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  1. Thank you for all of that. What are Racing CF called in the researcher database? No club comes up as "Racing CF" when I do a search.
  2. Are you able to explain what the issue is exactly, as it is unclear at the moment? Do you mean Hwang Sun-Hong has been sacked or quit his job as manager of FC Seoul? South Korean data issues should be reported in the thread below for the research team to find and review...
  3. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it doesn't appear Bristol Rovers spent any money this summer on transfer fees... 2 free transfers & 6 loans. Having billionaire owners doesn't automatically mean the club is rich, owner wealth & club wealth are different things. Bristol Rovers data issues should be placed in the Bristol Rovers thread for the research team to find and review, found here...
  4. IIRC correctly the reason this wasn't changed for FM16 (or by Celtic, Newcastle Utd or any of his loan club researchers in the last decade) was because it wasn't possible to choose Hexham in researcher database. You are right you can create a manager profile with Hexham, so perhaps it has been added to the database for players as well. I'll change it if possible. Thanks.
  5. He is currently very close to that figure in the database.
  6. His CA for FM17 is not "just below 130" it is actually quite a bit higher than 130 and he is one of the best 18 year olds in the database. I don't think his first touch or close control are particularly good and at times he looks quite ungainly with the ball.
  7. To help the Spanish research team the place for Villarreal data issues is the Spanish data issue thread, found here..
  8. The place to put FC United of Manchester data issues is the England level 6 thread, found here...
  9. I just loaded a game with the Portuguese league selected and Andre Silva appears at Porto for me. Which leagues do you have selected? If you have Portuguese league data issues the place to report them is the Portuguese data thread, found here...
  10. That article by Sky Sports is about the 2015/16 season, did the scheme stay in place for 2016/17 and sales stay at the same level? The Bradford City thread can be found here...
  11. This is not a data issue, you need the technical forum found here...
  12. The place for Newcastle data issues is the Newcastle thread, link below...
  13. The place for Celtic data issues is the Scotland data thread, link below... The Tierney issue has already been noted here...
  14. Link to the data forum @Richardjack
  15. Probably best not to include interns I would have thought. I've now asked Pete to add Moschini, so thank you @tv_capper