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  1. 2021 is competing with 2020 for crazy news! A pillow company owner has met with Trump and wants him to... 'Trigger emergency powers' 'Blame Iran/China' 'Martial law'
  2. My school closed this week and we are back to doing online lessons until early December. We had 50 members of staff off earlier this week, which of course is completely unsustainable.
  3. Shaw and Walker beat Williams on far more things than Williams beats them on.
  4. He did not have an England cap before the start of the 2020/21 season, so that is why it is not included.
  5. Williams CA is significantly lower than Shaw's and nowhere near Walker's level.
  6. Ward-Prowse free kicks Only Bale, De Bruyne and Maddison have higher than 16 in the Premier League in FM21. 16 is not a low rating. Ings vs Vardy Vardy has been a top Premier League striker for the last 5 years. We have a large amount of evidence for him, Ings has had an amazing 12-18 months not 5 years. I gave Ings a big increase for FM21, if he has another season like last season I'll be able to justify him being even closer to Vardy. 15 is still a high rating for finishing. It is the same as... - Sterling - Bruno Fernandes - Rashford
  7. Boris Johnson will hold a news conference later - at 16:00 GMT https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54762048
  8. Leaking national lockdown to the press on Friday Country parties on Saturday and Sunday Holding a press conference on Monday Bringing it in on Wednesday
  9. Each teacher teaches hundreds of children in multiple bubbles so it wouldn't really work. The whole thing is a mess.
  10. It can't include teachers as teachers teach multiple year groups. It means the daft situation where year 9 for example could be sent home and every teacher who teachers year 9 is still in school teaching other year groups.
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