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  1. Another German Russian campaign ends in failure... this time in the summer
  2. Quite some time ago I put in a feature request for player liaison officers to be added to the game and they now have been added for FM17, with real life ones named in the database. Southampton's player liaison officer Hugo Scheckter in FM17... Press officers are already in the game, but they aren't linked to a real person and instead have random names. Can we have press officers real names added, like we have with player liaison officers? Given the nature of their job I think it is likely some would have their own personal twitter accounts so names can be found that way. Or if they sign off articles on the club website, are involved in press conferences or on linkedin. Southampton's head of media for example is Jordan Sibley. https://twitter.com/jordansibley
  3. The features video shows in Fantasy Draft mode you can compete against an AI side managed by Inbetweeners James Buckley...
  4. He put in some good crosses tonight, offered width, a lot of pace and overlapping options. He also defensively stopped Gareth Bale getting past him on multiple occasions. I think you are both being very harsh on him, Claude Puel should be able to develop him further next season.
  5. Why would you write him off for a misjudgement of a bounce? Apart from that mistake he has been very solid defensively and an attacking threat in his three games in this tournament. Bale was pretty ineffective when trying to get past him tonight. He faces fast high quality strikers all the time in the Premier League, he doesn't have nightmares about them. He is the leader & key player of one of the best defensive records in the Premier League over the last 3 years.
  6. Read my answer in the context it was written, the question the opening post asks is "who do you want to win?". I have no connection to France or Germany, so in a game between two nations that aren't my own I don't think its odd to favour a team with two players who play for your local team. I'd still watch it if they weren't playing, but in terms of me caring about who wins its only if I feel any connection to the teams or players.
  7. The only interest I have in the final is for Fonte & Cedric, who have improved the Portuguese defensively since starting the last 3 games. They were looking shaky without them in the group stages.
  8. Portugal have improved defensively since Fonte and Cedric were added to the starting XI in the last 16, quarter final & semi final. It wasn't looking good without them in the group stages.
  9. "Great defending"... Is it? Or is it poor defending that they allowed the situation to develop like that?
  10. Stop writing off players for a few mistakes! I haven't seen the goal yet, but no defender is completely faultless all the time. I've only watched the second half and he's looked pretty good.
  11. Umbro UK ‏@UmbroUK 27m27 minutes ago England were good when we made the kits...
  12. I vote for Eddie Jones, yes Jones.. not Howe.
  13. That was my point. Its not the lack of good players, its very poor coaching and tactics. A decent international coach would not have such a poor tournament with this set of players. I'm not saying we should win the tournament, far from it, but Hodgson is completely out of his depth. Even if we turn this match around, its despite him not because of him.
  14. This isn't a quality of player thing, this is a coaching & tactical problem. Conte has showed how well drilled an international side can be even if it doesn't have many exceptional players.
  15. Jack Whilshere is coming on to dribble for slightly too long, run into people & hurt his ankle... as he normally does?
  16. He shouldn't be sacked, he should resign with no payoff on the full time whistle out of sheer embarrassment at his incompetence. Even if we turn this match around, its shocking how poorly this side has been set-up tactically.
  17. England's training drills this week... 1) 5 yard passing at the back and then a long aimless overhit ball into touch 2) Shoot on sight... from anywhere regardless of teammates being in a better position 3) Dribble until you run into a player 4) Forget marking... we're England we don't need to
  18. I think it would be harsh to call Conte's style "up and direct football", they weren't doing aimless hoofs forward.
  19. Boosting his price for his summer move back to a top Serie A club to end his career on a high in his homeland. Or... follow Conte to Chelsea
  20. Fabregas conning the ref into booking Pelle for nothing. Things like that deserve a suspension for Fabregas, its cheating.
  21. The Croatia vs Portugal game has been used by some as an example. But had it still been a 16 team tournament, they both probably would have qualified.
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