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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    Yes The winter update cutoff is after the January transfer window.
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    He has been booed by some Saints fans when we've played West Ham for the manner of his departure, but many others still respect him for the big part he played in the rise from League 1 so it isn't an easy one to call if he remains favoured personnel or not as there is a split in fanbase opinion.
  3. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    I removed all the affiliates as nothing appeared to be happening with any of them.
  4. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    FM only shows historical league goals & appearances, that is intentional and not a data error.
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    I've asked for that PPM to be removed.
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    He has the CA of the 5th best centre back in the Premier League and the 20th best centre back in the whole of world football! That isn't merely a "good Premier League player", it makes him a top Premier League player. Bayern Munich often start the beta with an interest in him! I think he is capable of moving higher than 5th in England and 20th in the world... which is why I've set his PA to allow him to do so and he is still relatively young compared to some above him. Given he didn't play competitively from January to September in 2017 it didn't feel right to increase him for this research window. If he performs to a good level he'll get an increase for the winter update. We are allowed some flexibility as researchers, but van Dijk is already right at the very top of my range for players in terms of their CA at Southampton in the guidelines from SI. Any increase and he'd be deemed above a star player. I don't think this debate is really going anywhere other than circles at the moment.
  7. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    Koscielny, Alderweireld & Kompany are more established as top Premier League players than van Dijk is currently. That isn't to say van Dijk won't get to that level, he is younger than them all and his PA allows for improvement to a very high level. He does not have the CA of a £30m player, plus the game will also take into account his potential. When I've tried to buy him on the beta Saints ask for a huge amount, much more than £30m. A 5 point increase from research window to research window is not low. I've already explained why his CA didn't go up for FM18 from the level it was at in the FM17 winter update... " From 22nd January until 16th September he didn't play a competitive game, so I didn't improve him for FM18. He still has the possibility to improve in FM18 given his high PA." If he returns to the form of last season between now and the winter update then there is a good chance he'll be improved. He wasn't playing competitive football for a signicant portion of 2017 to justify an improvement for the start of FM18.
  8. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    Yes he was, from FM17 at release to the winter update he increased by 5 CA points. From 22nd January until 16th September he didn't play a competitive game, so I didn't improve him for FM18. He still has the possibility to improve in FM18 given his high PA. Those 19 above van Dijk played for the following clubs last season... Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A. Madrid, Juventus, Tottenham, PSG, Man City & Arsenal It is not easy for Liverpool and Chelsea to get top centre backs from those teams. Those teams tend to want to keep their top players, like Saints also did this summer.
  9. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    I left van Dijk largely as he was in the last FM17 update due to him not playing since 22nd January 2017. van Dijk starts FM18 with the 20th highest CA for a central defender in world football... is that really unreasonable? All those above him have played regular Champions League football to prove themselves at a very high level, which van DIjk hasn't yet. He also has room for improvement with his PA, which could take him up towards the top 10 centre backs in the world. Tadic has been reduced in CA since FM17. Consistency is an issue, but he remains a good player when on form.
  10. [ENGLAND] (Official) Huddersfield Town Data Issues

    They already are.
  11. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester United Data Issues

    de Gea in terms of CA in FM18 is the 3rd best goalkeeper in the world. He is only marginally lower in CA than Buffon and there is a big gap to 4th best. Plus de Gea is relatively young for a keeper and has an extremely high PA in FM18, which will likely end up with him being the best in the world when Neuer and Buffon retire.
  12. [ENGLAND] (Official) Huddersfield Town Data Issues

    He has duel nationality, born in Germany but Wagner has 8 caps for the USA... (qualifies as his dad is American)
  13. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    The transfers & contracts sub forum is probably the best place for it... https://community.sigames.com/forum/568-transfers-and-contracts/
  14. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    I agree, it doesn't seem right he is transfer listed. But as I said... it isn't really a data issue (this thread for Chelsea data issues)... it is a potential AI squad management bug.
  15. [ENGLAND] (Official) Chelsea Data Issues

    This isn't really a data issue, it is down to the coding of AI squad management.