  3. Hi all. I'm currently trying to improve my tactic for my Derby County side and was wondering If anyone could help me out please? My ideal style is to build out from the back but look to play a more of a direct passing style as I would rather us look to play the ball forward rather than tap it about sideways all game. I also have instructions on my attackers and MEZ to press more so I'm not overcommitting on the press by asking everyone to do that job. Many thanks if someone can help.
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